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Written by Schwarzwalder on March 1 2019

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Video: Ask The Coach – Melbourne


Up now is the Dees, however the interview didn’t seem to be too important with lots of random unrelated questions. In saying that, this video probably has the most important question so far and it could really affect many coaches and their decisions. Wouldn’t you know that question was first up!

Are the Dees heading in the right direction under Simon Goodwin?


“Will you be playing Gawn and Preuss in the same team?”

You guys can thank Fantasy Freako for this question, because this is a question we all want an answer to. Goodwin starts it off by saying “it is definitely an option we will have a look at.” That alone sends shivers down many spines, but wait it gets better! He continues that they will test it and have a look at it through the JLT, which was probably expected, but here comes the kicker! “I’m sure at some stage through the year we will play the 2 ruckmen.”

He does say they will need to be in form and playing their role for the team. So, what do you guys take out of that? It appears very likely that the Dees will line up 2 ruckmen, but how often and when, are now the questions starting to emerge. Goodwin finishes off the question by talking about Preuss and as they get more of a handle on how Preuss progresses, it will teach them more about the situation of playing 2 rucks.


Preuss has only played 8 games and they were all in the 2017 season. Six of those games were paired with Goldy while the other two were as main ruck fywith Daw helping. His scores were not the most important, it was all on the effect he had on Goldy. In those 6 games Goldy played he scored 105, 52, 96, 88, 32 and 92. Some of those scores don’t look too bad but when you compare them to the other scores of the season the averages are; with Preuss 77.5 and without Preuss 94.67. It wasn’t his best season and Daw also was a 2nd ruck some games, it shows there was a reasonable difference in scores. Gawn as far as I am aware, has never really dealt with a 2nd ruckman and is more of a solo ruck like Goldy. So, if Goldy had these issues, will Gawn have the same?


For those looking at trying a mid-price ruck, Preuss is priced at 240k and is currently in 2% of teams. In that 2017 season his 8 scores were 44, 111, 87, 60, 39, 32, 85 and 47zz ruck. Some of those scores show some real promise, however those real bad scores are a massive turnoff. It has been 2 years since those scores so Preuss should have learnt so much since then, and sitting forward was no help that year with the Roos finishing 15th. Since he has moved to a team looking bound for finals, he is a real good chance to see more of the ball forward if played there, boosting his scores. However, it is a wait and see approach on the JLT to see how the test them and whether they will play the 2 rucks.


** Use this for any more info given by Goodwin to the AFL, on the situation for the two Rucks **

Will Gawn play solo Ruck or with the help of a back-up?


“How will you cover the loss of Jesse Hogan?”

Goodwin first off mentions Weideman as “a good developing key forward.” Being priced at $243k, he is currently sitting in 2% of teams! He will be teaming with McDonald and they will be taking most of the load as they believe Weideman is ready for the step-up. I’m not sure what some Coaches are thinking as Weideman’s best score is a 71, unless they are seeing his last two scores of 2018 as a sign of a break out, which was a 61 and the 71.

Goodwin then goes on about his medium forwards and how they all kicked over 20 goals, so he believes that they can help cover the loss. Surprisingly no mention on either of the Rucks to help fill in as a tall. They may be relying on Weideman first and then if it fails try the two Rucks and sit one forward?

Common sense says ignore Weideman, but keep the thought of Hogan’s departure in mind, as that to me, gives more opportunity to play the two Rucks in the same team.

Bailey Fritsch……at his best on a wing?


“Will we see Fritsch played mainly as a forward or will he play the wing or defence if needed?”

Fritsch had a somewhat stellar first year for us Coaches getting to a peak price of $425k a week after his bye round. He finished slowly, ending with an average of 75.2 and is priced at 408k for this year. At a very awkward price Fritsch seems unselectable, but his position placement can mean all the difference for SuperCoaches. Goodwin feels best to play him through the midfield and forward. He then states “Fritsch played his best footy on the wing, but can go forward and have an impact.” Goodwin finished off about Fritsch’s great summer and how the club is looking forward to see what he can produce.

From this, will Fritsch be affecting anyone’s scoring? From the SuperCoach relevant players, Brayshaw may be the most likely to receive any effect from Fritsch, this may be clutching at straws and there may be no effect at all.

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2 thoughts on “Ask The Coach – Melbourne”

  1. Very nice nato.
    woulda liked to have had some intel on salem how his travelling and if his the go to out of defence. currently my D4 but newman last night sure made a strong case.
    Preuss and gawn played together in the praccy v the pies and he still dominated around the ground… Will definately watch closer through JLT but i don’t think it’ll impact as greatly as people are making out.
    For me Goldy is the lock in the rucks and R1 is grundy/gawn. flip a coin.
    I’m not willing to layout the cash for both.


  2. No Oliver(sad face) am currently starting him just in case, can be easily downgraded, but harder to accommodate just before first bounce. Same for Lloyd, macrae, Gawn. Haha usually wait for rookies to get named with premiums all but set bar a couple. This season seems to be building team the night before, pending injuries, position and the rookies.
    Lucky there is a wealth of information on this site to narrow down selections and make 50/50 calls quickly.



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