Badger’s Rookie Review

Written by Badger on July 7 2015

Hi all,

I’m mixing things up a bit this week with a focus on best rookie options only. Earlier on in the season with 20-30 trades up our sleeve there may have been a bigger benefit to seeing write-ups on most rookies.

But as each week passes and the value rises of the increasingly rare commodity called a trade, I think it’s safe to say that 80% of the rookies mentioned in previous posts won’t get a look in now.

Below is my shrinking list of rookies to consider. Feel free to let me know if you’re thinking about someone else.





N/A (Sammy Colquhoun is no longer rookie-priced but could still be worth the $230K+)



Jack Steele GWS, $117.3K, 2014 Draft Pick 24, 19 years/187cm/86kg

Steele followed on from his debut score of 84 in Round 12 with 69 on the weekend from four kicks and nine handballs at 69% disposal efficiency (six contested possessions), two marks, six tackles, a free for, two hitouts, four clearances, three inside 50’s and a goal assist. If you don’t own him yet then strongly consider. Owned by 28%


Alex Neal-Bullen MEL, $161.8K, 2014 Draft Pick 40, 19 years/182cm/76kg

A tough inside midfielder as a junior and has great endurance. Nice game on the weekend scoring 83 from eight kicks and eights handballs at 94% disposal efficiency (five contested possessions), three marks, one tackles, two goals, one rebound 50 and four inside 50’s. Previously scored 65 against the Cats at Skilled Stadium in Round 12 with 11 possies and three goals. Could be a handy unique pick. Owned by 3%




Consider: Rory Lobb, Tom Downie, Keegan Brooksby (or Andrew Phillips if selected and Shaun McKernan if you’re happy to pay nearly $300K)



Caleb Daniel WB, $117.3K, 2014 Draft Pick 46, 19 years today/167cm/63kg

Happy birthday to the little champ who turns 19 today. What a fantastic debut on the weekend even when starting as sub. Daniel scored 65 in just 53% game time from five kicks and nine handballs at 86% disposal efficiency (6 contested possessions), five marks, a goal and a goal assist. Big impact in the third quarter and should get plenty more games based on his first performance.


Jack Steele GWS, $117.3K, 2014 Draft Pick 24, 19 years/187cm/86kg – see midfield write-up.


That’s all folks for this week.


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6 thoughts on “Badger’s Rookie Review”

  1. Great write up Badger. Steele this week (as long as selected & starting) & Callum Daniel next week for me. Both will hopefully provide decent bench cover whilst increasing to 300K to help for those final upgrades during the finals.


  2. There’s a kid called Ablett playing his 4th game this week Badger, looked pretty good last week but has a high BE……Wait another week or 2 & pounce on him 😉

    Well done this season Badger, your write ups have been sensational & one I personally look forward to reading weekly!


  3. I need one more rookie to leave on my bench.
    Does anyone think Nick Obrien (MID) from the Bombers has any job security now given their fall from grace? On the bubble with a 45 & 61.
    Or will Alex Neal-Bullen have more JS?
    TU OBrien at $123K
    TD Alex Neal-Bullen at $161K



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