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Written by Motts on February 10 2012

In his final piece on the Brisbane Lions, Brods give us the lowdown on the boys down back. Once again I’d like to thank Brods for taking the time to run the glasses over his team. Cheers mate!

Jed Adcock, $490,300, 20, 84.5

Like most of the Lion’s backline played under duress for the majority of 2011 but had a cracking start before a degenerative finger injury ended his effectiveness as a century point scorer. Well it’s healed and with Brown and Merrett back to full fitness he should have the same license to score as he did in the opening rounds last season. Should be one of this seasons marked improvers.

 Josh Drummond, $369,400, 7, 65.0

For someone with the point scoring potential he has, it was disappointing to see him going around last season half fit due to the injury woes of his teammates. His kicking is a thing of beauty for supercoaches as he rarely misses a target. Has only played a handful of games each season though  since the last time he averaged 100. Could be worth a look after round 2.

Pearce Hanley, $447,700, 22, 80.2

Had his best season to date in 2011 most likely due to the falling numbers around him. His run and carry was a feature of his game last season and  was easily one of the most improved players on the Lions list. The return of the likes of Merrett, Drummond and a fully fit Adcock could hamper any further point scoring improvement this season though.

Keep an eye on:

Stephen Wrigley, $94,700, Rookie Listed

A mature aged rookie listed defender that may get a look in if the Lions have another nightmare season with injury. He has had two very good years in the QAFL, winning Labrador’s Best & Fairest this year after finishing Runner-Up in 2010. With Staker on the LTI list he could find himself in a battle with Niall McKeever for a spot on the senior list depending on Vossy’s height requirements.


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  1. I forgot about Drummond in the unloved article… Year in, year out, he sh*ts me to tears. Still the best kick in the league.



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