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Written by Schwarzwalder on March 13 2019

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Video: Ask The Coach – North

The tough questions coming his way……Brad Scott………

Now we have the other of the Scott twins and his team of Kangaroos. The better thing about this is the fact it is being written after the first round of JLT, so there is more that can be added. Remember these videos were done approximately a week ago, so things may have changed during the JLT.


 “How are you planning on using your new midfield recruits in Polec, Hall and & Tyson?”

Great way to start it off and Scott starts off by saying, “we’ve been looking to develop some outside run for a good period of time.” This indicates that these guys are a good chance to spend a fair bit of time on the wing, to use their run and carry.

Polec and Hall are the main two that will add to the outside run according to Scott. As for Tyson he is more for adding to the depth of the inside midfielders at North and it should give more flexibility for North through the midfield.

From these 3 players, Hall is looking the most favoured by us coaches being selected in 9% of teams. Sadly, in the JLT Hall got off to a rocky start after Lewis Pierce landed on his knee causing Hall to come off in just the 1st quarter. It was looking like medial ligament damage, but he was up and running down the boundary line in the 2nd. Hall only got to play 20% of the game, due to precautionary reasons and from that he scored 16 points.

Hopefully no issues come from this as Hall is definitely very capable of being a great midpricer for us. Last year he played only 6 games but in 2 of those games he scored 110 and 137 before going down in the next game with a 50 but going at 1.5ppm. In 2017 he had 9 tonnes from 19 games and in 2016 he had 7 tonnes from 17 games. It shows he is capable to get those tonnes and with a better team, that should improve his chances. Beware on the amount of games he plays though, as 2013 was the only year he played over 20 games.

Can Hall find his best form again at North?

For Polec and Tyson, in the JLT they scored 79 and 82, from 78% and 66% game time. Tyson is priced at 411k and had a decent JLT game, coming in with 26 disposals, 4 marks, 7 tackles and 6 clearances. It shows he can find the ball, but if he can boost his contested possessions his scores would be very enticing. However, Tyson had only broke the 90 average mark twice, in the years 2016 and 2014 with averages of 90.6 and 94.2. If he could replicate one of those seasons, it would be fantastic, but will that be enough for Tyson to sit at M8 for the season? I doubt it.

As for Polec, being priced at 514k I’d rule him out instantly, due to better options available. Playing on the wing isn’t the best for scoring either and we need him to break into the uber-premium category to be worth selection. I just can’t see that happening. So from this, Hall is the best bet for Coaches, but you’ll be playing with the risk of injuries.



“Kyron Hayden is such an exciting prospect, what do you think he can bring to the side?”

Scott begins by mentioning some attributes of Hayden, however he gets to the point where he has been held back by injuries. In saying that, Scott brings some uplifting news for us saying, “He has had a pretty uninterrupted preseason,” and then finishing with “I think, he will push for senior selection sometime this year.” Hayden is at basement price and even better he has a DPP status of MID/FWD.

Sadly, Hayden didn’t get to feature in the JLT game, but was listed as an emergency. This is his 2nd year at the club, so he played 14 games in the VFL last season after coming off shoulder rehabilitation. He showed some good glimpses of potential with a game of 23 disposals, 5 marks, 5 tackles and a goal against Box Hill. If he can do that a few more times this year, he is a real good chance to be a downgrade target for us coaches.



“With Waite finishing up, who do you expect to step up as the 2nd tall, or will you change the dynamic of the forward line?”


At first, I thought this wasn’t too relevant, however the first player Scott mentions is Nick Larkey. He is impressed by his pre-season, which increase his chances for selection. Scott also mentions Mason Wood, but doesn’t say too much. After a little talk on Ben Brown, Scott moves back to Larkey and says, “Larkey is the one who hasn’t played a lot of footy, who we hope will play more in 2019.”

Larkey got to feature in the JLT coming in with a 43 from 66% time on ground. He had only 11 disposals, but had 7 marks and then kicking 2.1. If Larkey could get a tackle or two in and increase his disposal efficiency, he wouldn’t be a bad bench option for our forward lines. Priced at 124k, all he needs is to get a big score in for 1 week to get his price to skyrocket for us. Comparing to Mason Wood, he only had 36 points from 79% time, so he showed more potential.


“What are the early expectations coming into the season for McKay, LDU and Thomas?

More questions on rookies, what I love to see! In saying that Scott gives absolutely nothing on this lot. He basically says they are exciting prospects and have a lot of work to go through. They have to deal with the good and bad times and this gives nothing!

LDU: another slow-burning SuperCoach season?


I’ll just give a summary from the JLT instead. With McKay he scored 62 points from 87% TOG, with 14 disposals, with 7 contested, 7 marks and all at 100% efficiency. He is a 124k defender who is taking place for the key position defenders of Thompson and Tarrant. Thompson wasn’t playing due to a RD 1 suspension, as they thought there was no use of playing him. Tarrant has an injury but is looking to return early in the season, maybe Rd 2-3. If they return, does McKay get the flick, also is he worth having if he is playing as a KPP?

LDU and Thomas are priced at 198k and 176k and that almost immediately rules them out in my mind. When you have players showing better potential at cheaper prices, it is very hard to find a reason to pick them.

LDU played last year with only 7 games and rising 10K in price throughout the season. He had only 80 minutes on ground in most of his games and scored below 40 on 5 occasions. In his JLT game he scored 73pts from 60% TOG, which is an improvement, but doesn’t warrant enough for him to get a spot in my team. Thomas was worse with 31 points form 59% time. I didn’t even bother with him.

That is all from the interview, there was a question on how Majak was tracking, so you can watch the video if you want to find out how he is progressing. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a question on Goldy/Campbell as that could be massive for many coaches on whether Goldy is a suitable selection for R2.

Using the JLT they didn’t spend a minute on the ground together, they just alternated all game. It shows that Scott doesn’t seem to like the look of playing 2 Rucks together, but lacking height in the forward line…….does one get sent forward???

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  1. Thanks heaps for doing these. Takes a knack to convert from “coach-ish” to supercoach. Especially with the scott brothers.

    Didn’t even know about Larkey. Should be a good downgrade target later in the season


  2. It is annoying at lot of this can change from when it is written to when another JLT is play. Plus the other videos have dried up, so they may not get to be done before the start of the season. So there may only be another 2 or 3 after this so some teams will be missed, unless you want all the team even after the season starts.



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