AFL SuperCoach 2018: New player positions revealed

Written by Motts on December 6 2017

AFL stars are back in training and the 2018 SuperCoach pre-season has gone up another gear with the release of all player positions for next season.

There have been some big changes after Champion Data assigned positions to every player on an AFL list based on data about where on the field they played last year.

Some of the most popular players of 2017 will be harder to pick next season and others have jumped into the selection frame for Australia’s biggest fantasy sports game.

Let’s start with the bad news.

Magpie Taylor Adams, who was the second-top scoring defender of 2017, is available for selection as a midfielder only next year.

Top-scoring forward Jack Macrae has also lost his dual-position status and can only be picked in the midfield.

Jack Steele (mid only), Jake Lloyd (defender only) and Lions pair Alex Witherden (defender only) and Jarrod Berry (mid only) are among the other players to lose DPP eligibility for 2018.

And we’ll have to find a new ruck strategy with former ruck-forwards Toby Nankervis and Paddy Ryder now only available as rucks. Even Docker Luke Strnadica, who didn’t play a game but was a popular bench option, has lost his DPP eligibility.

There are also a number of pure position changes.

Elliot Yeo was classified as a mid-forward last season and averaged 103 points. Next year he is a defender.

Kangaroo Shaun Higgins has moved from a forward to a midfielder, ex-defender Zak Jones is also a midfielder and Blues recruit Matthew Kennedy may have lost some of his appeal after Champion Data changed his position from forward to midfielder.

One move SuperCoach players won’t mind is Port Adelaide star Robbie Gray. A former popular selection as a mid-forward, Gray slipped off the fantasy radar as a mid-only in 2017. But he is set to return with a bang next year after being classified as a forward.

Gray copped a shock cancer diagnosis in October, but has resumed running and is expected to join full training after Christmas.

The ranks of new dual-position players are headed by Geelong’s Sam Menegola, who averaged 100 points a game as a midfielder in 2017 and can now be picked as a mid-forward.

Chad Wingard, Travis Boak, Isaac Heeney, Will Setterfield and Michael Barlow may all attract interest as new mid-forwards, along with veterans Dale Thomas, Daniel Wells and David Mundy.

Surprise Carlton recruit Jarrod Garlett is set to be a popular pick after being classified as a mid-forward.

Another player with added flexibility is Docker Michael Walters, who averaged 111 points during a nine-week purple patch from Rounds 7-16 last year. He’s a mid-forward for 2018.

SuperCoach players committed to a ruck-forward swing can look to Demon Cam Pedersen, Collingwood big man Mason Cox — flagged for a more prominent role next year by coach Nathan Buckley — and Bulldog Tim English.

There are also plenty of DPP rookies including Tigers Jack Higgins and Patrick Naish (mid-forwards), Magpie Nathan Murphy (defender-forward), Carlton’s Lochie O’Brien (defender-mid), Pie-cum-Giant Lachlan Keeffe (defender-forward), Port Adelaide’s draft steal Sam Hayes (ruck-forward) and Brisbane academy star Connor Ballenden (forward-defender).

And SuperCoaches will be relieved to note Luke Dahlhaus, Jordan de Goey and late-season bench saviour Tarir Bayok have all retained mid-forward status for 2018.


This story first appeared in the Herald Sun.


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29 thoughts on “AFL SuperCoach 2018: New player positions revealed”

  1. How is Menagola a mid/fwd and Danger and GAJ are not? Really doubt Menagola will kick more goals than Danger and GAJ!!!


  2. Supercoach is meant to be open for gold user’s from 8am this morning, however when I open sc I’m still getting my round 23 lockout, is there something specific in settings that I should be doing?


  3. Top 10 most expensive players:
    1. P Dangerfield $749,800
    2. D Martin $656,000
    3. T Mitchell $653,500
    4. G Ablett $631,100
    5. S Docherty $630,700
    6. J Kelly 628,600
    7. C Oliver $612,800
    8. D Zorko $608,900
    9. M Crouch $608,300
    10. R Sloane $605,800


  4. Top 5 Defenders:
    1. S Docherty $630,700
    2. M Hurley $563,500
    3. E Yeo $561,300
    4. R Laird $550,800
    5. M Hibberd $545,200

    Top 5 Rucks:
    1. M Kreuzer $603,700
    2. P Ryder $566,500
    3. S Martin $540,000
    4. B Grundy $534,700
    5. S Jacobs $526,300

    Top 5 Forwards:
    1. S Menegola $551,800
    2. L Franklin $540,500
    3. I Heeney $536,300
    4. T Greene $528,100
    5. J Kennedy (WC) $514,200

    Rookies/rookie priced:
    C Rayner (fwd/mid) $ 202,800
    A Brayshaw $198,300
    P Dow $193,800
    L Davis-Uniacke $189,300
    W Brodie $187,000
    C O’Shea $166,000
    J Higgins (fwd/mid) $130,800
    P Ahern $123,900
    T Doedee $123,900
    S Murray $123,900
    W Rioli $123,900
    D Venables $123,900
    H Wigg $123,900
    J Garlett $117,300
    T Kelly $117,300

    Injury affected:
    P Cripps $537,300
    M Gawn $503,700
    N Naitanui $465,900
    S Coniglio $452,400
    C Rioli $317,400
    G Birchall $277,100
    H Bennell $254,000

    N Fyfe $597,900
    R Gray $504,300
    L Dahlhaus $498,500


        1. Champion Data are renowned to not give certain players full discount. They want to encourage different line ups and if a said premium is to cheap, everyone will start them (i.e. Ablett two years ago).

          Doesn’t really matter at the end of the day at $450k. He will be most picked ruck so any cheaper and you effectively have the same amount of cash as the next person regardless.


          1. I figured as much. But my brain had already spent that other cash elsewhere, so this is still a tad annoying.

            Damn Champion Data messing with my plans!


  5. Adelaide Supercoach 2018 prices:
    R Atkins 434100 Mid
    E Betts 436400 Fwd
    L Brown 340300 Def
    K Cheney 241800 Def
    B Crouch 529100 Mid
    M Crouch 608300 Mid
    B Davis 123900 Def/Fwd
    H Dear 123900 Def/Fwd
    T Doedee 123900 Def
    R Douglas 450800 Mid
    J Edwards 102400 Mid
    C Ellis-Yolmen 263900 Mid
    D Fogarty 153300 Fwd/Mid
    J Gallucci 219400 Mid/Fwd
    B Gibbs 563000 Mid
    S Gibson 447800 Mid
    H Greenwood 465000 Mid
    C Hampton 332300 Mid
    E Himmelberg 123900 Fwd
    P Hunter 123900 Ruck
    S Jacobs 526300 Ruck
    B Jarman 123900 Fwd
    J Jenkins 435500 Fwd
    A Keath 269700 Def
    J Kelly 324600 Def
    R Knight 320600 Fwd
    R Laird 550800 Def
    T Lynch 470900 Fwd
    D Mackay 346400 Mid
    M McGovern 381200 Fwd
    A McPherson 117300 Def
    W Milera 322000 Mid/Fwd
    L Murphy 102400 Def
    R O’Brien 207800 Ruck
    A Otten 399400 Def/Fwd
    M Poholke 123900 Mid/Fwd
    P Seedsman 300200 Def/Mid
    M Signorello 123900 Mid/Fwd
    R Sloane 605800 Mid
    B Smith 452100 Def
    D Talia 360800 Def
    T Walker 473600 Fwd
    P Wilson 105400 Mid/Fwd


  6. How dare North Melbourne not trade one of Goldstein and Preuss! I had Preuss pencilled in at R2 all through last season… that’s clearly not going to work now. And it’s broken my SuperCoach budget.

    I’m holding The Scott Twin™ personally responsible for this.



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