The All-Australian SuperCoach Side

Written by MJ on June 26 2014

A couple of days ago, we had a stab what the AA side would look like if judged at this stage of the season. Well, here’s the All-Australian SUPERCOACH Side as at R14:

EDIT: Best averages from each of DEF, MID, RUC, FWD. Strong weighting given to those who have played every game, hence the painful exclusion of Rockliff and Fyfe who have missed two each. As we know, missing a game can be the difference between a 120 and a 50 that your replacement rookie could dish up.

FB: Bartel, McVeigh, Swallow

HB: Malceski, B.Smith, Simpson

C: Liberatore, JPK, Ward

HF: Harvey, Gray, Dangerfield

FF: Martin, Parker, Breust

Foll: Sandilands, Ablett, Pendlebury

Int: Dunn, Beams, Jacobs, Dahlhaus

What I’d like to know while we wait for the teams to be announced tonight, is how many of these guys did you start with in your initial lineup? There are certainly some names in there that we would not have considered at all during Pre-Season. Fallen Premiums will be available from 8pm.


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10 thoughts on “The All-Australian SuperCoach Side”

  1. Only started with 9:

    Beams, Ablett, Pendles, Libba, Sandi, Mcveigh, Swallow, Danger, Martin

    But have also brought in:

    Bartel, Jacobs, Parker, Simpson


  2. 8 bartel,swallow,danger,dusty,211,pendles,beams,sauce.
    Now have 13.
    Add simpson,gray,dunn,parker,
    and somebody else…let me think…oh yeah ABLETT almost forgot!!!


  3. 10. Mcveigh, swallow, gaz, Pendles, beams, sandi, sauce, danger, Martin, gray.
    Plus rockliff..
    Have only added Ward and probably Parker this week.


  4. Great idea. Hate how avg’s only taken excluding KPP status.
    Would love to see bottom 2 DEF listed excluded for instance, for top 2 DEF KPP. Same process for FWD’s.


  5. Got 9, started with 8 and tossed up the 9th (Jacobs) before going the Mummy.

    Which tells me that my team hasnt improved all year despite being worth a goid 2 million more….



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