BS Rookie Review Round 1

Written by Big Sexy on April 3 2012

The season is finally here, and it’s great to not be talking about NAB Cup form and it’s amazing how fast we forget about the NAB Cup when the real-deal starts.  Anyway, here is the BS’s first crack at a Rookie Review for 2012.

 My Top Five Rookie’s (<$200k) of the week:

1)    A Kennedy (Mid/Fwd 113k) Kennedy was one of the stand-out rookies for GWS on debut picking up 28 disposals and cracked a ton scoring 104 in his first hit out.  He turns 20 this year so slightly mature age, and was recruited from the Western Jets.  He has the added bonus of being a DPP which is the only reason he edged out Smith and Magner for top billing.

2)    C Smith (Mid 116k) Everything that is said about Smith references how hard he is at the ball and what an ‘inside’ player he is, and all I would add is, ‘they are right’.  Smith was taken at Pick 17 in the draft and picked up 13 disposals layed 3 tackles and kicked a lazy 4 goals if you don’t mind umpire.  He’s still young at 18 (until May) and it is rare to see someone that young come into the AFL and be at the bottom of the packs, so I think Smith has something special.  That said, I hope his game style doesn’t work against him when he attacks the ball against a bigger body and comes of second best, so hopefully his body holds up.  Worth noting Clay’s high score was achieved despite being subbed off.

3)    J Magner (Mid 94k) The bargain basement price tag should not put you off, Magner is an antagoniser who doesn’t mind getting in the face of his opponents, but I guess that also comes with being a mature age recuit at 23 years old.  Mager picked up 23 disposals and kicked a couple of goals.  His score of 102 is slightly inflated (by 10-15pts) as he got a few cheap free’s and one that resulted in a goal.  Actually, his first two kicks were goals, with the ball not even making it back to the centre bounce. That said, don’t let it put you off, the boy can play and go at it as hard as anyone.  Also worth noting that the Dee’s elevated him off the rookie list at the end of the pre-season..

4)    T Mohr (Def 124k) The Bear is a big unit at 195cm and 98kg’s, I can’t see him smashing out a 150 any time soon, but because of his bigger body I feel he will handle the rigors of AFL a little better and be able to go body on body with his opponent.  I also thought he showed pretty good poise for a big man.  He picked up 16 disposals and layed 3 tackles and I’d suggest can play either full-back or centre half back.  The Bear scored 86 in his first hit-out and suggest he has pretty good job security compared to some of his team mates and will probably deliver 60-90 most weeks.

5)    J Giles (Def 126k) A big 199cm 101kg ruckman, I thought Giles held his own against Mumford particularly in the hit-out department.  Mummy certainly had him covered around the ground but Giles was very solid in the ruck contests and finished with 12 disposals and a goal to his name.  He’s not quite a Zac Smith style ruck but I’d suggest he’ll knock out the occasional hunge.  That said, probably every SC team already has Giles, so will not go-on.

 Here is the rookie data for you to analyse in your spare time:

R1 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price Team
104 104 1 A Kennedy Mid/Fwd $113k GWS
102 102 1 J Magner Mid $94k MELB
102 102 1 C Smith Mid $116k WBD
100 100 1 J McDonald Mid $106k GWS
88 88 1 T Bugg Def $113k GWS
88 88 1 J Giles Ruck $126k GWS
86 86 1 T Mohr Def $124k GWS
85 85 1 T Greene Mid $146k GWS
85 85 1 T Milers Fwd $124k STK
80 80 1 W Hoskin-Elliott Mid $181k GWS
80 80 1 R Stanley Fwd $176k STK
79 79 1 C Gutherie Def $184k GEEL
71 71 1 J Redden Ruck $113k PORT
71 71 1 C Wingard Mid $171k PORT
65 65 1 J Mellington Fwd  $170k FREO
62 62 1 P Bower Def $157k CARL
62 62 1 J Hombsch Def $113k GWS
59 59 1 S Coniglio Mid $191k GWS
55 55 1 A Hall Mid/Fwd $106k GC
55 55 1 D Smith Mid/Fwd $131k GWS
50 50 1 M Clarke Def $170k COLL
50 50 1 B Ellis Def $126k RICH
49 49 1 C Hampton Mid/Fwd $113k GWS
46 46 1 B Smedts Fwd/Def $113k GEEL
46 46 1 J Cripps Fwd $162k STK
44 44 1 J Paine Fwd/Def $106k COLL
44 44 1 A Tomlinson Def/Fwd $156k GWS
43 43 1 J Tynan Def $106k MELB
40 40 1 J Cameron Fwd $113k GWS
40 40 1 J Townsend Def $113k GWS
35 35 1 D Gorringe Ruck $192k GC
34 34 1 D Shiel Mid $113k GWS
30 30 1 S Morris Def $113k RICH
30 30 1 T Dickson Fwd $106k WBD
28 28 1 I Folau Fwd $124k GWS
24 24 1 N Wilson Fwd $113k GWS
17 17 1 J Boumann Def $113k HAW
16 16 1 O Stephenson Ruck $106k GEEL
16 16 1 D Tyson Mid $186k GWS
11 11 1 P Seedsman Mid $113k COLL
6 6 1 P Yagmoor Def $106k COLL
5 5 1 H Cunningham Mid $94k SYD



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81 thoughts on “BS Rookie Review Round 1”

  1. – Well 3/5 in my team isn’t bad
    – Still not sold on C Smith, see how he goes this week
    – Might have to bring in Mohr come round 3, probably for Lake. I want to hold onto Morris, Ellis and Clarke for now


  2. Nice work BS!

    What’s the go with the Big O?
    Does this worry anyone running with 1-0-3 rucks?
    Giles – 88
    Redden – 71
    Big O – 16
    Total – 175

    On a good SC day, Cox could outscore the total of all three. Ok it would be a very good day…


  3. traded saad-kennedy

    mid- keeping coniglio and magner

    Fwd- Keeping millera (85)

    I know its not accurate but my supercoach gold projection says im going to get 2394 this week.


  4. Got all but smith, still not to sure about him, had a great game against us but can’t see him kicking 4 goals a game. Thought McDonald was a bit stiff to nit get a mention BS but I suppose a suspension counted against him


  5. Mohr was a last minute decision and the last selected in my team. Definately built and played like your typical Full Back, and that is what really put me off. But it was evident in the last 1-2 Pre Season hitouts that he was gradually being let off the leash. Sydney game proved it, was great to see him actually getting off his opponent for a bit of a run, and linked up well with the others. And this is probably a sign of things to come, because I don’t think he is strong enough for a lock down role on a decent key forward. Will have to play on them yes, but he will have to hurt them going the other way. Might not score the 80+ every week, but if he is allowed to run off like the Syd game, he won’t be far off.


  6. Slow day today so I’ll pose this one to you all: Is it leagal to have a public competition (Supercoach) whereby the rules on scoring are not fully disclosed to the public?


  7. Great work BS
    I like the format of the rookie list, scores etc
    easy to read and very helpful

    Keep up the good work boys


  8. Great data. I have just a little suggestion: put the data in to 4 categories, ie positions. easier to see who’s the top def/mid/fwd rookie and so on.

    Otherwise great work.


  9. who do you think will score bigger points this week S Coniglio or C Wingard? i think coniglio may but not sure


  10. any ideas on if kerrige from adelaide and pfieffer from port will be playing this week?

    gonna be interesting with gws playing sunday and only knowing squads. :/


  11. I’m making a trade but not sure what combo to bring in.

    Out: Lake, Clarke

    Thumbs up- Birchall, Paine
    Thumbs down- Adcock (or Yarran or Suckling or Heppell), Mohr

    If thumbs down comment out of the 4 what premo to bring in.

    I’m thinking Adcock and Mohr because Mohr is better and has better JS then Paine


  12. Great write up BS i always look forward to ya rookie reviews
    I also wanna say this is my 3rd year in supercoach 2nd on this site and last year i was a bit shy and didnt realy have much knowledge of fantasy footy and didnt really comment on anything. I would only put my team up and ask for advice.

    But now i feel that i have the knowlege to help others and give advice.I would like to thank Motts,BS,and Duck i think you guys run a excellent supercoach site and ive learnt alot about supercoach off you guys.and ive also learnt alot from other coaches on the site such as PA,OMEN,JUDDY,DEANO,OLLIE, and THC etc etc etc.

    Ok now for my strategy for this week i wont be trading at all ill be persevering for another week with Ledger,Dickson and Wilson and ill be keeping an eye on the weekend for possible replacements Clay smith and Adam Kennedy if they have another good match they will be in.But for who i dont know yet.
    Ok thats my rant and rave for this week guys Good Luck to all Coaches and GO BOMBERS………..

    Team Name rd1 Score Overall Ranking
    Dazza’s Allstars 2,137 26,945


  13. Do prices start flucuating after Round 2 or the end of Round 3? I’m pretty sure it is after three games – just checking… Cheers!


  14. Great review!!
    Quick Q guys…..

    Mumford –> kreuzer (breakout year?)
    Luke Parker –> Stanton (won’t get 180 weekly, but nice start, and likely price rise)


  15. any thoughts would be helpful!

    Thinking if i should do two trades and be aggressive early?
    1 lake for mohr
    2 brought for clay smith (push lids back to backline)
    keep cash 0f about 536 k looking to buy pendles, sam mitch, or murphy rounds 3 or 4. Already have bugg,magner,sheild,mcdonald,kennedy,hall as rookies, plus other ie hampton,hombosch,ellis,giles redden,morris
    thoughts welcome?



  16. i am tempted to see if Dickson gets named this wk, if not, i “may” trade him for Milera, the only thing stopping me is his JS.. can anyone give me more info on him and if he is likey to play over Saad? cheers guys..


  17. If i burn 2 trades (Lake and Shiel) I could have this team of rookies….. Kennedy, Magner, Mohr, Giles, Bugg, Macdonald (6 of the top 7)
    + Redden, Hall, D Smith, Clarke, Ellis, Hampton (12 from the top 23 total)

    thumbs up……why wait, get those 2 cows now then sit tight.

    thumbs down…do nothing. (Lake and Shiel will come good)



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