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Written by Motts on February 9 2012

Can’t tell you how excited I get when one of our regulars puts their own team under the microscope to bring you their analysis of who you need to be considering for your SC team. I did it for Carlton, Bender jumped on board for the Pies, Deano covered the Eagles and Big Sexy massively pumped up the tyres of did some very critical analysis of Geelong.

And now Brods has gone to town on Brisbane. I said to him “Brods, just a couple of lines on each will be fine, mate”. Clearly Brods has some issues taking instruction though because he has thoroughly analysed every single Lion that you might be thinking about.

The good news? The more he researched, the more he began to think that the Lions have finally got things going in the right direction! So while you get the benefits of his research, he got a good dose of optimism. Everybody wins!

Thanks again for your efforts, Brods. Very much appreciated buddy! And if anyone else wants to cover their team please let me know – (note: I’ve had tentative acceptances for the Saints, Hawks and Dons).

Righto, lets get on with it!

Jonathan Brown, $397,900, 10, 67.0

He’s on the wrong side of 30 but has been the focal point of the Lions game plan for years. When he’s fit he’s capable of anything even when it looks like he’s doing nothing still manages triple figures. Will demand a lot of the supply from the on-ballers and will just about contest every possession he earns. You know you want to. so just pick the guy. There’s always Porplyzia on standby if it doesn’t work out after 2 rounds.

James Polkinghorne, $356,100, 22, 67.8

Earmarked for significant improvement this season in the Lions camp. He’s shown glimpses in previous seasons but I can’t see it happening with the focus most likely to gog on the new draftees. Played all 22 games last season but only cracked 100 once and that was against the Suns. If he moves more into a midfield role moreso than the permanent forward role he generally occupies then there’s a chance but only a fleeting one.

Todd Banfield, $341,800, 19, 59.4

The Lions experimented with Banfield in the guts last season and it pretty much shattered the confidence he had in his debut year. Finding it a little tough he still managed to hit the bottom of the packs and win his fair share of kicks but undisciplined (see: not well thought out) acts causing turnovers was his glaring weakness last season. He’ll be better for the experience and will always work better when Browny is there to crumb off.

Amon Buchanan, $305,700, 5, 57.2

Played for his career in round 24 last season and it’s that kind of intensity that Vossy will be looking for this season from the veteran. Found it hard to break into a side battling to avoid the spoon last season despite dominating the reserves competition so there is even less chance of him doing it again this year without some sparkling NAB cup form. Out of the five games he did play in 2011 he wore the substitutes vest twice – not a good sign if he’s only to be used as a periodical impact player.

Aaron Cornelius, $262,900, 8, 44.8

Has only a handful of games under his belt and was playing third banana at various times to the likes of Brown, Bradshaw, Fevola and Clark in the past. Had an inability to run out a full game at the top level but steps have been taken to rectify this flaw in his game so more consistent performances can be expected. A gun at reserves level he showed a glimpse of what he can do with a 4 goal effort against the Crows last season. Even with Clark gone he’ll still have competition for a spot up forward which can only mean that he’ll have more incentive to do well.

Keep an eye on:

Jordan Lisle, $291,700, 5, 55.4

A case of supply and demand for Lisle and the Lions. Seeking greater opportunity up north and in the absence of Clark should receive them. His NAB cup form last season was promising but suffered a broken cheekbone shortly after his debut against the Dockers last year halting any momentum he was going to make in their injury ravaged line up. Has been used down back by Box Hill in the past so there is a possibility he could be used in defence as well.


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19 thoughts on “The Brisbane List – Forwards”

  1. Great analysis Brods well done mate!

    Motts, i was wondering if there was any chance of you wanting me to do a Essendon preview like this one, happy to help. But if you dont want to its all good.



  2. Been hearing some good things about Patty Karnezis Brods. Any love for him? The other one we’re all interested in is Dayne Zorko if you’ve got some inside info there.


  3. Motts, you realise you don’t need to use strikethrough, you can just hit delete…. let me know if you need me to tidy up the post.


  4. Great work Brods! Brown is the only one of these that I’m strongly considering. Although, after initially being all over the brown-dawg the more I think about him the more I’m leaning towards not picking him. SC is more about total points rather than average points. He may well avg 110, but the likelihood of him playing more than 16 games are about 50/50 I reckon, so I’d rather someone who avgs 95-100 but is going to play 20-22 games.



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