All-Australian Predictions 2017

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 17 2017

Nateo asked about the All Australian Team in our Polling Station thread.ย  Without having done a great deal of research, my Team for 2017 would be as follows:

B: Sam Docherty (CAR), Alex Rance (RIC), Dylan Roberton (STK)

HB: Rory Laird (ADE), Michael Hurley (ESS), Michael Hibberd (MEL)

C: Josh Kelly (GWS), Tom Mitchell (HAW), Zach Merrett (ESS)

HF: Dustin Martin (RIC), Joe Daniher (ESS), Elliot Yeo (WCE)

F: Jack Billings (STK), Josh J Kennedy (WCE), Chad Wingard (PTA)

Foll: Matthew Kreuzer (CAR), Patrick Dangerfield (GEE), Clayton Oliver (MEL)

INT. Matt Crouch (ADE), Patrick Ryder (PTA), Dayne Zorko (BRL), Lance Franklin (SYD)


How does that compare with your AA-Team?ย  Anyone you think I’ve missed?ย  Someone that shouldn’t be in there at all?ย  Remember that it’s not necessarily something that is purely judged in SC-pts…………




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16 thoughts on “All-Australian Predictions 2017”

  1. Would love to see Robbie Tarrant make the 40, don’t think he’ll usurp either hurls or rance, but recognition in he 40 would be nice


    1. Rance & Hurley are locks for the two key defensive posts. Tahlia or Davis probably get a look over Taz for a spot in the 40 this year.

      Can’t see any North players making the squad.


  2. Look’s pretty spot on. Wondering if you meant Robbie Gray instead of the Chad? If not that would be a change I might make, Gray has been good playing mostly forward kicking over 40 goals. Chad hasn’t been great and has missed some games with injuries.

    I’d also put Jeremy Howe in I reckon, maybe for one of Roberton or Laird although they have been good. Lairds disposal average is obviously great but some Adelaide games I watch I don’t really see him as doing a great deal of damage. Then getting a lot of junk time stats. Haven’t watched much of St Kilda.


  3. Looks pretty good, Schwarz. Only two Crows is a little bit surprising, but I’m not sure who else would make it. Betts in a forward pocket, maybe?

    Just for fun, here’s the Supercoach All-Australian team, as of Round 21:

    B: Simpson, Hurley, Laird

    HB: Docherty, Roberton, Adams

    C: MCrouch, DMartin, Oliver

    HF: Macrae, Franklin, Yeo

    F: Dahlhaus, Ryder, Billings

    Foll: Kreuzer, Dangerfield, TMitchell

    I: Neale, Bontempelli, MMurphy, Sloane


  4. B: Jeremy Howe (COL), Alex Rance (RIC), Dylan Roberton (STK)

    HB: Rory Laird (ADE), Michael Hurley (ESS), Sam Docherty (CAR)

    C: Josh Kelly (GWS), Clayton Oliver (MEL), Dustin Martin (RIC)

    HF: Robbie Gray (VC) (PRA), Lance Framklin (SYD), Dayne Zorko (BRL)

    F: Joe Daniher (ESS), Josh J Kennedy (WCE), Eddie Betts(ADE)

    Foll: Patrick Ryder (PTA), Patrick Dangerfield (C) (GEE), Tom Mitchell (HAW)

    INT. Mathew Kreuzer (CAR), Zach Merrett (ESS), Elliot Yeo (WCE), Matt Crouch (ADE)

    Mids hard to judge this year the usually all Australian’s hardly impacting this year


  5. B: Jeremy Howe (COL), Alex Rance (RIC), Michael Hurley (ESS)

    HB: Rory Laird (ADE), Taylor Adams (COL), Sam Docherty (CAR)

    C: Josh Kelly (GWS), Patrick Dangerfield (GEE), Matt Crouch (ADE)

    HF: Tom Lynch (ADE), Lance Franklin (SYD), Dayne Zorko (BRL)

    F: Joe Daniher (ESS), Josh J Kennedy (WCE), Eddie Betts(ADE)

    Foll: Sam Jacobs (ADE), Dustin Martin (RIC), Tom Mitchell (HAW)

    INT. Clayton Oliver (MEL), Rory Sloane (ADE), Ben Brown (NM), Luke Parker (SYD)

    Not hard to see where my allegiance lies…


  6. Heres mine.

    B: N Jetta (MLB), M Hurley (ESS), M Hibberd (MLB)

    HB:S Docherty (CAR), A Rance (RICH), J Howe (COL)

    C: J Kelly (GWS) T Mitchell (HAW) M Bontempelli

    HF: J Macrea (WBD) L Franklin (SYD) D Martin

    F: E Betts (ADL) J Daniher (ESS) J Kennedy (WCE)

    Foll: M Kruezer. (CAR), P Dangerfield, C Oliver (MEL)

    Inter: Z Merrett (ESS) M Crouch (ADL) P Ryder (PTA) D Zorko (BRL)


  7. B: Jeremy Howe Alex Rance Rory Laird
    HB: Michael Hibberd Michael Hurley Sam Docherty
    C: Josh Kelly Patrick Dangerfield (c) Zach Merrett
    HF: Dayne Zorko Buddy Robbie Gray
    F:Eddie Betts Joe Daniher Josh Kennedy (WC)
    R: Patrick Ryder Tom Mitchell Dustin Martin
    INTER: Oliver Kreuzer Lachie Neale Matt Crouch



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