AFL 360 Recommendations

Written by Motts on March 16 2011

The weekly guests on AFL 360, David King and Mark McClure, made their recommendations tonight on players they thought would have breakout years.


S Crameri – MID ($256,300, 52.7)

R Gamble – FWD ($184,900, 38.0)

C Yarran – FWD ($300,800, 61.8)

E Wood – BAC ($255,700, 52.6)

A Maric – FWD ($218,000, 56.0)


S Pendlebury – MID ($537,900, 110.5)

S Sidebottom – MID ($410,800, 84.4)

C Yarran – FWD ($300,800, 61.8)

R Sloane – MID ($366,000, 75.2)

T Bellchambers – RUC ($179,100, 36.8)

What do you think? Any of these blokes in your squads or on your radars?


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16 thoughts on “AFL 360 Recommendations”

  1. I haven’t got any of them right now but then again I’m following a pure GnR strategy. Will have a serious look at Bellchambers if he gets named in R1 though.


  2. Of those above i have Pendles.

    All this talk of G’n’R or midprice stategies has me thinking. Why can’t you apply the best of both strategies. I fail to see why a mixture of both isn’t an acceptable strategy. If someone could explain why, sure go for it, but until i hear a reasoned argument i’m not sold.

    FYI, the price breakdown of my current list is:
    500K … 8



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