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Written by Badger on April 21 2015

**Update – Gregson added**


What a tumultuous week!

How’s this for being positioned well at the end of Round 2 – no Ablett, no Pendlebury (although that “blessing” wasn’t a blessing when he fronted Friday night), no Malceski and no Leuenberger with some pretty handy selections in Fyfe, Neale, Lewis and Bontempelli all before the first bounce of Round 1. Yep…my SC life was cruisy as I wondered to myself, “Badger, is this the year you reveal the Truth to 200,000 Coaches of your utter brilliance?”

Yeah nah. Forget that – Ollie Wines, Chris Yarran and a drastic last minute swap of Captain Fyfe to Captain Bartel (“he’s fresh” I said to myself… “a week off and then a return match at Skilled Stadium” I smiled… “It’s W.E.T!” I’m on the ball today… “And he’s playing The Suns!!”… “DO IT!!!”…) I did it. Game Over.



Adam Saad Gold Coast DEF/MID, $188.1K (up by $85.7K).

Round 3 SC Score 76 with 10 kicks and six handballs at 81% disposal efficiency (five contested possessions), five marks and two tackles. Saad also had two rebound fifties, four running bounces and two inside 50’s. Another nice game and proving to be one of the best rookie selections of 2015. Owned by 69% of teams.

Round 2 SC Score 90 / Round 1 SC Score 89


Adam Oxley Collingwood, $199.1K (up by $75.2K)

Not quite as prolific as his previous performance but still a great game in Round 3 with 97 SC points from 13 kicks and nine handballs at 77% disposal efficiency (eight contested possessions), a clearance, three marks, five tackles and a goal. Still under $200K and a must have in your defence if you’re one of the 68% of teams that don’t have him. Owned by 32% of teams.

Round 1 SC Score 31 (SUBBED out) / Round 2 SC Score 116


Kamdyn McIntosh Richmond, $202.7K (up $78.8K)

Round 3 SC Score 64 with eight kicks and six handballs at 71% disposal efficiency, a clearance, three marks, five tackles, a free for, two inside 50’s and two goals. Another good game from McIntosh. Owned by 60% of teams.

Round 1 SC Score 120 / Round 2 SC Score 68



Nathan Krakouer MID/FWD Port Adelaide, $106.9K

Round 3 SC Score 82 with 11 kicks and six handballs at 82% disposal efficiency (nine contested possessions), two clearances, five rebound 50’s, three inside 50’s, two marks, three tackles and two frees for and against. A very impressive return for a guy who’d well and truly turned away from an AFL career. Credit to Nathan Krakouer for what must have been a huge effort to get back in shape. Still has very sharp skills. Already owned by 22% of Supercoach teams.


Touk Miller Gold Coast, $153.2K (up by $35.9K)

Round 3 SC Score 86 with 12 kicks and six handballs at 67% disposal efficiency, three inside 50’s, six marks, five tackles and a goal. A much more influential game from Miller compared to his first two rounds and a welcome return to his preseason form. Owned by 23% of teams.

Round 2 SC Score 35 / Round 1 SC Score 30


Cory Gregson Geelong, $154.1K (up by $36.8K)

Round 3 SC Score 87 from 13 kicks and eight handballs at 62% disposal efficiency (seven contested possessions), two clearances, one rebound 50, five inside 50’s, a goal assist, two marks and two goals. A sensational game from Gregson and a super fourth quarter when it mattered. Showed something special – loads of X-factor, quick, a big kick and plays with a desperation that will inspire team mates. Apologies for the accidental original omission from this Rookie Review.

Round 2 SC Score 35 / Round 1 SC Score 30


Jack Sinclair St Kilda, $173.6K (up by $44.2K) 

Round 3 SC Score 78 from five kicks and six handballs at 64% disposal efficiency, two clearances, two marks, four tackles and a goal. Also had two rebound 50’s and an inside 50. In his juniour career Sinclair was a tough midfielder that liked the contest with a bit of outside polish and goal-kicking ability. Sounds good to me. 180cm and 80kg. Owned by 3% of teams.

Round 2 SC Score 72 / Round 1 SC Score 27 (starting SUB)


Adam Saad Gold Coast DEF/MID, $188.1K (up by $85.7K). See Defender Write-up.


Aaron Vandenberg Melboune $199.9K (up $72K) 

Round 3 SC Score 65 with 13 kicks and six handballs at 53% disposal efficiency (seven contested possessions), three clearances, three marks, five tackles, two frees against, a rebound 50, six inside 50’s and a hitout. Scores are trending down but he’s still a valuable contributor to our Supercoach midfields. Owned by 41% of Supercoach teams.

Round 1 SC Score 99 / Round 2 SC Score 75.


Isaac Heeney Sydney, $214.8K (up $77.5K)

Round 3 SC Score 96 with six kicks and four handballs at 100% disposal efficiency (five contested), a clearance, two inside 50’s, three goal assists, two marks, two tackles, a free for and four goals. What an absolute gem! I thought he’d stuffed his back when he wrapped himself around the goal post but not only is he skilled he’s also bloody tough. I was unconvinced of his job security being involved with such a gun team. I was wrong. Owned by 55% of teams.

Round 1 SC Score 96 / Round 2 SC Score 65


Cameron Ellis-Yolmen Adelaide, $215K (up $91.1K)

Round 3 SC Score 104 with 10 kicks and 10 handballs at 70% disposal efficiency (11 contested possessions), eight clearances (four centre clearances) a mark, seven tackles, four inside 50’s, a hitout and two goals. Was on the ground 83% of game time which is up on his previous matches. Proving to be a very handy selection, scores are on the upward trend and are good enough as a starting eight in your midfield. Owned by 52% of teams. Brilliant goal from the boundary a highlight.

Round 1 SC Score 78 / Round 2 SC Score 98


Other MID Options:

Jed Anderson Hawthorn, $148.5K (up $7.1K)

Round 1 SC Score 36 (Starting SUB)

Round 2 SC Score 55 (75% gametime)

Round 3 SC Score 9 (Starting SUB)

Owned by 26% of teams


Darcy Lang Geelong, $200K (up $40.9K)

Round 1 SC Score 44

Round 2 SC Score 69

Round 3 SC Score 74

Owned by 2% of teams (*Scores trending up and was great on the weekend).



Nathan Krakouer MID/FWD Port Adelaide, $106.9K – See MID write-up for details.


Robbie Tarrant North Melbourne FWD, $144.7K

First game for the year in Round 3 and a bloody good one at that with a SC Score 107 from eight kicks and 13 handballs at 81% disposal efficiency (nine contested possessions), a clearance, five rebound fifties, five one-percenters, an inside 50, four marks, three tackles and a goal.

Will provide a great trade down target in our forward line, especially if he’ll be racking up disposals playing as a defender. Owned by 2% of Supercoach teams.


Mitch Clark Geelong, $194.5K (up by $39.3K)

Round 3 SC Score 71 with ten kicks and five handballs at 53% disposal efficiency (six contested possessions), three marks, a tackle, just one hitout, one free for and a goal. Poor conditions for a key forward but I was hopeful of a bigger game from Mitch Clark especially with Hawkins being a late out. Turns out the Suns aren’t so bad. Owned by 70% of Supercoach teams.

Round 1 SC Score 78 / Round 2 SC Score 32. 


Jesse Hogan Melbourne, $196.5K (up $66.1K)

Round 3 SC Score 62 with eight kicks and two handballs at 60% disposal efficiency (six contested possessions), a clearance, five marks (three contested), two inside 50’s, two frees against and two goals. Hogan appears in 57% of teams – he’s a gun and the contested marks just keep coming.

Round 1 SC Score 79 / Round 2 SC Score 86.


Other FWD Options:

Jack Lonie St Kilda, $151.5K (up $34.2K) – Round 3 SC Score 37. Owned by 15% of teams.

Round 1 SC Score 49 / Round 2 SC Score 61.


Jayden McGrath Brisbane, $164.7K – Owned by 9% of teams.

Round 1 SC Score 70 / Round 2 SC Score 53.


Ahmed Saad St Kilda, $182.2K (up $31.1K) – Round 3 SC Score 64. Owned by 13% of teams.

Round 1 SC Score 21 / Round 2 SC Score 75.


Tim Membrey St Kilda, $199.8K (up $27.8K) – Round 3 SC Score 78. Owned by 7% of teams.

Round 1 SC Score 52 / Round 2 SC Score 87.


Dean Towers Sydney $215.5K (up $5K) – Round 3 SC Score 6 but was subbed on in the fourth (14% gametime).

Round 1 SC Score 62 / Round 2 SC Score 67.


FAREWELL Former Rookie-Priced Player:


Angus Brayshaw Melbourne, $237.5K (up $25.2K)

Christian Salem Melbourne, $228.9K (up $43.9K)

Ben Newton Melbourne, $246.6K (up $31.6K)

Cameron McCarthy GWS $253.1K (up $42.4K)

Nathan Van Berlo Adelaide, $269.9K (up $54.3K)

Dom Sheed West Coast, $239.6K (up $25.1K)



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90 thoughts on “Badger’s Best Rookies”

  1. N Krak and R Tarrant being put in the back pocket for next week

    Hoping they don’t play, as I still need a few more weeks out of these cows


  2. t/u for goodes to oxley

    t/d for holding goodes or looking at another rookie to get more cash, if so any suggestions?


  3. Well the rookie McGrath injury makes it a simple decision for me now…..

    McGrath –> Krak
    Wines –> Selwood
    $3000 spare cash…. meant to be
    THUMBS UP right??

    Jaden McGrath, Sam Mayes and Claye Beams have suffered injury setbacks and will spend time on the sidelines.
    McGrath has been diagnosed with a stress reaction in the navicular bone in his foot, and been ruled out for 8-12 weeks.


  4. This is completely unrelated but I just want to take the time to say, that I am a frequent user of all supercoach websites, but this website is by far the best. The frequency of articles put up and the brilliant content are matched by no other website, and i really enjoy having my own input, as well as receiving first hand advice from all you geniuses out there in the community to whatever question I, or anyone else asks. Keep up the great work.

    Yours truly
    Bonty Python 😉


  5. From twitter:
    Dale Miller ?@miller_dj 27m27 minutes ago
    Tom Lamb wasn’t on the track today and after some questions, West Coast have confirmed he will miss 8 weeks with a knee injury

    TU: Trade Lamb to Krak
    TD: Trade Lamb to Tarrant


  6. I’m thinking about trading Bartel to another rookie then using the cash in the def / mids to get a gun. (TU) Just can’t see any value currently with gun fwds I don’t have.
    Is it worth learning two trades or just take A punt with a key forward eg buddy or Roughead ? (TD)


  7. What are people’s thoughts on D.Moore, he has been killing in the backline in the VFL and could be up for selection. I currently want to kick out Goodes and just looking for a replacement.


  8. For all mcgrath owners, i will make a quick point.
    I brought him in at the start, not knowing his js, or anything of his ability, i brought him in because brisbane play so many saturday night, and sunday games, if he was too get dropped/injured, i would have the perfect loophole for all my other forward rookies.
    At least wait till next week before going krak or tarrant


  9. I could wait for the appropriate thread, but this is badgers thread, and hes looking for a yarran replacement, as am I, so here goes.
    After crunching the numbers, its hodge or smith. The veteran vs the has arrived.
    Yes were all concerned that hodge will get managed, but he did play 19 games last year. While smith has been upward trending nicely each year to date.
    Thumbs up hodge
    Thumbs down smith


  10. Hi sct, I know he is not yet on the bubble but what are your thoughts trading b.goodes to H.andrews of brisbane. The reason being is goodes will bleed catch if he plays this week. Andrews scored 62 on the weekend


  11. Grabbing Krak this week….. Would u consider him a starter in my team?
    Currently 11,000ish and looking to move closer to the lead and every point counts! (about 600 points off).

    Shaw, Lamumba, Newnes, Saad, McIntosh, Oxley (Brown, Goodes)

    Fyfe, Sloane, SELWOOD, Beams, Dangerfield, Rich, CEY, Heeney (Cripps, Miller, Smith)

    Goldstein, Bellchambers (Cox)

    Swan, Tex, Gray, Bennell, Bont, KRAK (Clarke, Hogan)


  12. Hey everyone,
    I have Goodes in the backline, but not Oxley. I also have plenty of cash, and was thinking of bringing in Heath Shaw instead .
    My backline is relatively shallow, but Oxley looks to be the best rookie.
    T/U: Goodes –> Oxley, load up on cash
    T/D: Goodes –> Shaw, leaves me little in the bank, but adds needed quality to backline.
    I have to burn a trade on Bartel, and was thinking Martin. No real DPP flexibility with either.
    If there’s a better suggestion, comment please. Thanks heaps.


  13. Good to see Tarrant finally make his debut on this thread. What’s happened with Kelly, Andrews and Gregson?

    Would be more productive to have rookies that have yet to have a significant rise analysed.


  14. Fellas, ive noticed all the comments across my mates and these websites about supercoaches penning in krak and tarrant for next week… Does it occur to anyone that another prem may be injured and we would have to miss out on one or both of these (3 if you include whitecross)? Does it pay to grab one of these you believe have the better JS this week, thus perhaps saving a trade for emergencies next week? Especially since krak is bottom dollar and can be used as a loophole and DPP if he stops playing from next week?


  15. Tarrant looks like a great option as forecast by RooBloke in the PS now he has usurped Tippet’s role. Let’s hope he can keep injury free as I expect he could make it to $400K as an ideal upgrade.

    Hamling also should be on our radars for selection this week with Morris out. Third tall defender with great running ability equals SC gold.


  16. Yep swan in for Bartel. Sloane in for Parker.

    Two failed POD’s.

    Parker looks to be coming back to the low/mid 400’s and i have rookies scoring at a higher level who can take his place onfield.

    Only other possible is trade out Parker and get maybe Bachar Houli or Cale Hooker via Saad’s Dpp.

    The stars are letting me down but the rookies are tearing it up.


  17. I need some expert advice!
    Nothing to do with Rooks (sorry!!), but I don’t know where to write it and I have a Q regarding loophole captain this week. My options for Catpain (playing in chronological order) are;

    Swan – Saturday arvy (vs Essendon)
    Gray – Saturday night (vs Hawks)
    Fyfe – Saturday night (vs Swans)
    Beams – Sunday arvy (vs WCE)
    Selwood – Sunday Arvy (vs NMelb)
    Sloane – Sunday Arvy (vs Bulldogs)
    Goldstein – Sunday Arvy (vs Cats)
    Dangerfield – Sunday Arvy (vs Bulldogs)

    Assuming Cox and C.Smith (Carlton) aren’t playing this week, whos my best bet with VC and C. Im tempted to give Fyfe the VC Saturday, and either Selwood or Sloane the Captain on Sunday……
    To clarify, I need to put the VC on the Saturday player, and if he scores well, I can switch a non-playing (Sunday) Captain onto the field to get the Saturday score?
    Cheers in advance, Im new to this 🙂


  18. Struggling to work out what to do with Goodes. If he doesn’t play this week he will stay on my bench but if named I think he has to go. I currently have Saad, Oxley and KMc as my other defence rookies and don’t have the $$ to upgrade Goodes. My thinking atm is:

    T/U: hold Goodes for now and cop the potential 20-30k price drop.
    T/D:take a punt and bring in a rookie who has played one game, i.e. H. Andrews(provided he is named this week).




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