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Written by Badger on June 23 2015

Hi all,

If you ignore the fact there’s players with a bye this weekend, we actually have a few decent rookie options floating around. Jack Steele, Shaun Edwards, Sam Colquhoun, Orazio Fantasia (who should hold his spot with Colyer now out for the year), Alex Pearce, Andrew Boston and Elliot Kavanagh all serious options at a rookie price. Steele looked great on the weekend and Colquhoun played a nice game as well.

I hope you’re all managing to navigate the byes better than I have.



Round 13 Byes:

GEELONG                 GWS




Round 12 Rookie Ins (underline = first game 2015):

DEF: Caleb Marchbank GWS, Jake Kolodjashnij GEE

MID: Brendon Ah Chee PA

MID/FWD: Jack Steele GWS (about time!)

RUCK: Rory Lobb GWS

FWD: Michael Luxford GEE


Round 12 Rookie Outs:

DEF: Tom Clurey PA – omitted, Harris Andrews BL – omitted

MID: Liam Dawson BL – omitted





**DNP12** Shaun Edwards Essendon, $123.9K, GWS Zone Selection 2011, 21 years/190cm/83kg

Before his bye on the weekend, Edwards had a nice debut in Round 11 in another poor loss for Essendon. I suspect the Bombers will switch to playing more youth after likely recognising their season is well and truly shot. Edwards, while definitely deserving of his place in the team for next round, may be a beneficiary of plenty of games in the second half of 2015 along with others such as Fantasia and Kavanagh (I reckon other rookie-priced options such as Alex Browne and Nick O’Brien will be given a crack at some stage too). Owned by 4%


**DNP12** Alex Pearce Fremantle, $165.7K, 2013 Draft Pick 37, 20 years/200cm/92kg

With Michael Johnson done for most of the remaining rounds along with Dawson and Silvani out of action for another 5-7 weeks, Pearce is a genuine option who has shown ability to score well for a rookie key defender (74 R6 / 27 R7 / 67 R11). In Round 11 Pearce scored 67 from eight kicks and eight handballs at 100% disposal efficiency, nine marks, two tackles, a rebound 50 and an inside 50. Owned by 8%


**R13BYE** Sam Colquhoun Port Adelaide, $188.3K, Preseason Draft 2012, 20 years/180cm/75kg

Colquhoun scored 86 from 12 kicks and ten handballs at 77% disposal efficiency (six contested possessions), three marks, four tackles, two frees against, a goal, three clearances and five rebound 50’s from 78% game time. A nice follow up from his 65 in Round 11 and should continue to hold his spot in the team with some other more likely to be dropped ahead of him. Sam Colquhoun is an exciting young player who showed a bit in his debut season two years ago before a knee injury cut short his 2014. His junior and SANFL numbers show Colquhoun can find a lot of the ball and use it well. With a decent price rise ahead, you should strongly consider Sammy before his probable Round 14 appearance against the Swans. Owned by 2%


Other DEF Options:

Hugh Beasley BRI, $102.4K

**R13BYE** Jake Kolodjashnij GEE, $123.9K

Joel Hamling, WB, $170.8K

**DNP12** Jack Leslie GC, $171.9K

**DNP12** Clay Cameron GCS, $192.3K

**R13BYE** Caleb Marchbank GWS, $197.3K



**R13BYE** Jack Steele GWS, $117.3K, 2014 Draft Pick 24, 19 years/187cm/86kg

We all know his junior numbers yeah…? A phenomenal talent who finally got a crack on the weekend and didn’t disappoint. Steele scored 84 points from eight kicks and 11 handballs at 65% disposal efficiency (seven contested possessions), three marks, a massive 10 tackles, two hitouts, three clearances, a rebound 50 and two inside 50’s from 86% game time. A fantastic debut. Owned by 15%


**R13BYE** Alex Neal-Bullen MEL, $117.3K, 2014 Draft Pick 40, 19 years/182cm/76kg

A tough inside midfielder as a junior and has great endurance. Also managed to kick three goals from 11 possessions scoring 65 against the formidable Cats at Skilled Stadium. Worth keeping an eye on.


**DNP12** Daniel Robinson SYD, $141.8K, 2013 Rookie Draft NSW (Elevated 2014), 20 years/184cm/80kg

Played as sub in the Swans last game and scored just 13 with less than 20 minutes on the ground. Can’t be selected in Supercoach based on his current place in the Swans team, but his first game for 2015 in Round 9 was very impressive (83 from 15 disposals at 87% efficiency and a goal). Robinson’s NEAFL form last year and earlier this year was nothing short of amazing so he remains in the rookie review in case Horse starts giving him full games. Owned by 6%


**DNP12** Andrew Boston GC, $191.3K, 2013 Rookie Draft QLD Zone (Elevated 2014), 21 years/180cm/80kg

Boston played a big part in Gold Coast’s efforts to upset Freo in Round 11 before the Suns just fell short. He scored 91 from 17 kicks and five handballs at 64% disposal efficiency (nine contested possessions), six marks (one contested), six tackles, two frees for and one against, five clearances, a rebound 50, two inside 50’s and a goal assist. This follows on from another two decent games with scores of 63 (R10) and 71 (R9). Should continue to hold his spot. Owned by 19%


**DNP12** Elliot Kavanagh Essendon, $145.1K, 2011 Draft Pick 19, 22 years/187cm/81kg

Had a promising preseason and then trailed off a little in the NAB Challenge games. Good VFL form saw Kavanagh finally get a crack at it in the 2015 seniors and he played pretty well in a disappointing Essendon side. Kavanagh scored 77 from ten kicks and 15 handballs at 72% disposal efficiency (just seven contested possessions), four marks, two tackles, two frees for, four clearances, two rebound 50’s and three inside 50’s. Has to hold his spot given some poorer performances from others in the team. Rated very highly as a junior before ongoing hamstring issues in his final year of TAC Cup meant Kavanagh was taken as a speculative pick in the Top 20. Good luck to him over the next few weeks with what could be his final chance at proving he’s AFL class. Owned by 7%


Other MID Options:

**R13BYE** Brendon Ah Chee PA $139.4K

Connor Menadue RICH, $140.8K

**R13BYE** Billy Stretch MEL, $151.2K

Corey Ellis RICH, $169.4K

**R13BYE** Aiden Riley MEL, $197K



**R13BYE** Rory Lobb GWS, $176.3K, 2013 Draft Pick 29, 22 years/205cm/96kg

With Shane Mumford out for the rest of the year GWS will look to one or two of their younger Rucks to step up. I thought Andrew Phillips might take up the # 1 mantle with Lobb or Downie supporting, but Leon Cameron selected only Lobb to go head to head with Goldstein who had a record 80 hitouts and 23 to advantage. In Round 9 of the NEAFL, Lobb kicked seven goals against the Lions along with 16 kicks, three handballs, 11 marks and 13 hitouts so it’s understandable that Cameron would give him a crack. I suspect though that GWS will introduce another ruck to either help out or replace him. I still hope they give the kid another run in the firsts with more time up forward and playing support to either Phillips or Downie (maybe James Stewart to have a rest after a solid nine weeks in the seniors). Owned by 2%


Other RUCK Options:

**DNP12** Peter Wright GC, $187.3K

**DNP12** Jack Hannath FRE, $191.7K



**R13BYE** Jack Steele GWS, $117.3K, 2014 Draft Pick 24, 19 years/187cm/86kg – see midfield write-up.


**DNP12** Orazio Fantasia Ess, $168.4K, 2013 Draft Pick 55, 19 years/178cm/66kg

Another young Essendon player who was more impressive than a number of his more senior teammates and found plenty of space to show off his run with four bounces in Round 11. Fantasia scored 64 from seven kicks and seven handballs at 71% disposal efficiency, three marks, six tackles, a free for and one against, a hitout, one rebound 50, five inside 50’s and a goal from 89% game time. Should hold his spot in Essendon’s upcoming game against the Hawks especially with Colyer now out for the year. Owned by 3%


Other FWD Options:

Toby McLean WB, $117.3K (nice game on the weekend with 67)

Bailey Dale WB, $160.8K

**DNP12** Peter Wright GC, $187.3K

**DNP12** Jack Hannath FRE, $191.7K

Lukas Webb WB, $206.2K


FAREWELL Former Rookie:



Author: Badger


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30 thoughts on “Badger’s Rookie Review”

  1. Thinking of pulling the trigger on Tarrant to Steele this week. MID/FWD swing, he looks the goods and adds a nice amount to the kitty for upgrading in before round 14 (another premo in a week earlier than if I wait).

    TU: good move
    TD: going to early, cool your jets


  2. Andrew Phillips from GWS was not available to be selected last round due to a minor back injury. Hopefully Lobb keeps his spot, however the coach hinted that Phillips would have got first crack if he had been available.


  3. Looking to bring Steele in early to allow one-up, one-down trades this week. Reckon he’s the best of the rookie options at the moment and have 20 playing this week so not fussed by him having the BYE.

    Who to get rid of though:

    T/U – Dumont: make $111K, open up M/F swing
    T/D – Clark: make $187K, no M/F swing


  4. Kane Lambert 28 touches in only three quarters of VFL football on the weekend – might get a call up in the next fortnight.

    Mid/Fwd $102.4K


  5. Great write up Badger!!

    Not so confident though about Fantasias short or long term JS with Hird stating yesterday he expects to have Hocking and Zaharakis back this week , and Myers a couple of weeks away. At 168k a risk IMO.


  6. I will probably bring in Edwards or Colquhoun in next week. These two should play the rest of the season and I need a couple of mature bodied rookies to hold down my bench. (Plus I need to free up some cash for my last upgrade).
    Really hoping Lambert gets a game this week. I need a cheap player for the other 2 trades I want to do.


  7. I know Lonie is not a rookie anymore but he is cheapish. Looking for a round 13 player to replace Tarrant and get some cash. Job security seems important when looking for players to cover rested players near the end of the season.
    Is Lonie around the mark for being chosen in the Saints best 22 for the rest of the year?


  8. Edwards, Steele & Lambert all looking like very capable rookie backups.

    Might do McKenzie > Steele in a couple of weeks and have a FWD/MID link for the rest of the season



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