Motts Movers – R14

Written by Motts on 8:49 am, June 30 2009


  • Jed Adcock ($463,600, 89.62) – Jed’s a star. Jed had some lean weeks in the middle of the season but Jed is back. Jed has scored 4 tons over the last 5 rounds averaging 105.6 over the same period. I like Jed. I’ve got Jed. I like saying Jed.
  • Shannon Hurn ($433,500, 86.38) – When I saw Shurn in Sheedy’s team at the beginning of the year I thought “you’re a dope, Sheeds”. I then knocked him off a couple of weeks later when I played him. But over the last 3 rounds Shurn has averaged 102.67.

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Motts' Movers – R13

Written by Motts on 12:40 am, June 24 2009

Couple of cheap options for you here. And I couldn’t go without mentioning a Rolls Royce too:

  • Greg Broughton ($302,900, 89.40) – the kid has improved every game since he started culminating in a 119 against Stevie J last week. Can proudly say I’ve had him since Day 1.
  • Nathan Grima ($234,300, 78.00) – Got this fella in early too. In 4 games he’s managed a 92 as well as last week’s 113.
  • Paul Duffield ($582,200, 106.27) – I hesitated on putting this guy in this week given he’s playing the Pies at the MCG on Saturday arvo but I watched last week and he was magnificent and his numbers don’t lie.

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Motts' Movers – Stupid Split Round 12

Written by Motts on 8:17 am, June 11 2009

Right, so I’m a little late this week so this will again be short, sharp and to the point.

Backs I rikey

  • L Hodge ($453,700, 83.75) – one game back and a 97 proves he’s good to go. Cheap at this price too.
  • C Newman ($502,400, 101.55) – rarely scores under 100 and won’t chew through your hard earned.
  • C Enright ($453,900, 92.18) – this recommendation is for you, Agers. I’d like to see more tons from him though.

Backs I no rikey

  • A Carrazzo ($464,600,

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Motts’ Movers R11

Written by Motts on 8:38 am, June 3 2009

Haven’t got a lot of time on my hands this week so I’m putting all positions in the one post.

Looking to trade out The Chad? Me too. Here are some super options:

  • Xavier Ellis ($392,100, 78.33) – this Top 10 draft pick had his average seriously skewed by the game against the Roos when he broke his foot (he scored 26). The other 2 games he’s played he’s scored 95 and 135. Do yourself a favour.
  • Jed Adcock ($413,200, 85.60) – has scored 113 and 106 in his last 2 rounds showing he’s back to form.

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Motts Movers – Forwards R10

Written by Motts on 4:23 am, May 27 2009

Right so who am I considering this week for Shaun Higgins. The decision rests on whether I choose to upgrade down back for Waite or if I upgrade the forward line. I may do both (Telis) but the fellas I like up front are:

  • Lance Franklin ($469,600, 90.78) – the big fella is just warming up and its no coincidence that the Hawks have found their wings.
  • Ryan O’Keefe ($486,800, 90.00) – had a poor start to the year but that makes him a steal. Has scored 100’s the last 3 weeks straight.
  • Cyril Rioli (433,600,

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Motts Movers' – Rucks R10

Written by Motts on 1:22 am, May 27 2009

I bet you thought I’d be running out of ruck options that I hadn’t already talked about by now. Wrong.

  • Darren Jolly ($419,800, 97.33) – sure his average is massively skewed by a 190 explosion in R2 but he’s still in the top 5 rucks in the comp.
  • Matthew Kreuzer ($432,600, 87.56) – no sophmore slump for this bloke. Still learning the game but with an average of a veteran.

Don’t get sucked in by:

  • Will Minson ($315,600, 59.89) – it’s a little known fact that I drive Will Minson’s late dad’s car.

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Motts' Movers – Midfielders R10

Written by Motts on 11:17 pm, May 26 2009

This week’s crop of midfielders. Would love to be looking at them myself but I’ve got a couple of issues named Higgins and Waite that I’ll be attending to front and back ahead of a big game against The Sleek Greek (no Sol, I’m not being racist).

  • Dane Swan ($512,100, 107.22) – looks to be through recent injury concerns with his 149 last week and for his average is pretty darn cheap.
  • Peter Burgoyne ($417,300, 89.71) – has posted 3 tons from 7 games this year but has mingled some shit scores in with them.

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Motts' Movers – Defenders R10

Written by Motts on 8:53 am, May 25 2009

If you, like me, have got a crisis down back with the gut wrenching, season ending injury to Jarrad Waite on the weekend here are your options. As always, I’ll give you three different priced options:

  • Josh Drummond ($557,900, 115.00)
  • Paddy Ryder ($414,200, 89.44)
  • Nathan Grima ($94,200, 65.00)

I won’t go into why you should be picking these guys. I reckon you’ll do your own research before using up 5% of your annual trades picking them up. I’m just pointing your head in their direction. Of course, you can also have a look at any of the other bombers I’ve recommended over the last few weeks.

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Motts' Movers – Forwards R9

Written by Motts on 5:19 am, May 21 2009

OK so you’ve got a couple of big swinging dicks up forward – maybe a Riewoldt (not of the Jack variety), maybe a Pavlich, or maybe a Neon Leon – and you’re looking for the next big thing to get on. Or maybe you’re looking for a straight trade with not much cash involved for a rookie like Nathan Karakouer that you think has capped out. Either way, these are the blokes I think are this week’s best bets:

Jason Porplyzia ($380,100, 82.50). Remember last year when this guy burst onto the scene? It seemed like every other bloke had him.

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Motts' Movers – Rucks R9

Written by Motts on 11:49 pm, May 20 2009

Rucks. The Big Fellas. My team already has Cox and McIntosh on the field and Meesen (out for season) and Jacobs (injured) on the bench. As I’ve said previously, I’m waiting on Naitanui to come in for the Eagles to make some cash on the Meesen trade but if you’re looking for options now and can’t afford either Massive or McIntosh here are some nice options:

Justin Koschitzke ($349,900, 82.71). If you’re prepared to wear the injury risk this bloke is playing in a winning team and has a fair average. He’s cracked tons in 3 of the 7 games he’s played this year but with some ordinary scores mixed in amongst them (17,

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