Before The Bounce – R18

Written by Motts on July 31 2015

Last SC H&A round. You’ve got questions. Our community has the answers.

Throw ’em at us!


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48 thoughts on “Before The Bounce – R18”

  1. who’s game to bring in sloan ????

    I traded ablett for sloan and t. Mitchell to bartel. hope it doesn’t come back to bite me.

    tu good move

    td bad idea


  2. McKernan may have run his race this year and I do not like not having ruck coverage. I am thinking McKernan to RYDER for F6 and ruck coverage this week.


  3. Hello community
    I have 11 trades! let me explain at the start of the bye rounds i went to a camp/program and came back when the bye rounds finished. This place was very remote and their was limited internet, i wasnโ€™t able to make any trades there. I am now in a peculiar potion were i have 11 trades left. I am now out of contention for the 50k however there is a league that i really want to win.
    Should i be trading Fyfe since i have the trades and it would be a shark move? if not what should i be doing?
    thoughts appreciatedโ€ฆ


  4. Want to trade McKernan for bench cover. Unsure who to choose though. Options are Brent Harvey or Steven Motlop or anyone else that is under $450k


  5. Who to field?

    Tu – steele
    Td – lambert

    Unfortunately I can’t loophole as they are on different lines. Not worth trading in a premium as I have top spot locked away (fyfe on the bench, like many of us)


  6. Is it correct that after this week, the maximum number of trades one can make is 6 (as the SC season ends in week 21 right)? I have 8 trades atm before any moves this week. Thanks all.


  7. Thinking of trading fyfe out but I cant afford priddis, Im thinking of trading in sidebottom.
    TU Trade in Sidebottom, or someone else?
    TD Keep fyfe and hope hes back next week


  8. Any Saad.owners thinking of keeping him for cover? It is 400 k sitting there and I need two more premiums in the midfield. Looking at his scores and average and the defenders I dont have who would I bring in as a D7? Are people with full premo teams thinking of another premo for D7 or just someone solid. Kelly springs to mind but with a be of 15 he would need to come in this week and he’s not a D/M swinger. Normally I would try to get a D/M and D/F om my mid bench to swing forward or back.
    My first trade will probably be GAJ to Selwood and then either Saad for H Goddard or Hamling for H Goddard. Anyone got any thoughts on strategy from here ? 7 trades will finish top 4 29 k going for league.

    Team :
    D Shaw Hodge Simpson Newness Gibson Houli Saad Hamlingย 
    M Fyfe Pendles Ward Lewis Kennedy Parker GAJ Steele Krak Boston
    R Goldy Nic Nat
    F Martin Goddard Dalihaus Swan Mitchell Tarrant Gray Daniel

    Thumbs up GAJ Saad for Selwood H Goddard
    Thumbs down GAJ Hamling for Selwood H Goddard


  9. With 3 trades and 90k left, is it worth going Oxley (D7) to Kelly? Will leave Smith/Kelly at D6/7

    Bench coverage is pretty average with only Steele, Lambert and Alex Pearce as my playing bench players. I do however have swing sets across all lines so as long as D Mckenzie does not get a game, I could have Kelly act as a mid coverage


  10. GAJ out, so my only trade was going to be GAJ -> Priddis, Now Fyfe is out as well!!

    T/U: Stick with just one trade, GAJ -> Priddis, use Steele on field
    T/D: Make two trades, GAJ -> Lewis, Clark -> Bartel, switch Gray into Mids (via Steele)


  11. Hey All, have 4 trades left and $49.5k.

    With GAJ out, Fyfe not playing and no bench cover (Boston, McKenzie and Anderson), I’m in a little pickle!

    I’m out of the top 8 in my cash league and sitting 8th in my other preferred league and barring me losing and 9th winning their game by more than 1000pts, will end up 8th.

    So tossing up whether I move Fyfe to the bench and bring in BJ and Joelwood or bring in Priddis and a rookie (playing/non-playing) and swing Steele/Knights into the MIDs to cover Fyfe.

    So GAJ/Boston out, BJ/Joelwood in?

    T/U Looks good, do it

    T/D Nah, trade in Priddis and a rookie and swing Steele/Knight into the MIDs to cover for Fyfe

    TIA Everyone


  12. I am literally lost as to what to do with my team, and this is the first time that this has ever happened to me. I have more than enough trades to do 2 each week for the rest of the season and have 5 for finals. I have just under 30k in the kitty as well.

    My team currently looks like:
    Def: Shaw (GWS), McDonald, Murphy, Birchal, B Smith, H Goddard, Maynard, Long
    Mid: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Hannebery, D Beams, Treloar, Wines, Sloane, Rockliff, Steele, McKenzie, Smith (Carl)
    Ruck: Goldstein, Maric, Read
    Forward: Gray, Martin, Mitchell, Bontempelli, Dahlhaus, Swan, Daniel (WB), Lamb

    I don’t even know who to be looking at trading out or trading in for that matter.
    Any help at all would be appreciated.


  13. Ablett out for:

    TU: Selwood + 190k for last trade
    TD: Dangerfield + 30k for last trade

    Worried I may need the extra cash, which would allow me to upgrade a rookie to a viable backup if someone is to only be out for one or two weeks.


  14. My Ablett trade in will most likely be Priddis, but who would you bring in for a possible second trade, if your budget was $572, 500 (On any line except Rucks).

    Current Team:

    DEF: Newnes, Birchall, Hibberd, Saad, Smith, McGovern (Maynard, A. Pearce)

    MID: Pendlebury, Ablett, Fyfe, Hannebery, Kennedy, Wines, Rockliff, Hodge (Cripps, McKenzie, Steele)

    RUC: Goldstein, Naitanui (Cox)

    FWD: Gray, Martin, Swan, MItchell, Gawn, Higgins (Krakouer, Lambert).

    I’d prefer not to use Richmond, Hawthorn, Geelong, Collingwood, Brisbane or Melbourne players, because I’ll be using Maynard and Lambert as loopholes to decide whether to trade Cripps out or not. (Both score well, I can switch Robbie Gray to the mids, keep Cripps etc…)


  15. Having a debate with a few mates before the Hawks v Tigers starts tonight, thought to myself how better to solve this than to ask the crew at SCT ๐Ÿ™‚

    T/U….Jennifer Hawkins
    T/D….Miranda Kerr

    Cheers Catta


  16. Hi guys. I need some advice. Which trades to you think is the better?

    T/U Ablett – Lewis
    C.Pearce – Shaw
    T/D Ablett – Macrae
    Pearce – Rance
    I am worried that Lewis may get rest during S/C finals.
    Macrae has a high score of 154. Ave 102 and last 3 ave of 123. $581k
    Lewis has a high score of 154. Ave 102 last 3 ave of 112. $498k
    Thanks for any help.


  17. 5 trades left and 100k in the bank
    Hamling> Hugh Goddard?
    Allows me to upgrade B.Smith to Picken next week
    TU: Yes
    TD: Save the trades



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