SCT Cup: Rd Of 16 Match-Ups

Written by Schwarzwalder on 9:00 am, June 22 2017

The SCT Cup is down to just 16 Coaches.ย  The all-important match-ups are in for the last Rd Of 16………

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)

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The TEAM – Rd14

Written by Schwarzwalder on 8:30 pm, June 21 2017

** UPDATE at 8.30pm on 21/6/17 – Who comes out for Lloyd & Ryan? VOTE NOW! **

Lloyd & Ryan into the TEAM this week?

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Poll – Heeney vs Macrae

Written by Schwarzwalder on 2:00 pm, June 21 2017

You have one more upgrade in your FWD line…….who would you take?ย  Heeney or Macrae?

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Poll – Final MIDs

Written by Schwarzwalder on 12:00 pm, June 21 2017

Which eight MIDs should we be aiming for over the last ten weeks?

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Injury List – Rd14

Written by Schwarzwalder on 7:00 pm, June 20 2017

S.Selwood listed as ‘test’ but no risks will be taken. Just waiting on the Perth clubs to update their lists………

Coaches have given 8 responses.