Ballsy Moves – Brett Deledio (GWS)

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 27 2018

Position: FWD

Price: $339 800


I wouldn’t have been too upset if Lids had received a Premiership Medal last Grand Final Day.  He was the one shining light during some very dark times for the Richmond Footy Club.  But the decision had been made and it was time to move on from Lids.

For someone who barely missed a game over the first eleven years of his career, Lids has just managed 18 appearances over the last two years.  Achilles and calf issues have slowed down Deledio, especially over the last few pre-seasons.

Before the injury worries, Lids was a bankable Supercoach star.  Especially in the days when he was listed as a DEF or FWD.  Eight straight seasons running at an avg over 100+ pts including two seasons over 110+ is nothing to be sneezed at.  He’s sure to be involved in plenty of wins at the Giants this season.  Does that mean he’s a sneaky chance to get back to a 95+ avg?

He did manage a couple of mid-90s scores upon his return in 2017 and is at a tempting price around $339k.  But Lids is about to turn 31 (in April) and finds himself (again) in the rehab group over the pre-season.  The Optimist in me says Lids might even sweep across half-back with the injury to Zac Williams (and trade of N.Wilson).  But the Realist tells me he’s gotta get out on the track first.

Risk Rating: On a scale of 1-5……1 being safe & 5 being extremely dangerous……Deledio – Four Higgos!  Even Griffen & Buddy Franklin made it onto the ground at the recent Pracky match after interrupted pre-seasons.  Lids is still stuck in Rehab.  Just not sure how many games his body will allow him to play this year.  Prefer to wait and see………


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5 thoughts on “Ballsy Moves – Brett Deledio (GWS)”

  1. Let him play 2 consecutive games(hopefully) , whenever that is.

    If he’s able to move freely, bring him in. A one legg-Ed Deledio will still score 65 points.

    In the interim, think of another sweetie.




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