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  1. Best joelwood round 13 and minson round 7.

    Worst was starting with karny and varcoe and then trading shuey to toby greene.

    And getting mckenzie and nic nat 6 weeks ago..ish


  2. waste of trade was K.Mitchell to Crouch, thinking K.Mitchell was on the rookie list, then crouch gets injured for 6 weeks and mitchell goes back on the senior list.


  3. Never ever had J Watson floating through my mids….. Until the week he scored 40 and out for 2-3 weeks…. Gave myself a pat on the back for that one!

    And oh yeah…. Daisy too


  4. Worst trades for me were getting Jobe, Danger and Daisy all in for 1 week prior to their injury. Longer term trades that weren’t the best were McKenzie, Priddis and JPK.

    Best trades were bringing in Selwood for Jobe.


  5. Worst Trades:

    Houli -> Birchall
    Lost me 160k and Birchall didn’t score me a single ton in the period I had him for.

    Liberatore -> Stanton
    WOW. Can’t believe I got sucked into getting Stanton AGAIN, especially after he burned me last year so hard.

    Best Trades:

    Crouch -> J.Selwood
    He might be a ducker, but Selwood won me one of my prelims. Been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my SuperCoach career.

    Kommer -> Wingard
    Wingard. What a legend.



    L.Brown $167k > J.Hutchins $115k
    (Cash generation poor, points gained poorer)

    K.Stevens $291k > D.Thomas $428k
    (The idea was right, but Koby scored 127 in R9, whilst Thomas was traded out the same week)

    R9: D.Thomas $452k > N.Naitanui $575k
    (Trade started promisingly, ended with a stuffed NicNat. Probably too much cash to be spending on a Forward/Ruck midseason anyway)

    R13: J.O’Meara $424k > J.P.Kennedy $544k
    (Seemed like a no-brainer at the time. Not so now)

    R17: P.Dangerfield $611k > J.Roughead $547k
    (69 & 84 were the scores received in Danger’s absence, which turned out to just be two weeks)

    R20: B.Goodes $439k > C.Dixon $423k
    (Had pumped out 6 tons in the 6 games he’s played a full game this season. Throws up 72, 76, 89 once brought in)

    R22: N.Naitanui $450k > D.Beams $566k
    (My last trade turned out to be worst trade of the season. Just pure bad luck in the end with Beams being a late out, costing me a few Prelims in the process)


    R3: T.Varcoe $268k > M.Leuenberger $301k
    (Fairly cookie cutter trade, but worked effectively. Keeping Berger through the phantom 6 week injury would’ve been even better!)

    R6: J.Hutchins $201k > B.Ellis $237k
    (Trade of the season without a shadow of a doubt)

    R11: M.Daw $264k > D.McBean $109k
    (McBean became the perfect candidate for the Ruck EMG loophole, swinging Cox, NicNat and Roughead back and forth)

    R13: B.Macaffer $355k > J.Selwood $492k
    (This one is a clear #2 trade of the year. A classic Fallen Premium paying dividends. 8 130+ scores from 11 games since purchase. How did he ever get to less than $500k!?)

    R14: J.Thurlow $211k > X.Richards $96k
    (Getting the complementary DEF/FWD swinger to accompany Staker worked a treat. Enjoyed the numerous loophole opportunities with captains and EMGs that came with it)

    Despite being ranked 25th, I’ve made my fair share of poor trades. In fact, I’d argue that they far outweigh the good ones! Making the perfect trades, although a virtually impossible task, would give anyone a landslide victory in the overall rankings. I’d be interested to see the margin of victory if in hindsight you’d made the perfect team and used your trades to 100% effectiveness. It would be enormous! A lesson you can take from this though, is that you can make many poor trades, yet still do considerably well, so never give up!


  7. Probably got to be Dixon in at the wrong time and Ibbotson near then end when I was running low on trades and the importance was increased.


  8. Well here is the best and worst.

    Traded Luey, Rocky and Cotchin out on injuries they only missed one or a couple. Came back to bite me big time in the finals due to lack of trades and Rocky blue them apart second half of the season.

    Rioli to Thomas: Rioli was always going to be a risk, but Daisy lasting only one week compounded the the problem and another 2 premium trades went out the door.

    Traded in Deledio Round 13 and received 91, 82, 75, 107, 64, 75 in the next 6 for my trouble. This was for Crouch which i had held from the start and was at 211,000 he then went on from Round 14 to do the following 114, 76, 93, 77, 100, 101 104.

    Although these are not trades, picking Watts, Pavlich,Waters at the start burnt another three premium trades.

    The BEST:

    Kroozer at 380,000 although got burnt in the finals from From Round 10 to Round 19 Averaged 114 points for me.

    Danger mouse Round 7: Welcomed me with a 147 and averaged 115 for the remainder of the year even with the dicky shoulder game.

    That is about it, the rest here and there as many.

    What I have learnt.

    Never believe how long somebody is going to be out whether it be short term or 3 – 4 weeks.

    You are going to have to carry a few injuries to premiums in the 3-4 week bracket or you will use to many trades.

    Get a hold of MJ team early so you can copy it.


  9. I gave a thumbs down ’cause I’m one of those jealous gutless keyboard warriors that sucked at SC and finished at about 45,000 but somehow believe I’m a better coach than you MJ.


  10. Biggest waste of trades was undoubtedly with LeCras. He started in my team with a 95 in Rd.1 but broke his arm. Traded him out (for Skywalker), not a bad move. But then traded him back in after he was back after only two weeks and scored 124. After that his form took a tumble. I traded him back out when he got dropped around Rd.12. Honorable mentions to D.Thomas and Birchall who got injured after only one game in the side. Plus Leuey who was back after two weeks from his 6 week injury.

    Best trade was upgrading to Selwood after the bye rounds

    Best trade


  11. Worst was bringing in Carrazzo round 6 and was a late out. Was still out round 13 so traded him without getting one point out of him. Best was Ellis who I brought in round 6 also for quick money and is still in my side.



    Watts -> Jonathan Griffin (after Round 1)

    Made the mistake of getting sucked in by Watts’ pre-season but rectified it at the first available opportunity. Got in the Freo ruckman who averaged 101 (excluding his ACL game).

    Karnezis -> Dwyer (after Round 2)

    I don’t feel as bad about being sucked in by Karnezis as I do about Watts. He played a lot on the wing at the end of the 2012 NEAFL season and he dominated the shortened pre-season games with a 79, 104 and 97. Still cut and ran early after his poor start and picked up a DPP on the bubble who did his job.

    Varcoe -> JJ Kennedy (after Round 2)

    Made the call to take Travis over JJK, it was the wrong call and I fixed it. Helps that the very next game Varcoe got injured with a 9 and JJK kicked five on Melbourne and brought in 136 points.

    Wines -> S Johnson (after Round 6)

    As with the next guy I traded in, I argued heavily that SJ was a must have early and, yeah, he was a must have, despite his injury issues.

    Neade -> Priddis (after Round 7)

    I argued his case strongly at the time and after round 7 it was time to get Priddis. Jake had done his job (and only had one more 60+ score after this), while Priddis had fallen to $450k. Since then he has tonned up in eight of thirteen games and averaged 104. He now sits at M9 for me.

    O’Meara -> J Selwood (after Round 10)

    This was by far and away my best trade of the year. I went against convention and got him the week before his bye. He was at his cheapest price for the season ($161k less than he is now), he rewarded by straight up with a 137 and since I acquired him he has scored less than 131 on two occasions in eleven games, while averaging 130.5!

    M Jones -> K Jack (after Round 10)

    Picked Jack over JPK when Jack was cheaper and until the last three games he’d averaged 118 for me. Still made the correct call with him over JPK, but with a last three of 75, 80 and 78 it is soured a little.


    Plowman -> Hutchins (after Round 3)

    It wasn’t diabolical because Plowman was a poor pick-up anyway, but Jack hasn’t gone over 50 since he was on the bubble and has averaged less than 31. Not exactly SC gold.

    JJ Kennedy -> Thomas (after Round 6)

    This is one of the hindsight ones due to injury. Thomas came in, tonned up and hasn’t played again. I’d argue that, had Daisy not sustained an injury, it was still the right move to make at F6 as JJK only had one ton in the next six weeks, but it’s all academic, because Daisy did get injured and this was therefore a terrible, terrible trade.

    Rampe -> Birchall (after Round 11)

    So as with Daisy, this was this right trade until he got injured. Tonned up, got injured in the first quarter the next week and then left my side straight away. Couldn’t predict the injury, but still, bad trade.

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with my trading this season, it was just my sub-par initial team that killed me with four of my starting six forwards being Buddy, Varcoe, Karnezis and Watts. Boy, that’s a poor list!


  13. Best Trades: not too many standouts, however team has been pretty consistent (ranked top 150)

    Worst Trades: Gibbs (Hammy) to Dixon (Ankle) to Birchall (Knee) and then back to Gibbs!

    Another average trade was In Thomas (Round 8) – Out Thomas (Round 9)


  14. Hmmm here we go
    Karnezis to Kennedy RD2
    Smith to Lewey RD3
    Neade to Aaron Black RD7
    Wines to Priddis RD8
    Kommer to T.Mitchell RD13
    Swallow to Fyfe RD19

    Easily the worst was Boyd to Swallow- Boyd went down injured so had the chance to take Swan but chose to save cash and go Swallow for 3 sub par scores followed by a season ending injury. This one still scars me while I watch Swan smash it out week after week and could no longer afford him.
    Pittard to Birchall then (because i never learn)
    Heppel to Birchall last week.
    He keeps impressing until i bring him in then starts playing soft.
    Zorko to Hutchins- not the worse trade as Zorko was not playing well, but at least he kept playing. Hutchins disappeared.

    All things considered cant complain, 3 out of 5 finals coming up including a cash comp


  15. Best Trades – Rocky in Rd 12 and Joelwood in Rd 13

    Worst Trade – getting sucked in to Spuddy in Rd 10 @ $453K, I traded him out in Rd 17 @ $471K and was glad to see the back of him…Nic Nat was also a poor choice this year in Rd 9 but who’d a thunk it!


  16. I think I have hands down the stupidest trade of the year.
    Started with K Mitchell, traded him and Macaffer out R4 for C Sinclar and Cotchin. Macaffer was dropped that round but got a late call up.
    Then in R6 traded Fyfe out (suspended) for K Bloody Mitchell! What the $&@$ was I thinking! And finally traded him out again in R12 for K Martin…


  17. Hmm I’ve had a few bad ones and good ones here goes:

    Zorko- Westhoff (R4), Westhoff only had 2 or so decent roundsbefore spudding it

    Gibbs- Dixon (R6), all i can say is …. Dixon was on my bench for 9 rounds

    Westhoff- Daisey (R7) was in my team for a while after getting injured after 1 games had more important trades to do

    Neade- Franklin (R8) What a spud Buddy turned out to be, and had that amazing 3 game draw..

    Terlich – Birchall (R13) ………. Injured the game i brang him in, turfed him the week after for Gibbs, great tarde that was =.=

    Goodes- Thompsson (R18) Was tosing up between Thompson and Enright for ages went Thompson, 2 weeks later out for the year..


    Best Trades:
    Longer- Luey (R2), Luey smashed it for the next 8 weeks =]

    Pittard- Vlastuin (R6) , Dat $$$$ =]

    Cotchin- Stevie J (R7) turfed Cotchin to cover a doughnut what a blessing this was, Cotch started to spud it up the next month or so While Stevie will score Huge, Stevie was 50k Cheaper than Cotch aswell :p

    Wines- Priddis (R8) that concussion Priddis got dropped his price by nearly 100k, was less than 100k swap this trade =]

    Luey- Minson (R10) Minson smashed it all the way =]

    Dwyer- Staker (R10) $$$ and saved me a few times with late withdrawals =]

    M.Jones – Tmitch (R11) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Daisey- Barlow (R11) Dem scores Barlow thanks =]

    O’meara – Selwood Best trade of season this one =] (R13) Only costed me 50k, look at Joelwood now =]

    Blicavs – Goldy (R15) Dem scores =], moved Cox to Fwd line

    Crouch – Swan (R18) Didn’t use any trades for 3 rounds this was one of the best premos to bring in, Swan went massive =]


  18. Best: Ryan Griffin in round 6
    Worst: Jack Steven out after round 6

    It’s a tough one, it got me Ryan Griffin who has been amazing, but lost me a rising premium that I worked hard on selecting at the start of the season. Since I traded him out he has gone under 100 only 4 times, and those have been 89, 99, 99, 98. I’ve gotta trust my premium selections in future.



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