Game Chat – West Coast V Richmond

Written by Thommo on 6:10 pm, April 15 2016

Venue:  Domain Stadium at 8:10pm (6:10pm in WA!)

Last time: 

R12, 2015, West Coast Eagles 13.12 (90) d Richmond 10.10 (70) at the MCG

Top SC scorers from last match:

  • West Coast: Natanui 146, Yeo 118, Priddis 112
  • Richmond: Martin 148, Deledio 123, Miles 105


West Coast

  • In/Out: No change 


  • In: Andrew Moore, Taylor Hunt (Schwarzwalder’s favourite)
  • Out: Anthony Miles (Om.), Jayden Short (Om.)

Game notes: It’s official! Tonight Damien Hardwick has coached more games than any other coach without winning a single final.

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Round 3 Review

Written by Thommo on 5:00 am, April 11 2016


And then there were 3!

While the Doggies have suffered their first loss (just), Sydney look unbeatable, the Roos continue best start in years and Gold Coast are a new team completely in 2016. Who can keep their run going the longest?

At the other end of the ladder, the Saints jump ship leaving Carlton, Brisbane and unbelievably, Fremantle as the sides without a win. It’s a long way back from there!

On a sad note, Robert Murphy looks to have done his ACL. The man’s a legend so let’s collectively cross our fingers and hope that he recovers and makes it back onto the park.

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Game Chat – Geelong V Brisbane

Written by Thommo on 3:40 pm, April 10 2016

Venue: Simonds Stadium, Geelong at 4:40pm

Last time:

R18, 2015, Geelong 17. 11 (113) d Brisbane 8. 9 (53) at Simonds Stadium

Best SC scorers from last match:

  • Geelong: Selwood 171, Caddy 140, Guthrie 127
  • Brisbane: Martin 135, Rockliff 135, Andrews 109



  • In: Menzel, Ruggles ($102,400 DEF)
  • Out: Murdoch (soreness), Gregson (Om.)


  • In: Robinson
  • Out: Rockliff (calf)

Game Notes: Brisbane are without the services of Rockliff,

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Game Chat – Western Bulldogs V Hawthorn

Written by Thommo on 2:20 pm, April 10 2016

Venue:  Etihad Stadium at 3:20pm

Last time: 

R3, 2015, Hawthorn 19.13 (127) d Western Bulldogs 8.9 (57) at Aurora Stadium.

Top SC scorers from last match:

  • Western Bulldogs: Talia 107, Minson 95, Jong 93
  • Hawthorn: Hodge 177, Roughead 173, Birchall 128


Western Bulldogs

  • In: Jong
  • Out: Dunkley (Om.)


  • In: Shiels
  • Out: Howe (Om.)

Game notes: The Doggies haven’t defeated the Hawks since 2010 but today provides their best opportunity after a red-hot start to the season.

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Game Chat – North Melbourne V Melbourne

Written by Thommo on 11:10 am, April 10 2016

Venue:  Blundstone Arena, Hobart at 1:10pm

Last time: 

R19, 2015, North Melbourne 19.13 (127) d Melbourne 14.8 (92) at the MCG

Top SC scorers from last match:

  • North Melbourne: Goldstein 155, Cunnington 151, Higgins 145
  • Melbourne: Viney 135, Hogan 128, Dawes 107


North Melbourne

  • In: Thompson
  • Out: Hansen (Om.)


  • In: Dunn, Stretch, Frost, Wagner ($121,900 DEF)
  • Out: Brayshaw (Om.), Pedersen (Om.), Garland (Om.), Garland (ankle).

Game notes: After defeating the talented Giants,

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Game Chat – Port Adelaide V Essendon

Written by Thommo on 5:20 pm, April 8 2016

Venue: Adelaide Oval at 7:20pm

Last time: R17, 2015, Port Adelaide 20.9 (129) d Essendon 17.14 (116) at Etihad Stadium.

Best SC Scorers from last game (minus suspended players):

  • Port Adelaide: Wingard 105, Wines 105, Boak 98
  • Essendon: Z.Merrett 140, Goddard 117, Langford 105


Port Adelaide

  • In: Amon, Stewart, Byrne-Jones ($123,900 DEF)
  • Out: Howard (om.), Carlile (Wrist), Wingard (Ham)


  • In/Out: No change!

Game Notes: We have learnt our first lesson for 2016: Essendon is not as bad as we thought.

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