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Written by Motts on February 27 2018

SCT is proud to announce we’ve got a new partner on board for 2018!

PlayON is the official daily partner of the NBA and now they’re here in Australia offering games on AFL, rugby league, rugby union, cricket, and EPL.

Daily fantasy sports have been around in Australia for awhile now but tell me, have you ever seen a $100k pot?

When they emailed me that graphic, I was gobsmacked. $25k sure goes a long way, right?

So the prizes are big but wait there’s more…

That’s right, they look after you with a $22 entry when you make your first deposit too!

But wait, there’s more….

Beat Motts

PlayON, champions that they are, will be running weekly promos for SCT readers. In the first week you’ll have the opportunity to get bragging rights over me AND win yourself some dough.

I’ll be submitting a team into a Round 1 game. We’ll let you know on the site what that competition is so if you like the look of it, you can join it as well. It will be exclusively for SCT readers.

In the EXTREMELY UNLIKELY event that your team finishes ahead of mine, you’ll win an extra $5 on top of the cash from the game itself!


Now, gambling’s not for everybody – especially if you’re under 18 – but if you’ve been looking for a way to give something back to the writers on the site who work tirelessly to bring you the analysis every week that powers your SuperCoach scores, then this is the way to do it. Not only will you be supporting us, you’ll be having fun while you do it AND potentially winning yourself some cash!

Being 100% transparent with you (as we always are), the deal is that we receive a cut of all commissions generated by the people we sign up in the first 30 days. After that, we get no cut. So if you’re going to sign up, please do so now.

The link you need to sign up is right here. Or click on the banner ad under our logo at the top of the screen.

We’re really excited to be associated with PlayON and we thank them for their support. Bring on Round 1!


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6 thoughts on “Massive SCT News!”

  1. If I may add a few words…………..
    I’ve seen new Supercoach advice websites and Social Media identities pop up and disappear every other year. SuperCoachTalk has now been up and running for ten years, five for which I’ve been personally involved with. Most important aspect is that WE ARE STILL HERE.
    I don’t refer to it as ‘work’ because it’s far too much fun to be classified as work 😉 However there is a lot of time invested to get the planning & implementation happening. I’ve been completely overwhelmed by all the Coaches applying for our Official Leagues……..and how many of them are appreciative of the time and effort put into SCT.
    A sponsor like PlayON is extremely important to us because it secures the longevity of SCT for years to come, ongoing flow of SC-info, the exchange of ideas on the site and the prizes of the various competitions that we run at SCT (Group, Cup, etc).
    Thank you all for your support! We look forward to bringing you all the SC-News in the years to come……..


  2. Stupid question – does this fantasy sport competition base itself on Supercoach scores or something else? I know there are similar companies out there with contests being focused on afl fantasy? scores I believe.


    1. Fair question, AA. Its not based on SC scoring. Their scoring table for AFL is as follows:

      Kick 30
      Handball 20
      Mark 30
      Tackle 40
      Free kick for 15
      Free kick against -30
      Hitout 10
      Goal 60
      Behind 10



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