Boyd v Priddis

Written by Motts on March 15 2012

Had this one suggested to me on Twitter tonight. Who’s prospects do you like more out of these two out-and-out guns?

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11 thoughts on “Boyd v Priddis”

  1. I would have though priddis to be more reliable. However boyd does have days where he just goes mental (in a good way?!)

    It’s all about risk vs reward


  2. Whats everyones thoughts on midfield structure? I have a policy of no mid price mids, exempt for former premiums or were injured in the previous year.
    But which structure is better:

    4 Premiums (Pendles, Ablett, Selwood, Murphy) and the rest rookies
    (Thumbs up)
    3 Premiums (Pendles, Ablett, Selwood) and another gun in my def
    (Thumbs down)

    My defence with the 4 premium mid consists of 3 guns (Goddard, Delidio and Shaw) and Lake. With the rest being rookies. This is because i see not too many great premium backs and a lot more premium forwards. And back man are less likely to be subs. I could also swap Jacobs- Mummy

    I remember last year, falling behind early because of my 3 premium midfield, so i originally thought this preseason i would go 4 premiums, but I’m not sure now.



  3. Cant decide on my 4th midfielder. Got to pick from Joel Selwood, Sam Mitchell, Tom Rockliff and Matt Priddis. What do u guys reckon?



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