Table For Two – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on 2:00 pm, April 14 2016

During the pre-season, ‘Thommo’s 2-UP’ was a wildly popular thread on SCT.  Seeing as our Thumbs Function is working (splendidly!) again, we’ll open it up to you, the SCT Community.

Which two players are you mulling over?  Which two players can you simply not seperate?  Type their names into the comments below and the SCT Community will point you in the right direction with the Thumbs UP / DOWN.


Just a few things to keep in mind before posting:

–Gray or Parker?  This was already put to a poll this morning in the ‘Burning Question’

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Movers & Shakers – Rd3

Written by Schwarzwalder on 11:00 am, April 14 2016

In the tradition of Motts’ Movers, ‘Movers & Shakers’ will look at those players making a big impact (or no impact) over a short amount of time.  We’ve finally got the 3-Round averages happening!  There are a few early season bolters on the list……question is: can they keep up this scorching form?  This weeks Movers & Shakers are (Player, Club, Current Price, 3-Round Average):



Bachar Houli (RICH $534 500, 115) – 36 touches at 88% Disposal Efficiency plus ten marks contributed to his 144 SC pts during the heavy loss to the Crows. 

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Burning Question – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on 5:00 am, April 14 2016

Gray or Parker?

I’ve seen this question posed in many different threads over the last few days.  So let’s put it to rest for everyone………

Robbie Gray – 126, 129 & 123 from his first three outings.  Gray’s secret to success lies in his contested possessions.  He is #1 in the AFL for contested ball! (Averaging 19.33 per game till now!).   Just about a one-man-show in the Port midfield, Gray looks a top chance to finish in the Top10 SC-Midfielders for the season.  Next five opponents: GWS, GEE, RICH, BRL, CARL.

Luke Parker – 161,

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Rare Gems – Rd3

Written by Schwarzwalder on 1:00 pm, April 13 2016

Having a Point Of Difference is one thing………it’s the Rare Gems that are really special.  Of course, we can’t have them all, but sometimes it feels like you’re the only owner…….you have a jet in your team that is producing great SC scores JUST FOR YOU.  Which Rare Gems have remained hidden from sight till now?


Corey Enright (GEE) $518 400 DEF – Everyone knows what Boris is capable of, everyone knows what he can do, everyone knows what he’s done, everyone knows he’s a Top 10 Defender.  So why on Earth do we keep avoiding him (year in,

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SCT Leagues Update – Rd3

Written by Schwarzwalder on 3:00 pm, April 12 2016

SCT Leagues in the Top 300 Rankings:


SCTalk LoEC1 – 31

SCTalk Standard 1 – 34

Rackemup – 39

SCTalk Standard 6 – 82

CattasSCTChallenge – 104

SCT Random League – 105

SCT H2H 001 – 106

Davo’s League – 111

SCTalk Standard 4 – 112


SCTalk LoEc2 – 133

SCTalk Standard 5 – 141

SCTalk Standard 3 – 174


SCTalk Standard 2 – 215

SCT LoEC3 – 235

I love SC@SCT – 238

TalksCheapSosYaMum – 248

Tribal War @SCT – 252


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Flavour Of The Week – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on 12:00 pm, April 12 2016

G’day Supercoaches!

For those of us that are struggling (yep, me included!) early on, this week gives us a chance to further correct the mistakes from our starting line-ups.   Did you miss the boat on a cash cow for some reason?  Or couldn’t get a gun player in at their starting price?  This might be the last time you see them at an affordable price for a few weeks.  With Brad Crouch being ruled out for a further 2-3 weeks, many of us will have some tweaking to do.  If a mid-pricer like that isn’t rising in value then they’re unfortunately becoming a liability. 

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Poll – Brad Crouch

Written by Schwarzwalder on 9:00 am, April 12 2016

Three Rounds in and Brad Crouch is already struggling with injury.  Many Coaches ignored the warning signs over the pre-season and started with him anyway (this guy right here as well), refusing to pass up the ‘bargain’.  Having already missed a game on Saturday, Adelaide has officially ruled him out for a further 2-3 weeks.  Given Crouch’s injury history, the club is being over-cautious with the promising midfielder.  All well and good for Crouch……..but what about us Coaches?!?  Let the SCT Community know your thoughts on replacements for Brad Crouch.

Assuming we all had a clean slate right now (and cash wasn’t an issue),

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Tech League Trade Talk – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on 1:00 pm, April 11 2016

League games are in full swing and the Tech League is no different.  Judging by the many differences starting to appear in scores, Tech Coaches have been trading hard over the first two Rounds…….searching for that edge over their rivals.

What’s going through the minds of the Tech Coaches this week?  Continue to trade and kick clear early on the points table?  Or hold and conserve the trades for the business end of the year?  This is the place to share your trade ideas for the various Tech Leagues…………

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Breaking Even – Rd3

Written by Schwarzwalder on 10:00 am, April 11 2016

A new feature of SuperCoachTalk this year……..the Breakevens.  We’ve shortlisted the most SC-relevant players for you as a handy guide.  These players are owned by more than 3% of Coaches (had to draw the line somewhere).  Due to the recent technical issues on the site, we haven’t got Nath’s stats available (yet).  The following were taken from SC Gold.

For the Supercoach newbies out there, the Breakeven is the score needed by each player to hold his price.  If they score above that Breakeven value, their $$ value will rise.  If they score below that Breakeven point, they will lose value. 

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Eagling's SCT Writers League Wrap – Rd3

Written by Schwarzwalder on 11:00 am, April 7 2016

I must admit my mistakes off the bat.  I mistakenly believed that League Matches started last round; so I predicted them in the previous write-up.  The matchups will be the same this week, but I’m going to re-analyse them, because a couple of coaches have made trades, and we have another week of scoring to take into account.

Now, have your fill of my humility, because it’s the last you’re going to get from me for a good long while. 

The SCT Writers League Wrap Up, Episode Two.


We interrupt this write-up to bring you a report from the aftermath of a terrible cataclysm that has swept across south-eastern Australia.

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