AFL Teams Rd8

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 9 2019

Sydney v Essendon (SCG) — 7.50pm


B: Rampe, Melican, Mills

HB: Lloyd, Aliir, Thurlow

C: Dawson, Jones, Heeney

HF: Hewett, Reid, Fox

F: Blakey, McCartin, Papley

FOLL: Sinclai, Kennedy, Parker

I/C: Jack, Hayeward, Florent, O’Riordan

EMG: Rowbottom, Cameron, McInerney, Stoddart

IN: O’Riordan

OUT: Cunningham (injured)


B: Ambrose, Hooker, McGrath

HB: Francis, Hurley, Fantasia

C: Merrett, Parish, Heppell

HF: Guelfi, Stringer, Smith

F: McDonald-Tipungwuti, Myers, Saad

FOLL: Bellchambers, Shiel, Zaharakis

I/C: Ham, McKenna, Redman, Clarke

EMG: Baguley, Langford, Ridley, Hartley

IN: Fantasia, Myers, Ham, Clarke

OUT: Baguley (omitted), Ridley (omitted), Langford (omitted), Daniher (managed)


WB v Brisbane Lions (Ballarat) — 1.45pm


B: Johannisen, Trengove, Crozier

HB: Daniel, Cordy, Wood

C: Hunter, Liberatore, Richards

HF: Gowers, Naughton, Lloyd

F: McLean, Bontempelli, Wallis

FOLL: English, Dunkley, Macrae

I/C: Suckling, Smith, Hayes, Lachie Young

EMG: Lewis Young, Roberts, Lipinski, Williams

IN: Suckling

OUT: Dickson (omitted)


B: Hodge, Andrews, Rich

HB: Witherden, Gardiner, Robinson

C: J. Berry, Neale, McCluggage

HF: Rayner, Hipwood, McCarthy

F: Cameron, McStay, McInerney

FOLL: Martin, Zorko, Lyons

I/C: Cutler, Bailey, Lester, Answerth

EMG: Keays, Walker, Allison, Smith

IN: Andrews, Bailey

OUT: Walker (omitted), Taylor (omitted)

Carlton v Collingwood (MCG) — 1.45pm


B: Thomas, Marchbank, Willaimson

HB: Plowman, Weitering, Murphy

C: fisher, Cripps, Walsh

HF: Silvagni, C. Curnow, Cuningham

F: Gibbons, McKay, E. Curnow

FOLL: Kreuzer, Petrevski-Seton, Dow

I/C: Stocker, Setterfield, McGovern, Casboult

EMG: Kennedy, Phillips, Goddard, O’Brien

IN: Kreuzer, Setterfield, McGovern

OUT: O’Brien (omitted), Phillips (omitted), Jones (injured)


B: Maynard, Roughead, Howe

HB: Crisp, Moore, Langdon

C: Sidebottom, Pendlebury, Phillips

HF: Thomas, Reid, Elliott

F: Stephenson, Mihocek, De Goey

FOLL: Grundy, Wills, Treloar

I/C: Mayne, C. Brown, Greenwood, Hoskin-Elliott

EMG: Varcoe, Quaynor, Crocker, Lynch

IN: Wills, Mayne

OUT: Adams (injured), Beams (injured)

Gold Coast v Melbourne (MS) — 4.35pm


B: Harbrow, Collins, Ballard

HB: Hanley, Hombsch, Weller

C: Ainsworth, Holman, Powell

HF: Sexton, Wright, Lemmens

F: MacPherson, Corbett, Bowes

FOLL: Witts, Martin, Swallow

I/C: Lukosius, Miller, Miles, Murdoch

EMG: Brodie, Horlin-Smith, Joyce, King

IN: Hanley, Weller, Lemmens, Lukosius

OUT: Joyce (omitted), Horlin-Smith (omitted), Fiorini (injured), Young (injured)


B: Lewis, Frost, Hibberd

HB: Jones, O. McDonald, Salem

C: Fritsch, Viney, Stretch

HF: Harmes, T. McDonald, Lockhart

F: Garlett, Keilty, Melksham

FOLL: Gawn, Brayshaw, Oliver

I/C: Petracca, Hunt, Hore, J. Wagner

EMG: Neal-Bullen, Petty, T. Smith, C. Wagner

IN: Viney

OUT: Neal-Bullen (omitted)

St Kilda v WC (Marvel) — 7.25pm


B: Webster, Brown, Savage

HB: Wilkie, Battle, Paton

C: Long, Ross, Newnes

HF: Billings, Bruce, Parker

F: Kent, Membrey, Gresham

FOLL: Marshall, Steele, Sinclair

I/C: Dunstan, Acres, Phillips, McKenzie

EMG: Clark, Joyce, Hind, Marsh

IN: Brown, Dunstan, Phillips

OUT: Joyce (omitted), Marsh (omitted), Clark (omitted)


B: Hurn, Schofield, Sheppard

HB: Cole, McGovern, Jetta

C: Redden, Shuey, Sheed

HF: Petruccelle, Darling, Hutchings

F: Ryan, Kennedy, Cripps

FOLL: Vardy, Yeo, Gaff

I/C: Waterman, Allen, Duggan, Venables

EMG: Masten, Rotham, Ah Chee, Edwards

IN: Waterman

OUT: Masten (omitted)

PA v Adelaide (AO) — 7.10pm (local)


B: Broadbent, Clurey, Houston

HB: Burton, Howard, Byrne-Jones

C: Duursma, Rockliff, Amon

HF: Marhsall, Westhoff, Motlop

F: S. Gray, Ryder, Rozee

FOLL: Lycett, Powell-Pepper, Boak

I/C: Drew, Johnson, Lienert, Farrell

EMG: Butters, Frampton, Mayes, McKenzie

IN: Broadbent, Motlop, Johnson, Farrell

OUT: Bonner (omitted), Butters (omitted), Wines (injured), Ebert (injured)


B: Laird, Talia, Hartigan

HB: Smith, Keath, Mackay

C: Gallucci, B. Crouch, Atkins

HF: Knight, Walker, Lynch

F: Murphy, Himmelberg, Betts

FOLL: O’Brien, M. Crouch, Sloane

I/C: Greenwood, Kelly, Brown, Ellis-Yolmen

EMG: Poholke, Jones, Fogarty, Hunter

IN: Brown

OUT: Gibbs (injured)


NM v Geelong (Marvel) — 1.10pm


B: Macmillan, Tarrant, Pittard

HB: Williams, Thompson, Dumont

C: Simpkin, Cunnington, Polec

HF: Thomas, Wood, Garner

F: Zurhaar, Brown, Ziebell

FOLL: Goldstein, Higgins, Anderson

I/C: Atley, Wright, Larkey, Turner

Emg: Davies-Uniacke, Durdin, Taylor, Hayden

No changes


B: Kolodjashnij, Henry, Stewart

HB: Blicavs, Taylor, C. Guthrie

C: Kelly, Dangerfield, Duncan

HF: Rohan, Ratugolea, Hawkins

F: Ablett, Dahlhaus, Atkins

FOLL: Stanley, Clark, O’Connor

I/C: Tuohy, Menegola, Parfitt, Miers

IN: Tuohy

OUT: Z. Guthrie (omitted)

Emg: J Selwood, Fort, Parsons, Constable

Hawthorn v GWS (MCG) — 3.20pm


B: Sicily, Frawley, Impey

HB: Stratton, O’Brien, Hardwick

C: Scully, O’Meara, Henderson

HF: Breust, Puopolo, Burgoyne

F: Moore, Lewis, Gunston

FOLL: McEvoy, Worpel, Shiels

I/C: Smith, Scrimshaw, Cousins, Ceglar

IN: Frawley, Scrimshaw, Cousins, Ceglar

OUT: Wingard (injured), Roughead (omitted), Brand (omitted), Howe (omitted)

Emg: Howe, Brand, Glass, Morrison


B: Haynes, Taylor, Tomlinson

HB: Reid, Davis, Shaw

C: Coniglio, Hopper, Williams

HF: Buntine, Himmelberg, Finlayson

F: Daniels, Cameron, Greene

FOLL: Simpson, De Boer, Taranto

I/C: Kennedy, Langdon, Lloyd, Kelly

IN: Davis, Simpson, Langdon, Kelly

OUT: Corr (injured), Mumford (injured), Hately (omitted), Cumming (Omitted)

Emg: Flynn, Perryman, Keeffe, Cumming

Fremantle v Richmond (Perth Stadium) — 3.20pm (local)


B: Hamling, Pearce, Ryan

HB: Conca, Wilson, Hughes

C: Cerra, Fyfe, Hill

HF: Walters, Langdon, Brayshaw

F: Hogan, Taberner, Matera

FOLL: Lobb, Tucker, Mundy

I/C: Switkowski, Colyer, Cox, Nyhuis

IN: Cox

OUT: McCarthy (omitted)

Emg: Duman, McCarthy, Bewley, Darcy


B: Broad, Astbury, Grimes

HB: Stack, Edwards, Houli

C: Ellis, Prestia, McIntosh

HF: Baker, Caddy, Bolton

F: Balta, Lynch, Martin

FOLL: Nankervis, Lambert, Higgins

I/C: Menadue, Garthwaite, Castagna, Ross

IN: Astbury, Garthwaite

OUT: Vlastuin (injured), Rioli (injured)

Emg: Aarts, Butler, Soldo, Collier-Dawkins


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87 thoughts on “AFL Teams Rd8”

    1. as the top team ,
      why would they risk danger v nth ,
      if it is a medial injury ,
      it’s 3 weeks min to get back to full movement


      1. we need a basic level of expressiveness standards….I have a ten year old grandchild who loves footy and this site


      2. Gotta disagree, Wighty. I’d be furious if I owned Whitfield. Hate how nontransparent GWS are- still traumatized from last year’s shit-show with Kelly.


        1. I have whitfield…I’m just saying lets keep the standards of expression just above the gutter.


    1. Feel everyone’s pain, and risking going the early crow, but glad I made the decision to trade him for Laird last week… hopefully he doesn’t burn me too bad when he does come back!


        1. Wighty is kinda righty.

          Cudos to those who can express the frustration that we all experience at times in a creative and borderline acceptable manner (for the kids and the sensitives). Note: the kids all say it but don’t need to hear it from us.



      1. Mate are you seriously that goddamn precious? Swearing’s a part of life. Let a bloke vent. Little Johnny would have heard worse at school, I guarantee it. This isn’t a My Little Pony fanpage. When a bloke needs to vent, a bloke needs to vent.


        1. Agree with max here. There’s a gambling thread here to. Are we going to stop that? This is a site for adults.
          Secondly if a kid has access to the internet I’d be more worried about what they have seen. A little swearing is the last thing I’d be worried about.


      1. At this point I’d take Hately not playing another game for 2019 and for him to be a relatively cheap gun rookie for 2020.


        1. If he doesn’t play another game this year, Hately’ll be priced at approx. $346 500 at the start of 2020.


  1. Hately getting dropped is highly frustrating, and Whitfield not coming back in is just the icing on the cake.
    Need someone new to downgrade or upgrade from Butters now. Answerth is looking like he has good JS with Andrews and Bailey coming in and him retaining his spot.
    Not betting on Constable to return either, due to Selwood being named alongside him in the Sunday changes.
    We’ll have to wait and see.


  2. No Whitfield – surely next week.
    Constable named on extended bench for those who held him.
    Scrimshaw named


  3. Hatley been dropped come on he score well last week dammit time to reverse my trade and figure out a new plan


  4. Unpopular opinion: kinda happy Hately got dropped.

    Now I don’t have to roll the dice on him.


    1. True………
      what baffles me is that Keefe and Perryman have been named ahead of him as well as a new kid (Flynn) on the extended bench……..


      1. Flynn named as a backup for Simpson as Mumford has been left out due to soreness, with Keeffe as a 204cm def/fwd and Perryman a defender to help cover for Corr i assume


    2. Better this week than next after everyone brought him in.

      I’m not sure how GWS will be able to keep him for long if they aren’t giving him regular games – a lot of clubs would pay (or over-pay) for a player like him.


  5. Now that I’ve seen the teams, here are my trades this week:

    Gibbons -> Answerth
    Petruccelle -> Corbett

    Sound good?


    1. These will probably be my trades as well. The only other option I was looking at was moving Wilkie on instead of Gibbons because one good score would shoot Gibbons’ price up a lot (he probably doesn’t have it in him, especially against Collingwood, but it’s a consideration).

      T/U: Gibbons – Answerth
      T/D: Wilkie – Answerth


  6. Is is bad i am hoping Danger is a late out so Constable a real good chance to be the late in?


  7. Should I upgrade or downgrade Butters?
    Was certain on the double downgrade prior to Hately’s omission.
    Can afford $458,000

    George Hewett and Sam Menegola are most likely my top choices.

    On the other hand, I could trade Butters to Answerth and upgrade Collins to someone like Jeremy McGovern, Hayden Crozier or a Hick Haynes.

    TU: Butters to Answerth, upgrade Collins
    TD: Collins to Answerth, upgrade Butters


        1. Hey Clayton, of the ones you’ve mentioned, Menegola is the clear stand out. Been a top 6 forward the past two seasons, and although his scores are all over the place, across the whole season he’s pretty solid. Wouldn’t personally touch any of the others you’ve mentioned as they won’t finished top 6-10. Westhoff and Dahlhaus are good options up forward in that price range, or Salem and Harris Andrews down back.


          1. Hasn’t had Ablett in his half forward role, Dalhaus, Rohan, Miers, Atkins for the last 2 seasons though, I think Menegoal will be at best a 90 average from here. Take a punt on Westhoff i say


  8. Am glad to see Answerth made the cut, considering Bailey and Andrews were called back this week


    1. Whilst Answerth is safe this week I find it interesting that Walker has been dropped.
      I suspect that this is due to match ups and the Bulldogs only having one key forward which Andrews will take.
      Next week I expect that Walker may come back into the side but hopefully not at the expense of Answerth.


      1. Agreed, walker didn’t do much wrong last week. Even the commentators were saying how he’s stepped up in Andrews absence.


  9. I have also noticed looking at the actual teams, Jordan Clark is named a follower with Mark O’Connor, With Tuohy and Jelwood in and both on the interchange, I’m assuming Clark will be dropped


    1. Jeez I hope not, if he’s dropped I’m staring at a donut in the backline, with Burgess & Whitfield on the pine. Same problem last week, but avoided it by trading out Scrimshaw for Answerth. If Clark is out, I’m stuffed, as no bubble boy rookies to bring in that I can see, and no cash for an upgrade. Maybe should have brought in Young from the bulldogs last week, then would have Answerth to trade in this week. Frustrating.


    2. Why wouldn’t they name them on the bench then? Don’t think it’s anything to be worried about mate. Of the players named on the bench, I’d say Jelwood, Menegola, Tuohy and Miers get a gig, with the other 4 demoted to emergencies. Clark and O’Connor will be fine.


      1. I am very questionable on Clark due to him under performing the past 2 rounds. 7 possessions while playing on the wing from 87% TOG is concerning. 4 marks and 5 tackles help, but seeing others putting in better performances like Parfitt, does raise lots of questions for me. Even Constable a solid chance, really makes me assume the worst for Clark and prepare for it any way i can


  10. IMO the only real competition for Answerth’s spot was Bailey. Given they have both been named in the same side, it’s time to jump on the Answerth Express!


  11. More to add, Dunkley is named as a follower! This might be time to jump on as he is getting more midfield time it seems. Bont starting at FF too. This is just the team sheets so it can be taken with a grain of salt, but positive signs seem to be showing


  12. I’ve moved Danger to my Mid bench with the E.

    Constable on field.

    Whitfield hurts.. looks like Answerth gets a game on debut for my side.

    I’m going Corbett too.
    At least I can Loophole him with Setters forward.

    $355K banked.

    With a log jam of choices playing at the same time, Captains choices will make a huge difference this week..

    Choose wisely my friends.


  13. Random question.

    How many players can I have from the same bye? Planning to get Neale in but I’ve already got 8 keepers with the R13 bye.

    Too many? Should I still get Neale in pre-bye?


    1. Gunboat.

      For me 8 is pushing it. You have only have 8 bench spots.

      Bines for me make that 7.

      Best 18 score, so you need to look at your rookies and see who is still likely to be there.

      I think you need to plan for at least 20 on field.

      Also keep in mind you may need to get in a few downgrades ( Answerth) that will also share that Bye.Although.. Hopefully he is ripe to trade that week ;

      I will be very careful picking R13 Bye players at this stage.

      If Neale somehow drops to under $600K before R10. Stuff the Byes get him in!


      1. Alright, will hold off on Neale for now.

        Tyvm for the response, FT.

        Also, I’m tipping your boys against the Tigers this week. Good luck!


  14. What are your thoughts on whether Danger will play?

    TU: yep he’ll play
    TD: no he won’t


      1. I reckon your mob resemble witches hats a little more, especially after your disastrous 2018 campaign.


    1. May as well ride Rocky out. Gotta an easy run of games coming up. Luxury trade him later, work on the rest of your team for now.


  15. On the plus side this week – Answerth and Zac Bailey both named for Brisbane. Makes me a lot more confident with Answerth’s job security. I can finally cash in Sam Collins!


  16. Ok … what do you think?
    TU- Libba/Butters for Corbett and Ainsworth gives me $495k for double upgrade next week. Cost me 30k on the Fyfe trade but get both decent rookies and 2 upgrade next week.

    TD- Or should I go Butters to ainsworth Libba to Fyfe 30k left (1 upgrade) and hope for another decent rookie?


  17. Was trading out Butters & Petrucelle this week for a double downgrade, but with Butters bring dropped, is it better to bench him, being that he won’t drop in price, and trade out Gibbons instead? That gives me Butters & Clark to trade out next week, for a downgrade/upgrade.

    TU : Trade out Butters this week
    TD : Trade out Gibbons this week


    1. I’d hold Gibbons for now, won’t change too much in price, great job security, and if we pick up a forward pocket in the mid-season draft like we’re suspected to it could unleash him into the midfield.


    2. Personally, I’m keeping Butters for this week purely on the fact he won’t drop cash (if he’s a late in, I’ll be very annoyed!), and am trading Petruccelle out instead. Butters will become Macrae next week regardless.


  18. Sunday teams have come in and sadly Constable looks like he has no chance as Jelwood is also named as an emergency! Danger surely out though if Jelwood is an E right??? Clark managed to stay in the team


      1. They will wait till the Stadium is full, before announcing that one. 😉

        Thank god I held Atkins.



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