BS Rookie Review Round 13

Written by Big Sexy on June 17 2014

Don’t you hate it when you don’t take your own advice…. McGovern pumps out a 146 but isn’t my team, I hope he’s in yours!  It’s even worse when good rookies are getting scarce.

Rookies on the radar (<$200k) this week:

1)    Z O’Brien (Mid $142k, BE 33):  He’s had his third run and two green vests in a row so still pretty cheap.  As a mature age rookie, O’Brien spent last season in the Essendon VFL team and has demonstrated great endurance and clean hands.  O’Brien had 10 disposals, 5 marks and 2 tackles in a score of 35.  O’Brien is 23, 180cm and was grabbed in the 2014 Rookie Draft.

2)    B Hartman (Fwd $123k, BE -50)  Hartman made his debut for the Cats and whilst I wouldn’t bet the house on his job security, we need to put him on the radar with limited options on the table right now.  Hartman had 14 disposals and 5 tackles in his 61.  Hartman is 19, 188cm and was taken at pick 77 in the 2012 national draft.

3)    M Close (Fwd $151k, BE -1)  Close has now racked up 5 games but still only $151k which tells us all he hasn’t been smashing out high scores….  Close was a late inclusion for Merrett on the weekend, and his scores so far are 36, 31, 23, 39 and 52.  Close had 4 disposals, 3 marks and 3 tackles and 2 goals in his 52.  Close is 19, 196cm and was taken at pick 32 in the 2012 national draft.

4)    N Wilson (Fwd $178k, BE 17):  Wilson played his 1st game of 2014 but the 14th of his career.  The extra experience comes with a higher price tag but a little more AFL level match conditioning.  Wilson had 9 disposals, 3 marks and a goal in his score of 44.  Wilson is 21, 184cm and picked up as a 17yo in the 2011 pre-season draft. .

5)    D Lang (Mid $142k, BE 10):  Lang also made his debut for the Cats on the weekend and was the Cats highest draft pick in 2013 and having recovered from a broken leg.  Lang started with the green vest and came on for the second half, but I wouldn’t be banking on any long term job security, but let’s if he gets another run this week and how he goes. Lang had 7 disposals and 6 tackles and kicked 1.1 in a score of 37.  Lang is 18, 183cm and was taken with pick 16 in the 2013 national draft.

Here is the rookie data:

R13 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price BE Team
146 92 3 J McGovern Fwd $213k -105 WCE
61 61 1 B Hartman Fwd $123k -50 GEEL
52 36 5 M Close Fwd $151k -1 BRIS
44 44 1 N Wilson Fwd $178k 17 GWS
44 36 3 T O’Brien Fwd $139k 11 HAW
37 37 1 D Lang Mid $142k 10 GEEL
35 25 4 B Jack Mid $155k 21 Syd
35 50 3 Z O’Brien Mid $142k 33 BRIS
28 28 1 B Ross Mid $102k 4 HAW
25 41 5 B Lennon Fwd $183k 70 RICH
15 28 2 A Riley Mid $169k 42 MELB
15 15 1 T Broomhead Fwd $123k 42 COLL
-2 23 5 G Rohan Fwd $134k 65 Syd
DNP 36 6 C Cameron Def $159k 51 GC
DNP 59 4 C Cameron Fwd $183k -2 ADEL
DNP 9 1 C Ellis-Yolmen Mid $123k 54 ADEL
DNP 37 5 J Paine Fwd $181k 43 BRIS
DNP 47 2 P Cripps Mid $157k -2 CARL
DNP 30 2 K Aylett Def $123k 11 ESS
DNP 41 5 J Ashby Fwd $178k 41 ESS
DNP 40 1 D Van Unen Mid $123k -14 ESS
DNP 34 1 J Simpson Mid/Fwd $168k 25 FREO
DNP 33 2 M Taberner Fwd $167k 32 FREO
DNP 37 4 J Bews Def $147k 39 GEEL
DNP 39 7 J Sheringham Mid $176k 32 GEEL
DNP 49 2 L McCarthy Fwd $123k -33 GEEL
DNP 57 1 R Lobb Ruck $117k -45 GWS
DNP 39 2 K Jaksch Fwd $178k 27 GWS
DNP 49 1 A Phillips Ruck $186k 13 GWS
DNP 43 2 J O’Rourke Mid $123k -15 GWS
DNP 82 1 L Lowden Ruck $123k -92 HAW
DNP 44 5 B Hartung Mid $187k 57 HAW
DNP 11 1 D Wanganeen Mid $102k 35 HAW
DNP 45 7 A Georgiou Def $185k 52 MELB
DNP 57 2 V Michie Mid $172k -18 MELB
DNP 42 4 J Tippett Def $170k 12 NM
DNP 50 3 D Currie Ruck $157k 6 NM
DNP 66 4 S Gray Mid $188k -17 PA
DNP 38 2 B Newton Mid $123k -5 PA
DNP 31 1 T Clurey Def $123k 4 PA
DNP 56 4 N Gordon Mid $192k 24 RICH
DNP 51 3 B Acres Mid $162k 1 StK
DNP 38 3 F Roberts Fwd $141k 13 WBD
DNP 39 1 S Tunbridge Fwd $156k 12 WCE
DNP 32 4 D Sheed Mid $177k 22 WCE
DNP 44 2 B Colledge Fwd $123k -23 WCE

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33 thoughts on “BS Rookie Review Round 13”

  1. Great stuff BS. Very slim pickings at the moment. All eyes will be on Honeychurch’s appeal to beating the VFL one match ban today, then seeing if the Geelong lad who kicked 6 gets a gig with the Cats this week.
    Hopefully the Saints bring in a few new kids i.e. Daniel Marksworth?


  2. No mention of Anthony Miles? Pricey at $246k but is a contested ball magnet and will play every game from here on in. should average well over 80.


  3. No rookies in defence is hurting, have Bews, Langford and Cutler occupying space. The idea to move Langdon on has been put on hold.


  4. Old mother hubbard went to the cupboard and found that it was bare

    No rookies this week, fortunately my bank is overflowing, it’s double upgrade week

    hello fyfe and wingard, goodbye watson and tyson


  5. Hey does anyone know if Honeychurch is looking like getting a game soon.
    trying to finalize my team and want to bring zorko in this week, play him as a Mid till I get my final Premo (Josh Kennedy) and then have him or any of my other DPP’s as a floating bench player through the mids/fwd and would be great for loop hole as well.


  6. Great write up as usual! You always do a fantastic job. Not many rookies at the moment, I get the feeling in a few weeks there will be. Morabito & Honeychurch should get a go soon.


  7. What are thoughts on bringing miles and stef martin in for shenton / impey to improve bench cover. Would lose shenton dpp, but still got honeychurch on mid bench. Full premo team with 7 trades left, however unreliable bench for late outs (beams, stevie j etc.)


  8. Just a quick thumbs up//down question, which combination would work better for the rest of the season?

    Thumbs Up – Chad Wingard and Michael Hibberd
    Thumbs Down – Stefan Martin and Jimmy Bartel



  9. Love the review. I’ll be grabbing Martin this week to cover any possible future ruck injuries. Looking to trade in one of either Swan or Ebert this week also. I never jumped on the Swan bandwagon as I thought he would be more of a forward pocket, pinch hitting midfielder this year, but I reckon he has dropped to just about his right price and can still go very large on occasion. Ebert seems more consistent, seems to be having somewhat of a breakout year and can also go large but a touch more expensive. A little help please?
    T/U – Swan
    T/D – Ebert


  10. I can only assume you mean Brad Ebert, in which case get him. If you mean Brett or Russell I’d probably go Dane Swan instead. But only just.


  11. I’m a Swan owner and he has been very disappointing so far. I’m a big fan of him both on and off the field, but he hasn’t tonned up since Rd 6 and shows no signs of un-slumping. He does have a history of turning it on the second half of the season, so I will stick with him, but I wouldn’t recommend jumping on now.


  12. Trading out both Breust & Missy Higgins this week, either for
    Thumbs up: Miles & Boomer Harvey
    Thumbs down: McGovern & Fyfe
    Both options involve moving Zorko from MIds to Fwds.
    Option 2 gives me an extra $80k.
    Currently have 10 trades remaining.



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