BS Rookie Review Round 12

Written by Big Sexy on June 19 2012

Be sure and check out Nath’s SC STATS (on top menu) complete with all Break Evens and player stats with simple search functions.  Now with NEW functionality to load up your own team and check out your personalised team-stats…. I’ve taken it for a test drive and loving it.

My Top Five Rookie’s (<$200k) of the week:

1)    H Crozier (Mid/Fwd 106k) Crozier had the bye last week, so now he’s a fully rested cheap DPP.  Crozier only had the 3 disposals and the Kermit vest in his first run, then smashed out 16 disposals in his last run bringing home 62 points in his second run.  He’s on the bubble and another great value DPP unleashed in 2012.

2)    S Gibson (Mid $94k) Gibson was a mature age rookie who was highly rated during the NAB Cup.  It took him a while to get his first run, and after three season on the Hawks rookie list he’s finally got his chance and he didn’t disappoint.  Gibson had 18 Disposals and took 5 marks finishing with a very solid 56.  He’s only played one so hold out for one more if you can.

3)    S Shaw (Def $179k) Shaw has now had his first price rise, but yet again he looked really solid across the back line.  I think he has a few more runs coming his way, with his job security being left in his own hands.  I brought him in last week and with a BE of -40 he has plenty of cash to rise. 

4)    T Hine (Def 113k)  Hine played a solitary game way back in round 11 last year, and has now returned with a first up and much improved run in 2012.  In his first run of 2012 Hine had 16 disposals, a couple of marks and a couple of tackles topped off with a goal reaping a reasonable 50.  Wait another week unless you’re bye-desperate.

5)    J Elliott (Fwd 154k) Elliott is coming off the bye, but is still great value.  He genuinely looks like a quality player and knows what he’s doing on the field. He had the green vest in his first run, then smashed out 106 and backed that up with another 61.  I’d suggest Dids injury also will help his cause.  You have one more chance if you want to roll the dice. 

Here is the rookie data:

R12 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price Team
71 73 3 S Shaw Def $179k ADEL
63 63 1 J Patton Fwd $196k GWS
71 60 4 S Darley Def $184k GWS
56 56 1 S Gibson Mid $94k NM
50 50 1 T Hine Def $113k GC
23 49 3 A Black Fwd $196k NM
64 47 6 J Brennan Def $172k WCE
70 45 3 S Edwards Def $142k GWS
43 44 5 A Phillips Ruck $172k GWS
54 44 3 A Moore Def $190k PORT
8 38 6 C Smith Mid $136k WBD
30 37 4 A Sexton Mid/Fwd $166k GC
35 35 1 S Schultz Mid $113k GWS
28 28 1 M Whiley Def $113k GWS
25 20 4 B Hill Mid $108k HAW
3 14 2 B O’Hanlon Fwd $106k RICH
DNP 5 1 S Kerridge Fwd/Mid $106k ADEL
DNP 31 3 J Lyons Fwd $124k ADEL
DNP 58 2 B Martin Def $199k ADEL
DNP 47 1 E Yeo Mid $106k BRIS
DNP 59 3 J Crisp Mid $147k BRIS
DNP 50 4 J Bootsma Def $191k CARL
DNP 58 3 J Elliott Fwd $154k COLL
DNP 53 3 M Williams Mid $138k COLL
DNP 24 3 K Ugle Fwd $114k COLL
DNP 17 2 P Yagmoor Def $106k COLL
DNP 30 5 P Seedsman Mid $141k COLL
DNP 37 3 J Paine Fwd/Def $127k COLL
DNP 29 2 C Dell’Olio Fwd $94k ESS
DNP 41 2 H Crozier Mid/Fwd $106k FREO
DNP 40 3 J Mellington Fwd  $178k FREO
DNP 58 3 L Spurr Def $162k FREO
DNP 16 2 A Magin Fwd $142k GC
DNP 35 1 D Gorringe Ruck $192k GC
DNP 38 7 B Smedts Fwd/Def $172k GEEL
DNP 27 1 J Schroder Mid $113k GEEL
DNP 12 1 L McCarthy Fwd $106k GEEL
DNP 16 1 J Simpkin Mid $113k GEEL
DNP 30 2 G Horin-Smith Fwd $113k GEEL
DNP 55 1 N Haynes Mid/Fwd $166k GWS
DNP 40 8 J Townsend Def $199k GWS
DNP 42 7 C Hampton Mid/Fwd $199k GWS
DNP 15 1 M Buntine Def $176k GWS
DNP 27 3 N Wilson Fwd $118k GWS
DNP 36 7 I Folau Fwd $192k GWS
DNP 37 1 J Bruce Fwd $113k GWS
DNP 38 3 W Hoskin-Elliott Mid $183k GWS
DNP 47 4 A Tomlinson Def/Fwd $196k GWS
DNP 58 2 L Sumner Mid $151k GWS
DNP 74 1 A Miles Mid $113k GWS
DNP 24 2 J Boumann Def $113k HAW
DNP 43 1 J Tynan Def $106k MELB
DNP 46 1 J Fitzpatrick Ruck $177k MELB
DNP 9 2 B McKenzie Mid $111k NM
DNP 62 1 B Warren Fwd $159k NM
DNP 35 3 A Young Fwd $129k PORT
DNP 25 2 A Maric Fwd $164k RICH
DNP 17 1 T Ledger Mid $113k STK
DNP 35 3 B Wilkes Def $125k STK
DNP 44 2 T Walsh Fwd $113k SYD
DNP 5 1 H Cunningham Mid $94k SYD
DNP 21 2 D Pearce Mid $106k WBD
DNP 22 2 Z Skinner Fwd $113k WBD
DNP 18 1 R Neates Mid $113k WCE
DNP 51 2 K Stevens Mid $135k WCE



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26 thoughts on “BS Rookie Review Round 12”

  1. Think I’ll pass on the rookies this week
    Crozier – not convinced, FURL and a Green vest……
    Gibson – Need more than a 50 to come into my side from just 1 game. See how he goes this week
    Shaw – Got him last week, very happy


  2. Have Shaw & Elliot, both gone well enough.
    Darley played great for my defense. And my last rookie buy of the year Gibson is a necessity of a downgrade for MacDonald, just a bench warmer after the Byes.

    The only rookies I’ll need after this week is 1 defense rookie and Giles (he’s a keeper)


  3. Hine has the bye BS so he’s not going to help any doughnut issues this week. Looked good actually but wait two weeks.


  4. the best thing about gibson is that he is a 94k rookie not 113. gives you that extra 20k which can be so handy.


  5. Great write up once again BS.
    Have some bad news for Blues fans & for the few who have kept Marc Murphy hoping he’ll come good faster than expected. A co worker whose nephew is a brock mcclean has mentioned that murphy wont be back for the rest of the season as his injury is worse than expected & is a slim chance to be available for finals if carlton make it. Dont know how legit his info is but thought i would share for those in who are interested or are blues haters (sorry motts).
    He also mentioned that the reason Tom Couch hasnt been selected was due to
    an off field indiscretion that the dees have kept quiet due to the numerous headlines this season but still should debut soon.


  6. Great write up as always BS
    Im bringin in Gibson this week couldnt wait need to avoid the donut and i think Gibson will be given every opportunity now that his shown what his got.


  7. Sam Gibson isn’t a real person – the Kangaroos have just put a mask on C. Richardson to sell him to us for yet another year.


  8. Whose going to make way H. Shaw, Reid and Toovey and possibly Wood. there’s a whole backline thats about to come back in, i’m not sure Elliot is going to keep his place along with Marley Williams and Didak, then next week someone will have to make way for Pendles.
    Fish..”Someone called me a Brock McLean the other day. No idea what they meant but I didn’t like it.” that comment had me in stitches ….good one !



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