Ballsy Moves – Angus Brayshaw (MEL)

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 28 2018

Position: DEF/MID

Price: $316 700


After playing 21 games in his debut season of 2015, the sky looked to be the limit for Brayshaw.  The young fella has a cool head on his shoulders, a lovely left foot kick and enjoyed plenty of support from the Coaching Staff.

Things haven’t gone according to plan for young Brayshaw since then.  Multiple concussions have taken a toll on his career and it wasn’t clear how long it’d take to recover.  There’s also the question of his role in the team.  With the inclusion of Michael Hibberd (and now Lever), the defensive sweep of Christian Salem and the emergence of Clayton Oliver & Jack Viney in the midfield, one questions whether Brayshaw’s place in the team is safe at all.

From 36 games played, Brayshaw has only cracked the ton on two occasions, back in 2015.  He did manage a 91 against the Saints last year……the worrying aspect was that he had 26 possessions but couldn’t hit a century.  Unless the Dees game plan calls for another sweeper across half-back, Brayshaw just might struggle  to get over 90+pts on a regular basis.  And if that’s the case, you need to ask whether it’s worth starting with him at $316k.


Risk Rating: On a scale of 1-5……1 being safe & 5 being extremely dangerous……Brayshaw – Three Higgos!   Not clear whether he’s in the Best 22 at Melbourne.  Where does he play if he sneaks in?



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8 thoughts on “Ballsy Moves – Angus Brayshaw (MEL)”

    1. Hey guys,
      Just had an idea and thought i’d throw it out their, but any chance of creating a poll in which the players who us coaches believe will have the biggest break out year or which ballsy players have the highest chance of paying off this coming year could be made?


  1. Brayshaw a lock at D5..D4 if Pearce from Freeo gets up. Coffield and Doedeeeeeee at D6 and D7 bench rotation with Mihocek or Mirra at D8. Then again I may be a Loon …



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