Round 18 Review

Written by Thommo on 5:00 am, July 25 2016

Here are the Heroes and Villains from Round 18 for your breakfast viewing. Enjoy!

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Game Chat – Essendon v Brisbane

Written by Thommo on 11:50 am, July 24 2016

Finally Essendon and Brisbane meet for the spoon-off! Neither team wants to win the timber cutlery so while this match won’t be pretty, it will be hard!

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Round 17 Review

Written by Thommo on 5:00 am, July 18 2016

Check out the Match Reviews, the Heroes and Villains and vote on the Supercoach Talk Champion for Round 17 .

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Round 16 Review

Written by Thommo on 5:00 am, July 11 2016

I hope the return to 9 matches was good to you. Check out the weird assortment of Heroes and Villains this week.

Now with 100% more Cloke.

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Game Chat – Carlton v Adelaide

Written by Thommo on 12:00 pm, July 10 2016

Can Carlton snap Adelaide’s 6 game winning streak or will the Crows return to the Top 4 with a big victory? Here’s the place for some game chatting.

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