Ballsy Moves – Tom Rockliff (PTA)

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 5 2018


Position: MID

Price: $529 400


Another season of Supercoach, another debate over whether to start with Tom Rockliff at a value price.  The kicker this time round is that he’s now at Port Adelaide, a club that is expected to play Finals in 2018 i.e. win more games!

The numbers don’t lie…….when Rocky is fit, Rocky is elite!  The problem is finding the exact time of year that Rocky is fit 😉  While he hasn’t played a full season since 2012, he’s still managed to get through 21, 18, 16, 17 & 20 games during the years 2013-2017 respectively.  Not such a bad effort considering his history of shoulder and hamstring injuries.  Yet extremely annoying if you’ve rolled the dice on him.

After averaging 111 over the first eight weeks of 2017, Rocky injured his shoulder late against Hawthorn in Tasmania.  Expectations were high upon his return after the Lions’ bye Round, but a ‘tame’ Rockliff re-emerged, one that saw his tackling & contested ball stats tumble.  As a result, Rocky only averaged 78 over the last 12 weeks, killing off many Finals aspirants.

If he can get anywhere near the lofty heights of 2014 then he is an absolute bargain at $529k.  An average of 132 from 18 games is simply massive.  His ceiling was nearly comparable to Gary Ablett in his prime.  From the 15 tons scored in 2014, Rocky went over 130+ on 11 occasions.  On his day, he is a Supercoach match-winner.

News came through again before the first JLT game of ‘hamstring tightness’.  We’ve been here before.  While he may have a decent game or two early, Rocky will probably be injured again by Rd6.  If he gets some kms into his legs in the lead-up to Rd1, Rocky might just be tempting us all again but it’s a huge risk.

Risk Rating: On a scale of 1-5……1 being safe & 5 being extremely dangerous……Tom Rockliff – Five Higgos! An unprecedented Five Higgos, this guy is dangerous! Just when he finds his feet is when he’ll find the Medical Room at Port. If you start with him, you know what you’re getting yourself into…’ve been warned……..


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5 thoughts on “Ballsy Moves – Tom Rockliff (PTA)”

  1. His injury history doesn’t scare me half as much as him playing forward does. Port have a pretty strong recent record with preventing injuries – see Charlie Dixon and their overall lack of injuries last year. However if Rockliff plays forward 50% of the time, then his score is going to be like the latter half of last year – not what we want and why he really earns his Higgos.


  2. One guy who I’ve never been able to get right. Torched me with huuuge scores in everyone else’s team when I didn’t have him, torched me with injuries & huuuge form slumps when I have had him.
    It’s no deal from me.
    Cue the 130+ average…


  3. When he was tracking well thru preseason it was one thing. But when he’s pulled at the last minute… that’s another entirely.

    You have to be merciless with the high risk ones. He’s out for now.



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