BS Rookie Review Round 19

Written by Big Sexy on August 6 2013

Just giving you the best option for each line coming into finals.  Good Luck!

Rookies on the radar (<$200k) this week:

1)    M Grigg (Mid $115k) Had 12 disposals in his first outing in round 17 before having a week off and coming back in round 19 getting another 15 disposals and a goal this week.  The end result in his first two scores were 29 and 96.

2)    B Grundy (Ruck $114k)  Reg was taken pick 18 in 2012 and proving to be an up and coming cult figure.  His first run with 14 disposals, 7 tackles and 12 hitouts, scoring 75 and in his second run he had 11 disposals and 19 hitouts scoring another 70.

3)    L Johnston (Fwd 196k)  Played his first of the year having played one last year and smashed out a lazy 94 points.  Hard to tell if it was a fluky one off or if there’s real talent after one game.  But if you need a cheap forward to carry the bench into finals and make some cash for another upgrade, then Johnno may be your man.  He had 17 disposals, taking 7 marks and kicking 4 goals.

4)    S Colquhoun (Def/Mid $162k):  Starting to find his feet at AFL level and scored a solid 68 points on the weekend in his 5th hit out.  BUT, the real reason to look at Colquhoun if his Def/Mid flexibility coming into finals when we are all starting to run low on trades.

Here is the rookie data:

R19 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price Team
96 62 2 M Grigg Mid $115k ADEL
94 94 1 L Johnston Fwd $196k ADEL
85 50 8 Z Williams Mid $252k GWS
74 45 10 J Webster Def $217k StK
73 46 10 S Docherty Def $205k BRIS
73 53 6 D Gorringe Ruck $218k GC
71 41 3 A Sexton Mid $182k GC
70 72 2 B Grundy Ruck $114k COLL
70 74 4 B Wilson Def $224k WCE
68 44 5 S Colquhoun Def/Mid $162k PA
63 63 1 J O’Brien Mid $136k BRIS
59 35 11 D Kent Mid $143k MELB
52 41 3 T Curren Mid $138k StK
49 39 8 J Saunders Def/Mid $196k StK
30 42 6 L Hunter Mid $164k WBD
28 43 4 A Carter Mid $162k WCE
25 47 2 J Cegiar Ruck $106k HAW
18 34 4 M Whiley Def $182k GWS
12 41 7 B Jack Mid $192k Syd
6 41 7 T Sumner Fwd $183k GC
4 41 5 T Sheridan Mid $178k FREO
DNP 56 1 K Hartigan Def $108k ADEL
DNP 41 4 M Paparone Mid/Fwd $148k BRIS
DNP 28 2 S Michael Ruck $115k BRIS
DNP 37 2 M Davies Def $173k CARL
DNP 34 2 T Menzel Mid/Fwd $149k CARL
DNP 31 1 D Buckley Mid $115k CARL
DNP 33 2 C Mooney Mid $115k COLL
DNP 16 2 A Oxley Fwd/Def $96k COLL
DNP 55 2 J Frost Def $96k COLL
DNP 56 3 J Daniher Fwd $186k ESS
DNP 9 2 W Hams Mid/Def $109k ESS
DNP 51 2 E Kavanagh Mid $139k ESS
DNP 26 3 M Taberner Fwd $117k FREO
DNP 40 1 V Michie Fwd $115k FREO
DNP 51 1 T Smith Def $109k FREO
DNP 34 1 J Gillbee Fwd $172k GC
DNP 22 5 A Boston Mid $112k GC
DNP 54 2 J Hall Ruck $141k GC
DNP 57 2 G Burbury Fwd $115k GEEL
DNP 47 4 J Schroder Mid $193k GEEL
DNP 36 2 G Ugle Def $123k GWS
DNP 40 10 A Corr Def $196k GWS
DNP 14 1 J O’Rourke Mid $194k GWS
DNP 44 1 N Wilson Fwd $176k GWS
DNP 40 1 T Golds Def $147k GWS
DNP 14 1 W Langford Def $115k HAW
DNP 74 2 S Grimley Ruck $115k HAW
DNP 84 1 M Spanger Fwd $128k HAW
DNP 51 3 J Anderson Mid $153k HAW
DNP 37 4 W Sierakowski Def $152k NM
DNP 41 2 C Hitchcock Fwd $128k PA
DNP 52 4 M Arnot Mid $179k RICH
DNP 17 1 B Helbig Mid $148k RICH
DNP 41 6 B Murdoch Fwd $204k StK
DNP 8 1 J Ferguson Def/Fwd $115k StK
DNP 10 2 H Cunningham Mid $109k Syd
DNP 9 1 X Richards Def/Fwd $96k Syd
DNP 16 2 T Walsh Fwd $189k Syd
DNP 3 1 S Tunbridge Def/Fwd $115k WCE

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7 thoughts on “BS Rookie Review Round 19”

  1. Note that Mitch Grigg got his 96 points after starting as sub. He came on about 10 minutes after half time showing some good decision making and great disposal efficiency in a finals like match.
    Lewis Johnston will keep playing the year out with the injuries to Jenkins and Walker as Adelaide will look to next year. He is a dead eye in front of goal and has been dominating for North Adelaide in the Sanfl after an injury earlier this year.


  2. I still have a stupid number of trades available. Will look again at this later in the week. Thanks BS. Haven’t really touched my team in just over 3 weeks… Too much going on. Made two lots of finals as far as I know.



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