Badger’s Midpricer Madness

Written by Badger on June 18 2014

The good news – there’s plenty of value in this week’s midpricer list. Special mentions to Anthony Miles, Stefan Martin, Nick Naitanui and Jeremy McGovern, and also to former midpricers Lynden Dunn and David Zaharakis – they’re too expensive for me to do a write-up on but both are in exceptional form and have very high ceilings. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone.

Midpricer List ($200 > $500K)


Heath Shaw $468,700 av. 93.36 (last two scores 109 and 127) – With his breakeven of 40 going into round 13, Shaw rewarded those that brought him in with 109 and a pricerise of $31.1K. Could be a risk worth taking if you’re fighting for a place in your league finals. Depends on your bank account really – he’s still a nice price.

Paul Duffield $472,000 av. 87.00 (last two scores 130 and 102) – Duffield has now strung together three 100+ scores in a row. How he managed 102 with just 16 disposals, three marks and five tackles is a credit to him but also a worry for any would-be investors. If his efficiency dips in a game with those sort of numbers then you can expect a sub 70 score. Definitely a risk but again maybe one worth taking if your bank is scarce and are struggling in the bottom half of your league ladder.

Pearce Hanley $478,700 av. 94.20 (last two scores 133 and 119) – Hanley backed up his previous two good games with 28 disposals, nine marks and three tackles with a team-high score of 133 in Brisbane’s loss to GWS. Definitely someone to consider although his final four games for 2014 are against Adelaide, Collingwood, Fremantle and Geelong – definitely not as easy finish.

Shannon Hurn $484,100 av. 91.88 (last two scores 75 and 157) – Hurn shared honours with Brendon Goddard for highest SC score in round 13. He had 26 disposals, most of them kicks of course, and 12 marks including plenty from opposition kicks. I can’t find room for Hurn in my team but he does have a high ceiling as shown on the weekend and will consistently score over 80 points even when he doesn’t find much of the ball.

David Swallow $493,800 av. 103.92 (last two scores 59 and 87) – admittedly his scores have been a bit on the lower end the last two rounds but you know he’ll bounce back. Most of us would already have Swallow in our backline but for those that don’t he should prove a worthy investment. With a breakeven of 148 it could also be worth waiting another week.

Other Defenders to consider: Grant Birchall, Rhys Shaw, Shaun Burgoyne, Andrew Mackie


*Anthony Miles $246,000 av. 95.50 (last two scores 83 and 108) – exceptional value, a mature body and can find the ball as proven on the weekend with 30 disposals. He also had four tackles with a whopping five frees for and none against. He’ll be making way into my team as a high scoring emergency.

Dane Zorko FWD/MID $443,500 – see FWD write-up

Andrew Swallow $476,500 av. 81.60 (last two scores 86 and 109) – Swallow just missed his breakeven of 90 and remains under $480K. Another player to consider if your bank balance is low and you need to take some risks. Final four games against GWS, Western Bulldogs, Adelaide and Melbourne.

Dane Swan – $478,600 av. 93.55 (last two scores 76 and 89) – To be honest, I don’t think Swanny deserves a write-up based on his last five scores. But he is Dane Swan, and he can bang out massive scores, and he is under $480K. Poor current form though.

Ryan Griffen $487,300 av. 90.91 (last two scores 94 and 94) – I thought Griffen’s last two games deserved higher SC scores based on his impact on the game but perhaps his efficiency was down. I feel like he’s on the verge of some very high scoring like last year. Another player with a high ceiling that could be worth a punt depending on your league position.


*Stefan Martin RUCK/FWD $242,700 av. 107 (last two scores 112 and 102) – Stefan Martin has now had two 100+ scores against two of the best rucks in the comp. It doesn’t get any easier though with upcoming games against Sandi and Goldstein. For me, he’s a god-send as I have a forward cow ready to cash in, along with and Fraser Thurlow (RUCK/FWD) and Currie not playing. I will now have a high scoring emergency in the rucks should the need arise and a very handy sixth forward.

*Nick Naitanui $474,900 av. 83.75 (last two scores 116 and 142) – Naitanui is in exceptional form and has shrugged off any early season niggles. I think he will finish the season with the highest Ruck average from rounds 11-23. I can’t find room for him due to Sandi and Mummy doing a great job in my ruck spots but he’s definitely worth considering if you have an underperformer or ripe cash cow in your R2 spot.

Other Rucks to consider: Patrick Ryder


*Jeremy McGovern $213,200.00 av. 92.00 (last two scores 85 and 146) – best forward cash cow there is. If you have an obvious trade-out player in your forward-line then get this guy into your team. I pulled the trigger prior to round 13 in an attempt to beat a colleague who sat atop our league ladder (I needed a differentiator and got rid of Higgins who my opponent had) and McGovern won me the game with a 100 point advantage. Did I know he was going to get 146? No – I’m not magic. Is he still worth bringing into your team at just over $200K? Absolutely.

*Stefan Martin RUCK/FWD $242,700 – see Ruck write-up

Chad Wingard $390,500 av. 82.09 (last two scores 112 and 92) – Wingard has a breakeven of just 29 points care of an injury affected round 11 score of 10. Even though he’s a game-breaker his ceiling isn’t all that tall with a high score of just 112 for the year. Still a fantastic price and the first time he’s dipped below $400K.

Dane Zorko FWD/MID $443,500 av. 92.33 (last two scores 81 and 110) – given Brisbane’s overall performance on the weekend against GWS, it’s no surprise Zorko’s scoring dropped off slightly from Brisbane’s two previous wins. With just nine disposals at least he scored 80+ (three goals in there as well). For me, he’s too risky if he’s going to play a lot of time as a small forward, a position notorious for inconsistent SC scores.

Travis Cloke $448,100 (last two scores 86 and 110) – very similar to Hawkins with three good scores out of four and a putrid 27 in there as well. I’m not a fan of key forwards (unless they get up the ground a fair bit like Franklin). If you got him at $351,200 prior to round 11 then he’s got you some great scores and increased nearly $100K. I wouldn’t draft him at his current price though.

Tom Hawkins $450,800 av. 86.75 (last two scores 127 and 117) – In the last four weeks Hawkins has offered three very high scores (117, 127 and 139). Unfortunately, like a lot of big key forward’s there was also a score of 52 in there. Personally, I prefer consistency but he’s a good price and has a very high ceiling.

Luke Dahlhaus $456,800 av. 96.73 (last two scores 68 and 109) – With Dahlhaus in your team you need to be prepared for a roller coaster ride. I already have him and he will remain in Badger’s team for the year but I’m not sure I’d be drafting him in at this stage. High ceiling, good price, bit inconsistent.

*Lance Franklin $483,200 av. 88.55 (last two scores 146 and 71) – Franklin bounced back in a big way with his second five-goal performance and a brilliant second half against Port Adelaide. I feel somewhat better about my choice to trade Roughie last round (yep, when he scored 180+). With his confidence sky-rocketing and Sydney playing exceptionally well I’d back Franklin to be the highest scoring forward for the second half of 2014.

Other Forwards to consider: Matthew Pavlich, Ben McGlynn, Josh J Kennedy, Jeremy Cameron (as cash cow only), Maverick Weller (as cash cow only).

BON VOYAGE former Midpricer:­­­­­­­

David Zaharakis

Brodie Smith

Isaac Smith

Stephen Hill

Todd Goldstein

Matthew Lobbe


Author: Badger


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57 thoughts on “Badger’s Midpricer Madness”

  1. Fantastic write-up Badger.

    Stefan Martin comes in for Jobe this week via Shenton, giving me DPP links with D/M, M/F and F/R.

    This gives me a ton of cash to use elsewhere. Was thinking of swapping Acres for Miles but my only concern is the impending returns of Conca, Jackson and possibly Grigg and the impact this will have on Miles’ scoring?


  2. Can anyone comment on S. Martin’s JS once Leuenberger comes back (they are saying maybe 2-3 weeks away)



  3. Another superb effort from you, Badge.

    This came through on Twitter from Scott Ryan ?(@scottryan14):

    @SC_Talk what about Mackie from Geel. Mid price bargain Def.


  4. Hello Badger,
    Do u really believe Buddy can score as much as Robbie Gray for the 2nd half of the season. It is a saving of almost 100k please convince me that buddy can be trusted


  5. I’m in a bit of a pickle – i want to trade fasolo but unsureto who and depends whether stephan martin can be a solid f6 for another 3-4 weeks

    Who out of these midpricers?

    Thumbs up: S.Martin
    Thumbs Down: Winguard


  6. gonna bring in Martin for the f7/r3 coverage incasee uf a late out, either trading Impey/Shenton for him, still got Lloyd but not enough cash to straight swap him


  7. undecided on who to grab this week between martin and miles (as bench cover). leuey is listed as 3-4 on the injury list but burton said he’s joining the main training session this week and will likely only miss 1-2 more games. as mentioned by hirdy, there’s still plenty of players to return to the tigers line up so miles is a chance to be squeezed out as well.
    I also have king and holmes on my ruck bench and with a full team after this weeks trades I don’t have enough cash to trade to brown/thurlow if sandi/minson miss a game so martin can’t cover rucks.
    what does everyone think?

    T/U grab martin (shenton mid bench, martin can cover both forwards and mids)
    T/D grab miles (miles mid bench, shenton forward bench)



  8. Great work as ever Badger.
    I am Upgrading Swan (BE120) to Fyfe this week

    With my last trade Iam completly torn between these two
    T/U: Starting B6 -T.Chaplin (BE100) for Hanley
    T/D: Starting: R2 – B.Grundy for S.Martin



  9. I’d love to grab Martin but with only 8 trades and Watson in my team still I’ll be going Watson and Impey to stevie j n parker


  10. Is wingard a better option than McGovern as F6? I will be trading out impey.

    My fowardline is currently:
    danger, parker, zorko, dolhouse,roghie,shenton,impey,cc


  11. What everyone’s thoughts on Burgoyne over Shaw. Cheaper and with a higher average.

    T/U: Burgoyne

    T/D: Shaw


  12. Great write up Badger!

    I don’t which way to go now?

    T/U – Swan > Griffen (sideways I know and it goes against everything we are taught by SCT, but with 13 trades left I figure I can spare a trade)

    T/D – Fasolo > Miles (swinging Dangerfield back to FWDS and having to play either Lloyd, O’Brien or Miles until next upgrade)

    Was also considering:

    Fasolo > Miles (swinging Dangerfeild back to FWDS)

    Decision, decisions?


  13. Well I may not win any accolades this year in SC, but by crikey I’m going out kicking and screaming.
    Thanks to SCT last week, I won two out of three leagues due to a last minute (literally 5 min before lockout via ipad) desperation trade of Curran to McGovern to save a donut.
    This week its Buckley to S Martin, that with the DPP may just give me a chance to battle through the finals. Thanks SCT.
    Maybe next season I’ll follow your advice from the start.


  14. Need to trade out Yeo this week and time to finally say farewell to Tyson, so looking at bringing in Hurn & Miles, leaving me with $100K and 10 trades. Or do I move a DPP fwd to mid and bring in McGovern instead of Miles?
    Thumbs up : Hurn & Miles
    Thumbs down: Hurn & McGovern


  15. I have Sandi, Derickx and Pyke doing pretty much nothing on the bench in terms of my ruck line. I want to bring in Martin…..who goes?….TU Derickx TD Pyke….thanks in advance


  16. Only 8 trades left and defense still a big problem, with both Shoenmakers and Litherland on field. Not much backup(Bews/Aylett) or cash.So I,m thinking…
    of…. trading…(only thinking)…. in ….Lee Spurr for Litherland.
    Spurr $367k,last 2 125/99.Draw until sc finals is a dream,hopefully earning much needed cash.
    Trade would have to be done this week!!
    t/u Keep the thought
    t/d Forget it


  17. Not quite sure on Martin. I can see the upside of bringing him to my bench in the forward line, and him covering both fwd and ruck lines by having Thurlow still. But it still seems like a burnt trade just to sit on the bench…I only have 10 ttrades left before this round and am going Langdon – Swallow for Trade number 1…
    TU – Trade Ambrose out for Stefan Martin for to Cover Fwd and Ruck and make some cash.
    TD – Wasted trade – Ambrose is good enough cover and Dericx can still cover the rucks anyway.


  18. Martin is the big question for me. Higgins on the cjopping block

    T/u Higgins to Martin, output similar and gets some cash available

    T/d Waste of a trade, trade Lloyd out or find a bargain basement rookie


  19. Rob (message above), it all depends if Higgins is your current F6 who you still viewed as being an upgrade target for later in the season.
    Last week i wanted to go Dom Tyson to Sloan so used the 200K from Higgins to Martin to facilitate that deal + have money in the bank. I am happy with Martin at F6 for the next 4 weeks (when Berger is due back??) at which time he will either go as Ruck Cover (R3 / F7 cover) & i will get an underpriced Luke Parker or Robbie Gray in as F6 by trading out Derrickx + another 300K rookie. I am hoping that Martin will score 80+ for the next few weeks, if he continues as he is then he will be 400K so gives upgrade options if he does lose his place / get injured (injury is my concern rather than his JS)


  20. Thx to those who talked me out of both zaha and stef martin last week. Two donuts instead of two big scores, due to late outs.

    My season is basically now over.

    Zaha boat has sailed, mcgovern and martin in, then holding fire for a while.

    Which cashcow to dump? Fasolo is a lock, but ditch Cameron who is iffy to play, or Polec via dpp, or ambrose who is still doing ok on both the scoring and cash fronts and had been nicely holding down f7.


  21. Hi Community. Could I have some feedback with these trades.
    Martin in, Derrickx out
    Miles in, Ambrose out
    These 2 will hopefully make me some money and will now have better back up on the bench
    Martin at R3
    Shenton at F7
    Miles at M9
    Very happy to hold trades now until finals.


  22. Any thoughts on Cyril? Too inconsistent/injury prone? Only 50K more than the very popular Wingard, and I think he’s sure to average more than the Chad from here on.


  23. G’Day Boys
    I am really stuck here and dont know what to do
    Team is
    Mcveigh, Bartel, Simpson swallow suckling haqnley langford cutler
    ablet,pendles, beams, selwood, rocky, gray, steve J, o’brien robertson acres
    sandi minson currie king
    danger martin zorko pav roghy ambrose lloyd cameron

    got 12 trades 23k
    need cash fast to upgrade final 2 mid spots and swing gray fwd, thinking mcgovern will make the most cash quickly, lloyd – mcgovern, thourghts please


  24. Nolsey really tough situation except you have some trades up sleeve.

    Not meaning to add to the woes but one of Cutler or Roberston (BE112) will get the dreaded vest for mind this weekend. On this basis I think:

    Robertson–> Wingard
    Langford –> Bews / Zak Jones
    Bank 21k
    Robertson–> Miles
    Langford –> Bews / Zak Jones
    Bank 170k for your next mid upgrade
    May be worth considering as no rush to move Lloyd on.



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