Motts Movers – Defenders – R9

Written by Motts on 8:27 am, May 18 2009

If you’re like me and can’t wait for the teams to be announced on Friday so you can start trading the next 4 days draaaaaaag along. Here are some options in your backline to think about this week:

Jack Grimes – if you haven’t heard of him yet you must be living under a rock. The guy had a back problem that meant he didn’t play one round last year but has made up for lost time in the last couple of weeks with scores of 92 in his first game against West Coast in R7 and then 109 against the Dogs last week.

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Motts' Likes & Dislikes R8

Written by Motts on 9:16 am, May 15 2009

Backs – Gilbee, Grimes, Waite
Mids – Hartlett, J Selwood, Cooney
Rucks – Massive Cox, McIntosh, Naitanui (I’m waiting)
Forwards – The Volt, The Itch, Delicious Cyril

Backs – Donkey Hodge, P Burgoyne, Malceski
Mids – Griffen, Kerr, Rich
Rucks – Spencer, Pyke, Blake
Forwards – Lovett, Aaron Davey, Bradshaw

All the best for this week


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Movers and Shakers – Down Back

Written by Motts on 5:10 am, May 8 2009

This year’s Defenders are harder to pick than a broken nose. I’ll tell you who I’ve got now and then follow that up with who I’d like. The boys I have in the backline are:

Chad Cornes – was cheap at the beginning of the year and always racks up the points. No-brainer.

Tarkyn Lockyer – can amass huge scores on occasion (see last week’s 150 for evidence). My one concession to Collingwood in the team.

Brendan Goddard – has had an amazing start to the year. Have had him since Day 1. Has already had a 174 and a 175 this year.

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Movers & Shakers – The Tall Timber R7

Written by Motts on 1:23 am, May 7 2009

I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t Mottsy cover off the Backline and Ruck areas in his last Movers and Shakers post? Well the truth is that Fev was on the phone with a couple of questions on his ball grip and that then lead on to me explaining to him that they should use pre-kicked around balls at the beginning of matches because they’re shaped better and before you know it I’ve run out of time. So here’s part 2 of the post.

Rucks. Probably the most injury prone of all footballers given the amount of leaping they do.

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Movers and Shakers

Written by Motts on 3:14 am, May 6 2009

I’ve been running the glasses over who’s moving and shaking in the country’s best fantasy football league this week and a couple of fellas that may come into trade consideration for you this week if you’re looking to trade young Gary out of your midfield are Farren Ray and Mark Coughlan. Both will free up a ton of coin for you and both are travelling pretty well at the minute.

Ray has been playing like a man possessed – which isn’t unusual for blokes playing in new colours (unless your name is Jordan McMahon). He’s great overhead and he’s got a huge motor on him.

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