All Nab Cup SC scores – download to keep

Written by Big Sexy on March 23 2011

I have taken the liberty of downloading the SC scores of the NAB Cup games for every player, for every game (excluding challenge games), whacked them into excel ready for you to download and keep on hand during the season…. i.e. Someone is about to play their first game in Round 13 and you want to know how they went…. then walah, have a peek at your spreadsheet.

Click here to download:  Excel – SC NAB Cup scores 2011

I have also put in a filter, so you can click the down-arrow at the top of the column and sort buy team, position… whatever you like.


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9 thoughts on “All Nab Cup SC scores – download to keep”

  1. A question regarding pre-season scores:

    Is it really THAT essential to have D. Swallow in your side given he’s averaged 54.5 with scores of 54 and 55 and costs $188K?

    Or is it better to split the difference and throw in Conca ($163K) with an average of 66 and scores of 75, 92 and 31 and/or Prestia (148K) who is a mid/fwd DPP and averaged 70 with two scores of 70? Or any other player has caught your eye over the pre-season?

    Could be a good way of getting yourself a unique player in that last onfield/first bench spot too?

    Interested in people’s thoughts.


  2. Guys here are the teams for tomorrow nights game.


    B: Christopher Yarran, Bret Thornton, Nick Duigan

    HB: Jordan Russell, Simon White, Kane Lucas

    C: Heath Scotland, Bryce Gibbs, Jeremy Laidler

    HF: Kade Simpson, Jarrad Waite, Andrew Walker

    F: Jeffrey Garlett, Shaun Hampson, Eddie Betts

    Foll: Marc Murphy, Chris Judd, Robert Warnock

    I/C: Andrew Carrazzo, Dennis Armfield, Mitch Robinson, Edward Curnow

    Emg: Lachlan Henderson, Andrew Collins, Matthew Watson

    New: Jeremy Laidler (Geelong), Nick Duigan (Pembroke College/Norwood), Edward Curnow (Box Hill Hawks)


    B: Luke McGuane, Alex Rance, Chris Newman

    HB: Reece Conca, Luke Astbury, Brett Deledio

    C: Shane Edwards, Dustin Martin, Trent Cotchin

    HF: Shaun Grigg, Tyrone Vickery, Mitch Morton

    F: Bradley Helbig, Jack Riewoldt, Matthew White

    Foll: Nathan Foley, Daniel Jackson, Angus Graham

    I/C: Daniel Connors, Robin Nahas, Jake Batchelor, Bachar Houli

    Emg: Jayden Post, Matt Dea, Ben Nason

    New: Shaun Grigg (Carlton), Reece Conca (Perth), Jake Batchelor (Dandenong Stingrays), Bradley Helbig (West Adelaide), Bachar Houli (Essendon)



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