In It To Win It

Written by MJ on 8:00 am, April 14 2016

It’s been well publicised around these parts that Motts is defying the pre-season criticism that he wasn’t good enough for our most esteemed league, LoEC1. He’s put in a huge first three rounds to land himself at 19th overall and Motts, we’re all right behind you to claim that number one mantle.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.07.29 am

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.04.42 am

Taking a look at the SCT Group (which can still be joined by clicking here), there’s also Cory’s side, BurningDownDalhaus (14th overall) and Tim’s team, Hear I Go Again (29th overall). In fact,

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The Fallen Premiums – R3

Written by MJ on 5:00 am, April 13 2016

Now that price changes have begun, The Fallen Premiums weekly segment will begin to make it’s way out of first gear. If you’re new to the concept of Fallen Premiums, you might be wondering what this concept is all about. Throughout the season I’ll be unearthing the looking glass to take a peek at some quality players who have either through injury, a heavy tag, or just a slow patch of form, taken a hit to their price tags.

The mantra of this segment can be summed up by the famous cliche –

“Form is temporary,

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How Did You Go? – R3

Written by MJ on 7:30 pm, April 10 2016

Has your team exploded into life in Round 3? Slam your villains and sing the praises of your best performers. What’s your honest assessment of your team’s performance this week?

Score / Captain / Overall Ranking

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Game Chat – West Coast V Fremantle

Written by MJ on 5:40 pm, April 9 2016

Venue: Domain Stadium, 5.40pm AWST (7.40pm AEST)

Last time: R20, 2015, West Coast 15.14 (104) d Fremantle 11.14 (80) at Domain Stadium

Best SC Scorers from last game:

  • West Coast: Shuey 125, J.Hill 123, Kennedy 112
  • Essendon: Sandilands 150, S.Hill 144, Mundy 128


West Coast

  • In: Chris Mastern
  • Out: Jamie Bennell


  • In: Tendai Mzungu, Matt De Boer
  • Out: Clancee Pearce (hamstring), David Mundy (calf)

Game Notes: The Eagles scored 26 goals in round 1,

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R3 Progress Scores

Written by MJ on 10:30 pm, April 8 2016

One of the most important rounds of the SuperCoach calendar is finally upon us. At the end of this weekend we’ll be hit with the first round of price changes, but not only that, we’re playing our first league matches.

I’m up against Motts in the SCT Writers League and I’m still reeling from the 1 point loss I suffered to SCT’s CEO a season or two ago. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with how the all-important clash is going.

No doubt you’ve got a few monstrous fixtures ahead of you this week.

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