Badger’s Midpricer Madness

Written by Badger on June 11 2014

Hi all, I’m simplifying the midpricer list a little. Hope you don’t mind the new format but my previous efforts were too many words and too many players that we just wouldn’t select (except maybe in the draft leagues). Let me know if I’ve missed any obvious players.

Midpricer List ($200 > $500K)


Heath Shaw $437,600 av. 91.80 (last two scores 95 and 127) – Shaw’s as cheap as he’s going to get and is set for a big price rise (breakeven of just 40). Obviously you need to be prepared for a roller coaster ride but at this price there might be room depending on your strategy, cash in the bank and where you sit on your league ladder.

Pearce Hanley $439,800 av. 89.89 (last two scores 98 and 119) – Hanley has had 22 and 23 disposals respectively the last two weeks along with nine and 12 tackles. Good numbers and he has a very high ceiling. Nice price too.

Brodie Smith $479,400 av. 96.40 (last two scores 98 and 123) – if you’re looking for a differentiator and a Defender with a high ceiling then Smith could be your man.

Andrew Walker $470,100 av. 88.56 (last two scores 74 and 106) – He’s been a bit up and down this year but that’s included a couple of niggles. Walker was sensational last year and may creep back up towards a 100+ average in the second half of 2014. Worthy of a spot in your defence especially at his current price (started at $572,500)

Other Defenders to consider: Lynden Dunn (116 and 145), Paul Duffield (109 and 130),Grant Birchall (99 and 82), Luke Hodge (123 and 57), Sam Docherty (102 and 85), Garrick Ibbotson (40 and 102 – wait another week)


Claye Beams $229,400 av. 71.33 (last two scores 53 and 99) – He’d be a bloody good player if he could stay on the park. 24 disposals and a goal on the weekend. Price is low enough to bring in as a high-scoring (hopefully) cash cow.

David Zaharakis $469,300 av. 86.73 (last two scores 142 and 126) – 34 disposals, four marks, five tackles a free for and two goals. Something’s clicked.

Andrew Swallow $477,500 av. 80.50 (last two scores 87 and 109) – Swallow now has a relatively low breakeven of 90 and got his first 100+ scores for the year with 29 disposals, three marks, seven tackles and four frees for (one against). Remember, North have a great run home in rounds 21-24. Would be a unique pick.

Dane Swan – $498,400 av. 95.30 (last two scores 87 and 89) – Swan under $500K! Look, to be honest he won’t be making his way into my team anytime soon but at under half a mill there was no way I couldn’t include him.

Dane Zorko – see FWD write-up

Other Midfielders to consider: Jack Steven (78 and 102), Isaac Smith (last two scores 113 and 121), Stephen Hill (last two scores 117 and 126). Isaac Smith and Stephen Hill are carbon copies of each other. Take a look at their last five weeks stats.


Nick Naitanui $422,000 av. 78.745 (last two scores 116 and 113) – Has Naitanui shrugged off any niggles and could he emerge as the highest scoring ruckman for the second half of 2014. Maybe. Last two weeks he’s looked good.

Todd Goldstein $473,900 av. 93.64 (last two scores 75 and 166) – A monster game on the weekend saw some faith restored in the giant from the North. 43 hitouts, 20 disposals six marks, five tackles and a goal saw Goldstein get 166 SC points and hopefully a big boost in confidence (another player I think thrives when confident). Perhaps we’ll see a spike in his upcoming scores.

Stefan Martin RUCK/FWD $242,700 av. 112 (first score for the year 112) – an extremely impressive first game for the year against Will Minson. Martin had 32 hitouts and 17 disposals. Maybe wait another week to see what he does against Mumford.

Other Rucks to consider: Matthew Lobbe (93 and 150), Zac Smith (108 and 115)


Jarman Impey $236,900 av. 48.36 (last two scores (77 and 117) – he’s been a slow burn Impey generally providing scores < 60 SC points. However his last two weeks have been great, in particular his game against the Saints at home. Impey had 20 disposals, eight marks, a tackle and a goal. He’s still low enough in price to consider bringing in a cash cow if you don’t have him. Breakeven of – (minus) 52.

Jarryd Roughead $478,700 av. 95.50 (last two scores 52 and 184) – Oh Roughie, you had me commit the worst possible SC sin and have punished me thus. Yes, I got sick of the inconsistency and got wind of a supposed injury so pulled the trigger – Roughead to Franklin. It’s still hurting but perhaps by finals time I’ll be glad I did…or not.

*Lance Franklin $443,400 av. 84.11 (last two scores 108 and 71) – a little bit disappointing on the weekend, especially after trading out Roughead for Franklin. At least the big Swan still got over 70 points and three goals in a relatively quiet game for him.

Dane Zorko $408,900 av. 93.36 (last two scores 131 and 110) – is Zorko back to his best? Can you swallow your pride and allow yourself to trade him in/back in? He’s burnt a lot of us in the past but his midfield performances in the last couple games have been great.

Stefan Martin – see Ruck write-up

Other Forwards to consider: Tom Hawkins (52 and 127), Travis Cloke (164 and 86), Matthew Pavlich, Chad Wingard (10 and 112 – wait one more week), Ben McGlynn (130 and 108), Nick Riewoldt (79 and 87 – the balls not getting into the Saints forward line enough).

Bon Voyage former Midpricer:­­­­­­­

Craig Bird

­­Levi Greenwood

Jordan Lewis


Author: Badger


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31 thoughts on “Badger’s Midpricer Madness”

  1. Been tossing up between Stevie J and Swallow for the last couple of days. One in bad form but with an easy run until finals and the ability to huge, the other coming off a serious injury but with a dream run through the SC finals.

    Is it really worth the $40k saving to go Swallow over Stevie J?

    T/U: Go for it

    T/D: Not the best idea.


  2. Wait and see what happens this week with Zaharakis.

    Heppell and Watson were almost always tag-targets 1 & 2 but with Jobe going down the other opposition ‘run with’ midfield tag role will almost certainly go to Zaharakis, Goddard, or Stanton. My pick is Zaharakis because he’s been the most damaging out of the middle the last 2 weeks.


  3. Nic nat average only 78 liking that for r2 next year, will be very under priced if he goes through preseason unscathed


  4. HELP…I have 9 trades left, $72.4k, obviously going for league.
    Here is all my non-prem, inj, or spud-prem players.
    easy game this week. then playing evenly matched teams for 2 weeks. 11th on ladder, 2 games from 8.
    T/U Trade
    T/D Hold
    If I trade. Who goes out, who comes in?
    Def……. BE ……Ave.
    Enright 102+ 80
    Suckling 89+ 84
    Langdon 79+ 81
    B.Martin 41+ 50

    Jobe INJURED
    Cotchin 124+ 98
    Polec 102+ 91
    Hartung 59+ 44
    Shenton 5+ 77

    Fasolo 75+ 73
    L.Taylor 64+ 54
    C.Cameron 0 59


  5. Thinking of bringing in Swallow. Thoughts

    T/U Get him as quick as he will be a top 6 defender
    T/D Hold off for a few weeks as Gold Coast have West Coast (away), Geelong, Hawks and Collingwood


  6. last premo spot in mids was thinking k.mitchell to stevie j
    but wondering if i should take the punt on jack steven or stephen hill??


  7. Having real trouble getting my team to come together, I have 15 trades left but only 45,000 in the bank and I have a good few positions to fill any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    This is my current team.

    D. Swallow, McVeigh, Bartel, Birchall, Hanley, Langford (Litherland, Bews)

    Ablett, Pendles, Beams, J. Selwood, R. Gray, Priddis, L. McDonald, Hallahan (Z. O’Brien, D. Barry)

    Sandilands, Jacobs (King, Nankervis)

    Dangerfield, Dusty, Zorko, Buddy, P. Ambrose, Tex Walker (L. Taylor, Honeychurch)


  8. Have 13 trades so need to get a bit more aggressive. Sitting 5th in all leagues and only aiming for league wins.

    Have the Jobe so he has to go. Also thinking Higgins is ripe to upgrade.

    TU: Sloane & Parker
    TD: Barlow & Gray

    Any better options other than those combos that I may have missed? Have $1,114,600 to spend.

    Mids are Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Murphy, Selwood, Goddard, Cotchin
    Fwds are Danger, Martin, Pavlich, Zorko, Walker


  9. I see why you’re struggling, tough position. You have a few rookies ready to cull but not many downgrade options to generate some cash for upgrades.

    I’d probably trade Mcdonald to C. Beams, past the bubble but still got a fair bit of cash to make and should outscore Mcdonald and frees up about 100k. You could do Taylor to Beams instead but doesn’t free up as much cash.

    Taylor to Mcgovern would free up about 160k but not sure about his job security, you do have some coverage with the Honeychurch/Gray DPP but it’s still a risky move.

    Doing both will free up enough cash to upgrade Hallahan or Langford next week. Good luck.


  10. Looking at generating some cash. Thinking of committing a sin and down grade this week Jacobs to Nic Nat.
    This would let me upgrade 2 premiums for next week.

    is Nic Nat back . Has he been allowed off the Lyon leash?

    Thumbs up — trade
    thumbs down — r u crazy

    Or comment


  11. Considering stefan martin for fwd/ruck. Has at least 5 weeks in him and would be used to replace a 70 point forward (eg fasolo). Raises 100k, increases flexibility and lets me keep my cashcows in ambrose/cameron a bit longer.


  12. Don’t like the idea of bringing in anyone with a BE of 133

    TU – Stevie J at $516k is a bargain jump on, get JPK next week he has a BE of 152
    TD – Wait a week



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