Written by Motts on February 3 2011

Thought a new post was required for general comments. Feel free to post your thoughts on players, teams, rumours, scandals, whatever.


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128 thoughts on “Banter”

  1. What’s everyones opinion on Sam Mitchell and Shannon hurn?? Will they perform this year or will it be another ave. year??


  2. Provisional team as follows:

    Gibbs, Delidio, Gilbert, Hurn, Bower, Otten Strauss,
    Talia, Puopolo, Duigan
    Pendles, Jack, Boak, Mitchell, ROK, D. Swallow
    Harris, Heppell, Atley
    Mummy, Petrie, Charman,Bailey
    Roo, JB, Rolly, M Morton, Hurley, Grey, Tiprat
    Retzlaff, Butcher, Callinan

    Let the critique begin! Especially from you Rustee about my rookies as with 24 trades this year, methinks this is where the comp will be won.


  3. Im new to supercoach this year and would love some feedback on my team so far.
    Don’t hold back guys you have way more experience than me

    Goddard, Gibbs, Broughton,
    Adcock, Trengrove J, Otten A, Heppell
    Bench= Coad, Daniher D, Duigan
    Judd, Hodge, Pendlebury,
    Watson, Swallow, Conca
    Bench= Harris D, Atley S, TBD
    Jolly, Jacobs S
    Bench= Charman, Campbell R
    Riewoldt N, Pavlich, Harvey B
    Dangerfield, Tippett, Gumbleton, Petrie
    Bench= Krakeur A, Abblett N, Mzungu

    I feel like my midfield is pretty strong and defence will score well but not feeling great about Rucks at this stage.
    Still plenty of changes to make and i still need to slot in one more midfielder but guys dont hold back and tell me what you think.


  4. There hasnโ€™t been much talk about Kreuzer this year . . . down a little in value with last injury . . . whatโ€™s the general perception of him this year?


  5. Have always been hesitant in spending big coin on ruckman.Iknow big sandi is a gun but i would rather spend 250,000 saved on him and upgrade in the midfield.


  6. Tweeted by Emma Quayle (@emmasq) from the Hawks intraclub match at Aurora:
    “Buddy playing a full-ground game. He’s everywhere.”


  7. This from Glenn McFarlane of the Herald (@MaccaHeraldSun):
    Nice work from some of the emerging Hawks – lisle, whitecross, savage, menegola, etc. Great to see Max Bailey getting few touches.


  8. This from Jay Clark (@ClarkyHeraldSun):
    “Isaac Smith showing why clubs were so hot on him in last year’s draft. Explosive pace a big weapon for Hawks in forward half. RD 1 lock.”


  9. First draft for SC 2011, 20k in the bank, let me know your thoughts

    Goddard,Gibbs,Scotland H,Gilbee, Drummond J,Otten A, Heppel D
    Jacobs B, Howard C, Toy J
    Judd,Pendles,Swallow D,Deledio,Scully, Krakoeur
    Gaff A, Harris D,Hibberd M
    Jolly,Warnock R……Petrie D, Smith Z
    Riewoldt,Pavlova,Rioli,Hurley M,Tippet K,watts J,Knights C
    Day S, Prestia D,Richardson.


  10. hey guys, what do you think of my team??

    Backs- Gibbs, Broughton, Hurn, Bock, Drummond, Adcock, Otten
    (Heppel, Hunt, Duigan)

    Midfield- Pendles, Pav, Grigg, L Anthony, A Walker, D Swallow
    (Conca, Mzunga, Atley)

    Ruck- Sandy, M Clarke (J Tippet, M Bailey)

    Forward- Riewodlt, Franklin, Didak, Higgins, K Tippet, Petrie, A Krakour
    (Prestia, Darling, I Smith)

    i have 33K in the bank, give me some constructive criticism guys!!!


  11. Hey Motts, If your heading down to the Carlton intra can you keep an eye on where Yarran is playing and if Laidler looks looks like he belongs? Please…I’ll buy you a beer if i ever see you.


  12. Jay Clark (@ClarkyHeraldSun):
    “Andy Krakouer among Pies’ best in scratchy today. Slotted into forward mix beautifully. Still can’t believe West Coast let this bloke slip.”


  13. Jon Ralph (@RalphyHeraldSun):
    “Harry O says Krakouer was on fire today. Best part for Krak is he will never get tagged and never have pressure to dominate. What a recruit”


  14. From the HS website:
    “CHAD Cornes will enter a season knowing he is no longer guaranteed a place in Port Adelaide’s best 22.

    The 31-year-old has revealed new coach Matthew Primus has told him his preference is to play young players and that Cornes – in the final year of his contract – will have to fight tooth and nail for his spot.

    “I met with Matty at the start of pre-season (training) and he made it pretty clear that it’s going to be a tough year for me,” premiership defender Cornes said.

    “Me and Matty have been great friends for a few years now so it was a pretty tough conversation for both of us.

    “He was really honest with me and said the club’s stance is to play young players this year and build towards its next premiership.

    “There is a real focus on youth and he said if there’s a young kid playing as well as I am and training as well as I am, the kid will get the go.””


  15. More from the HS:

    “FOUR-time SANFL premiership player Ian Callinan was the star of the show at Adelaide’s internal trial at AAMI Stadium this morning.

    Mature-age recruit Callinan kicked two classy goals and used the ball with precise disposal as the “Away” team beat the Crows “Home” side 6-7 (43) to 4-5 (29).

    Callinan is a potential SuperCoach bargain at just $91,700.

    Another positive for Adelaide was the form of first-round draft pick Brodie Smith (Woodville-West Torrens) while second-year defender Daniel Talia also impressed.

    The only downside was minor injuries to Brad Moran (poke in the eye) and dashing defender Andy Otten (strained ankle).

    Both were playing their first games since 2009 after returning from serious knee injuries.

    Midfielder Chris Knights left the field early with a corked thigh, however, all should be available for Adelaide’s opening Round 1 NAB clash against Melbourne and Port Adelaide next Friday.”


  16. Guys I went to the pies intra club match, and boy was I impressed!!! Krakour looks amazing, absolutely donimated. The usual suspects were brilliant, eg swan, pendles, shaw, obrien, sidebottom etc. Chris tarrant is looking in the best shape of his career…

    If Krakour does well in the NAB cup he will slot straight into the pies side. Watch him closely, and is definitely worth a Krak.


  17. Guys, my second year at SC – last year I was abysmal so any banter on initial selections below appreciated:)

    Selected team –
    Backs; Goddard, Gibbs, Delidio, Malceski, Drummond, Adcock. P. Davis (A. Otten, S. Tape, J. Toy).
    Mids; D. Swan, S. Burgoyne, Dangerfield, D. Swallow, Polec, L. Anthony (Atley, Contin, C.Beams).
    Forwards: Didak, B. Harvey, Pavlich, Petterd, C.Knights, Veszpremi, A. Krakouer (J. Butcher, B.Matera, T.Mzungu)
    Rucks: Sandilands, J. Fraser (Petrie, Z.Smith)

    Also comments on if I have right mix of premium, mid-priced and “newbies” appreciated. Ive missed a few big names (Ablett, Chapman, Riewoldt etc but guess you cant have em all.

    I also am not sure of ruckmen after Sandilands. Only good move I made all year last year was selection of Sandlilands and McIntosh which worked well til McIntosh’s injury. Not sure if J.Fraser is good enough for second on-field ruckman?

    Good luck all…pumped for another SC season..


  18. That’s it – Big Cox will be my ruckmen!


    For any newbies – Cox was the Sandilands before Sandilands was the Sandilands – about 2 years ago.


  19. will / when will nathan ablett play ,and did he get pick up on namesake only little bro will go and play for the gold coast ..


  20. forget about price could you order these players from best to worst please answer as many people.
    A Didak
    J Riewolt
    R Houlihan
    C Rioli


  21. Gday boys, I have refined my team. Still not happy with it but I could really use some advice, would be appreciated.
    Backs: Goddard, Enright, Gilbee, Drummond, C.Wilson?, Otten, Heppell
    (B.Jacobs, Puopolo, Duigan)
    Mids: Swan, Montagna, Murphy, Goodes, Higgins, Swallow
    (Mzungu, Callinan, Wallis)
    Rucks: Sandi, Jolly,
    (Z.Smith, M. Curnow)
    Forwards: Riewoldt, Didak, Green, O’Keefe, Petrie, Veszpremi, Prestia
    (J.Darling, B.Matera, I.Smith)


  22. I’m uncertain if Goddard is worth it. Surely his price will drop? yes?
    Opinions on whether i should have him please ๐Ÿ™‚


  23. here is my team this year tell me what you think.
    i have 11,400 left in the kitty
    could you also tell me if drummond is injured.
    and if i have any potential upgrages


  24. This is my team so far any help would be ace

    emg Strauss,Puopolo,Duigan,

    Midfield Swan,Judd,Selwood,Hodge,Krakouer,Swallow,
    Emg Harris,Atley,Contin,

    Rucks Jolly,Petrie
    Emg Charman,Bailey,

    Forwards Riewoldt,Franklin,Rioli,Riewoldt,Higgins,Veszpremi, Day,
    Emg Mzungu,Smith,Darling,


  25. Does anyone else have a limit as to how many names they can fit in their head? I swear, with each new rookie that’s talked up, another gets shoved out of my brain. Without having seen them before, I have nothing to attach their name to. So they remain just a name and therefore, are easily forgotten. And then, to add to the confusion, I have bye and DPP considerations. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!


  26. my team please comment

    Gibbs, Delidio, Bruce, Hurn, Drummond, Adcock, Otten

    Bench: talia, puopolo,duigan

    Goddard, Jack, Boak, Krakour, Gaff, heppel,

    Bench: Swallow (GC) , Harris ,Contin

    Forward: Riewolt, Didak, Rioli, Pettard, Dangerfield, Hurley, Petri

    Bench: Mzungu, Butcher, callinan,

    Ruck: Sandilands, Clarke

    Bench: j tippet, Bailey

    I have a strategy to have 3 rookies 3 premiums for midfield so dont worry bout that bit of it

    i have a bout 90 k left


  27. Need help
    Is it better to swap Harvey for goodes
    Swap Ryan o’keefe for knights
    And upgrade tipper to sandilands
    Or should I get tipper instead of knights in forward???? Help please and it leaves me with 160k left


  28. Anyone rate Nathan Ablett (GC)? Any other good replacement choices at around the 170k mark?

    I’m keen to recruit some more promising GC players who are likely to play games


  29. Also question on rookie list players. Guys like Callinan for adel seem very promising and cheap but is it best to not choose early on? I.e. sure they may be cheap but they may also not get into playing squad in 2011 and if they did it would be later in season after serious injury, retirement…. is this the way the rookie list works?


  30. Hi guys here is my final team before NAB cup
    Comments Please!!


    Comments Please!!


  31. Question: does anyone think it’s possible to continue last year’s averages?

    Personally, I think the byes are going to blow everyone out. Every week, at least 2-3 premiums not playing and 4-5 upper tier players (not to mention the big bye rounds).


  32. hey love the site…read it everyday

    just would like to know people thought on n.krakourer…at 260,000 good price but just seems a big risk! goes missing and body struggles at times

    would love some in put…cheers


  33. G’day everyone.
    Loving the general thread. Getting some really good tips!

    Heres the team. I would really love some comments and tips seeing as I’m new to SC and would appreciate the help.

    Goddard, Broughton, Grimes, Bock, Drummond, Bob Murphy, A Everitt.
    (Otten, Toy, Duigan)

    Gazza, Mitchell, Goodes, Rhino (O’Keefe), Kerr, D Swallow.
    (Heppell, Mzunga, Atley)

    I know these rucks aren’t great but this is where I’m saving cash
    K Tippet, D Hale
    (Gorringe, Charmen)

    Riewoldt, Pav/Rioli, Other Riewoldt, Higgins, Knights, Petrie, Krakouer.
    (T.Lynch, Butcher, Callinan)

    I know guys, its not a great team. I have 58 grand in the bank.
    Is Ablett worth it?
    Will Kerr hit some type of form?
    Pavlich or Rioli?

    Thanks guys.


  34. HI all, Got both Dick and Andrew K in my forwards, thinking if Dick stays fit he’ll be in pies 22 every week, any good forwards around the $200k mark? don’t want the 2 pie boys in there?


  35. Robert Murphy or Paul Bower guys?
    both relatively cheap considering their price a couple of years ago.
    Reckon its worth a crack?
    Murph is 30 grand cheaper.



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