Badger’s EPIC Rookie Review:

Written by Badger on March 19 2015

All done – every NAB game and most rookies all in the one spot. I’ll do a TLDR, “Badger’s Best Rookies” in the coming days where we’ll narrow the field down to likely starters by position.

Teams are in alphabetical order with their players then sorted by best preseason performances. The ‘Notes’ section is for players slightly above rookie price who impressed.




  • Cameron Ellis-Yolmen MID, $123.9K

NAB1 SC Score 73. Ellis-Yolmen had 17 disposals, three marks, three tackles and five clearances during 72% time on ground. He was a late pick in the 2011 draft and has played just the one senior game. He keeps improving his numbers in the SANFL and Adelaide offered Ellis-Yolmen a two year contract extension in 2013. A make or break season but with the introduction of a new coach he may get his opportunity this year, particularly if the Crows are readying themselves for the possible departure of one or two stars. Ellis-Yolmen is a big body and ready to go.

NAB2 SC Score 107 with six kicks, 17 handballs (14 contested possessions) at 73% disposal efficiency, three marks, two tackles and six clearances in 69% game time. His preseason to date has been exceptional.

NAB3 SC Score 117 with nine kicks, 17 handballs (a massive 21 contested) with a disposal efficiency of 53%, a clearance, a mark and five tackles and 83% game time. He’s got to be a lock for both Walsh and us you’d think. A starting MID for mine.


  • Nathan Van Berlo MID, $215.6K

NAB1 SC Score 59. I’m still leaning towards selecting Van Berlo if he’s named round one. There was talk of him being released from tagging duties so maybe he’ll can get back to the 75+ scores of 2010-2012.

NAB2 SC Score 58 with 13 kicks, 1 handball, six marks, a tackle and a clearance. Another okay game.

NAB3 SC Score 49 with 16 disposals at 56% efficiency, two clearances, three marks and three tackles in 77% game time. Hasn’t shown quite enough in terms of Supercoach at over $215K.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Jake Kelly – played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Reilly O’Brien – played both NAB1 and NAB2. Keenan Ramsey – played NAB1 and NAB3. Sam Siggins – played NAB1. Harrison Wigg – Very impressive junior numbers so worth keeping an eye on – outside chance of a trade-down target during the season. Played NAB1.




  • Liam Dawson MID $117.3K

NAB1 did not play.

NAB2 SC Score 57 from 68% game time – a nice game with seven kicks, a handball (75% disposal efficiency), five marks and a goal. He’s a good size at 189cm and 83kg and had impressive numbers as a junior.  With Brisbane rebuilding I’m tipping he’ll get quite a few games – just not sure at what stage of the season.

NAB3 SC Score 4 from two disposals in 27% game time.


  • Michael Close FWD $211.9K

NAB1 SC Score 50 with five disposals (four contested) at 80% efficiency, three marks and a goal in 58% game time. Played 14 games last year with an average of just 39 SC points in 94 minutes playing time. Not impressive numbers but at just 20 he’s coming into his third preseason. A Key Position player who will improve along with better forward line delivery with the introduction Dayne Beams and Christensen into the team along with Rich’s return. Brisbane are screaming for their current young tall forwards to step up and will be hoping Close and McStay form a potent duo down the track. At this stage the only effective and experienced key forward is an uninjured Staker.

NAB2 SC Score 59 with seven disposals at 71% efficiency (5 contested), two marks, three tackles and a free for in 81% game time.

NAB3 SC Score 37 with nine disposals at 77% efficiency, two marks and three tackles in 71% game time. Not the form line we’re after for a rookie-priced player at over $200K.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Jaden McGrath played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Michael Close played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Archie Smith played NAB1. Harris Andrews played NAB1.


Notes: Brent Staker – Played NAB1 and NAB2 and was subbed out in both. At under $250K he’s worth considering if he goes into Round 1 fit. Brisbane is low on competitive tall forwards and Staker should fill a role. He’s also capable of highish scores and will consistently deliver 70+ when injury-free. A risk I agree, but depending on his preseason and fitness going into round one perhaps a risk worth taking. It worked for us in 2010 where he managed 22 games and a respectable average of 87.6. Did not play NAB3 but got a mention from Johnathon Brown as a player that has had a good preseason. I think Staker will still be their main target forward. Offers good value if he can remain on the park.




  • Patrick Cripps MID, $211.4K

NAB1 SC Score 78 with four kicks, 10 handballs (10 contested possessions) at 85% disposal efficiency, four clearances, one mark and six tackles in 61% game time. A lot of positive talk about young Cripps coming out of Carlton. They could certainly use another consistent inside mid and Cripps fits the bill big time. A contested possession rate of 68% shows a willingness to do the dirty work. He’s also monster sized for a MID (193cm and 91kg) and with Brock McLean retired and Juddy likely to spend some time resting forward, Cripps will likely play 20+ games if fit and should score well. For me, I’d prefer to pay north of $200K for a big-bodied or experienced “rookie” with a high ceiling and lots of game time. Hello Cripps – he’s in.

NAB2 SC Score 106 with five kicks, 14 handballs (10 contested possessions) at 63% disposal efficiency, two clearances, two marks and seven tackles in 77% game time. Another great performance which pretty much cements him in both Carlton’s and our midfields I would have thought.

NAB3 SC Score 119 with 12 kicks, 20 handballs (14 contested Possessions) at 62% disposal efficiency, five clearances, six marks, four tackles and two hitouts  in 83% game time. L.O.C.K. Brilliant preseason. Will not be a point of difference.


  • Blaine Boekhorst MID, $132.3K

NAB1 SC Score 29. A mature aged rookie taken with a high pick generally screams “put me in your SC team.” Admittedly, he had an average first up hit out against the Eagles, but his dashing run past two opposition players before kicking into the Blues forward 50 showed a glimpse of what Boekhorst is capable of. His disposal efficiency has been a highlight throughout 2014 and I remain convinced he’ll play plenty of games. I’ve still got him pencilled in.

NAB2 SC Score 76 with 10 disposals, four marks (70% disposal efficiency), four tackles, a free for and a goal in 67% game time. A much better game from Boekhorst with more opportunity to show off his pace.

NAB3 SC Score 27 with seven disposals at 85% efficiency, a clearance, a mark and a tackle in 80% game time. Too many higher scoring rookie options ahead of Boekhurst in Supercoach.


  • Matthew Dick DEF/MID, $123.9K

NAB1 SC Score 35. Just nine disposals against the Eagles and a poor 44% disposal efficiency. As a dual position rookie available in the backline he’s definitely worth considering. He comes from a great system (Swans) and has the pace that the Blues need. I wonder if the Swans might have regretted delisting Matthew Dick prior to finding out Malceski was off to the Suns. Either way, I think he’ll get games and he’s a big body (187cm/86kg) fully fit for his third preseason. A big improvement in NAB 2 would have him back on the radar.

NAB2 did not play. If he’s not selected or doesn’t play well in NAB3 then look elsewhere.

NAB3 SC Score 51 with 10 disposals at 70% efficiency, a clearance, a mark and three tackles in 86% game time. Hasn’t done enough yet to select in your backline even if he does play Round 1.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Clem Smith played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Scores were all under 30 SC Points. Rookie Ciaran Byrne played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Dylan Viojo-Rainbow played NAB1. Unlikely to play Round 1 but may provide a trade down target during the season. Tom Fields played NAB1.


Notes: Kristian Jaksch – *A somewhat risky pick at just over $260K and his ceiling won’t be Everest-like, but Carlton did target him and he should play plenty of games. He averaged nine disposals last year along with 5+ spoils and is performing well in his third preseason. **Another good game by Jaksch against the Pies with 99 SC Points. ***A quieter game for Jaksch with 52 SC Points from nine kicks at 100% efficiency, two marks, a tackle and two frees against in 98% game time.




  • Nathan Brown BACK, $146.9K

NAB1 SC Score 62. He’s hardly a rookie but he’s definitely priced appropriately. Given the likely lack of playing rookie-priced defenders he remains an option…a very risky option with an unfortunate injury history and a low ceiling. Look, if he played Collingwood’s first two games and scored 60+ in each then you could consider him depending on who you might be moving on and whether the cash allows a more useful trade. Low on my radar at this stage but he was a great defender when on the park early days. I sincerely hope Brown gets on top of his injuries.

NAB2 SC Score 97 with 13 disposals at 84% efficiency, two marks and five tackles. Starting to whet the appetite a bit – he’s priced appropriately and the occasional 75+ SC Score will see his price rise a reasonable amount. He did play 18 and 22 games in 2012 and ’13, and if he’s selected Round 1 with an injury-free preseason under his belt then my earlier comments from NAB1 might best be ignored.

NAB3 SC Score 60 with 10 disposals at 90% efficiency, three marks and three tackles in 90% game time. Proven himself in the preseason as a viable rookie-priced defender.


  • Adam Oxley DEF, $123.9K

NAB1 SC Score 34. Oxley was subbed into the game at half time so his 34 points were respectable at his price. Oxley was taken as the 34th selection in the 2013 rookie draft and is still relatively light in frame. 2014 was a write-off due to injury but in 2013 he played 16 VFL games where he averaged over 21 disposals and was impressive enough to be elevated onto the senior list. Worth considering.

NAB2 SC Score 90 with nine kicks, three handballs (91% disposal efficiency), four marks, two tackles and a free kick in 82% game time. Giving himself every chance at selection for Round 1.

NAB3 SC Score 58 with 21 disposals at just 47% efficiency, two clearances, three marks, two tackles and two frees for (one against) in 84% game time. Will be interesting to see if he can hold his place in the team for Round 1.


  • Nathan Freeman MID, $123.9K

NAB1 SC Score 56 with eight kicks, five handballs (84% disposal efficiency), a clearance, two marks and a tackle in 53% game time. We’ve all been hearing rave reviews of Freeman’s preseason and at his price he remains high on my list of potential rookies. He’s a strong kid (184cm/85kg) and has been in the leading pack during Collingwood’s time trials. Not only does Freeman have good endurance, he’s also fast and was a great clearance player as a junior. I hope he remains injury free as he has similar attributes to Patrick Dangerfield who I enjoy watching at full flight more than any other player.

NAB2 did not play.

NAB3 did not play. Similar to De Goey, I’m interested to see if Freeman gets more opportunity at the start of the season with Greenwood out. Has great endurance so might get the nod ahead of De Goey.


  • Jordan De Goey MID, $202.3K

NAB1 SC Score 66 with four kicks, eight handballs (eight contested possessions), two clearances, two marks, two tackles and a goal in 57% game time. De Goey’s debut for the Pies was impressive. As a new draftee, I like that he has the body shape to cope with plenty of games – as a rule of thumb heavier rookies get the nod in Badger’s team, with the occasional exception of course. Good to note that he scored quite a bit higher in SC compared to DT as well – his disposal efficiency is generally high and he likes the contest. I’m somewhat concerned about him getting the green and red vests and will wait to see how the rest of his NAB challenge pans out. If you’re paying north of $200K then you don’t want the vest to appear regularly.

NAB2 SC Score 44 with seven kicks, one handball (a lower disposal efficiency off 62% this week), three marks, a tackle and a goal in 74% game time.

NAB3 did not play. With Greenwood out for the first part of the season perhaps De Goey will get more game time.


  • Patrick Karnezis FWD, $133.5K

NAB1 SC Score 95 with 11 kicks, four handballs (80% disposal efficiency), a clearance, five marks, five tackles and three goals. Fool me once and all that…but I’m okay with being fooled twice by Karnezis as I think his upside is very high. He has an AFL ready body and Collingwood need all the help they can get with midfield rotations and goal scoring. He’s an accurate kick and booted over 30 goals in an injury-interrupted 2014 in the VFL. There’s that, and he looked awesome against the Hawks in NAB1.

NAB2 SC Score 44 with seven disposals, a clearance, two marks and two tackles in 69% game time. Not the momentum I was cheering for but he should play plenty of games and with a high ceiling he only needs one big score in the rolling three-round average for a nice price rise. He’s hanging on in my forward line for now.

NAB3 did not play. It’s a fickle game is Supercoach. Out. For now…maybe a trade down target mid-season. Anyway, my earlier predictions of Supercoach stardom were premature but I remain hopeful he becomes a rookie-priced option for us at some stage.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Jackson Ramsay played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Mason Cox played NAB2.


Notes: Corey Gault has put in two great performances now in NAB1 and NAB2. Quiet game as sub NAB3.




  • Lauchlan Dalgleish DEF $145.1K

NAB1 SC Score 52. Dalgleish had 11 disposals at 81% efficiency, four marks and two tackles in an okay game against the Saints. His strength has always been his use of the ball and blistering pace, and his preseason has been very impressive as well as injury free. Interesting to note that it was under James Hird that Dalgleish got promoted from the rookie to senior list late in 2013.

NAB2 SC Score 106 with 13 kicks, nine handballs (95% disposal efficiency), a clearance and seven marks. A fantastic game and one of Essendon’s best on ground, Dalgleish did his chances of senior action no harm at all. May be first point of call if any of the running backs need a rest or lose form.

NAB3 SC Score 62 with seven kicks, two handballs, (55% disposal efficiency), three marks, a tackle and two goals in 75% game time. If opposition supporters didn’t know who Dalgleish was or what he offered then they do now if they saw the game – what an amazing goal. And he capped it off with the winner after a Viney error. Still a risky pick with so many running defenders to choose from at Essendon but he’ll definitely get games at some stage.


  • Kyle Langford FWD $142.3K

NAB1 SC Score 37. A very exciting player and has impressed Essendon in his first preseason. A quiet first game against St Kilda but applied good pressure in the forward line with five tackles. Should get some games throughout the season.

NAB2 SC Score 78 with 12 disposals at 83% efficiency, a clearance, four marks, three frees for (one against), a tackle and two goals. A great game from Langford who will likely have stints in Essendon’s forward line playing a similar role to Hawthorn’s Jack Gunston. Could be competing with Paddy Ambrose for a regular spot in 2015, but at just 76kg on a 190cm frame he’ll be rested even if considered best 22.

NAB3 SC Score 29 in a much quieter game than NAB2. Six disposals, three marks, a tackle and a goal in 83% game time.


  • Jason Ashby DEF $220.4K

NAB1 SC Score 72. Ashby had 16 disposals (75% efficiency), five marks, two tackles, a free for and a goal. He’s developing nicely and has had some impressive performances in Essendon’s VFL team in 2014. He may share opportunities in and out of the team with Marty Gleeson and Dalgleish if injury or poor form affects the likes of Baguley, Hibberd or Dempsey.

NAB2 SC Score 70 with 16 possessions (11 uncontested), a clearance, a mark, four tackles and a goal. A solid game but with a choice of Baguley, Hibberd, Dempsey, Gleeson, Dalgleish and occasionally Winderlich down back, unless Hird does some serious manoeuvring (Baguley has trained a lot in the forward line and can apparently kick goals from anywhere and his tackling pressure would be welcome / there’s talk of Hibberd playing further up the ground / Winderlich will be used sparingly), then Ashby may be in and out of the team and is too risky in Supercoach at over $220K.

NAB3 SC Score 54 with 15 disposals at 66% efficiency, five marks, three tackles and two frees against (one for) in 91% game time. Similar job security to Dalgleish.


  • Nick O’Brien MID, $123.9K

NAB1 SC Score 83. Against the Saints, O’Brien had 22 disposals at 72% efficiency (eight contested), four marks, three tackles and three clearances. He is a very well-liked player at the Bombers whose work ethic is applauded. He’s coming into his fourth season at 21 and is a big body (188cm/92kg) who can run all day. With Heath Hocking injured and unable to complete a solid preseason, O’Brien may be given the opportunity as a run-with player depending on Hird’s plans for Melksham. O’Brien has definitely shown he can find the ball in the VFL.

NAB2 SC Score 62 with 14 disposals (seven contested), a clearance, four marks, three tackles along with three frees for and three against. Made a few errors but it was a tough day at the office for most Essendon players. Apart from Hocking, I can only see Melksham or O’Brien likely in that order playing a similar role (Aylett would have been a chance but has injured his hamstring).

NAB3 did not play.


  • Shaun Edwards DEF $123.9K

NAB1 SC Score 79. The athletically gifted Edwards found the ball 15 times at 73% efficiency with five marks, a tackle, three goals and a clearance. Edwards will get games this year as his best is eye-catching but the scores will yo-yo and he may be in and out of the team.

NAB2 SC Score 34. Yep, the score yo-yoed. Just five touches, a mark, two tackles and two frees against.

NAB3 SC Score 63 with 11 disposals at 63% efficiency, two tackles, two frees for and a goal in 83% game time. X factor. Still not sure of his place in the team.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Elliot Kavanagh – has improved his endurance but both NAB performances have been underwhelming with low disposal efficiency. I haven’t given up on him turning things around eventually. *Had a good performance against the Dees with 99 SC points from 16 kicks, five handballs (52% disposal efficiency), three clearances, three marks, four tackles, a hitout and two frees for in 79% game time. Will need to do this consistently before being considered. Orasio Fantasia played NAB2. *NAB3 was a very good game with 79 SC Points from 17 disposals and two goals in 69% game time. Will Hams played NAB3. Jayden Laverde played NAB3.




  • Connor Blakely MID, $117.3K

NAB1 SC Score 8 with just two touches and a mark in 48% game time.

NAB2 SC Score 61 with 11 disposals (5 contested) at 90% efficiency, a mark and two tackles in 58% game time. A chance at some games but won’t be a regular with Freo gunning for Top 4 again.

NAB3 SC Score 47 with 11 disposals (six contested) at 90% efficiency in 68% game time.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Tanner Smith played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Max Duffy played NAB2 and NAB3. Michael Apeness played NAB1 and NAB2 and was very quiet in both. Jack Hannath played NAB1 and NAB3.


Notes: Clancee Pearce – sensational against the Dees with 14 kicks, five handballs (84% disposal efficiency), nine marks, three tackles, two frees for and 118 SC points. He only managed nine games last year and averaged 28 less minutes per game than 2013 resulting in a very low price for what he can deliver if he finds form. A much quieter game against the Swans in NAB2 with seven possies from 68% game time but bounced back in NAB3 playing a run-with role where he found the ball 20 times at 90% efficiency. An interesting prospect at $278.9K and might find himself being used as a run-with player in the mould of Kane Cornes as opposed to Ryan Crowley.

Tom Sheridan is a tad over $243K and at 98% game time in NAB3 he had the ball 27 times at 96% efficiency (massive achievement considering the amount of times he had the footy). He also took nine marks along with three tackles, a goal, a free for and two clearances. A brilliant game just before Round 1 but keep in mind his two prior preseason games weren’t as spectacular with 49 points from 11 disposals in 75% game time NAB1 and 46 from 13 disposals in 83% game time NAB2.




  • Mitch Clark FWD, $155.2K

NAB1 SC Score 66. Played 89 minutes and kicked a couple goals along with nine disposals (six contested), two marks and two tackles. The upside with Clark is just too damn high to ignore. He was magnificent for Melbourne in 2012 marking nearly everything kicked in his vicinity, and considering the irregular and poor forward delivery he did well to average 84 SC points. If he can stay fit and improve as the season goes on Clark may prove a brilliant pickup for Geelong playing next to the Tomahawk. Given the Cats injury-curse with Rucks he could even play some minutes in the ruck. I still remember round three of 2009 when Clark took over Ruck duties for the Lions after Leuenberger’s injury – from then until round 22 he averaged 24 hitouts and 17 disposals and was sensational, especially for a 21 year old. I know I know, I’m living in the past and relying on former glory but he’s an exceptional talent Mitch and at 27 in a great environment like Geelong he could surprise the sceptics. I sincerely wish him all the best, as I also hope Lumumba proves a great pickup for Melbourne.

NAB2 SC Score 160. Mitch was absolutely epic against the Crows and if he’s not in 100% of teams if named Round 1 then something’s amiss. With 12 kicks, five handballs (10 contested possessions) at 100% disposal efficiency, six marks (four contested), a tackle, five hitouts, two frees for (one against), SIX GOALS and a clearance, we were all reminded of what he is capable of as a forward…and now as a forward in a great team like the Cats. Good luck Key Defenders minding Hawkins and Clark.

NAB3 SC Score 95 with 11 disposals (seven contested) at 72% efficiency, three marks, four tackles, nine hitouts, two frees for, three frees against and three goals in 86% game time. Good to see him getting some ruck minutes as well. This selection could be a masterstroke by Geelong. If their midfield can start humming along with a decent increase in clearances then look out.


  • Nakia Cockatoo MID, $177.3K

NAB1 SC Score 55. In 57 minutes Cockatoo had 10 disposals at 80% efficiency (six contested) as well as two marks and six tackles. A nice debut and like Darcy Lang he has plenty of speed. Will certainly provide us with some highlights when he gets games, and he’s a big enough body to cope with senior footy at 186cm and 86kg. Has the attributes to become a star just like fellow #10 draft pick Dangerfield in ’07 (how Danger got to pick 10 I’ll never know).

NAB2 SC Score 77 with 15 disposals (six contested) at 80% efficiency, two clearances, seven marks, two tackles, a hitout and a beautiful supergoal. Showed off his pace and may have locked himself into Geelong’s 22 with the outside speed they require.

NAB3 SC Score 42 with seven disposals at 100% efficiency, two marks, four tackles, a free for and two against in 77% game time. He’s going to be an exciting player to watch but the scores aren’t high enough yet to select as a mid in Supercoach.


  • Darcy Lang MID, $159.1K

NAB1 SC Score 83. It took just 66 minutes for Lang to gather 14 possessions at 57% efficiency, two marks, five tackles and a couple goals. He’s had a thorough preseason increasing his fitness and possesses the outside pace that Geelong could use more of. Pick 16 in the 2013 draft and completing his second preseason. 183cm and 75kg so not the heavyset rookie mid I usually recruit in Supercoach but there could be a place for Lang in Geelong’s line-up.

NAB2 SC Score 42 with six disposals at 100% efficiency, a clearance, one mark and three tackles in 66% game time. Not spectacular against Adelaide but he did his job and remains a chance at senior selection.

NAB3 SC Score 54 with seven disposals (five contested) at 100% efficiency, a clearance, a mark, three tackles and three frees for in 75% game time. Impressive to consider his last 13 disposals (across two games) have been 100% effective.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Sam Blease – played NAB1 and NAB2. Cory Gregson played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Jake Kolodjashnij played NAB1. Shane Kersten played NAB1 and NAB2. Michael Luxford played NAB1. Jed Bews played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Dean Gore played NAB1. Padraig Lucey played NAB1.




  • Touk Miller MID, $117.3K

NAB1 SC Score 71. Played well on the weekend and had 11 disposals (81% efficiency), two marks, three tackles and a goal in 72% game time. He likes the contest and is 178cm and 83kg meaning he’s heavy enough for Badger to select. Amazing junior performances and a natural leader, Miller should get quite a few games and has the endurance to be given plenty of game time.

NAB2 SC Score 71. Another impressive performance from Miller with 13 disposals (eight contested), four tackles, a goal and three clearances in just 68% game time. Pencil him in.

NAB3 SC Score 77 with 13 disposals (six contested) at 69% efficiency, two marks, six tackles, a free for and a goal in 69% game time. Miller has proven himself a viable rookie-priced option with three very solid hitouts. At under $120K he’s great value in Supercoach.


  • Adam Saad DEF/MID, $102.4K

NAB1 SC Score 67 with 13 disposals at 69% efficiency and two tackles in 67% game time. He was impressive against the Cats. A mature age recruit who has been playing against men in the VFL since 2012, Saad is athletically gifted and posted a 2.81 time in the 20 metre sprint as a junior. With a good mix of inside and outside ability he’s definitely a chance at senior action this year – if so he could post some nice scores along the way. Seems a bargain pick at 25 in the Rookie Draft.

NAB2 SC Score 69. Saad had 16 disposals at 75% efficiency, four marks and a tackle in 72% game time. Two good performances in a row.

NAB3 SC Score 61 with 15 disposals (seven contested) at 67% efficiency, a clearance, a mark, three tackles in 61% game time. With dual position status, a mature body and three solid preseason games he’s the right price. Recently promoted off the rookie list.


  • Jarrod Garlett MID, $152.3K

NAB1 SC Score 80. In 67 minutes Garlett impressed with two goals, seven disposals (four contested), three marks, five tackles and two frees for. Not bad considering he played a bit of time against Corey Enright. I still have a preference for the bigger bodies or experienced rookie priced players (Garlett is a first year player at just 69kg) but he has some tricks and was a high draft pick.

NAB2 SC Score 24 with just five disposals at 40% efficiency and a tackle in 76% game time.

NAB3 SC Score 35 with nine disposals at 66% efficiency, a mark and two tackles in 72% game time. Not enough to consider as a rookie MID.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Alex Sexton played NAB1 and NAB3. Great first up game but a disappointing last two weeks having missed NAB2 and a poor showing in NAB3. Rookie Keegan Brooksby played NAB1 and NAB2. Josh Hall played NAB1 and NAB2. Henry Schade played NAB1 and NAB2. Jack Leslie played NAB1 and NAB2. Rookie Louie Herbert played NAB1. Rookie Josh Glenn played NAB2. Rookie Jarred Ellis played NAB2.




  • Cameron McCarthy FWD $210.7K

NAB1 SC Score 47 (21% game time from just the last quarter) – unbelievable game from McCarthy with seven disposals at 85% efficiency (four contested), three marks and three goals. Patton unfortunately out with a knee, Boyd at the kennel and McCarthy putting on performances like this make him a potential forward bench option. Top 15 draft pick from 2013 and 20 years at 195cm and 83kg – there seemed to be a lot of Interstate clubs at GWS second game against Essendon paying close attention to McCarthy.

NAB2 SC Score 118 (73% game time) – another brilliant performance from young Cameron McCarthy. I’m tipping GWS will be pumping as many games into the kid as his inexperienced body can handle. From 73% game time McCarthy had nine kicks, two handballs (five contested possessions) at 72% disposal efficiency, six marks (two contested), three tackles, a free for and three goals. Manned up with Josh Freezer for most of the game who had his hands full due to GWS’ midfield dominance and quality delivery. I can’t wait for NAB3 to see how he goes against Sydney’s big men. Yes, McCarthy is on the higher end of rookie pricing and may not make our starting forward six, but he’s just the type to have an occasional blinder and jump up in value. Job done.

NAB3 SC Score 39 with eight disposals at 75% efficiency, six marks, two tackles and a goal in 68% game time. A quieter game against quality opposition but I think McCarthy has done enough to be selected early in the season.


  • Jack Steele FWD/MID $117.3K

NAB1 SC Score 19 (just 29% game time) – he’s a good egg so let’s see what he does with more game time in NAB2.

NAB2 SC Score 87 after being given a bigger go at it against the Dons. Impressive game with three kicks, eight handballs (four contested possessions), two clearances, one mark, six tackles and two goals. He’s a strong lad at 188cm and 86kg and his junior numbers are something to behold. A great user of the ball and definitely a bargain pick at 24. I wonder how high he would have gone in the draft if he wasn’t zoned to GWS via Canberra.

NAB3 did not play. GWS are no longer the team that plays all the kids – and internally they won’t view 2015 as another year of solely development…they’ll be gunning for 7th to 11th and may view anything less as a disappointment. With new star recruit Ryan Griffen at Mumford’s feet, the ultra-consistent Patful down back coupled with the natural improvement from their young guns (plenty of first round draft picks) as well as captain Phil Davis and superstar forward Jeremy Cameron completing excellent preseasons, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just snuck into the eight (although I’m tipping them to finish 11th > 13th).


  • Andrew Phillips RUCK $210.7K

NAB1 SC Score 63. Out of the rucks on GWS list, Phillips seems the most likely to get games supporting Mumford. With just one ruck bench spot it would be wise to fill it with someone who should get games. He had nine disposals, two marks, a tackle, 18 hitouts and a free for in 77% game time. At 23, 201cm and weighing 96kg, Phillips is very athletic and has a history of effective taps. Worth considering.

NAB2 SC Score 43 with just three disposals across 78% game time. Probably not convincing enough to pay over $200K at the start of the season and it would be difficult to wait until his third game with just one ruck rookie spot and trades at a premium. Perhaps a RUCK/FWD non-playing cheapie with RUCK cover in the forward line such as Bellchambers. Rucks are definitely proving a difficult decision this year and whoever nails it from Day 1 will have a massive advantage.

NAB3 did not play.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: James Stewart – played NAB2 – probably competing with Cameron McCarthy who’s had a cracker preseason. Stewart is a chance at coming into the team if McCarthy gets tired or loses form but no chance at Round 1. Aidan Corr played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Jake Barrett played NAB2 – the perfect project player who has a rugby background and a knack for the contest, endurance, a great work ethic and impressive numbers in the NEAFL. Tracking nicely and might get a few games in the latter part of the season. Tim Golds played NAB2. Tom Downie played NAB1 and NAB2.




  • Jed Anderson MID, $141.4K

NAB1 SC Score 110. Wow! What an impressive performance against the Pies; 26 disposals, four marks, two tackles, a free for, a goal and a hitout…he can do it all. Strong suggestions out of Hawthorn that he is easily a best 22 player and has had a super preseason. Jed was a NT zoned player that GWS recruited for their TAC Cup team where he won All-Australian selection in 2011 and he was traded to Hawthorn in exchange for Stephen Gilham in 2013. Anderson was good enough in his debut year to be selected for Hawthorn’s first final, and his non-sub-affected scores for the year were 46 (first full game), 92 and 78. I’m tipping this guy will be in 95% of teams come round 1, and a season average of 75+ won’t surprise me at all.

NAB2 SC Score 69 with 17 disposals (seven contested), two marks and a tackle. Not quite as spectacular as his game against the Pies but still solid.

NAB3 SC Score 65 with 15 disposals (seven contested) at 60% efficiency, a clearance, three marks and three tackles in 80% game time. A solid conclusion to a fantastic preseason for Anderson. Here’s hoping he’s selected in Round 1 without the green attire.


  • Alex Woodward MID, $197.8K

NAB1 SC Score 73. Another impressive performance from one of Hawthorn’s younger players. Woodward had 12 disposals (8 contested) and a game high six tackles along with two frees for. He loves to fight for the ball and having Sam Mitchell as a mentor won’t hurt his chances of becoming an excellent player. After two knee reco’s Woodward managed to play 16 VFL games in 2014 and was rewarded the VFL’s best and fairest. If he’s named round one I’d be happy to pay nearly $200K for him.

NAB2 SC Score 45 with nine disposals (five contested), two marks, a tackle and two frees for in just 19% game time. He’s a good egg.

NAB3 did not play.


  • Johnathon O’Rourke MID, $206.3K

NAB1 did not play.

NAB2 SC Score 56 with 11 disposals at 81% efficiency, four marks, a tackle and two goals in 70% game time.

NAB3 SC Score 79 with 19 disposals at 63% efficiency, a clearance, four marks, two tackles and a goal in 78% game time. Initially, not someone I’d considered as likely to get games at Hawthorn but he’s been solid in their final two NAB hitouts. Game 3 was against a very inexperienced side in St Kilda but O’Rourke has done his chances of selection no harm. Still a bit pricey for a player that may be in and out or at risk of the green and orange vests.


  • Billy Hartung MID, $195.8K

NAB1 SC Score 55. At just 68 kilos and winning most of his ball on the outside, Hartung is just the sort of player I typically cross off my team list. If he was closer to $100K and could avoid the vest I’d consider. That said though, I think he’ll be a jet in a few years’ time.

NAB2 SC Score 64 with 13 disposals (five contested) at 77% efficiency, two marks, a tackle and two clearances in just 42% game time.

NAB3 did not play.


  • James Sicily FWD, $123.9K

NAB1 SC Score 52. If anger and intensity scored SC points then Sicily would be a top 5 player for sure. Unfortunately, when you have Breust and Gunston in the team only injury or rest will likely result in games for Sicily. According to Hawks supporters he’s had a great preseason but I think there are better forward rookies available.

NAB2 did not play.

NAB3 SC Score 29 after being subbed into game in the third. He had eight disposals at 87% efficiency, two marks, a free for and a goal in 42% game time.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Jared Hardisty played NAB1. A ball magnet as a junior with high disposal efficiency and a body ready for AFL (179cm/88kgs. Teia Miles played well in his only preseason game NAB1. Mark Pittonet has played both games so far. Almost no chance of games this year being a first year ruck with more mature options in front of him. Dallas Willsmore just the one game NAB1. Sam Grimley just the one game NAB1. Daniel Howe has played both games. Jermain Miller-Lewis played NAB1. Kaiden Brand played NAB1 before a serious shoulder injury.




  • Ben Newton MID, $215K

NAB1 SC Score 55 (in a half of footy) – Another Melbourne rookie-priced player that is front of mind for a lot of us, Newton had eight disposals and a goal in the first quarter. He was subbed off at half time after receiving a cut to his head and finished with 13 possessions (86% disposal efficiency and six contested), two clearances, a mark, two tackles, a free for and a goal. Newton showed why Port Adelaide were hesitant to trade him in the first place and looks to be worth the premium rookie price.

NAB2 SC Score 84 from seven kicks, 12 handballs at 79% disposal efficiency, two clearances, three marks, a tackle and a free for from 70% game time. At 22 years of age with a mature body and completing his fifth preseason, Newton is ready to have an immediate impact and will be in a lot of Supercoach teams.

NAB3 SC Score 65 with 17 disposals at 76% efficiency, two clearances, five marks and four tackles in 68% game time. If you compare his SC scores to his game time then he’s on track to rise significantly in value. Well worth the $215K price tag with three good performances with high disposal efficiency. Easily best 22.


  • Christian Salem FWD $185K

NAB1 SC Score 40 with nine disposals, a mark, two tackles and three clearances in 92% game time. A slightly disappointing game for Salem who has apparently had a fantastic preseason and was impressive in intraclub games. He’s just the sort of young player I usually avoid in Supercoach being light of frame with a bias towards uncontested possessions. He’s obviously highly skilled though and could end up an absolute jet in a few years.

NAB2 SC Score 132 with 18 kicks, six handballs (16 uncontested possessions) at 79% disposal efficiency, nine marks, six tackles and one free for. A brilliant game rebounding from defence and a reminder why Melbourne took him at #9 in the 2013 draft. Nice to see his ceiling is high but I’d like a repeat performance against Essendon before committing.

NAB3 SC Score 84 from 14 kicks, six handballs (70% disposal efficiency), a clearance, five marks, five tackles and two frees for in 79% game time. Two very nice performances leading into Round 1 and enjoying the switch into the Dees backline. Roosy’s new Malceski maybe?


  • Aaron Vandenberg MID $127.9K

NAB1 SC Score 62 (in just 48% game time) – Vandenberg came on in the second half and had a big impact with seven kicks, two handballs (88% disposal efficiency), four marks, three tackles and a goal. He’s 23 and stands 189cm/87kgs meaning he’s ready to mix it with the big boys. Vandenberg’s NEAFL numbers are simply extraordinary having averaged 32 disposals in 2014 with just over half of those contested. He also kicks goals as shown in his half of footy against the Dockers. If he gets promoted and named then it becomes a no-brainer. Hopefully he gets a full game against the Doggies.

NAB2 SC Score8 but had just 15% time on ground after copping a hit to the head.

NAB3 SC Score 91 with 14 disposals (10 contested) at 71% efficiency, six tackles, two frees for (one against) and two goals in 73% game time. His running goal was magnificent and showed off his pace. Vandenberg seems to have it all; size, speed, loves the contest, kicks goals, can find a lot of the footy playing MID and is versatile enough to play forward. Lock him in Roosy.


  • Jesse Hogan FWD, $130.4K

NAB1 SC Score 65. Hogan showed some good signs against Freo with 11 possessions, six marks, a tackle and a goal. He’ll obviously play a lot this year and at his price will be a popular choice. There was some concerns around a foot injury this week but he has been named in the squad to play Western Bulldogs on Saturday.

NAB2 SC Score 42 in three quarters of footy (62% game time) with seven disposals at 86% efficiency, three marks, one free for and a goal.

NAB3 SC Score 52 with 11 disposals (5 contested) at 72% efficiency, a clearance, six marks and a free for in 87% game time. He’s the right price Jesse and will be selected as a rookie-priced player in a lot of teams…but there’s plenty of keepers on offer in the forward line and MID rookies who offer more value. Depends on your team structure but I’m not sure there’s room for Hogan in Badger’s 30.


Notes: Jeff Garlett –at just under $260K Garlett could be worth a spot in you forward line. He’s shown in the past he’s capable of big scores and from 2010 > 2013 averaged between 72 and 78 which would have him priced north of $380K and up to around $415K. *Great recent performance in NAB2 with 118 SC points. **Another good performance in NAB3.




NO rookie-priced players for a write-up.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Trent Dumont played NAB1 – surprised he didn’t get further opportunity in NAB2 and NAB3. May provide a trade-down target during the season as he’s a very good player and at 187cm and 85kg has the body to compete. Max Warren played NAB1. Daniel Nielsen played NAB1.


Notes: Jamie Macmillan – just six games last year due to injury. He played 22 games in 2013 and averaged 73 which would have him priced at $391K compared to his 2015 start price of $279.9K – I think he’s still best 22. Scored 71 and 93 in NAB1 and NAB2. Subbed out in NAB3 at 44 in 61% game time.  Ben Jacobs – looked good against the Crows and had brilliant VFL form 2014. Has now played all three preseason games with SC Scores of 80, 60 and 54. Joel Tippett is just outside rookie-pricing and scored 60, 26 and 59.




  • John Butcher FWD, $209.3K

NAB1 SC Score 46 with seven disposals (five contested) at 42% efficiency, three marks and a goal in 86% game time against WCE.

NAB2 SC Score 21 with just four kicks, a clearance and three marks in 76% game time against Richmond. The ball didn’t get to the Power’s forward line all that much with a very inexperienced line-up – won’t happen during the home and away rounds with Port’s big men receiving some of the best forward 50 entries in the comp.

NAB3 SC Score 69 with seven kicks at 71% efficiency, six marks, a tackle and five goals in 86% game time. Butcher put his hand up as a viable option for Hinkley and may get early season games as a result. With Ryder’s likely return either by Round 1 or early season it may prove difficult for him to hold his place in the team though.


  • Tom Clurey DEF, $150K

NAB1 SC Score 45. Clurey will become a best 22 Defender at some stage in the future but perhaps not 2015. He is one of Port Adelaide’s best runners and has excellent disposal efficiency. At $150K he represents good value for a key defender that is capable of multiple effective spoils and good use of the ball – but you’d only select Clurey if selected for his third game after good performances in the two prior matches. Possibly a trade down target during the season but be mindful of Jackson Trengove’s return from injury at some stage and even Paul Stewart’s impressive preseason performances in defence.

NAB2 SC Score 71 with 10 possessions at 90% efficiency, three marks, a tackle and a goal. Quite a few effective spoils too.

NAB3 SC Score 13 with five disposals and three marks in 40% game time. Not the final preseason hitout we were looking for with few rookie-priced defenders and Clurey a reasonably low priced option. Unlikely especially with Jackson Trengove’s imminent return.


  • Nathan Krakouer FWD/MID $106.9K

NAB1 SC Score 42 in just 38% game time. Krakouer had five kicks, two handballs (100% disposal efficiency) and a mark in a nice return to AFL football. As a dual position player he will be useful in Supercoach for structural purposes and is a very nice price. We all know that he is capable of high scores as demonstrated in 2009 and a return to his beloved SA and to be back in a familiar environment at the Power can only be good news. Obviously, with Port one of the few flag favourites it will be a difficult 22 to crack into but he may prove a handy in-season trade if selected.

NAB2 SC Score 78 with nine kicks, one handball (80% disposal efficiency) and two marks in just 54% game time. Even with low game time, Krakouer has shown the ability to slot straight back in senior AFL action if selected.

NAB3 did not play.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Karl Amon has played NAB1 and NAB2. Brendan Ah Chee has played NAB1 and NAB2. Even if opportunity arises through injury within Port’s midfield I think Aaron Young would be given the nod ahead of Ah Chee. Sam Gray has played NAB1 and NAB2. Darcy Byrne-Jones played NAB2. Johann Wagner played NAB2. Douglas Howard played NAB2. Jesse Palmer played NAB2. Sam Russell played NAB2. Mitch Harvey played NAB2.


Notes: Aaron Young played in almost all of Port’s games in the second half of 2014 but did not gain a finals berth. When he escaped the vests he posted reasonable SC scores for a low-priced option. He is a dual position FWD/MID and is worth keeping an eye on.

Paul Stewart – at just over $260K Stewart (FWD in Supercoach) has put in two very impressive performances playing defence in both NAB Challenge games. His SANFL disposal efficiency in season 2014 was excellent and he demonstrated this in NAB1 (104SC) against the Eagles with 100% effectiveness from 11 kicks and five handballs as well as two marks, three tackles, a free for, a clearance and a team-high amount of effective spoils all in 73% game time. NAB2 saw Stewart start back again – he finished with 20 disposals at 75% efficiency, seven marks and a tackle. Looking forward to NAB3 to see if he’s selected. Quiet NAB3 as SUB in just 26% game time. Unlikely.




  • Ben Lennon FWD, $180.4K

NAB1 SC Score 73. Lennon had 16 disposals at 75% efficiency (13 kicks which is nice to see), two marks and two tackles during 77% game time. Lennon is a great user of the ball and he’d be hoping to escape the green vest and play more games this year. If he achieves both outcomes he’d be a great addition to your team.

NAB2 SC Score 77 with 14 disposals at a poor 50% efficiency (unusual for Lennon who’s a good user of the ball), five marks, two goals with one of those a nine-pointer. If he has another good game in NAB3 then he’s got to be a good chance at Round 1 selection.

NAB3 SC Score 48 with 12 disposals (six contested) at 58% efficiency, five marks, a free for and a goal in 83% game time. I’ve got him pencilled into my forward line.


  • Kamdyn McIntosh DEF, $123.9K

NAB1 did not play.

NAB2 SC Score 71 with nine kicks, six handballs (60% disposal efficiency), a clearance, three marks, four tackles and a free for in 84% game time. Started in defence then switched to play as a defensive forward.

NAB3 SC Score 77 with 10 kicks, seven handballs (70% disposal efficiency), three frees against, six marks and a goal in 88% time one ground. McIntosh was pick 31 in 2012 and stands 192cm and 87kg. His two NAB games have been impressive playing as a defensive forward and he now provides us a rookie-priced option in our Supercoach defence. Keep in mind that he had a relatively inconsistent year in the VFL and Newman will likely return to the side in the early rounds. Possibility of Hardwick playing McIntosh ahead of one of the RUCK/FWD types with Maric able to handle a heavy work load.


  • Kane Lambert MID/FWD, $102.4K

NAB1 SC Score 85. At that price and with dual position status you certainly have to consider Lambert. He also happens to be mature age and a bit of a ball magnet. Against the Doggies he had 15 disposals at 80% efficiency (eight contested), four marks and five tackles – all that in 65% game time. I still can’t figure out if there’s a place in Richmond’s midfield for him though.

NAB2 SC Score 50 with 12 disposals, two marks and a goal in 60% game time. Not as noticeable against Port with some of Richmond’s usual suspects dominating the possession count.

NAB3 SC Score 41 with 10 disposals at 50% efficiency, a clearance, three marks, a free for and a goal in 71% game time. Not quite convinced but close, especially as a FWD selection in SC.


  • Nathan Drummond MID, $117.3K

NAB1 SC Score 45. Average game in NAB 1. Drummond is a mature age recruit and stands 182cm and 84kg. He has very good endurance and is a nice kick of the ball. He had a brilliant final year in the TAC Cup and won the best and fairest for the Murray Bushrangers. At 20 years of age and with some excellent football ability he may get some games with the Tigers this year.

NAB2 did not play.

NAB3 did not play.


  • Reece McKenzie FWD, $117.3K

NAB1 SC Score 42. Already a monster-sized 197cm and 107kg. In just 37 minutes game time McKenzie had five possessions at 80% efficiency (three contested), a mark, a tackle, a free for and a shot at goal for a point. Nice start I reckon and his 2014 junior numbers were unbelievable, especially for a guy who took the previous year off to pursue basketball. He’s fast, has an excellent vertical leap and a background in basketball (we all know recruiters love kids with basketball backgrounds…spatial awareness and all that). Apart from his endurance, which can be worked on, I have no idea what the other knocks on his game are to slide to pick 77. I hope he gets some game time this year – he has the size, speed and confidence to mix it with the big boys.

NAB2 did not play.

NAB3 did not play.


Other Rookie-Priced Players:  Liam McBean played NAB1 and NAB2. Nathan Gordon played NAB1 and NAB2. Todd Elton played NAB1 and NAB2. Jason Castagna played NAB1. Jayden Short played NAB1. Dan Butler played NAB1.




  • Jack Lonie FWD, $117.3K

NAB1 SC Score 54. Lonie started as sub against the Lions and came on late in the second quarter. An impressive SC score from just 59% game time and a tidy 71% disposal efficiency. I remain slightly concerned with putting 18 year olds that weigh less than 70kg into my SC side – generally, they don’t get a lot of game time nor win their own ball. However, based on Lonie’s junior career he could prove the exception to the rule and the Saints will give him plenty of games (with nice green and red vests thrown in).

NAB2 SC Score 105 from 17 disposals at 82% efficiency, three marks, two tackles, a free for and a goal. Another excellent game from Lonie. Has to be a strong consideration for one of your forward bench spots.

NAB3 SC Score 33 with eight disposals at 50% efficiency, three tackles and a hitout from 76% game time. I wouldn’t call it crashing back down to Earth when you’re playing against the reigning premier but it was a quieter game for Lonie.


  • Ahmed Saad FWD, $151.1K

NAB1 SC Score 41. Saad is a decent small forward and at a touch over $150K is worthy of Supercoach selection if promoted off the rookie list. Saad can regularly score 80-90 SC points when on song but he needs to find a bit more ball to lock in a best 22 spot – the Saints are rebuilding and Alan Richardson will continue to pump games into the kids. Saad could be competing for a small forward role against the likes of Templeton, Minchington and Lonie.

NAB2 SC Score 72 with 10 disposals, two marks, four tackles and a goal.

NAB3 SC Score 48 with eight kicks, three handballs (82% disposal efficiency), a clearance, five marks, three tackles and two frees against in 75% game time.


  • Tim Membrey FWD, $172K

NAB1 SC Score 28. Kicked the first goal but only managed six possies across 83% game time. Not a great sign but Membrey remains firmly in my sites. He’s come from a good system up north (Swans) and posted some exceptional and consistent scoring in the NEAFL. I reckon there’s room for TM to lock in a spot in the Saints forward-line and at 188cm, 89kg and onto his third preseason he’s ready-made.

NAB2 SC Score 72 with 10 disposals (five contested) at 71% efficiency, four marks, a tackle and a goal. I’ll be waiting to see his NAB3 performance and Round 1 teams before seriously considering.

NAB3 SC Score 40 with seven disposals, a mark, three tackles, two hitouts and a free for in 86% game time. Tough opposition but with just one good game in the preseason I’m not yet convinced.


  • Paddy McCartin FWD, $222.3K

NAB1 SC Score 62. It was a good hit out for McCartin in his first competitive outing for the Saints. A future gun for sure, and could potentially make an impact against the lower sides this year. But at north of $220K, as a young key position player (admittedly he’s a monster for an 18 year old at 194cm and an impressive 96kg) and with the Saints young midfield unlikely to provide silver service with potential low forward entry numbers, I can’t see Paddy making my team.

NAB2 SC Score 25 in a quiet game with just four kicks, two marks and a goal.

NAB3 SC Score 40 with 8 disposals (four contested) at 87% efficiency, a mark, two tackles, two frees for and a goal in 87% game time. Just too expensive to take the risk for a young key position player.


  • Hugh Goddard DEF/FWD $122.3K

NAB1 did not play.

NAB2 SC Score 56 with nine disposals at 100% efficiency, five marks, a hitout and a number of effective spoils in 86% game time. At 196cm and 94kg Goddard is a ready-made Defender (let’s face it, the Saints won’t play him forward much) who we can also select as a Forward.

NAB3 did not play.


  • Blake Acres MID, $220.7K

NAB1 SC Score 46 with nine disposals at 77% efficiency, a tackle and a clearance in 68% game time. I generally like a second year former top 20 draft pick that’s still rookie-priced but I’m not convinced Acres will see game time without risk of the vest and hopefully without reoccurrence of injury. Worth consideration.

NAB2 SC Score 46 (again) with 15 disposals at 67% efficiency, four marks, a goal and unfortunately three frees against/one for. I think there’s better midfield value in Supercoach.

NAB3 SC Score 37 with 11 kicks, four handballs (73% disposal efficiency), two clearances, six marks and a tackle in 77% game time. Admittedly I’m surprised at the very low SC score with those stats (he scored 63 in DT) but another whose price is too high to consider with so many other MID options available.


  • Eli Templeton FWD $221.3K

NAB1 did not play.

NAB2 SC Score 46 with 11 disposals at 82% efficiency, three marks, three tackles and a free for. He played the first six games of last season before breaking his arm in Q1 of Round 6. Richardson will look to give him plenty of games and a 20+ SC point rise in average won’t surprise me at all.

NAB3 SC Score 23 with 11 disposals at just 45% efficiency, two clearances, a mark and two tackles in 79% game time. Too expensive I think.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Rookie Jack Sinclair played NAB2 and NAB3. Jason Holmes played NAB1 and NAB2. Lewis Pierce played NAB3.




  • Isaac Heeney MID $137.3K

NAB1 SC Score 63. Heeney, a likely top 5 draft pick and absolute steal at pick 18 through the Swans academy, is priced extremely low compared to his scoring ability. How he’ll break into the Swans team and then avoid the vest will be a difficult task. He played well against the Lions with 14 disposals, three marks, two tackles, a free for and two clearances in 78% game time. He definitely has the build to play straight away (186cm/84kgs) and may be useful in Supercoach as a trade down target after being named for his third game assuming he misses early season selection.

NAB2 SC Score 59 with 13 disposals (six contested) at a poor efficiency of 38%, two clearances, two marks, two tackles, a free for and a goal in 74% game time.

NAB3 SC Score 91 with 12 disposals at 83% efficiency, five marks, five tackles, three frees for (one against) and two goals in 81% game time. A strong conclusion to a great preseason for Heeney and every chance at being selected in the starting 21 (although will probably get a few green vests along the way). I don’t have Heeney…yet…with other low priced mids ahead of him in terms of job security. I’d wait until 30 mins before Sydney’s opener against Essendon to see if he starts.


  • Dean Towers FWD $210.5K

NAB1 SC Score 70. Towers had 11 disposals at 72% efficiency (four contested), five marks, one tackle, a free for, a goal and three clearances. It was a good game from a rookie-priced forward, but again, I’d hesitate to pick any Sydney rookie-priced players unless they string together a couple exceptional in-season games. In his favour, Towers is 24, a good size (189cm/83kg) and is exceptionally athletic. He’s also a former winner of the VFL’s Fothergill-Round Medal for most promising young talent. Other recent winners include Kane Lambert, Ahmed Saad, Michael Hibberd and Sir Michael Barlow.

NAB2 SC Score 90 with 15 disposals (seven contested) at 66% efficiency, a clearance, one mark and three tackles in 79% game time.

NAB3 SC Score 71 with four kicks, 10 handballs (8 contested possessions) at 71% disposal efficiency, a mark, three tackles and a goal in 86% game time. Towers has put strung together three good games in a row and could be rewarded. Keep in mind that Tippett is a likely return Round 1 and Sydney have a lot of mids who rotate into the forward line. His position may also depend on the form and health of Adam Goodes.


  • Sam Naismith RUCK $150K

NAB1 SC Score 17 with just two contested disposals, two clearances, 11 hitouts, two frees for and two against and 84% game time. Not a convincing game to consider him.

NAB2 SC Score 34 with five disposals, a clearance, two tackles and seven hitouts in 71% game time.

NAB3 SC Score 50 with two kicks, nine handballs (72% disposal efficiency), three marks, five tackles and 17 hitouts in 76% game time. None of his preseason matches have stood out but the fact that he played NAB3 and Nankervis didn’t means Naismith might be used as second ruck to Mike Pyke. Looks like Derickx has lost his place in the team.


  • Daniel Robinson MID $123.9K

NAB1 SC Score 52 with 11 disposals (six contested) at a low 36% efficiency, two marks and a tackle in 76% game time. Coming into his third preseason and at 20 years of age and 183cm/84kg, he’s a big enough body to handle the rigours of senior AFL footy. His 2014 NEAFL numbers were exceptional playing as a mid.

NAB2 SC Score 80 with three kicks, 11 handballs (11 contested possessions) with a disposal efficiency of 64%, four clearances, one mark, four tackles and a free for all in just 57% game time. A much better game than NAB1 and highlighted his hunger for the contest.

NAB3 SC Score 29 with seven disposals at a poor 42% efficiency, a clearance, four marks, three tackles, three frees against (one for) and a goal in 69% game time. A poor game but Robinson was unlikely to debut early season with the Swans midfield one of the best in the league. A very good player though and a potential trade down target during the year.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Toby Nankervis quiet game NAB1 and barely any game time in NAB2. Might get a chance to support Myke Pyke but so could Naismith. Brandon Jack played NAB1 and NAB2 but nothing eye-catching yet. Xavier Richards played NAB1 and NAB2. Jack Hiscox played NAB1. Rookie Lewis Melican played NAB1.




  • Dom Sheed MID $214.5K

NAB1 SC Score 73 with 12 disposals, five marks, four tackles, a free for and a clearance in 67% game time. Sheed remains a rookie-priced player, albeit on the higher end of the scale and was drafted at pick at #11 in 2013. At 187cm and 83kg he’s ready to step in, especially if he can bring his WAFL form into the big league.

NAB2 SC Score 65 with 16 disposals at 68% efficiency (eight contested), a mark, three tackles and five clearances in 70% game time.

NAB3 SC Score 78 with 23 disposals at 82% efficiency, two clearances, eight marks and two frees for (one against) in 70% game time. Overall pretty impressive numbers if you look at SC points scored compared to time on ground. Flying under the radar as a higher priced rookie option.


  • Tom Lamb FWD, $117.3K

NAB1 SC Score 13 (subbed on at halftime). Just four disposals in a half of footy against Carlton’s reserves doesn’t bode well for Lamb as an SC selection. He’s got a history of inconsistency and seems a project player, and project players take time. On a positive note he has both the size and endurance to play straight away, and I can see him developing into a very good player in the future.

NAB2 SC Score 82 with 10 kicks, four handballs, six marks and a goal from 62% game time. A much more impressive effort than his first game against Carlton. A great first quarter and perhaps my earlier doubts of Lamb getting consistent game time could be amended, especially with Jack Darling out for 1-2 months. Looking forward to seeing how Lamb performs in NAB3.

NAB3 SC Score 42 with 13 disposals at 69% efficiency, four marks and a goal in 79% game time. Not sure there’s room for Lamb in my team, with other rookies putting their hand up as higher scoring Supercoach Forwards and an overload of premium options.


  • Jackson Nelson MID $117.3K

NAB1 SC Score 61 with 10 kicks, two handballs (92% disposal efficiency), three marks, three tackles, a free for and a clearance in 77% game time. Nelson is a big bodied midfielder at 188cm and 80kg and has shown a love for the contested stuff in his junior career.

NAB2 SC Score 37 with seven disposals at 71% efficiency, three marks, a tackle and a free for in 67% game time. Could get early games depending on the availability of others.

NAB3 SC Score 39 with eight disposals at 87% efficiency and a tackle in 68% game time. Played as a defender on Michael Walters.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Fraser McInnes played well in NAB2 and showed an ability to pinch hit in the Ruck with 12 hitouts. Also had 10 disposals (eight contested) along with an impressive seven tackles, a mark and three free kicks in 65% game time. Also played NAB3. Simon Tunbridge has now played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Malcolm Karpany played NAB1 and NAB2, and is a dual position DEF/FWD. Brant Colledge played NAB2 and was pretty quiet. Liam Duggan was on for the second half of NAB2 and found the ball just twice in 31% game time. Pick #11 in the most recent draft with impressive numbers in his 2014 junior games.




  • Jack Redpath FWD, $204.3K

NAB1 SC Score 82 with eight kicks, two handballs (70% disposal efficiency), two clearances, seven marks, a tackle and two goals in 85% game time. Impressive game.

NAB2 SC Score just 37 with six disposals at 100% efficiency, two marks and a tackle in 75% game time.

NAB3 SC Score 72 with 11 kicks, two handballs (eight contested possessions) with a disposal efficiency of 61%, a clearance, seven marks, two tackles and two goals in 91% game time. May have cemented his place alongside Boyd and a viable FWD in Supercoach. At 24 years, 194cm, 99kg and having completed his third preseason, he should be able to handle the rigours of AFL as a key forward.


  • Caleb Daniel FWD, $117.3K

NAB1 did not play. 

NAB2 SC Score 62 with four kicks, 12 handballs (seven contested possessions), a disposal efficiency of 75%, three clearances, two marks and two tackles. Daniel was a freakishly good player as a junior with the only concerns around his height (167cm) and perhaps pace (i.e. needs to be super quick like Boomer at that height). He’s a natural footballer and could easily get games in the Doggies forward line. Hope he gets a crack against the Pies in NAB3.

NAB3 SC Score 23 with three kicks, eight handballs (63% disposal efficiency), three marks and two tackles in 42% game time. Was used as starting SUB which might be a preview of his in-season games.


  • Joel Hamling DEF, $123.9K

NAB1 SC Score 57 (Vs Richmond) with nine disposals at 55% efficiency, five marks and a tackle in 55% game time. Hamling has come from an exceptional system down at Geelong where he averaged six spoils per game in the VFL (third in the whole comp) along with 11 disposals. Definitely a chance at cementing his spot as a key defender with the departures of Tom Williams, Tom Young and Mark Austin. At 21 years, 194cm and 82kg and having now completed four preseasons, Hamling could be a slow-burn cash cow and offer at least a 40-60 point emergency. His current competition for a spot in the team is Jordan Kelly (Rookie List), Zaine Cordy who is a first year key so unlikely, Fletcher Roberts and Michael Talia (with Roughead and Morris locks when fit). I suspect he’ll be battling with Talia for selection or might otherwise find his way into the team if 32 year old Morris needs a rest.

NAB2 SC Score 53 (Vs Melbourne) with seven disposals at 85% efficiency, four marks and two tackles in 89% game time.

NAB3 SC Score 51 (Vs Collingwood) with 11 disposals at 91% efficiency, four marks and two tackles in 69% game time after starting as sub. Hamling’s biggest threat in Michael Talia had a cracker game with 20 disposals at 85% efficiency, five marks, a tackle and a hitout in 90% game time. I wouldn’t pencil him in until named Round 1 and even then there may emerge some better rookie defenders such as Kamdyn McIntosh who wasn’t on too many radars prior to Richmond’s game against North.


Other Rookie-Priced Players: Lukas Webb played NAB2. Joel Hamling played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Josh Prudden played NAB1 and NAB2. Rookie Jordan Kelly played NAB2. Daniel Pearce played NAB2. Toby McLean played NAB2. Just 36% game time with three disposals and three tackles. A great junior footballer and definitely good enough to be selected in the seniors. Would like to see him play more minutes in NAB3. Declan Hamilton played NAB2. Bailey Dale played NAB2. Rookie Rourke Smith played NAB2.


Notes:  Brett Goodes – very impressive in NAB2 and NAB3. I had my doubts on Goodes getting games but I think I now stand corrected. Has a high ceiling and will appear in a large percentage of Supercoach teams. NAB3 Goodes scored 121 SC Points with 12 kicks, seven handballs (11 contested) with a disposal efficiency of 79%, four marks, six tackles, a free for and two goals in 78% game time.

Lin Jong – started off exceptionally well against Richmond and ended up scoring 89 SC points with 19 disposals (11 contested), six marks and one tackle in 74% game time. He’s a big midfielder standing 190cm and 87kg with great speed and power. Considering he only started playing footy at 15, his rapid improvement is very impressive and I think he’ll continue to get better. With Libba unfortunately done for the year and Griffen having moved North of Albury, I think Jong could improve his SC output significantly. NAB a reasonable game and very impressive in NAB3 with 100 SC points from four kicks, 16 handballs (nine contested possessions) at 85% disposal efficiency, a mark, eight tackles and two goals in 82% game time. Jong is exceptional value at $273.2K.



Author: Badger


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34 thoughts on “Badger’s EPIC Rookie Review:”

  1. Brilliant work lads. Cripps just made his way back into my squad! Think he’s def worth the little extra $$$

    Struggling with the backline and probably clutching at straws….he’s not a rookie but priced at 245k is B Goodes – worth a punt? In 2013 he averaged 91 from 13 games. NAB 2 scored 79 SC points with 16 disposals…


  2. Great write up badger half way through reading it do gonna read the rest after work deffaintly gonna be interesting to see if miller and gc saad will get a game or not if they play well in nab 3 I reckon they should


  3. Awesome write up! Thank you so much.

    I just finished up doing some strength of schedule work, and since early season strength of schedule can affect cash generation I thought I’d share it.

    I took the standings from the 2014 season and divided the teams into 5 groups. (There were conveniently obvious breakpoints.) Average opponent got a 0, difficult opponents got a -1 or -2, and easier opponents got a +1 or +2. I’m assuming that variations will mostly balance out and that the very best and worst teams will not change dramatically in quality.

    -2: Sydney Swans, Hawthorn, Geelong Cats, Freemantle
    -1: Port Adelaide, North Melbourne
    0: Essendon, Richmond, WC Eagles, Adelaide Crows, Collingwood, GC Suns
    1: Carlton, Western Bulldogs, Brisbane Lions. GWS Giants
    2: Melbourne, St. Kilda

    Then I took the schedule and added up the number for each team based on their opponents. I divided the season up into four 5 week groups, plus the week 11-13 byes. I’ve put the results below. The numbers on the headers are week. BB is before bye and AB and after bye. An “x” means the team has no matches before or after their bye. They are sorted by the week 1-5 totals. (Sorry for the formatting challenges, I can’t seem to get the columns to line up after I post. Anyone who knows how to get this to look nice please let me know.)

    1-5 6-10 BB AB 14-18 19-23 1-10 Bye 14-23 Total
    Gold Coast Suns 5 -4 -2 1 1 -2 1 -1 -1 -1
    Collingwood 4 -1 1 -2 0 -3 3 -1 -3 -1
    Adelaide Crows 3 2 x -1 -5 -1 5 -1 -6 -2
    Richmond 3 -4 x -2 0 -1 -1 -2 -1 -4
    GWS Gaints 2 1 -1 x -2 0 3 -1 -2 0
    St. Kilda 2 0 2 1 2 -7 2 3 -5 0
    W. Coast Eagles 2 -2 0 x 0 -1 0 0 -1 -1
    Carlton 2 -2 x -1 -4 2 0 -1 -2 -3
    Melbourne -1 -4 0 x 3 0 -2 0 3 1
    Sydney Swans -1 3 -1 0 -2 1 2 -1 -1 0
    Brisbane Lions -1 3 x 1 -5 0 2 1 -5 -2
    Essendon -1 -4 0 -2 3 1 -5 -2 4 -3
    Freemantle -3 0 0 0 1 2 -3 0 3 0
    Hawthorn -3 3 x 0 -3 -1 0 0 -4 -4
    Western Bulldogs -4 2 x 3 -1 1 -2 3 0 1
    North Melbourne -4 -2 -1 x 0 3 -6 -1 3 -4
    Geelong Cats -5 -1 1 x 2 -2 -6 1 0 -5
    Port Adelaide -7 4 -1 x 0 -2 -3 -1 -2 -6

    As far as good for rookies; the Gold Coast Suns and Richmond have a good first 5 matches followed by an awful 5. Collingwood has a great first 5 and decent next 5, while Adelaide is good up until their bye. GWS Giants and St. Kilda both are pretty good through their first 10.

    There are some teams that have awfully rough starts. Port Adelaide has an awful start, although their schedule after their first 4 is nice up to their bye. North Melbourne and Geelong both have a rough first 5 and then average seasons after that. Hawthorn and the Western Bulldogs have rough first 5s followed by an easy 6-10s.

    Of course teams with difficult starts might be a source of fallen premiums. I’m wondering if I want Wines at the start of the season now, although in theory I’d want to keep him all year, but how far might his price drop…..

    I was surprised at how different the totals are between different teams. There’s probably a lot more that could be figured out with more thought. I hope this is helpful.


  4. If Brown doesn’t make it in defence for Pies, is Oxley a chance to play, or is he a chance to be considered anyway?


  5. Great job mate. Obviously grabbing the right rookies makes all the difference. Your wrote up goes a long way towards helping me settle on my guys. Thanks for the effort, you’ve done a power of work!


  6. Sensational work Badger
    I’ll be watching Jayden Laverde tomorrow night with interest playing his first game for the Bombers he was touted a top 10 draft prospect but got through to the Bombers at pick 20. This kid can play.



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