All The Single Ladies…

Written by Motts on March 25 2015

…and all the Spoken-For Ladies, this post is for you! I’m here to announce SCT’s famous Chicks Leagues are back in 2015!

My lovely partner Richo has just gotten her petite, heart-shaped derriere into gear and joined the rest of us on Supercoach for 2015! *golf clap* Well done, Richo!

She opens up as many leagues as there is demand for to chicks who just want to play in leagues against other chicks. That’s right, there’s no blokes.

If you’re female (looking straight down now will confirm either way for you if you’re unsure) and yearn for some solid competition that doesn’t smell, doesn’t swear in Psyche Out and won’t trash talk you if you lose to them (well, much) then join one of Richo’s SCT Chicks Leagues.

Contact me for a league code. We’d love to have you on board!



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2 thoughts on “All The Single Ladies…”

  1. how are we everyone? quick question! does supercoachtalk have a private group league where everyone can join, and get to see how good everyone as a whole is that uses this absolute 10 of a website!.. Cheers



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