AFL Teams – Rd1

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 22 2019

Prepare for one of the most hectic hours of your life………where the teams drop for Rd1 & the game starts between Richmond and Carlton.  Pray that the SuperCoach internet servers hold up!!


Collingwood v Geelong Cats

Friday March 22, 7:50pm at the MCG


B: Maynard, Roughead, Crisp

HB: Howe, Moore, Langdon

C: Mayne, Pendlebury, Sidebottom

HF: Thomas, Cox, Stephenson

F: Elliott, Mihocek, de Goey

FOLL: Grundy, Beams, Treloar

I/C: Phillips, Brown, Aish, Varcoe

EMG: Crocker, Goldsack, Sier, Greenwood


B: Henry, Blicavs, O’Connor

HB: Kolodjashnij, Taylor, Stewart

C: Selwood, Dangerfield, Duncan

HF: Dahlhaus, Ratugolea, Atkins

F: Ablett, Hawkins, Rohan

FOLL: Stanley, Kelly, Parfitt

I/C: Clark, Menegola, Constable, Miers

EMG: Parsons, Abbott, Cunico, Narkle

Melbourne v Port Adelaide

Saturday March 23, 1:45pm at the MCG


B: Lewis, O.McDonald, Jetta

HB: Hibberd, Frost, N.Jones

C: Fritsch, Oliver, Salem

HF: Neal-Bullen, T.McDonald, Petracca

F: Melksham, Weideman, Viney

FOLL: Gawn, Harmes, Brayshaw

I/C: Spargo, Hunt, Hore, Wagner

EMG: Preuss, Petty, Sparrow, Keilty


B: Bonner, Clurey, Houston

HB: Burton, Jonas, Byrne-Jones

C: Motlop, Rockliff, Westhoff

HF: Boak, Watts, Ebert

F: R.Gray, Ryder, Rozee

FOLL: Lycett, Powell-Pepper, Drew

I/C: Butters, Duursma, Amon, Marshall

EMG: Mayes, S.Gray, Farrell, Howard

Adelaide Crows v Hawthorn

Saturday March 23, 4:35pm at the Adelaide Oval


B: Kelly, Talia, Doedee

HB: Laird, Keath, Mackay

C: Milera, M.Crouch, Smith

HF: Lynch, Walker, Jones

F: Murphy, Jenkins, Betts

FOLL: Jacobs, Sloane, Gibbs

I/C: B.Crouch, Knight, Atkins, Douglas

EMG: Otten, Ellis-Yolmen, Fogarty, O’Brien


B: Hardwick, Frawley, Impey

HB: Burgoyne, Mirra, Stratton

C: Morrison, Shiels, Smith

HF: Roughead, Nash, Sicily

F: Breust, Gunston, Puopolo

FOLL: McEvoy, Worpel, O’Meara

I/C: Scrimshaw, Henderson, Ceglar, Cousins

EMG: Moore, Hanrahan, Lewis, Brand

Western Bulldogs v Sydney Swans

Saturday March 23, 7:25pm at Marvel Stadium


B: Duryea, Cordy, Crozier

HB: Daniel, Wood, Suckling

C: Hunter, Liberatore, Macrae

HF: Gowers, Schache, Dunkley

F: McLean, Naughton, Lloyd

FOLL: English, Bontempelli, Wallis

I/C: Smith, Richards, Dickson, Williams

EMG: Young, Trengove, Greene, Hayes


B: Mills, Rampe, Melican

HB: McVeigh, Grundy, Lloyd

C: Clarke, Kennedy, Florent

HF: Parker, Reid, Papley

F: Sinclair, Franklin, Blakey

FOLL: Aliir, Hewett, Jones

I/C: Hayward, Heeney, Cunningham, Dawson

EMG: Thurlow, Ronke, O’Riordan, McInerney

Brisbane Lions v West Coast Eagles

Saturday March 23, 8:20pm at the Gabba


B: Hodge, Walker, Rich

HB: Witherden, Andrews, Gardiner

C: Zorko, Neale, McCluggage

HF: Rayner, Hipwood, McCarthy

F: Cameron, McStay, McInerney

FOLL: Martin, Berry, Lyons

I/C: Bastinac, Robinson, Bailey, Mathieson

EMG: Christensen, Taylor, Lester, Smith


B: Hurn, Barrass, Sheppard

HB: Cole, McGovern, Jetta

C: Masten, Sheed, Redden

HF: Hutchings, Allen, Petrucelle

F: Ryan, Darling, Hickey

FOLL: Vardy, Yeo, Shuey

I/C: Waterman, Brander, Duggan, Venables

EMG: Nelson, Ah Chee, Allen, Smith

St Kilda v Gold Coast Suns

Sunday March 24, 1:10pm at Marvel Stadium


B: Geary, Joyce, Savage

HB: Webster, Battle, Newnes

C: Sinclair, Ross, Billings

HF: Kent, Bruce, Parker

F: Lonie, Membrey, Gresham

FOLL: Pierce, Steele, Dunstan

I/C: Steven, Wilkie, McKenzie, Long

EMG: Clark, Marshall, Phillips, Hind


B: Harbrow, Collins, Ballard

HB: Murdoch, Hombsch, Hanley

C: Weller, Swallow, Horlin-Smith

HF: Sexton, Wright, MacPherson

F: Ainsworth, Burgess, MacPherson

FOLL: Witts, Miller, Miles

I/C: Bowes, Fiorini, Martin, Powell

EMG: Day, Joyce, King, Rischitelli

GWS Giants v Essendon

Sunday March 24, 3:20pm at Sydney Showground Stadium


B: Shaw, Davis, Williams

HB: Kennedy, Taylor, Whitfield

C: Tomlinson, Taranto, Perryman

HF: Deledio, Himmelberg, Daniels

F: Greene, Cameron, Lloyd

FOLL: Simpson, Coniglio, Hopper

I/C: de Boer, Keeffe, Finlayson, Reid

EMG: Cumming, Flynn, Buntine, Hately


B: Saad, Ambrose, McKenna

HB: Brown, Hurley, Ridley

C: Zaharakis, Myers, Shiel

HF: Heppell, Stringer, Baguley

F: Merrett, McKernan, Fantasia

FOLL: Bellchambers, Langford, McGrath

I/C: Guelfi, Smith, Francis, McDonald-Tipungwuti

EMG: Zerk-Thatcher, Parish, Clarke, Laverde

Fremantle v North Melbourne

Sunday March 24, 6:20pm at Optus Stadium


B: Hamling, Pearce, Ryan

HB: Conca, Wilson, Colyer

C: Langdon, Fyfe, Hill

HF: Cerra, McCarthy, Walters

F: Ballantyne, Taberner, Lobb

FOLL: Darcy, Brayshaw, Mundy

I/C: Banfield, Hughes, Tucker, Schultz

EMG: Duman, Nyhuis, Giro, Crowden


B: Williams, Tarrant, McKay

HB: Atley, Vickers-Willis, Pittard

C: Polec, Higgins, McDonald

HF: Hall, Wood, Scott

F: Ziebell, Brown, Turner

FOLL: Goldstein, Cunnington, Simpkin

I/C: Davies-Uniacke, Dumont, Tyson, Macmillan

EMG: Hrovat, Ahern, Larkey, Thomas



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49 thoughts on “AFL Teams – Rd1”

  1. And remember – you really only need to worry about your Blues and Tigers players you have the rest of the night and tomorrow to worry about the full squad!!


  2. Carlton v Richmond at the MCG, 7.25pm AEDT



    Carlton: McKay, Newman, Gibbons, Setterfield
    Richmond: Weller, Graham, Broad, Balta


      1. Anyone taking Balta, just remember, he either make it and keeps his place or becomes another Menadue: 5 games ans stuck when Caddy and Grigg are back


      1. Already got coniglio. Fyfe has consistently been great even in a terrible Freo Side, Wondering if Yeo can back up another great season


      1. I’ve gone Parker and Balta, I’m thinking they aren’t holding out anyone (in immediate future) for injury reasons so have a good enough JS.

        Also gone Setterfield but thinking he’s just a given!


    1. DEF: Scrimshaw, Hore, Clark, Duursma & Collins (Burgess is named but won’t score well)

      MID: Walsh, Butters, Constable, Scott, Atkins & Gibbons

      RUC: Maybe Zac Clarke

      FWD: Setterfield (DPP), Drew, Petrucelle & Parker


      1. Balta will score better than Parker, no doubt, but does not have concrete job security. Whereas Parker will play every game and end up being a slow burn, probably trade him out at the byes once he’s made some cash.


      2. Thanks to all of you for the reply! I do this every year and I’ll probably do it again next year… Good luck to you all!


      3. Put a line through Clarke, Bombers bench will be Smith, Tippa, Francis and Parish/Guelfi. We look set on going with Brown and McKernan as our tall forwards with Daniher out.


  3. Is the Motts Maneuver on Josh Kelly looking an interesting choice if a rookie gets up a good score???????


  4. Sunday, March 24

    St Kilda v Gold Coast at Marvel Stadium, 1.10pm AEDT


    New: Matthew Parker (South Fremantle), Callum Wilkie (North Adelaide), Dean Kent (Melbourne)
    Notable absentees: Nathan Brown, Jake Carlisle, Dan Hannebery, Billy Longer, Paddy McCartin, Dylan Roberton, Hunter Clark, Rowan Marshall


    New: Sam Collins (Werribee), George Horlin-Smith (Geelong), Jack Lukosius (Woodville West-Torrens), Chris Burgess (West Adelaide), Anthony Miles (Richmond), Jordan Murdoch (Geelong), Jack Hombsch (Port Adelaide)
    Notable absentees: Sean Lemmens, Izak Rankine, Rory Thompson, Harrison Wigg, Aaron Young, Michael Rischitelli, Ben King, Sam Day

    Greater Western Sydney v Essendon at Sydney Showground Stadium, 3.20pm AEDT


    New: Nil
    Notable absentees: Zac Langdon, Jon Patton, Shane Mumford, Callan Ward, Josh Kelly, Matt Buntine


    New: Dylan Shiel (Greater Western Sydney)
    Notable absentees: Joe Daniher, Matt Dea, Cale Hooker, Darcy Parish, Zac Clarke, Jayden Laverde

    Fremantle v North Melbourne at Optus Stadium, 3.20pm AWST


    New: Lachie Schultz (Williamstown), Rory Lobb (Greater Western Sydney), Reece Conca (Richmond), Travis Colyer (Essendon)
    Notable absentees: Harley Bennell, Connor Blakely, Stephen Hill, Aaron Sandilands, Brennan Cox, Brandon Matera, Jesse Hogan


    New: Aaron Hall (Gold Coast), Jared Polec (Port Adelaide), Bailey Scott (Broadbeach), Dom Tyson (Melbourne), Jasper Pittard (Port Adelaide)
    Notable absentees: Ben Jacobs, Scott Thompson, Majak Daw, Jed Anderson, Paul Ahern


  5. Here’s one for ya Allsaints,IF I was to pick one of Joyce or
    Wilkie for a bench spot,which should I choose?


    1. Tough one. With Nathan Brown back next week I’d probably go Wilkie. Not wholly convinced on either’s JS, but think Wilkie will earn $$s quicker.
      Hope that helps, but not sure you need either do you!?


      1. Sainter Is it worth taking Hore (D8) out for Wilkie?

        Wilkie at least seems to be there as ruck cover with longer still a while away.

        Hore could be out the door when Steven May returns.



  6. Anyone know what Jack Scrimshaws job securitys like?
    Currently have Burgess and no cash to turn him into scrimshaw. But if Scrimshaw is worth it, I can downgrade someone to generate the needed cash (don’t really want to but if it means no Burgess….)
    Any ideas on other def or mid rookies worth getting instead of Scrimshaw would be much appreciated
    Already have
    Def: Ridley, Collins, Hore, Clark
    Mid: Walsh, Butters,Constable, Duursma Scott, Aitkins
    Cheers guys



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