Ballsy Moves 2019

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 23 2019

Normally I write up a series on players that would be ‘bold’ choices to start the season with.ย  Inside this series are a bunch of puns so terribly connected with male reproductive parts that it’d make the normal reader cringe.

Due to censorship issues and what we can/can’t publish with our host, we’ve had to give it all a miss in 2019 unfortunately………..nah, just kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  I’ve barely written anything over the pre-season thanks to real life getting in the way.ย  I’m very grateful that so many contributors poked their heads up out of our Forum and offered to help out!

Time restrictions have held the Ballsy Moves series to the following list.ย  If you’ve taken any of the following players in your starting line-up, then you’re a braver man than I………

BRISBANE – Daniel Rich ($428k): He cops a lot of flak on #supercoach social media for a reason.ย  Has looked promising forever but never delivered elite numbers……

GEELONG – Gary Ablett ($581k): The GOAT himself…….now 34 years old and long in the tooth, he is still capable of the odd massive score.ย  But it’s pretty risky starting a guy who might play 15 games at an average of maybe 105(?) if things go well.ย  He’s had his time, move on……

GWS – Shane Mumford ($320k):ย  This one has had me baffled all pre-season.ย  He wasn’t a Top5 Ruckman in his last year at senior level (two years ago) and has only gotten older and slower in the meantime.ย  On top of that, you have to cover him till Rd3 due to club suspension.ย  Why go to all that trouble for anyone that isn’t Tom Mitchell?ย  And even for Tom Mitchell, you’d have your doubts……..

PORT – Tom Rockliff ($406k): One thing you can be sure of, early in the season, is that Rocky will have a decent day out or two that will tease you into thinking ‘he’s back’…….that’s before he gets injured again only to come back late in the year to some more SuperCoach mediocrity.ย  Save yourself the heartache.

STKILDA – Jack Billings ($438k):ย  Everyone seems to know that Billings can play in the middle except for the guy that matters…….Alan Richardson.ย  As long as Richo is still there, don’t bother with Billings.ย  Even in his recent ‘Ask The Coach’ video, it’s like he’s trying to talk himself out of using Billings up the ground.ย  So frustrating……..

Well Coaches, that’s it for the modified version of Ballsy Moves 2019.ย  Be sure to allocate all ten of your Leagues with SCT Coaches.ย  Feel free to look through the ‘Join My League’ thread……you can still join Leagues up until the kick-off between Freo & North.ย  Good luck in 2019!


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