Poll – Bubble Busters Rd8

Written by Schwarzwalder on 12:00 pm, May 10 2016

You’ve read Juddlow’s Rookie Review, you’ve seen the Flavour Of The Week………..Who are the best rookie downgrades for Rd8?  If at all?  The SCT Community will let you know in the Bubble Busters Poll!

Coaches have given 10 responses.

Flavour Of The Week – Rd8

Written by Schwarzwalder on 9:30 am, May 10 2016

All the popular trade moves ahead of Rd8.  We look at the pros and cons of the Top5 Most Traded IN players………

Coaches have given 31 responses.

Breaking Even – Rd7

Written by Schwarzwalder on 11:00 am, May 9 2016

Don’t break bad……..break even!  A popular new feature to SuperCoachTalk – The BreakEvens.  Your handy guide for the upcoming Round of matches.

Coaches have given 26 responses.

Community TEAM – Rd6

Written by Schwarzwalder on 10:00 am, May 6 2016

** A new premium Defender will be joining the TEAM this week.  You can decide who it is……Cast your vote now! ** The latest on SCT’s Community Team – created and managed by the collective brilliance of the SCT Community.

Coaches have given 28 responses.

The Captains Table – Rd7

Written by Schwarzwalder on 8:00 am, May 6 2016

Who ar the best captaincy options this week. Pull up a chair and let Uncle Schwarzwalder take you through them.

Coaches have given 34 responses.

Table For Two – Rd7

Written by Schwarzwalder on 2:00 pm, May 5 2016

Handing the reins over to the Community. Which two players can’t you decide between?

Coaches have given 55 responses.

Finders Keepers

Written by Schwarzwalder on 11:30 am, May 5 2016

Schwarz gives us his thoughts on which rookies are worth holding on to for the season.

Coaches have given 15 responses.