All-Australian Team Predicition

Written by MJ on September 12 2013

The All-Australian squad gets cut to 22 on Monday 16th September.

The AFL website are letting you have a crack at predicting the AA team for 2013 here:

The closest prediction will win a signed AA Team jumper. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if an SCT member could nail it!

Cut this team of 40 down to 22 and pick a captain.

Patrick Dangerfield, Richard Douglas (Adelaide);
Travis Cloke, Scott Pendlebury, Dane Swan (Collingwood);
Jobe Watson (Essendon);
Nathan Fyfe, Michael Johnson, Chris Mayne, David Mundy, Michael Walters (Fremantle);
Corey Enright, Andrew Mackie, Steve Motlop, Joel Selwood, Harry Taylor (Geelong);
Gary Ablett (Gold Coast);
Jeremy Cameron (GWS);
Lance Franklin, Josh Gibson, Luke Hodge, Sam Mitchell, Jarryd Roughead (Hawthorn);
Todd Goldstein, Lindsay Thomas, Scott Thompson, Daniel Wells (North Melbourne);
Travis Boak, Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide);
Nick Riewoldt, Jack Steven (St Kilda);
Dan Hannebery, Kieren Jack, Josh Kennedy, Jarrad McVeigh, Nick Malceski (Sydney);
Josh Kennedy, Eric Mackenzie (West Coast);
Ryan Griffen, Will Minson (Western Bulldogs).

So, how’d you go?


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17 thoughts on “All-Australian Team Predicition”

  1. FB – Enright, Mackenzie, Johnson
    HB – Malceski, Thompson,Taylor,
    CTR – Griffen, Selwood, Watson
    HF – Wingard, Mayne, Swan
    FF – Dangerfield, Cameron, Reiwoldt
    Followers – Minson, Ablett, Pendlebury

    Interchange – Goldstein, Jack, Fyfe, JPKennedy

    As always trying to fit people into positions is almost impossible given the talent in the mid-field and struggling a little down back.

    I think Roughy is unlucky to miss out in my team, as is Boak, Hodge and Mitchell.


  2. FB – Enright, Thompson, Mackenzie
    HB – Malceski, Mitchell ,Mcveigh,
    CTR – Griffen, Ablett, Selwood
    HF – Dangerfield, Roughead, Fyfe
    FF – Wingard, Cameron, Motlop
    Followers – Minson, Swan, Pendlebury

    Interchange – Jack, Watson, Reiwoldt, JPKennedy


  3. FB – Enright, Thompson, Taylor
    HB – Mackie, Gibson, Hodge
    CTR – Griffen, Swan, Selwood
    HF – Dangerfield, Roughead, Jack
    FF – Franklin, Cameron, Motlop
    Followers – Minson, Ablett, Pendlebury
    Bench – Goldstein, Watson, Boak, Wells

    That’s it right there.


  4. Now this is a massive challenge, here we go!

    FB – Mackie, Thompson, Taylor
    HB – Malceski, Gibson, Enright
    CTR – Griffen, Swan, Selwood
    HF – Dangerfield, Riewoldt, Jack
    FF – Thomas, Roughead, Cameron
    Followers – Minson, Pendlebury, Ablett
    I/C – Goldstein, Mitchell, Wells, Wingard

    Cheers 🙂


  5. My team would be:

    FB: Mackie Thompson Enright
    HB: McVeigh Taylor Malceski
    C: Jack Selwood Griffen
    HF: Dangerfield Cloke Wingard
    FF: Thomas Roughead Cameron
    RR: Minson Pendleberry Ablett
    I/C: Boak Swan Watson Fyfe


  6. FB: Mackie Thompson Enright
    HB: McVeigh Taylor Malceski
    C: Swan Ablett Selwood
    HF: Dangerfield Riewoldt Fyfe
    FF: Kennedy Roughead Cameron
    RR: Minson Pendlebery Griffen
    I/C: Boak Mitchell Watson Jack


  7. Deliberated a while over this squad. Don’t really envy the task of the AA selectors. It’s a tough job!

    FB: Enright Thompson Gibson
    HB: McVeigh Taylor Hodge
    C: Griffen Selwood Jack
    HF: Dangerfield Cloke Swan
    FF: Thomas Roughead Walters
    RR: Minson Ablett Pendlebury
    I/C: Mitchell Fyfe Watson Cameron

    On the cusp of selection:
    Defender: Malceski
    Midfield: Boak
    Ruck: Goldstein
    Forward: Motlop


  8. FB: Enright, S D Thompson, Gibson
    HB: M Johnson, McVeigh, MacKenzie
    C: Pendlebury, Steven, Jack
    HF: Dangerfield, Cameron, Wingard
    FF: Thomas, Roughead, Mayne
    R: Minson, Ablett (C) Watson (VC)

    I/C: Griffen, Swan, Motlop, Selwood


  9. FB: Enright, Thompson, Gibson
    HB: McVeigh, Taylor, Mitchell
    C: Griffen, Selwood, Jack
    HF: Dangerfield, Cloke, Wingard
    FF: Mayne, Roughead, Motlop
    R: Minson, Ablett (c), Pendlebury (vc)
    I/C: Boak, Watson, Swan, Fyfe

    Really like having a go at these. I just hope there’s no shock ins or omissions from the final 22. Thought about Cameron, it would be a massive effort, but he’ll be in plenty more in the future.


  10. FB: Enright, Thompson, Gibson
    HB: Hodge, Taylor, McVeigh
    M: Griffin, Selwood, Swan
    HF: Dangerfield, Roughead, Wingard
    FF: Thomas, Cameron, Mayne
    R: Minson, Ablett (c), Pendlebury
    INT: Watson, Fyfe, Jack, Boak


  11. FB: Malceski, Thompson, Enright
    HB: Hodge, Taylor, Mitchell
    C: Swan, Selwood, Griffin
    HF: Dangerfield, Kennedy, Fyfe
    FF: Walters, Roughead, Thomas
    R: Minson, Ablett (c), Pendlebury (vc)
    I/C: McVeigh, Watson, Wingard, Jack



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