AFL Teams – Rd7

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 3 2018

Thanks, Chaos Theory!


ROUND 7 TEAMS (All times AEST)


Friday May 4 at 7:50pm, GMHBA Stadium


B: Henry, Blicavs, Stewart

HB: Bews, Kolodjashnij, Tuohy

C: Thurlow, Selwood, Selwood

HF: Gregson, Ratugolea, Crameri

F: Menegola, Hawkins, Murdoch

FOLL: Smith, Dangerfield, Duncan

I/C: Cunico, Fogarty, Guthrie, Kelly

EMG: Buzza, Constable, Parsons, Stanley

IN: Selwood, Crameri, Smith

OUT: Parsons, Stanley, Horlin-Smith


B: Finlayson, Tomlinson, Shaw

HB: Haynes, Davis, de Boer

C: Whitfield, Shiel, Corr

HF: Lloyd, Himmelberg, Hopper

F: Ward, Griffen, Reid

FOLL: Patton, Coniglio, Shipley

I/C: Taranto, Langdon, Keeffe, Buckley

EMG: Bonar, Cumming, Simpson, Mohr

IN: Keeffe, Buckley

OUT: Cameron, Deledio


Saturday May 5 at 1:45pm, Mars Stadium


B: Suckling, Naughton, Cordy

HB: Johannisen, Young, Crozier

C: Williams, Hunter, Richards

HF: Dunkley, Bontempelli, Wallis

F: Dahlhaus, Boyd, Gowers

FOLL: English, McLean, Macrae

I/C: Lipinski, Dale, Daniel, Jong

EMG: Trengove, Webb, Honeychurch, Smith

IN: Young

OUT: Wood


B: Harbrow, Thompson, Joyce

HB: Weller, Spencer, Bowes

C: Rosa, Lyons, Sexton

HF: Ah Chee, Day, Young

F: Ainsworth, Martin, Ballard

FOLL: Witts, Miller, Swallow

I/C: Rischitelli, Crossley, Holman, Scheer

EMG: Hall, Leslie, Brodie, Willis

IN: Ah Chee, Ballard, Rischitelli, Crossley, Scheer

OUT: May, Lynch, Barlow, Lonergan, Fiorini


Saturday May 5 at 2:10pm, MCG


B: McKenna, Hurley, Saad

HB: Ambrose, Hooker, Baguley

C: McGrath, Goddard, Mutch

HF: Laverde, Stewart, McDonald-Tipungwuti

F: Smith, Daniher, Zaharakis

FOLL: Bellchambers, Parish, Heppell

I/C: Stringer, Merrett, Myers, McNiece

EMG: Ridley, Langford, Guelfi, McKernan

IN: McKenna, Bellchambers, Myers

OUT: Merrett, Leuenberger, Guelfi


B: Impey, Stratton, Frawley

HB: Duryea, Sicily, Hardwick

C: Smith, Howe, Henderson

HF: Mitchell, O’Brien, Gunston

F: Langford, Roughead, Morrison

FOLL: McEvoy, Bruest, Burgoyne

I/C: Shiels, Worpel, O’Meara, Burton

EMG: Schoenmakers, Mirra, Cousins, Whitecross

IN: Sicily, Shiels

OUT: Cousins, Mirra


Saturday May 5 at 4:35pm, Optus Stadium


B: Hurn, Barrass, Sheppard

HB: Cole, McGovern, Duggan

C: Gaff, Yeo, Masten

HF: Cripps, Darling, Rioli

F: LeCras, Kennedy, Lycett

FOLL: Naitanui, Redden, Shuey

I/C: Petrucelle, Nelson, Hutchings, Waterman

EMG: Schofield, Ainsworth, McInnes, Ah Chee

IN: Nelson, Hutchings

OUT: Jetta, Sheed


B: Bonner, Jonas, Houston

HB: Byrne-Jones, Hombsch, Pittard

C: Amon, Wines, Polec

HF: Boak, Watts, Gray

F: Westhoff, Dixon, Motlop

FOLL: Ryder, Ebert, Gray

I/C: Neade, Johnson, Howard, Barry

EMG: Powell-Pepper, Rockliff, Clurey, Trengove

IN: Pittard, Ryder

OUT: Clurey, Wingard


Saturday May 5 at 7:20pm, SCG


B: Lloyd, Grundy, Smith

HB: Mills, Rampe, Marsh

C: Cunningham, Kennedy, Jones

HF: McVeigh, Towers, Hewett

F: Papley, Rohan, Jack

FOLL: Sinclair, Parker, Heeney

I/C: Florent, Fox, Hayward, Ronke

EMG: Aliir, Ling, McCartin, Robinson

IN: Towers

OUT: Robinson


B: Wright, Tarrant, Williams

HB: Macmillan, Thompson, Vickers-Willis

C: Hartung, Ziebell, Clarke

HF: Higgins, Wood, Turner

F: Anderson, Brown, Simpkin

FOLL: Goldstein, Cunnington, Jacobs

I/C: McDonald, Dumont, Atley, Zurhaar

EMG: Hrovat, Ahern, Walker, Waite

IN: Wright, Higgins, Wood

OUT: Davies-Uniacke, Waite, Daw


Saturday May 5 at 7:40pm, Adelaide Oval


B: Brown, Doedee, Otten

HB: Laird, Talia, Milera

C: Seedsman, Crouch, Mackay

HF: Gallucci, McGovern, Lynch

F: Betts, Jenkins, Douglas

FOLL: Jacobs, Gibbs, Ellis-Yolmen

I/C: Kelly, Greenwood, Atkins, Fogarty

EMG: Poholke, Knight, O’Brien, Murphy

IN: Betts, Kelly, Fogarty

OUT: Knight, Walker, Poholke


B: Plowman, Jones, Simpson

HB: Mullett, Rowe, O’Shea

C: O’Brien, Cripps, Fisher

HF: Thomas, McKay, Wright

F: Phillips, Casboult, Garlett

FOLL: Kreuzer, Curnow, Kennedy

I/C: Dow, Graham, Kerridge, Petrevski-Seton

EMG: Lang, Lamb, Shaw, Lebois

IN: Garlett, Kreuzer, Graham

OUT: Curnow, Silvagni, Marchbank


Sunday May 6 at 1:10pm, MCG


B: Rance, Astbury, Grimes

HB: Houli, Broad, Vlastuin

C: Townsend, Cotchin, McIntosh

HF: Castagna, Caddy, Prestia

F: Edwards, Riewoldt, Butler

FOLL: Nankervis, Lambert, Martin

I/C : Graham, Short, Higgins, Conca

IN: Townsend

OUT: Grigg (hamstring)


B: Wilson, Hamling, Pearce

HB: Ryan, Duman, Langdon

C: Neale, Mundy, Hill

HF: Blakely, Ballantyne, Brayshaw

F: Tucker, McCarthy, Cerra

FOLL: Sandilands, Fyfe, Crowden

I/C: Cox, Matera, Banfield, Hughes

IN: Cox, Hughes

OUT: Walters, Johnson


Sunday May 6 at 3:20pm, Etihad Stadium


B: Geary, Brown, Savage

HB: Gilbert, Carlisle, Webster

C: Newnes, Steele, Weller

HF: Dunstan, McCartin, Billings

F: Gresham, Membrey, Long

FOLL: Hickey, Ross, Steven

I/C: Clark, Armitage, Coffield,  Marshall

IN: Clark, Armitage, Marshall

OUT: Acres, White, Sinclair


B: Hibberd, McDonald, Jetta

HB: Brayshaw, Lever, Hunt

C: Lewis, Jones, Tyson

HF: Hannan, Hogan, Melksham

F: Weideman, McDonald, Petracca

FOLL: Gawn, Vince, Oliver

I/C: Harmes, Spargo, Neal-Bullen, Fritsch

IN: Petracca

OUT: Salem


Sunday May 6 at 4:40pm, Gabba


B: Hodge, Andrews, Gardiner

HB: Rich, Cutler, Witherden

C: Taylor, Robinson, Zorko

HF: Rayner, Hipwood, McCluggage

F: Christensen, McStay, Cameron

FOLL: Martin, Berry, Beams

I/C: Allison, McInerney, Bailey, Eagles

IN: Hodge, Eagles

OUT: Robertson, Lester


B: Murray, Dunn, Crisp

HB: Varcoe, Scharenberg, Howe

C: Sidebottom, Pendlebury, Phillips

HF: De Goey, Moore, Hoskin-Elliott

F: Crocker, Cox, Stephenson

FOLL: Grundy, Adams, Treloar

I/C (from): Fasolo, Blair, Mayne, B Thomas, Appleby

IN: Varcoe, Moore, Crocker, Adams

OUT: Maynard, Reid, Aish, Brown


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75 thoughts on “AFL Teams – Rd7”

    1. I was thinking more Dunstall, Brereton or Carey. I’ll even settle for James Manson or Barry Round as R/F.

      Coleman is lacking a pulse and none of the others play forward ….although we could prop Coleman in the goalsquare ala ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ but I don’t think he will be very good at this zoning thing.


        1. I wish young Kobe Mutch had his debut a week earlier

          The ball gets kicked down the line,”Howe. Mutch.”



      1. Think we’re now taking fantasy football to it’s logical destination where the scores are made up about a fictional game.


  1. Gold Coast has named Charlie Ballard and Brayden Crossley to make their AFL debuts against the Western Bulldogs.


    1. Guelfi, Mirra and LDY the main ones.

      This is why I refuse to give JS ratings. Mirra/Guelfi looked really comfortable out there.


      1. Mirra was great last week i had no doubt he would miss…guelfi is he bieng removed because he showed the rest up???


        1. Sounds like Woosha is just managing his workload given the 3 games in 11 days. If he doesn’t play VFL this week I reckon he comes straight back in.


      2. Not panicking about guelfi just yet, they could be just managing the new guys through the short turn around for anzac day.


        1. This is 100% correct mate. Worsfold said that he had impressed in his first 2 games and this was just a rest to manage his workload. Nothing to worry about. He should be back next week


  2. Huh, Barry survived?

    Sam Powell-Pepper doesn’t even come back into the team now that his suspension has ended? Strange.


    1. Not sure they’ve got too many other options to bring in. The only other fit blokes on the main list in the 2’s a KPPs


  3. I’ve never loopholed a rookie before – is this how it works?

    Field Guelfi
    Emergency Jack Henry
    Sub Darcy Fogarty in for Guelfi if not happy with Henry’s score



    1. Hypothetically this is how it’s done, just make sure it’s a non-playing rookie: the Fog has been named on interchange.


      1. Sorry – I read your post too quickly – thought you meant the Fog was your emergency… 😐 So yes that’s correct.


  4. Anyone feeling bad about their team this week? My forward line consists of franklin, acres, curnow, petracca, fisher, guelfi, langdon, fritsch. Only fritsch and fisher gusranteed to play. I was pretty happy with it 2 weeks ago


    1. Hmmm. I get you.
      Franklin, Walters, Deledio, McLean, Westhoff, Guelfi, Fritsch, Fogarty
      Had to get rid of Garlett (doh-didn’t think he’d play again) last week with three definite outs!


  5. Am so f*&^ed for the second week running but somehow got away with it last week, so here’s hoping. Again on a Thursday night, I have four (maybe five) non-playing FWDs, with Lids (doh), Walters (sorry Sonny) and Guelfi (rested) the three definite additions this week. Still have Buddy (kept from last week), along with D Fogarty (ADE) who may actually play. Has been named to replace Tex despite woeful SANFL performance last week. If he doesn’t, I’ll be copping a donut regardless.

    I figure of all of them, Walters has to be OUT (given type of injury sustained, his history and the Optus astrograss combined are not gonna do him any favours in the long-term). Even if they bring him back early, you can’t possibly be confident on his long-term well-being.

    I could then swing Sicily forward, AGAIN, and pick up Duman/Cole (who to pick I have left in the lap of the “Table for Two” stream), though would have preferred neither. Alternatively, and preferred, just bring in Spargo.

    TU: swing Sicily for Duman/Cole
    TD: just bring Spargo IN

    Please bear with me. More to follow below!!!


    1. That’s tough to decide
      Putting Sicily forward doesn’t really fix the problem with an unstable forward line since he is more then likely to miss a week

      Spargo however could become like another Fritchs/Fogarty and be on the brink of the starting 22 and be in and out like the rest of the forwards

      I’m just leaning towards Sicily since I reckon this is the second time now his been suspended and I reckon he will pull his head in somewhat


      1. One thing I did read on here today which I thought was brilliant in the Cole/Duman argument was about Duman.
        I wish I could remember who it was, but I read everything on here and now can’t find it. They said that the JS didn’t bother them too much as they would make more money in the short-term, but added that if he did get sidelined then he would make the perfect loophole option for the back half of the year as Freo have more Sunday games than anyone else (equal to North). Now that’s broad, forward thinking and a positive WIN-WIN. Gotta love this site.


  6. Now for the difficult bit I really need advice on. The above leaves me with Lids (preferred bye for me and COULD be back in a week), Buddy (how long’s a piece of string and could afford ANYONE if it’s him), or Guelfi (likely rested for a week according to Woosha and still plenty of cash to offer, nice bye for me too should I need/want to field him).

    I’ve decided to keep Guelfi given potential value and likely return next week, as well as meaning I’d have burned two trades on him in a week for $50k if he goes!

    That leaves Buddy and Lids. I know everyone warned me about Lids, but sounds like he might be back sooner, has a great BE when he does return and as long as he can survive to the byes will have done his job for me. Buddy on the other hand I was losing patience with before his injury was confirmed.

    Whoever goes I can get Gray, but if Buddy goes, I can also pick up any upgrade target I choose over the next two weeks, across all lines with the extra cash.

    What would you do?

    TU: bye bye Buddy, hello emptiness
    TD: see ya later Lids

    thanks again SCTers (aka lifesavers).


    1. Again tough choice
      Either one could go very right or wrong
      I reckon Buddy could come back next week
      I’m unsure of Deledio, I think he is likely

      I’m leaning towards keeping Deledio since I like the risk, don’t like KPP’s and has more upside then buddy

      I’ll thumbs up to get rid of buddy but it’s a flip of the coin


      1. Thanks for taking the time. Really appreciated. First time ever picking a KPP at season’s start and NEVER AGAIN. Just being on here (SCT) this year, I’ve realised that KPPs yo-yo so much, that there are always opportunities to pick them up later on should you choose. What was I thinking?!? Lesson #13 of hundreds I’ve learnt from SCT so far 😉

        Will sleep on it and review with fresh eyes in the morning. Thanks again


        1. One thing you may want to consider is who other coaches will bring in later. Its unlikely that coaches who don’t already have Lids would now select him this season (no value, injuries etc.). However if Buddy comes back and drops to 420-440K, then a lot of coaches will be picking him up after the byes, knowing that he generally comes home like a steam train.

          I started with Merrett and kept him for the same reason. Heaps of coaches are now bringing him in, and if I had traded him, it’d be the double burn; burning me with low scores while I had him, and burning me with high-scores (for other coaches) after I trade him out.

          I have this exact problem (Lids, Franklin, Guelfi) in Tech League. Its a little different because you tend to burn trades more freely in Tech, but thinking about who I want in my team all season, it’d be 1. Buddy, 2. Lids, 3. Guelfi. So on that basis, I’m flicking Guelfi, and retaining two keepers. I can always make more money… trades are harder to come by.


            1. allsaints.

              I have very different view on keeping Buddy.

              I actually live in Sydney and regularly chat with a few guys from WA who play in the NEAFL.

              The news I get from these guys is Buddy will miss 4 weeks plus.

              Buddy has not trained at all for 6 weeks. With a limited preseason due to surgery he is seriously struggling for fitness.

              When? he does start running again he will need to get some serious miles in him to get up to speed. The swans will not risk him this early in the season.

              I believe Sydney are stringing out the timeline so not to affect ticket sales for the next few home games at the SCG.
              Buddy sells tickets.

              Folks in Sydney tend to book tickets in advance.

              I really hope he is back sooner but I just can’t see it happening.

              For what its worth I traded Buddy to Higgins last week.

              Best of luck for round 7.


              1. I agree with this. I don’t regret starting with Buddy – that 175 in the first round alone made it totally worth it – but it’s time for him to go.
                I’ll bring him back in later if his form is good enough.


  7. Final Rd7 Sunday Teams:
    Interchange: Graham, Short, Higgins, Conca.
    Emergencies: B Ellis, Lloyd, Chol, Soldo.
    Townsend in for Grigg.

    Interchange: Hughes, Cox, Matera, Banfield.
    Emergencies: Kersten, Sheridan, Johnson, Nyhuis.
    Cox, Hughes in for Walters, Johnson.

    Interchange: Harmes, Spargo, Fritsch, Neal-Bullen.
    Emergencies: Wagner, Garlett, T Smith, Pedersen.
    Petracca in for Salem.

    St Kilda
    Interchange: Clark, Armitage, Coffield, Marshall.
    Emergencies: White, Paton, Sinclair, Battle.
    Clark, Armitage, Marshall in for Acres, White, Sinclair.

    Brisbane Lions
    Interchange: Allison, McInerney, Eagles, Bailey.
    Emergencies: Keays, Mayes, C Beams, Lester.
    Hodge, Eagles in for Robertson, Lester.

    Interchange: Thomas, Blair, Mayne, Appleby.
    Emergencies: Fasolo, Sier, McLarty, Brown.
    Varcoe, Moore, Crocker, Adams in for Maynard, Reid, Aish, Brown.



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