Rate My Team – Team 3

Written by Motts on 2:00 pm, February 24 2010

Krispy’s Team

B. Goddard
S. Goodwin
L. Hodge
N. Krakouer
C. Hooker
J. Hunt
B. Sheppard
M. Maguire (emg)
P. Davis (emg)

L. Montagna
D. Swan
S. Mitchell
S. Burgoyne
T. Scully
A. Morabito
L. Jetta (emg)
L. Shuey (emg)

D. Jolly
K. Tippett
R. Warnock (emg)
W. Skipper (emg)

A. Goodes
A. Didak
L. Franklin
B. Hall
P. Medhurst

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Dark Knights

Written by Motts on 10:40 am, February 24 2010

Those of you who were keen on young Chris Knights for your forward line will be subbing him out pretty goddam quickly after learning that he’s suffered a stress fracture in his left foot.

The 23-year-old had been initially diagnosed with the condition plantar fasciitis, forcing him to wear a moon boot to protect his foot but scans have since confirmed he also has the stress fracture.

The Crows have optimistically suggested that he may still recover in time to play in Round 1, with six weeks on the sidelines the worst-case scenario but such injuries have in the past resulted in much longer stints on the sidelines.

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Weekend Review – Cats v Roos

Written by Motts on 10:33 am, February 24 2010


C Enright ($519,100, 97.73) – All class all day, 118 with 34 touches. Worth every cent.

J Bartel ($578,400, 108.90) – Again, you know what you’re getting for your $578k. On this occasion just a lazy 10 tackles on top of 19 disposals for 92.

J Selwood ($588,900, 110.86) – 84 is a little under what you’d expect from Joel but he did kick a supergoal.

GAJ ($744,200, 140.11) – A few 81’s in a row and The Little Master’s price will drop back to a lot more realistic levels.

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How Motts Rolls

Written by Motts on 8:55 am, February 24 2010

I was out and about again last night and bumped into my old mate, Nick Riewoldt, at our local. Now I know what you’re going to say: “Motts, every week you tell us you’ve been out and about somewhere trendy and you bump into some big name footy player but you never provide us with proof”. So on this occasion I took a photo.

Pretty hard to miss that blond mop of hair and MASSIVE back wouldn’t you say?

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Captain Selection Is Critical

Written by Motts on 4:58 pm, February 23 2010

Time and time again i was heard to say CSC … Captain Selection Critical … and it is, this year will be no different. I along with other blokes in my league and many through the entire competition would have won and lost games on captain selection alone.

Round 1 for the 2010 season proper is still 4 weeks away but while you’re crafting your team over the NAB Cup you must be considering who’s going to lead the boys out for that all important first round.

I know there’s plenty of other options but i’ve kicked things off with a few blokes i know will be in contention.

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Rate My Team – Team 2

Written by Motts on 12:30 pm, February 23 2010

Ben’s Team

G Urquhart – Kangaroos
T Kennelly – Sydney
A Rance – Richmond
J Hunt – Geelong
L Henderson – Carlton
L Hodge – Hawthorn
L Greenwood – Nth Melb

B Sheppard – West Coast
M Maguire – Brisbane

G Ablett – Geelong
S Mitchell – Hawthorn
A Swallow – Kangaroos
A Cooney – Bulldogs
L Ball – Collingwood
T Scully – Melbourne

J Trengove – Melbourne
D Martin – Richmond

D Cox – West Coast
D Jolly – Collingwood

N Naitanui – West Coast
R Warnock – Carlton

N Riewoldt – St Kilda
A Buchanan – Brisbane
P Medhurst – Collingwood
M Williams – Essendon
C Mayne – Fremantle
P Dangerfield – Adelaide
J Ziebell – Kangaroos

R Tarrant – Kangaroos
T Dennis-Lane – Sydney

(I’ve taken the liberty of nominating your Emergencies as it wasn’t clear in your original post)

You’ll always be wary coming up against a team that has Gablett in the guts and there is a good amount of flexibility here with the number of DPP’s in the side but I still think this team could use a bit of re-tooling.

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Weekend Review – Blues v Swans

Written by Motts on 7:40 am, February 23 2010

I lost a carton of Coronas and 2 limes on this game. One of my grubby mates who knows how enthusiastic I am around this time every year took advantage of my confidence before the bounce to get a bet on. Hope he chokes on ‘em.


N Malceski ($273,500, 51.50) – Apparently he’s in great nick. He scored 93 so could be one of the pickups of the year if you trust his knee. I don’t.
L Jetta ($114,200) – looked freakish on occasion scoring 91 so if the last spot on your midfield bench isn’t already filled with names like Banner,

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Rate My Team – Team 1

Written by Motts on 3:56 pm, February 22 2010

Al’s team
backs – Goodwin, Hodge, Bower, Kennelly, Greenwood, Schoenmakers, T.Hunt
bench – Silvagni, Thompson

Mids -Swan, J Selwood, Vince, Cooney, Anthony, Martin
bench – L.Jetta, Cunnington

Rucks – Sandilands, Kreuzer
Bench – Warnock, Trengove

Forwards – Riewoldt, Pavlich, Petrie, Franklin, Tippett, Yarran, Rohan
Bench – Dennis-Lane, Podsaidly

Overall I don’t think Al’s done too bad a job here – I’d give this effort a 7.5/10. His (I’m assuming Al is a bloke) weak spot is obviously in defence but he has plenty of captain options, he has very little value sitting idly on his bench and he has a number of players that can play at 2 positions (Dual Position Players [DPP’s]) to give him flexibility.

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Rate My Team

Written by Motts on 12:00 pm, February 22 2010

Here at Casa Del SCT we’ve been receiving requests over the last few weeks to rate punters’ teams. We’ve held off until now on assessing teams but now that we’ve had a look at most of the boys that will be going around in 2010 via the first round of the NAB Cup we think the time is right to offer judgement. We’ll rate out of 100 the first 4 teams added to the Comments section of this article.

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Weekend Review – Saints v Pies

Written by Motts on 9:46 am, February 22 2010

Don’t you love seeing Collingwood lose by a point? I know I do. Being in Adelaide for the weekend meant this match was actually delayed by about 90 minutes. I checked the scores on the internet at half time of the telecast planning to go to bed but seeing the final margin I just had to stay up to watch. The simple things in life are often the best.

A Schnieder ($428,700, 80.71) – You can’t argue with a 133 but will this guy be making my forward line? No.
D Armitage ($413,600,

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