Badger’s Best Rookie-Priced Players

Written by Badger on April 14 2015

Hi all,

I’m currently holed up in a hospital room with the TV having been set to 504 for the last 36 hours…currently enjoying a classic Western Derby with more punches thrown than goals scored.

Anyway, all good here and I’ve used today’s downtime to finish off the Rookie Review below. Are you carrying any under-performing rookies such as Nakia Cockatoo (27% ownership) or Touk Miller (24% ownership) and do you plan on keeping or trading them?

Also, how good is Bontempelli? Nothing to do with rookies I know but I reckon this guy is going to emulate Fyfe’s second year. I really enjoyed watching the Doggies Tigers replay today.



Adam Saad Gold Coast DEF/MID, $102.4K

Round 2 SC Score 90 with eight kicks and 13 handballs at 76% disposal efficiency (10 contested possessions), four marks, four tackles and two frees for. Another strong effort from Saad and setting a good example to some of his more experienced team mates. Owned by 65% of Supercoach teams.

Round 1 write-up: Dual position, elevated from the rookie list, a mature aged recruit, cheap as chips, fast, a good mix of inside and outside game…and one of the few players among the Suns that can hold his head high in a side that lost to the Dees on the weekend. Saad scored 89 SC points from 13 disposals at 77% efficiency, four marks, two frees against, four tackles and a goal. If you’re one of the 38% of people that didn’t pick Saad then make it a priority.


Adam Oxley Collingwood, $123.9K

A more impressive showing in Round 2 with a SC Score of 116 from 22 kicks and 11 handballs at 78% disposal efficiency (nine contested possessions), one clearance, two marks, two tackles and a free for. This performance was more aligned with what we thought Oxley was capable of compared to his Round 1 showing. Handy too that his 116 will affect his price and rolling three round average over two weeks (and his SC Score of 31 drops off after this round). Owned by 23% of teams.

Round 1 write-up: Started well in Q1 before going quiet in the second and being subbed in the third quarter. A low SC Score of 31 from eight disposals at 50% efficiency, a clearance, one mark, one tackle and a free against in 57% game time.


Kamdyn McIntosh Richmond, $123.9K

Round 2 SC Score 68 (big differential for DT with 96 points) with 18 kicks and six handballs at a low 58% disposal efficiency, two clearances, seven marks, two tackles and a free for. Certainly did enough to keep his spot and is now owned by 55% of teams – get him in if you’re one of the other 45%.

Round 1 write-up: Has well and truly carried his preseason form into the home and away rounds. His two NAB Challenge efforts hinted at a composed and versatile player that may be fighting at the fringes of the team. However, his game against Carlton last Thursday was nothing short of brilliant for a first gamer and will likely cement him in the 22. McIntosh scored 120 SC points from 14 kicks, nine handballs (78% disposal efficiency), two clearances, nine marks, two tackles and a goal (he also had five running bounces and four inside 50’s). At 20 years, 192cm, 87kg and with loads of ability he’s ready for the rigours of AFL footy.


Other DEFENDER Options:

Nathan Brown Collingwood, $146.9K – Round 1 SC Score 53, Round 2 SC Score 34. Owned by 32% of teams.



Adam Saad Gold Coast DEF/MID, $102.4K – see DEFENDERS write-up.


Cameron Ellis-Yolmen Adelaide, $123.9K

Round 2 SC Score 98 with 12 kicks and 12 handballs at a low 54% disposal efficiency (a massive 15 contested possessions from 24), five clearances, four marks, six tackles and two frees for/one against. Another good game from Ellis-Yolmen with plenty of action at the coalface and second only to Sloane (17) for contested possies and equal third for clearances (Sloane nine clearances, Dangerfield eight, Douglas and Ellis-Yolmen five with Collingwood’s Blair, Broomhead and Williams sharing a team high four each). A much higher time on ground (86%) this week compared to last (66%). Cam Ellis-Yolmen is owned by 48% of Supercoach teams.

Round 1 write-up: A solid Round 1 hitout from Ellis-Yolmen with 78 SC points from 15 disposals (eight contested) at 80% efficiency, two clearances, two marks, two tackles, two hitouts and four inside 50’s. Promising score considering his time on ground was just 66% and did not include a vest. At 22 years, 188cm, 89kg and with a very strong inside game Ellis-Yolmen appears to be a player that will continue to improve and should remain in the Crows best 22. Owned by 47.5% of Supercoach teams.


Aaron Vandenberg Melboune $127.9K NAB1 

Round 2 SC Score 75 with 11 kicks and five handballs at a low 50% disposal efficiency (10 contested possessions), four clearances, one mark, four tackles and two frees against. Owned by just 36% of Supercoach teams.

Round 1 write-up: A massive differential between Vandenberg’s DT (69) and SC (99) scores is always handy especially if it remains a habit of his (NAB Challenge there was a positive differential as well). The 22 year old had 11 kicks, six handballs (nine contested possessions and a disposal efficiency of 52%), two clearances, four marks, a tackle and a goal against the Suns. Vandenberg has size (188cm/90kg), speed, loves the contest, kicks goals, can find a lot of the footy and kick goals playing MID and is versatile enough to play forward. Owned by just 30% of Supercoach teams.


Isaac Heeney Sydney, $137.3K

Round 2 SC Score 65 with 11 kicks and six handballs at 82% disposal efficiency (just four contested possessions), one clearance, five marks and two tackles. Two weeks in a row with 17 disposals. Showed another piece of brilliance with a half volley gather and beautiful inside 50 kick on his non-preferred left to Buddy. Owned by 53% of Supercoach teams.

Round 1 write-up: Heeney had an excellent debut against the Bombers and kicked the sealing goal in the final quarter to put Sydney 12 points ahead. Heeney finished on 96 SC points with 13 kicks, four handballs (eight contested possessions and a disposal efficiency of 52%), two clearances, three marks, seven tackles and one very important goal with just over a minute remaining in the game. Great progression from a strong preseason and has the build to handle full games (186cm/84kgs)…I’m still unsure whether he’ll escape the vest with the likes of McVeigh, McGlynn and Mitchell yet to play for the Swans. However, Towers might lose his spot before Heeney and the Swans will look to manage Goodes with less games throughout the season. Owned by 50% of Supercoach teams.


Ben Newton Melbourne, $215K

Round 2 SC Score 55 with eight kicks and four handballs at 91% disposal efficiency (five contested possessions), two clearances, three marks and two goals in just 58% game time due to a concussion test and subsequent sub off and on. Newton’s points per minute are impressive for a rookie-priced player and he has kicked two goals in each game rounds one and two. Owned by just 12% of Supercoach teams.

Round 1 write-up: Newton’s promising preseason form translated into a good showing against Gold Coast Suns with 78 SC points (down on his DT score of 96) from 11 kicks and five handballs at 68% disposal efficiency, a clearance, six marks, six tackles and two goals from 70% game time. A good value pick in Supercoach being a mature age recruit (22 years, 183cm and 84kg) capable of having a real impact synonymous with high SC points. Has the knack for playing tough contested footy as well as the more polished stuff.


Nathan Van Berlo Adelaide, $215.6K

Round 2 SC Score 103 with 11 kicks and four handballs at 66% disposal efficiency (six contested possessions), two clearances, six marks, a team high eight tackles and a goal. Van Berlo has the second highest SC average of the rookie-priced players with 92.5 (McIntosh with 94). Owned by 27% of Supercoach teams.

Round 1 write-up: A relatively quiet NAB Challenge had Van Berlo appearing in 25% of teams at the commencement of the home and away season. However, he put in a good showing against the Kangas on the weekend with 82 SC points from 10 kicks and seven handballs at a disposal efficiency of 76%, three clearances, four marks and four tackles. Van Berlo remains one of the fittest players on Adelaide’s list and providing he avoids further Achilles or other injury concerns then he looks value at $215.6K. If you have him, keep him. If not hold off another week to see if the 75+ scores are likely to continue.


Other MID Options:

Jack Sinclair St Kilda, $129.4K – Round 1 SC Score 27 (Starting SUB), Round 2 SC Score 72. Owned by 2% of teams.

Jed Anderson Hawthorn, $141.4K – Round 1 SC Score 36 (Starting SUB), Round 2 SC Score 55. Owned by 27% of teams.

Darcy Lang Geelong, $159.1K – Round 1 SC Score 44, Round 2 SC Score 69. Owned by 2% of teams.

Angus Brayshaw Melbourne, $212.3K – Round 1 SC Score 86 (SUBBED Out), Round 2 SC Score 32 (Starting SUB). Owned by 10% of teams.

Dom Sheed West Coast, $214.5K – Round 1 SC Score 29 (74% game time), Round 2 SC Score 78. Owned by 4% of teams.



Jesse Hogan Melbourne, $130.4K

Round 2 SC Score 86 with 12 kicks and one handball at 61% disposal efficiency (six contested possessions), eight marks, three tackles, a free for and two goals. Hogan and Josh Bruce lead the AFL in contested marks so far with seven. Owned by 54% of Supercoach teams.

Round 1 write-up: A great effort from Hogan leading the way with four contested marks against the Suns. Hogan finished with 79 SC points from nine kicks and six handballs at a disposal efficiency of 80% (nine contested possessions), a clearance, seven marks, a free for and two goals. At 20 years, 195cm and 97kg and having been a part of Melbourne’s program for three years now (unable to play as a 17 year old in his first) he’s a young KP player that can have a big impact straight away, especially if the Dees continue to play a more attacking style. Hogan appears in 52% of teams.


Mitch Clark Geelong, $155.2K

Round 2 SC Score a low 32 with three kicks and two handballs at 60% disposal efficiency (three contested possessions), three marks, two tackles, three hitouts, three frees against and two goals. A difficult game against quality opposition in Fremantle. Should bounce back with a big score this week against Gold Coast at Skilled Stadium. With no Ablett and very poor form I’m tipping there’ll be a lot of quality forward 50 entries for Geelong. Clark and Hawkins could kick 15 between them… Owned by 71% of Supercoach teams.

Round 1 write-up: After an awesome preseason Clark played a nice game against the competition’s best (how bloody good are Hawthorn?). He scored 78 SC points from 10 kicks and two handballs at 66% disposal efficiency, eight marks, two tackles, two hitouts and three goals. If he can do this against the Hawks then Clark’s scores could skyrocket throughout the year (early call I know…) and he might prove to be a keeper by season’s end. Owned by 70% of Supercoach teams.


Christian Salem Melbourne, $185K

Round 2 SC Score 88 with 10 kicks and 12 handballs at 81% disposal efficiency (seven contested possessions), six marks and four tackles. Owned by 39% of teams.

Round 1 SC Score 55 from 10 kicks and three handballs at 53% disposal efficiency (five contested possessions), two marks, two tackles and a goal in 90% game time.


Dean Towers Sydney $210.5K

Round 2 SC Score 67 with nine kicks and five handballs at 85% efficiency (four contested possessions), a clearance, three marks, one tackle, two free kicks and two goals. A better game from Towers with a couple goals. Looks like his place in the 22 is fairly safe. Owned by just 1% of Supercoach teams.

Round 1 SC Score 62 from six kicks and 10 handballs at a disposal efficiency of 62% (six contested possessions), two clearances, one mark, two tackles and a free for.


Cameron McCarthy GWS $210.7K

Round 2 SC Score 72 with nine kicks at 66% efficiency, four marks, three tackles and three goals. Has kicked three goals in both rounds one and two now and is owned by just 4% of Supercoach teams. He remains a good selection if your team structure allows it.

Round 1 write-up: He’s a good egg McCarthy and had a very nice game against the Saints with 85 SC points from 15 disposals at 73% efficiency (seven contested possessions), five marks, two frees for and three goals. According to Dermie he’s fearless and will crash packs with no regard for his own safety (“looks like a Viking and plays like one too”) and I can see McCarthy scoring the occasional monster score. Owned by just 3% of Supercoach teams making him a very unique pick.


Other FWD Options:

Jack Lonie St Kilda, $117.3K – Round 1 SC Score 49, Round 2 SC Score 61. Owned by 14% of teams.

Jayden McGrath Brisbane, $117.3K – Round 1 SC Score 70, Round 2 SC Score 53. Owned by 8% of teams.

Ahmed Saad St Kilda, $151.1K – Round 1 SC Score 21 (77% game time and got flogged by Heath Shaw), Round 2 SC Score 75. Owned by 13% of teams.





Author: Badger


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63 thoughts on “Badger’s Best Rookie-Priced Players”

  1. Nice article badger
    First rookie correction for me is Miller to Van Berlo now thinking about my second trade is Ahmed Saad worth a corrective trade? As I don’t see the saints getting the ball forward a lot, but not many great replacement options ( already have Salem, Clark, Hogan and McGrath) Don’t have the money to get McCarthy or towers if I do the NVB trade, your thoughts?


  2. Great stuff Badger – hope your going ok there

    Considering NVB (for Cripps or Miller) but otherwise have nailed all other rookies


  3. two trades this week.

    lamb to van berlo via DPP
    lonie to hogan.

    looking back i cant beleive i didnt pick jesse hogan from the start. it sucks to trade out lonie as he is about to make 30k for me but i really need to get jesse hogan in, as he is going to earn some serious cash for everybody else and i am afraid i will get left behind in terms of cash generation if i dont have him.

    according to supercoach gold projections my team should increase in value by between 750-800k. Thats probably the largest single round price increase ive ever had.


  4. Great write up..
    thinking of going goodes or brown to oxley and ablet to van berlo then pick up sloan next week..
    or shall I miss one of the rooks and go sloan this week… have all other rooks spot on.


  5. Great review, as always, Badger. Really appreciate you taking the time, when you obviously have other things to occupy your attention.

    What do you reckon will happen with T Lamb?


  6. Hope everything ok mate, brilliant write up as usual!
    I’m thinking of trading GAJ & Cripps/Miller for Rich and NVB, or GAJ & Luey for NVB & Goldy. What do you think?


  7. Thinking about going against the grain this week and holding gaz
    For me rookie correction and the money I’ll make is more then the money I would make trading gaz this week my plan is to

    Trade goods down to Oxley
    Lambert to vanberlo

    Then next week gaz to jpk (started with Sloane Pendles and Fyfe)
    And because gaz isn’t playing he won’t lose vale and jpk will only gain about 10 -15k
    Vs the 50k+ Ox and van are projected to make
    This may cost me a slightly lower score this week but in the long run I think the money I’ll gain is more important


  8. Great write up!
    I have all the top rookies (which should net me a lot of coin) except NVB and VDB…..I’m going for overall so looking at dealing out Gaz this week and trading him and leuen out for 2 premos in JPK/Shiel/Sloane and Goldy.

    Or my other option is trade ourt Gaz for a premo, then bring in one of NVB or VDB, but this doesn’t strengthen my rucks, would leave NVB or VDB on the bench, and I would prefer get 2 premos in return for gaz.

    What would you do here?



  9. Only Tazz can tell us where Lambert is in his team & what other rookies he currently has Toddalot. I see your point but Lambert won’t make you any money over the next 6-8 weeks, Lonie/McGrath/Saad ( although more expensive ) should & that’s what you need for upgrades when premiums start falling in price.


  10. I have Lambert in the FWD line and need a replacement.

    Which one do you think is worth the better value in the long run between
    J.Mcgrath – Lions – $117,300 – Avg. = 61.5
    T.Dickson – WBD – $248,600 – Avg. = 100.5

    Already got Hogan, Salam, Clark and Lamb.


  11. Hi guys,
    what do we reckon about k simpson to docherty/mcdonald & ablett to bontompelli. Then next week miller to rich and lambert to heeney. I know I’ll miss out on Heeney’s cash this week But he is the last of the cash cows. Alternatively i could do the heeney swap this week and not worry about the simmo change.


  12. I too am holding off on the Gaz trade, and am going with some cash generation instead. Gaz to Sloane next week Im thinking.
    But what’s got me stuck is whether to go
    Cockatoo & Goodes > Vandenberg & Oxley
    or get in the Bont for Lamb


  13. Mcintosh, saad, oxley, heeny, cey, vandenBerg, newton, anderson, clark, hogan, salem.
    Thats potentially 11 cows i may want to upgrade at some point. Sure maybe some will, like every year, become keepers for the whole season.
    The point im making is that im going to pass on vanberlo. I will be trading gaz for the best available this week, which after crunching numbers is Jpk or sloane


  14. Hibberd to bont via higgins
    Miller to McGrath via swan
    Prefer McGrath over hogan coz of the games to come rather than been, hogan might struggle a bit against a good defence
    Thought hibberd might be a steady option and prolly still will be but he doesn’t really look like he can go massive(could be wrong 1st time supercoacher) and I love the bont even though he’s got a toughish run comin up



  15. I have too many non-playing rookies (ie, mids: freeman, krakouer, acres – backs: whitecross, mckenzie – fwds: goddard, karnezis). Have a few that are on the paddock too thankfully but need to generate cash and some playing bench players for cover.

    Thinking this week mckenzie to mids (holding for DPP), freeman out for oxley but are any of the above rooks likely to get a gig soon and thus i should hold?


  16. New season new dilemnas!

    The burger experiment has clearly failed so…

    $35k in the bank
    Luey to Goldstein &
    Deledio (why did I start with him? I’ve never rated him) to Hogan (have the rest of the top rookie performers).
    Do something else (going a Zac Smith type seems pretty drastic and don’t really have the cash for anyone else).



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