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Written by Motts on January 30 2014

Our man Ro0STA has been hard at it again, this time looking at the best blokes you need to consider at each position. Following a pure G’n’R approach, he’s come up with some fine talent. I’ve got no doubt more than a few of these blokes will be in your team. Take it away, mate….

Picking a solid starting Supercoach line-up can be somewhat daunting with the high quality talent available for selection this year. Everyone knows Supercoach is the ultimate balancing act; you have to carefully select a squad of 30 with the right mix of premium stars, youngsters in the form of cash cows, points of difference (PODs) compared to your opponents and big improvers who are set to break out this season. Whatever your approach, one thing is for sure – you can only taste victory and prolonged success by capitalising on your teams’ earnings, keeping trades until the finals and using them to upgrade certain players when the time is right!

I am a big believer of having a large midfield…by that, I mean having DPP’s in both my FWD and DEF lines who can play through the midfield. This gives you the flexibility to move players around to ensure you always have the best 22 scoring and a greater potential for players to move around and play in different areas on the field to earn more points. This is because contested ball winning and clearances can earn a lot of points. Using just 1 example, look at Sam Mitchell. He was given a new role in 2013 and played mostly off half back in an attempt to cover big name injuries to his teammates and also was placed there in an attempt to break his tag. His possessions remained high and he was still reliable with the ball under immense pressure. Not only that, but he still spent a fair chunk of time through the midfield. Mitchell averaged over 100, meaning he remained a super reliable choice last year and should again, be considered in your backline this year.

So without going into specific detail about each player, I am going to make the following basic recommendations of who you should be considering with selection for your starting line-up. These players may seem obvious and also a bit strange – because you want to have a good mix…starting off with a large group of cash cows, a small blend of superstar premiums, 1 or 2 POD’s and a few break out players you’re anticipating for this season. I certainly hope this helps you with most of your on-field team as well as the majority of your bench options:


Stars – Pick 3 of the following:
Jimmy Bartel
Jarrad McVeigh
Sam Mitchell
Bob Murphy
Heath Shaw
Andrew Walker

Rookies/Bargains – Pick 3 of the following:

Matthew Fuller
Kade Kolodjashnij
Luke McDonald
Shaun Edwards
Sam Docherty
Jeremy Laidler


Stars – Pick 3-4 of the following:

Gary Ablett
Joel Selwood
Ryan Griffin
Jobe Watson
Scott Pendlebury
Josh Kennedy
Kieran Jack
Marc Murphy

Rookies/Bargains – Pick 4 of the following:

Jack Martin
Dom Tyson
Lewis Taylor
Luke Dunstan
James Aish
Anthony Morabito
Claye Beams
Josh Kelly
Jonathan O’Rourke


Stars – Pick 2 of the following:

Will Minson
Todd Goldstein
Matthew Kreuzer
Nic Naitanui

Rookies – Pick 2 of the following:

Fraser Thurlow
Michael Apeness
Daniel Currie
Sam Michael

In most Supercoach sides I have evaluated in preparation for 2014, a lot of people have opted for a very expensive bench or a combination of middle-priced ruckmen who, given their abilities and past scores, start EXTREMELY cheap. For example, can you really look past Docker giant Aaron Sandilands at $310k, given the fitness of their ruck stocks? You might also consider the likes of mid-priced Hamish McIntosh or the Pies new #1 ruckman in Brodie Grundy? Lobbe will be carrying most of Port’s ruck duties this year too. It’s also a toss-up between 2 Saint regulars for 2014 who will get a lot of gigs; Tom Hickey and Billy Longer.


Stars – Pick 3 of the following:

Patrick Dangerfield
Dustin Martin
Chad Wingard
Lance Franklin
Travis Cloke
Chris Mayne

Rookies – Pick 3 of the following:

Dayle Garlett
Jesse Hogan
Zac Merrett
Shane Kersten
Gary Rohan
Mitch Honeychurch

Good luck to all Supercoach players in 2014!


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56 thoughts on “Your Best Supercoach Team”

  1. This is more of a G’n’R approach as Motts said in the introduction. So you’ll notice that the price tag on every player I mentioned in either in the very top or bottom echelon for that part of the round.

    You are right however with the mid-pricers. I’m not jumping on Daisy just yet, but Suckling is definately in my backline and Caddy is perched up forward, he’s the man I am predicting to have a huge year!



  2. He lads first crack at this years team what you lads think? Rooks not set yet

    DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Swallow, Suckling, Laidler, Mcdonald (Fuller, Cutler)
    MID: Gaz, Swan, Rockliff, Murphy, Beams, Daisy, J Martin, Polec, C Beams (Ellis, O’Rourke)
    RUC: Lobbe, Sandi (Thurlow, Nankervis)
    FWD: Danger, Dusty, Wingard, Buddy, Rohan, Kersten (Honeychurch, Garlett)


  3. Very strong team. I like Swallow down back, I’m sure he’s underrated by most coaches when considering their backline. YOu might want to consider a switch of Nankervis to Apeness. I say that because with both Clarke and Griffin injured in the early stages of the season, he is more likely to get a run (could even slot in as FWD line bench spot in place on Honeychurch).

    Lobbe is an interesting choice for ruck as a POD. I think he’ll be sitting pretty in a full-time role there unless the injures himself, when Redden will come in. Great work there otherwise!


  4. Great write up Roosta. Whist I’m looking like locking in one of Sandi or HMac (or both) I would like at least one premium ruck. What’s your thoughts on cox? Has always been consistent, is burning up the track ATM and with nic back he could spend time up fwd to kick goals. I was considering nic but I’m just not sure he will hold up the whole year. Also is J Martin a lock? He has been for me all year but is very pricy.


  5. As i said with mid-priced Rucks, if you have the cash, it’s not really going to hurt you all that much if you had Sandi on the field and HMac as a back-up, or vice-versa. We all know know both are susceptible to injury. I don’t think you can really make a ‘wrong’ choice for ruck if you had either of those blokes, or both in your team. However Nic Nat is a certain lock for me…Cox is great and has been both reliable and durable for his age, but we are heading towards the prime of NicNat’s career. If he’s as fit and ready to go as I’ve been reading he’ll run rings around Coxy. I’ve slotted him in over Goldy and Minno, too.


  6. Hi RoOsta,

    Thanks for the write up, this site and the SupercoachTalk team are sensational.

    I was having a think this morning as I was making v52 of my team. My thought was this, in the early stages of the season the goal is cash generation to upgrade to premos ASAP. You try to start the season off with as many players that you want in your final 22. In v52 I have between 12-14 players that I believe can and probably should be in my final 22. This obviously then limits my ability to generate cash as I have a lower number of rookies to do this.

    My question is this, has anyone gone down the path of only spending say 6MIll and fielding mostly rookies to generate as much early season cash as possible. Thus allowing you to pick off fallen premos or just premos in general as and when you can?

    I understand this strategy would impact severely on overall place and early season wins but may be successful in getting to full premos ASAP for those only after the leagues win.

    As I write this is sounds like a stupid idea, but I haven’t heard anyone bring it up before.

    Oh and here’s my team

    Backs: Bartel, SMitchell, Hanley, Suckling, L McDonald, J Laidler (T Cutler, M Fuller)
    Mids: GAJ, Pendles, Jobe, Cotchin, Smurphy, D Beams, C Beams, Dunstan (D Garlett, J Hunt)
    Rucks: Grundy, Sandi (Longer, Nankervis)
    Fwds: Danger, Wingard, Buddy, G Rohan, L Taylor, Honeychurch (Markworth, D Towers)

    At the moment I’ve just thrown in the rookies that are mentioned as potential. Let’s be far until the NAB Challenge all we need to worry about is getting the backbone of our team right.

    Love to hear you thoughts


  7. Thanks RoOsta. I won’t be doing it either but thought it was an interesting point for discussion. Although you very quickly blew it that theory out of the water!

    I’ve been messing around with the team got rid of Grundy and Cotchin form Nic Nat and Daisy. Which is pretty much who I had in v1 to v51.



  8. Another of my teams:

    $10, 400 banked.

    Defence Keepers: Jarrad McVeigh (10), Sam Mitchell (9), Pearce Hanley (10)

    Defence Midpricers: Matt Suckling, Sam Docherty

    Defence Rookies: Luke McDonald, Tom Cutler, Matt Fuller

    Midfield Keepers: Gary Ablett (8), Scott Pendlebury (8). Jobe Watson (10), Tom Rockliff (10), Marc Murphy (9), Dayne Beams (8)

    Midfield Midpricers: Dale Thomas

    Midfield Rookies: Claye Beams, Anthony Morabito, Matt Crouch

    Ruck Keeper: Matthew Lobbe (9)

    Ruck Midpricer: Aaron Sandilands

    Ruck Rookies: Michael Apeness, Sam Nankervis

    Forward Keepers: Patrick Dangerfield (8), Lance Franklin (10)

    Forward Midpricer: Alex Fasolo

    Forward Rookies: Gary Rohan, Lewis Taylor, Dayle Gartlett, Mitch Honeychurch, Dane Markworth.

    Bye Analysis (Premiums Absent)

    Round 8: 0-3-0-1 (4)
    Round 9: 1-1-1-0 (3)
    Round 10: 2-2-0-1 (5)

    Went for Rockliff over Cotchin because Rockliff has the round 10 bye rather than Cotchin’s round 8 bye.


  9. First Run:

    DEF: Walker, Mitchell, Shaw, Seedsman, K.Kardashian :), Mcdonald (cutler,Fuller)
    MID, GAJ, Pendles, Cotchin, Beams, Daisy, Murphy, Martin, Dunstan (Morabito, Taylor)
    RUCK: Lobbe, Sandy (Thurlow, Nankervis)
    FWD: Danger, Franklin, Wingard, Hogan, Rohan, Garlett (Kersten, Honeychurch)

    Trying to get the main premos I expect to stay in the team while also maximising $$ off rookies. Some left of field selections there like Seedsman, but I think he is gonna have a breakout season. Bit expensive but for the last 110 rounds last year he had an avg of 99 with a 145, 126, 119 in there…


  10. DEF- Mitchell, Shaw, Hibberd, Birchall, Mckenzie, Fuller. (cutler, kolod…)
    MID- Ablett, Pendlebury, Griffen, Beams, Thomas, Martin, Aish, Dunstan. (morabito, o’rourke)
    RUC- Naitanui, Sandilands. (apeness, thurlow)
    FWD- Dangerfield, Franklin, Gunston, Boyd, Hogan, Kersten. (garlett, honeychurch)

    Rookies are pretty much just price holders at this point, and hopefully some of them can be replaced by cheaper players and give me something more in the fwd line (ie gunston to d.martin or simply another 400k+ player instead of boyd/hogan) but i think im going to go with depth in the back line to start since there are so many reliable options there.


  11. Gday to all my fellow SCers @ SCT!

    Have had a great holiday break and pumped for the new season. Thanks for the writeup Roosta, it is very much appreciated.

    Haven’t spent much time in this yet, so still a work in progress. 🙂

    Defenders: J Mcveigh, Smitch, Suckling, S Edwards, L McDonald, J Laidler (T Cutler, M Fuller)

    Mids: GAJ, Pendles, J Watson, D Beams, Daisy, J Martin, J Kelly, A Morabito (L Dunstan, L Taylor)

    Rucks: Wilbur, Sandi (Grundy, Apeness)

    Fwds: Danger, Dusty, C Wingard, J Hogan, G Rohan, S Kersten (D Garlett, M Honeychurch)

    $292,500 in the war chest.

    Have quite some money left over, not sure what to use it on.

    Any thoughts/comments would be much appreciated.

    Great to be back into SC!


  12. $96k remaining. Current draft of Harbour Heroes


    1. Bartel, J $572,500 MID GEE

    2. McVeigh, J $572,500 MID SYD

    3. Swallow, D $429,400 MID GCS

    4. Suckling, M $312,200 HAW

    5. Shaw, R $299,400 SYD

    6. Kolodjashnij, K $197,300 GCS

    23. Scharenberg, M$192,300 COL

    24. Langdon, T $117,300 MID COL


    7. Ablett, G $695,000 GCS

    8. Watson, J $601,300 ESS

    9. Mitchell, S $562,000 DEF HAW

    10. Thomas, D $341,800 CAR

    11. Martin, J $222,300 GCS

    12. Billings, J $207,300 FWD STK

    13. Beams, C $183,400 BRL

    14. Michie, V $172,600 MEL


    25. Crouch, M $117,300 ADE

    26. Honeychurch, M $117,300 FWD WBD


    15. McIntosh, H $332,900 GEE

    16. Sandilands, A $310,700 FRE


    27. Apeness, M $137,300 FWD FRE

    28. Nankervis, T $117,300 SYD


    17. Dangerfield, P $609,000 MID ADE

    18. Martin, D $549,200 MID RIC

    19. Dixon, C $487,900 RUC GCS

    20. Franklin, L $487,700 SYD

    21. Gunston, J $447,400 HAW

    22. Rohan, G $176,200 SYD


    29. Boyd, T $217,300 GWS

    30. Taylor, L $117,300 MID BRL

    Notes: Heaps of DPP Flexibility.

    15 different teams used. No PA, WC or NM. Cannot see great value in these teams. other than Luke McDonald, but Langdon fills that place nicely. Langdon used in conjunction with Scharenberg under the “one will play principle”. McDonald will be in my other team.

    5 players from Sydney and GCS used, but expect to cashcow out 2 from each team before the bye.

    Only one premo from each side used – Unless you consider players at Dixon/Franklin price as premium.

    Consider rookies as placeholders for a price point. Josh Kelly, Anthony Murabito, Jesse Hogan Ben Lennon, Todd Banfield, Dayle Garlett etc can easily substitute in based on preseason form and will probably fill similar roles in my second team.

    Players most on chopping block – Gunston, Mitchell, Boyd, Crouch, Ablett (for Pendles of course)


  13. Hi everyone had a crack today, subject to change a million times…

    Defenders: J.McVeigh, S.Mitchell, P.Hanley, K.Kolodjashnij, L.McDonald, J.Laidler. Bench: T.Cutler, M.Fuller.

    Midfield: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, J.Watson, T.Cotchin, D.Beams, D.Thomas, J.Martin, D.Tyson. Bench: J.Aish, V.Michie.

    Rucks: H.McIntosh, A.Sandilands. Bench: M.Apeness, T.Nankervis.

    Forwards: P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, L.Franklin, A.Fasolo, N.Bock, G.Rohan. Bench: D.Garlett, M.Honeychurch.

    18,500 remaing.
    Went heavy in the mids with lack of forward option. Went for the risky mid prices in the ruck. Love to hear some of your thoughts and potential changes. Cheers.


  14. Well lads heres the likely incarnation of my team come round one. 80k in the kitty. Rucks are doing my head in this year.

    Mitchell Enright Hurn Suckling Koladjshni Mcdonald
    Cutler Fuller

    Gaz Pendles Watson Beams Murphy Martin Aish Michie
    Dunstan O’Rourke

    Hmac Sandilands
    Hickey Thurlow

    Danger Dusty Buddy Gray Kersten Garlett
    Impey Taylor


  15. For those of us out of the country, who is this Kolodjashnij? Is he already a lock for Rd.1? Haven’t seen any write ups on him yet……


  16. , But listen mate we will let you know what’s going on, One thing I know in life is I can play this game and I won’t let you down


  17. Roosta u r an absolute legend mate!!!
    Sorry to bother u but could u have a look at my team?
    Really appreciate it if u could!!

    Leftover: $38500
    Defenders- McVeigh,Mitchell,Hanley,Birchall,Suckling,McDonald (Cutler,Fuller)
    Midfielders- Gaz,Rockliff,Murphy,Beams,Chapman,Daisy,JMartin,Tyson (Morabito,Crouch)
    Rucks- NicNat,Sandi (Apeness,Nankervis)
    Forwards- Danger,Buddy,Crameri,Hogan,Rohan,Taylor (Garlett,Honeychurch)


  18. Hey Roosta,
    This is my 4th year in SC, and all other years have been a misery start and catch up for months trading out duds.
    Hoping you might give me your thoughts on my side. Some pretty good stars, some good rookies and some good mid price players-maybe a few POD’s fingers crossed.
    But then I think this is the case every year and it gets me no where!

    DEF: H Shaw, T McKenzie, S Atley, M Jamison, M Suckling, R Shaw, L McDonald, K Kolodjashnij
    MID: Ablett, Deledio, L Parker, J Viney, V Michie, J Caddy, J Martin, C Beams, L Dunstan, M Honeychurch
    Ruck: Mummy, Grundy, Apeness, T Downie
    FWD: B Harvey, Roughie, C Dixon, J Daniher, J Elliot, S Crameri, L Taylor, J Kennedy-Harris
    $12,700 left over

    Any help would be appreciated, thanx


  19. Hey red red, here’s my first crack at this years team I know it will change plenty but pls pass on yr inner most thought, good bad and otherwise. Trying to get some clarity on my premise and young pups.
    Backs. J mcviegh S mitchell C enright D swallow M suckling L McDonald.. T culter M fuller

    Mids. Ablett pendles Griffen Murphy d beams v Michie L dunstan a morabito. M crouch M honey church.

    Rucks. M lobbe A sandilands. F Thurlow M king

    Forwards. Danger Dixon Franklin Zorko jkh impey. L Taylor d gartlett


  20. Finished 465th last year, didnt drop outside of 1500 all year but missed some crucial opportunities to leap up ladder, run of bad captains choices towards end. Traded out Dwyer $150k short of peak for Daisy (inj 2weeks later) instead of Walker, missed out on Ellis and Vlastin scores/rises by being trade conservative (holding onto Gibbs, Goodes) instead of been aggressive thru backline carnage.

    Wins were my initial mids, rucks, fwds choosing right rookies, bye balance and fallen premiums after byes.

    Mistakes were taking Varcoe and Karnezis over J.Kennedy up fwd

    This year i hope to do better taking risk on underpriced players returning from inj/down 2013

    DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Hanley, Suckling, Kolodjanij, Langford, (Georgiou, Clurey)
    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Murphy, Beams, Thomas, McDonald (def dpp), Michie, Polec, (Crouch, Taylor (fwd dpp))
    RUCK: McIntosh, Sandilands (Currie, Thurlow (fwd/dpp))
    FWD: Danger, Martin, Dixon (ruck/dpp), Chapman, Wright, Higgins, Clarke, Kennedy-Harris

    Round 8 bye – 11 out can swing McDonald to def for ideal 10
    Round 9 bye – 7 out
    Round 10 bye – 12 out but 4 are rookies which hope to move them on before impacting team.

    If can build warchest before rnd 9, hope to trade in Swan, Selwood. This may take place of Thomas Murphy if they havent fired by then.

    Realise team is at risk with number players returning from injury but they offer too much value to pass up. Need warchest for insurance. Willing to cut Suckling, Higgins Dixon Clarke should the right rookies present themselves for warchest.


  21. Thoughts on my team?? Any ideas about changes?

    Back: McVeigh, Hibberd, Hanley, Atley, Suckling, L McDonald (W Langford, M Fuller)

    Midfield: Ablett, Pendlebury, Cotchin, D Beams, D Thomas, J Martin, Michie, L Dunstan ( Morabito, M Crouch)

    Ruck: Naitanui, M Daw ( D Currie, R Lobb)

    Forward: Dangerfield, D Martin, Gunston, J Cameron, T Boyd, G Rohan ( L Taylor, J Impey

    $41,300 left over


  22. Would much appreciate if you have any ideas on my team. Thanks in advance

    DEFS: McVeigh, Mitchell, Houli, Suckling, L McDonald, Laider (Langford, Georgiou)
    MIDS: Ablett, Pendles, Rocckliff, Cotchin, Beams, J Martin, Michie, Polec (X Ellis, M Crouch)
    RUCKS: McIntosh, Sandilands (Thurlow, Nankervis)
    FWDS: Dangerfield, D Martin, Franklin, T Mitchell, Rohan, Kennedy-Harris (Taylor, Z Merret)

    $88 300 left over 🙂


  23. Having read this I believed it was very informative.

    I appreciate you spendong sime time and energy to puut this article together.

    I once agai find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and posting
    comments. But so what, itt was still worthwhile!


  24. I don’t know if it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing problems with your
    site. It appears as though some of the written text in your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too?
    This might be a problem with my web browser because I’ve had this happen before.



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