Badger’s Rookie Review

Written by Badger on April 28 2015

Hi all,

Round 4 Rookie Review below – let me know if I missed anyone. You can expect a follow up later in the week after team announcements. Anyone NOT bringing Tarrant in?



Round 4 Rookie Ins:

Blaine Boekhorst MID

Nathan Drummond MID

Will Hams MID

Alex Sexton MID/FWD

James Stewart FWD

Fraser McInnes FWD



No Standout Rookie Defender options (obviously Tarrant is but he can only be selected as a forward).


Other DEF Options:

Harris Andrews Brisbane, $117.3, 2014 Draft Pick 61, 18 years/200cm/94kg – Played 2013 as a forward and kicked 80 goals in the NEAFL. Was tried as a Defender and occasional Ruck 2014 but showed much more in attack. Solid game last week and the Lions need all the help they can get in their forward 50. Just 32 SC points on the weekend and the Lions are struggling to get the ball into their forward line where Andrews has been planted.

Jake Kelly Adelaide, $123.9K, Off the rookie list in place of LTI Brent Reilly. 20 years / 190 cm / 87 kg – Tackle machine based on his first game. Game two found more of the ball with 14 disposals but just two tackles.

Nathan Brown Collingwood, $167.7K, 2006 Draft Pick 10, 26 years/195cm/101kg – a great Key Back who focuses on his opponent and less on winning the ball. Might hover at under $200K for a while yet but is capable of 65+ scores occasionally.

Aiden Corr GWS, $190.6K, 2012 Draft Pick 14 , 20 years/194cm/85kg – like Jed Bews, a stopper down back who probably won’t add value to your Supercoach team.

Jed Bews Geelong, $194.2K, 2011 Father/Son, 21 years/186cm/86kg – shut down defender and not suited to our Supercoach defence as demonstrated by his $4K price drop.

Brendan Whitecross Hawthorn, $198.7K, 2007 Draft Pick 29 , 25 years/183cm/86kg – we all know that Whitecross is undervalued and has the potential to score well. Had 19 disposals and eight marks on the weekend. Consider.



Nathan Krakouer MID/FWD Port Adelaide, $106.9K, 2014 Promoted Rookie, 26 years/181cm/77kg

Round 4 SC Score 82 with 17 kicks and one handball at 61% disposal efficiency (six contested possessions), one clearance, five rebound 50’s, four inside 50’s, six marks, two tackles and a free against. Another good game especially at his price. Owned by 29% of Supercoach teams.

Round 3 SC Score also 82


Trent Dumont North Melbourne, $123.9K, 2013 Draft Pick 30, 19 years/186cm/85kg

A late replacement for Jamie Macmillan. Round 4 SC Score 32 from five disposals and a goal – started as sub but had a real impact when he came on and could be rewarded with a full game Round 5. Dominated in the VFL last year and could play like Luke Dunstan did last year if given a crack. Owned by 1% of Supercoach teams. Should provide a nice trade-down target over the coming rounds.


Blaine Boekhorst Carlton, $132.3K, 2014 Draft Pick 19, 21 years/185cm/75kg

Round 4 SC Score 55 with 10 kicks and three handballs at 53% disposal efficiency, four inside 50’s, five marks, two tackles and a goal assist. Finally got a run after a bit of Supercoach preseason hype – “high draft pick, mature age…fast and skillful and just what Carlton need.” we said. The numbers were disappointing in the preseason but played okay on the weekend.


Touk Miller Gold Coast, $202.9K (up by $49.7K), 2014 Draft Pick 29, 19 years/178cm/83kg

Round 4 SC Score 83 with 14 kicks and eight handballs at 59% disposal efficiency, 10 contested possessions, two clearances, three inside 50’s, three marks, four tackles, a rebound 50 and an inside 50. Two good games in a row for Miller – expect a big pricerise after next week’s QLD derby.

Round 3 SC Score 86 / Round 2 SC Score 35 / Round 1 SC Score 30


Billy Hartung Hawthorn, $195.8K, 2013 Draft Pick 24 , 20 years/177cm/75kg

Round 4 SC Score 75 from nine kicks and 10 handballs at 58% disposal efficiency (seven contested possessions), three clearances, one rebound 50, two inside 50’s, two marks, two tackles, a free for and a goal. Two good games in a row and priced nicely for a 75+ average. Consider.


Cory Gregson Geelong, $201.3K (up by $47.2K), 2014 Draft Pick 47, 18 years/175cm/73kg

Round 4 SC Score 60 from 11 kicks and six handballs at 65% disposal efficiency, one rebound 50, five inside 50’s, three marks and three tackles. Did enough to retain his spot in the team and continues to provide run.

Round 3 SC Score 87 / Round 2 SC Score 35 / Round 1 SC Score 30


Jack Sinclair St Kilda, $214.8K (up by $41.2K), 2014 Promoted Rookie, 20 years/180cm/80kg 

Round 4 SC Score 47 from just eight disposals at 50% disposal efficiency, two frees for and one against, three clearances, an inside 50, one tackle and two goals. A drop compared to his previous two performances. Owned by 3% of teams.

Round 3 SC Score 78 / Round 2 SC Score 72 / Round 1 SC Score 27 (starting SUB)


Darcy Lang Geelong $222K (up $22K), 2013 Draft Pick 16, 19 years/183cm/75kg

Round 4 SC Score 26 with just seven disposals and one tackle. A much quieter game compared to previous efforts. Owned by 2% of Supercoach teams.

Round 3 SC Score 74 / Round 1 SC Score 44 / Round 2 SC Score 69


Other MID Options:

Brendon Ah Chee Port Adelaide, $123.9K, MID, 2011 Draft Pick 45, 21 years/188cm/88kg – a late replacement for Robbie Gray going into Round 4 after initially being dropped. Showed some poise in his first game when he handballed to Aaron Young who kicked Port’s winning goal. A tough midfielder who loves the contest. Came on as sub Round 4.

Will Hams Essendon, $123.9K, 2012 Preseason Pick 6, 20 years/180cm/71kg – for a small midfielder Hams absolutely loves the contested stuff. Very tough for his size and unbelievably courageous. Starting Sub in Round 4. Great form in the VFL previously.

Jackson Nelson West Coast, $165.9K, MID, 2014 Draft Pick 51, 19 years/188cm/80kg – a tough inside midfielder as a junior. His first four games in the AFL haven’t offered big SC Scores with all games under 50 points.

Jarrod Garlett Gold Coast, $181K, MID, 2014 Draft Pick 15 , 18 years/180cm/69kg – showed a bit in Round 3 and will no doubt be a good player in the years to come. Won’t find enough of the ball to take a rookie-mid spot in your Supercoach team though as shown against the Giants in Round 4.

Nakia Cockatoo Geelong, $164K, 2014 Draft Pick 10, 18 years/186cm/86kg – Huge X Factor and will likely be a star in the future. Not an ideal selection as a rookie-mid for Supercoach though. 

Alex Sexton Gold Coast, $215.5K, MID/FWD, 2011 Zone Selection, 21 years/185cm/79kg – showed a bit in the preseason but has trailed off as far as SC Scoring is concerned. Played as a tagger on the weekend.



Nathan Krakouer MID/FWD Port Adelaide, $106.9K, 2014 Promoted Rookie, 26 years/181cm/77kg

Round 4 SC Score 82 with 17 kicks and one handball at 61% disposal efficiency (six contested possessions), one clearance, five rebound 50’s, four inside 50’s, six marks, two tackles and a free against. Another good game especially at his price. Owned by 29% of Supercoach teams.

Round 3 SC Score also 82


Lukas Webb Western Bulldogs, $117.3K, FWD, 2014 Draft Pick 27 , 19 years/190cm/86kg

Round 4 SC Score 76 from 11 kicks and five handballs at 94% disposal efficiency (five contested possessions), seven marks (one contested), a clearance, two rebound 50’s, four inside 50’s and a goal assist. He looked brilliant off the backline and has access to some pretty good mentoring from the likes of Bob Murphy and Matthew Boyd.


Robbie Tarrant North Melbourne FWD, $144.7K, 2007 Draft Pick 15, 25 years/196cm/97kg 

Second game for the year in Round 4 and another ripper with 121 SC Points from 16 kicks and seven handballs at 87% disposal efficiency (eight contested possessions), five rebound fifties, two inside 50’s, nine marks (two contested), two frees for and one against. Look like he’ll pick up where his brother left off and become a dominant key back for years to come. Owned by 4% of Supercoach teams but expect a massive jump prior to Round 5.


Mitch Clark Geelong, $221.9K (up by $27.4K), 2005 Draft Pick 9, 27 years/200cm/103kg 

Round 4 SC Score 75 with 11 kicks and two handballs at 77% disposal efficiency (seven contested possessions), a clearance, two rebound 50’s, two inside 50’s, a goal assist, six marks (three contested), two tackles, two hitouts, three frees for, three against and three goals. It’s only a matter of time before Clark pumps out a massive score. Expect a nice price rise once his 32 SC Points drops off from Round 2. Still owned by 70% of Supercoach teams.

Round 3 SC Score 71 / Round 2 SC Score 32 / Round 1 SC Score 78


Other FWD Options:

Fraser McInnes West Coast, $123.9K, 2011 Draft Pick 28, 21 years/197cm/90kg – a key forward with over 60 WAFL games under his belt. Played well on the weekend with a score of 70 SC points from 15 disposals and a goal.

Jack Lonie St Kilda, $191.9K (up $40.4K), 2014 Draft Pick 41, 18 years/174cm/69kg – bounced back with a nice SC Score of 84 from 17 disposals and two goals. Averaging 58 SC Points from four games but the scores will continue to yo-yo.

Ahmed Saad St Kilda, $197.9K (up $15.7K), Promoted Rookie, 25 years/175cm/78kg – averaging 41 SC Points from four games. Starting sub on the weekend.

Tim Membrey St Kilda, $218.8K (up $19K), 2012 Draft Pick 46, 20 years/188cm/89kg – averaging 54 SC Points from four games.

James Stewart GWS, $216.8K, FWD, 2012 Draft Pick 27, 21 years/198cm/88kg – Key Forward who managed to average 20+ disposals across a seven game period midseason in the NEAFL. Interesting to see how he fits in next to gun forward Jeremy Cameron and an inform McCarthy who’s kicked 8 goals in the first three games. Round 4 SC Points 65 from 13 disposals and a goal.

Alex Sexton Gold Coast, $218.1K, MID/FWD, 2011 Zone Selection, 21 years/185cm/79kg – showed a bit in the preseason but has trailed off as far as SC Scoring is concerned.

Paddy McCartin St Kilda, $222.3K, FWD, 2014 Draft Pick 1 , 18 years/194cm/96kg – Pick 1 for a reason but there’s also a reason he only appears in 3% of Supercoach teams. Key position rookies seldom make our Supercoach bank grow, especially when they are the highest priced rookie available. Will no doubt end up in all of our teams at some stage in the future.


FAREWELL Former Rookie-Priced Player:

Angus Brayshaw Melbourne

Adam Saad Gold Coast

Adam Oxley Collingwood

Kamdyn McIntosh Richmond

Aaron Vandenberg Melboune

Patrick Cripps Carlton

Isaac Heeney Sydney

Cameron Ellis-Yolmen Adelaide

Jesse Hogan Melbourne


Author: Badger


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42 thoughts on “Badger’s Rookie Review”

  1. Cheers for the write up.

    My fwd line: Swan, Martin, Bonts, Gray, Clark, Krak (Lonie, Steele)

    I don’t see room for Tarrant unless I was to trade him for Clark or Lonie, who both have negative breakevens, pretty much sideways. Steele would be sideways also but I hope that he will get his chance at seniors if he continues to be in the bests for the reserves.

    T/U: Get him in for Lonie/Clark
    T/D: You don’t need him bro, save your trades.

    As for Newnes, thats a whole different issue. Whitecross maybe..


  2. Thanks Badger, the rookies are the difference between top and middle teams this year, so your write-up is priceless.

    Maybe you could add a section called who to bench and who to play for those of us too stupid to get it right this year!


  3. Hi everyone,

    My rookies at the moment

    Def: Mcintosh, saad, oxley, goddard

    Mid: cey, van berlo, cripps, heeney, miller, vandenberg

    Fwd: salem, hogan, clark, lamb, krakouer

    Lamb to Tarrant is a lock. But should i make another?

    Perhaps Heeney or Van Berlo to Sinclair or Hartung.

    I’ve got about 100k in the bank and have used 3 trades so far.
    T/u trade out heeney/vb
    t/d save the trades.

    Thanks everyone for all the advice so far this season. Love this site!


  4. Great write up as usual!!!
    This week I’m thinking a double downgrade.
    Lambert => Tarrant is locked
    And either NVB or Heeney => Krakour
    NVBs break even is close to his average so I can’t see too much more growth in his value.
    Heeneys 7 will haunt him for the next 3 rounds and with his injury cloud that could help as he is potentially my only non playing mid this week. Emergency loophole option??

    What u guys think? Who to trade out?
    T/U – NVB
    T/D – Heeney


  5. Good write up.

    I’ve only used 2 trades so far GAJ and I stupidly traded Miller for NVB. I don’t want to waste a trade again like I did their so what do you think. Bring Krak and torrent in or sit and wait?

    Midfield rooks: CEY, heeny, NVB, Jong, Anderson, Cripps, vandanberg

    Forwards: Lonie, Clark, Salam, hogan

    I was thinking if I do trade:

    NVB or Anderson ~ to Krak (would then give me the fwd/mid option)
    Salam to Tarrent

    Thanks Lads!


  6. I am making two trades this week:

    Lamb for Tarrant and NVB or Heeney for Krakouer

    I think NVB will be good back up thru the season until we can hopefully get that swing M 7.

    Thumbs up trade Heeney
    Thumbs down NVB


  7. Ripper of an article Badger.

    Considering Saad (of the Ahmed variety) – Tarrant and Heeney – Krakoeur

    T/U: Pull the trigger
    T/D: Save trades

    Cheers SCT community!


  8. Hard to pass up on RT and Krak this week. At this point I need to trade out a rookie to bring in Krak.

    T/U: Heeney
    T/D: Cockatoo



  9. Can someone tell me why NVB is scoring so poorly? Had a great R1 and R2 game but has not played well since then. Has he gone back to his taggin role? If so would it be wise to do the following:

    TU: NVB for krakour
    TD: Save your trade


  10. Team selection pending I’m contemplating nvb for tarrant and either goodes or mcintosh for maybe a hibberd. Started slowly but has scores of mid 80s and 100 in the last three rounds. Think he will be around that mark for the rest if the season. Leaves me with around 180000 in the bank still. Thoughts?


  11. Jed Anderson->Krak
    Lamb-> Tarrant

    Holding onto Heeney at this stage till his 7 goes out of calculations. I think he could go up to a mid 300’s price once that bad score is out. looks like he will play 15+ games this season and its a long year so he might be more of a slow burning rookie with that price stalling score. Hopefully doesn’t turn into a vest candidate


  12. Is it worth getting rid of heeney? his price will come back. I just dont think it is worth wasting a trade for Krakouer.

    T/U Trade
    T/D Hold



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