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Written by Motts on March 9 2012

As you know, here at SCT we’re all about adding value. Two Cents made me aware this week of a competition that he’s been part of for a few years that’s run by a mate of a mate. He ran me through it over a coffee this morning and it looks pretty good – I reckon I’ll join.

It’s certainly comprehensive – below you’ll find the rules of the competition. There’s a spreadsheet that comes with it as well which you’ll get if you’re interested in joining. It costs $100 to enter (of which $10 is deducted for administration fees – the rest goes into the prize pool) so its not cheap but you can buddy up with a mate or 2 to co-coach a team. The prizes are pretty substantial – Two Cents said he walked away with $4k a couple of years ago. TC makes no money for referring anyone. And as usual SCT gets diddly squat as well.

At this stage I’m just looking for expressions of interest and any questions people may have. Leave a comment below in either case. OK here’s the rules – I’ve cut and paste these from a document that gets provided to entrants:


Choose a squad of 27 players based on their ability to accumulate points over the 3 categories listed below. There are certain player restrictions which have been listed below as well.

Player Points Category

  1.  Each of your 27 players will receive Champion Data Ranking Points at face value over Home and Away Rounds 2-23. Details of the points are published in the “Herald Sun”  as well as on their Supercoach Website.
  2. Each of your 27 players will receive 100 points for each “Herald Sun”  vote awarded over the Home & Away Rounds 2-23.
  3. Each of your 27 players will receive 250 points for every Brownlow vote awarded for Rounds 2-23 at the 2012 Count .

Player Restrictions

  1. You must choose 7 Defenders, 10 Midfielders, 7 Forwards and 3 Rucks.
  2. You must choose 2 players from 9 AFL Clubs and 1 player from the other 9 AFL Clubs.

Players have been placed into 1 of 4 categories, based last year’s performance. You must choose 5 “Elite” players, 7 “Gun” players, 8 “Mr Consistent” players and 7 “Unproven” players.

Nominate a Captain and Vice Captain for your team. Your Captain will receive 2:1 (double) ranking points throughout the entire season, the Vice Captain 1.5:1 ranking points throughout the entire season. Herald Sun Vote points and Brownlow points will remain unchanged for both Captains.

Nominate who you think will win this year’s Brownlow medal. Up to 5,000 points will be awarded to anyone who correctly picks the Medallist. The actual amount of points awarded to each correct nomination will depend on the number of players who tie for the award. As an example if there were a tie between two players, 2,500 points would be awarded to each entry that nominated either player. Note: This player does not have to be part of your designated team.

You need to nominate the 2 Teams you think will make this year’s AFL Grand Final. You also need to nominate the team who you think will finish the lowest on the ladder excluding Gold Coast & GWS after the end of the home and away season (so if GC & GWS finish in last 2 positions, points will be awarded to those who have picked the side that finished 16th). 2,500 Points will be awarded for a correct nomination.

Nominate the 8 teams you think will make the final eight at the end of this year’s Home & Away season, in the order you think they will finish. 500 points will be awarded for each team you nominate correctly in the 8, plus an additional 500 points for each team you nominate in the correct position.

Due to split Round in Round 1, we have decided to start the competition from Round 2 this year. So, entries are in by 6pm Thursday 5 April.

We will be running a knockout comp again this year, so pitting team vs team until there is only one left. When this will start and exactly how this will be run will be determined by the number of entries received.

There will be 3 trade periods this year, after the completion of Rounds 6, 12 & 18.  There will be cost to draft players and restrictions will apply. Full details on the draft will be provided early in the week following Round 6.

A weekly update will be emailed to you so you can keep track on how your team is performing. This will usually be sent out Tuesday night, later for any rounds that are not completed on a Sunday (Rd 2,7 and 11). You will only be eligible for an update once you have paid for the competition.

The winner will be the entry that has the highest cumulative total of Player Ranking points, Herald Sun Vote points and Brownlow Vote points by its chosen players, plus any bonuses awarded from its nominated Grand Finalists, Wooden Spooner, Brownlow Winner and Final Eight, less any cost for draft changes.

  1. The majority of the prize pool will be handed out to the end of year winners. However there are some additional prizes on offer which have been listed below. Full details of all $ amounts will be confirmed once number of entries are known.
  •  Cash Prize for winner of the knockout comp
  • Cash Prize for the mid season leader based on Player Ranking Points and Herald Sun Vote points achieved up to and including Round 12.
  • Cash Prize for highest Ranking Point average (excluding missed games)
  • Cash Prize to the team who achieves the highest number of bonus points from Grand Final, Wooden Spoon and Final Eight bonuses (Brownlow winner bonus is excluded).
  • Cash Prize to the team who accrues the most amount of Brownlow Vote points.
  • End of year prizes will be handed out to the top 5 place getters based on the highest cumulative points scored as outlined under the Winner of the Competition details.  The balance of the prize pool (ie: after taking off the smaller prizes on offer) will be awarded to these 5 place getters after taking off the smaller prizes on offer. This will be split 60% for 1st, 20% for 2nd, 10% for 3rd, 6% for 4th and 4% for 5th.
  • Note: all prizes will be handed out at the end of the year. You can only win a max of 2 prizes for the year, one if you are the end of year winner. The prize will be handed over to the team that was in second place for the relevant for the relevant prize category.
  • Entry to the competition is open to anyone and the fee is $100 per team. You may also enter the competition more than once. In this case your second full entry will only cost you $50.

Note: Syndicated entries will be accepted (a max of 3 per syndicate), but please note you only own a percentage of any syndicated team. By this mean, if you are part of a two man syndicate, you own 50% of that team, if you are part of a three man syndicate, you own 33% of that team. Therefore while the reduced fee for multiple entries applies to syndicated entries, your eligibility is based on the total % of teams you own, not the number of teams you are affiliated with.

Note:  Your entry must be received by 6pm Thursday, 5 April (Round 2 begins that night) to be eligible for the competition. Please ensure your payment is made at the time your entry is submitted. You are not eligible to receive weekly updates until your entry is paid. The only payment option of the entry fee is via direct Internet transfer into a nominated bank account. Where it asks you to include a reference that will appear on the recipient’s bank statement, please include your full name or team name.

NB: Please note that this competition is not endorsed, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Supercoach Talk nor Motts, Big Sexy & Duck.


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15 thoughts on “Alternative SuperCoach Competition”

  1. Hi Motts

    Thanks again for posting this and for the catch up this morning.

    It’s a great comp that utilises Supercoach but has the added twist of also including Herald Sun votes and Brownlow. This means you need to think about your player selection a lot more – ie. not just picking the players who gets the massive scores each week, but the ones who also get votes.

    Teaming up with a mate, leads to a lot of heated discussions regarding selecting your Elite players (eg. Ablett, Swan, Judd etc) through to your Unprovens (most of GWS and current ‘rookies’, as discussed on this site). Especially when you have to select a minimum of one player from every team and maximum to players from the same team.

    There are no restrictions with regards to selecting the same player. ie. I might have Ablett and Swan, every other team could also have them.

    The one draw back of this comp is that it’s run by one person, who has to put a lot of time in, both initially and weekly into providing the updates. Therefore sometimes it may take a while for an update to come out. However,as you can only trade 3 times throughout the season, it’s not as critical that you don’t have an update available first thing Monday morning.

    To reiterate, there’s definitely no cash incentive for me (not directly, just more prize money to chase) and nothing in it for the SCT boys.

    Yes, the $4k came in handy, but was almost impossible to hide from the wife. Who knew hand bags** cost so much.



    **Actual hand bag, not my wife


  2. Very interesting. I was looking into alternate games that have different scoring systems. I got a list off someone ages ago but it went into my junk box and has since been automatically deleted. Doh!

    This one looks a bit too complicated for my liking with all the player restrictions.

    Is there a game that uses the actual scores (goals and behinds kicked) of your players to determine if you beat your opponent each week? This seems so logical to me because that is one of the basic selection strategies for SC and DT – you want players who have an influence in scoring. ie. defenders, mids and rucks who can push forward and kick goals. If there is such a game, I’ll join it in a heartbeat 🙂


  3. Sounds interesting and would be something that I would have a crack at but none of my mates would have the guts TBH. #chickenshits


  4. The rules make it sound a lot more complicated than it is.

    It’s a very basic Excel worksheet that you need to pick your 27 players, captain/VC, and the top 8 (and a couple of other things).

    I found it initially to be overwhelming the first time I did it, but makes it a very interesting season (on top of following Supercoach).


  5. “There will be cost to draft players and restrictions will apply” – do you mean a monetary cost? I’m pretty tight with the funds (have you see the cost of cat food lately?) so this is an important point.



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