A Mid-Pricer Team

Written by Motts on March 20 2011

Put some thought into a decent mid-pricer team this afternoon. What do you think of this?

DEF: B. Goddard, B. Deledio, G. Broughton, P. Duffield, J. Grimes, M. Hurley, A. Otten (D. Heppell, N. Duigan, P. Puopolo)
MID: C. Judd, J. Kennedy, S. Higgins, R. Sloane, L. Anthony, D. Swallow (D. Harris, S. Buckley, J. Irons)
RUC: A. Sandilands, M. Jamar (D. Petrie, B. McCauley)
FWD: N. Riewoldt, L. Franklin, C. Knights, P. Dangerfield, C. Yarran, P. Veszpremi, A. Krakouer (B. Matera, S. McKernan, C. Richardson)

CASH LEFT: $102,200 (plenty for that first upgrade)

Yes it has some guns in it but you’re not going to win games without them. More importantly, it has what I consider to be all the blokes who represent the best value in the midprice ($200 – $400k) spectrum. The bench rooks are more of a personal opinion so don’t pay too much attention to them.


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31 thoughts on “A Mid-Pricer Team”

  1. Yet again this has me thinking….it seems the more tweaks I make, the more my team turns midpricer. Hence, why I’ve stopped making changes.


  2. hey motts i have been hearing a lot about J Irons from port how do you thinkhe will go this year will he gt a regular game and therefore worth getting a bench spot ??


  3. Hey Motts,
    would you be able to do a poll:

    Which strategy are you going for?
    Guns and Rookies
    Mid Pricer
    Bit of Both

    That would be great 🙂



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