BS Rookie Review Round 2

Written by Big Sexy on April 11 2012

My Top Five Rookie’s (<$200k) of the week:

1)    J Giles (Ruck 126k) In short – if you don’t have him, get him, NOW!  (Scores: 88 and 100)

2)    J Magner (Mid 94k) Again, if you don’t have him, get him….. NOW!

The bargain of the year has scored 104 and 90 in the first two rounds respectively.  He’s a 23yo mature age recruit which is gold when it come to SC.  Magner is a hard nut, an antagoniser and can play the game, so get on board if you aren’t already.

3)    A Kennedy (Mid/Fwd 113k) Kennedy has the dual position bonus and was one of the stand-out rookies for GWS on debut picking up 28 disposals, and backed it up in round two with another 23 disposals scoring 104 and 67 in his first two hit-outs.  He turns 20 this year so is slightly mature age, and was recruited from the Western Jets.

4)    T Milera (Fwd 124k) Ok, so his first up matches were against Port and the Suns so hard to get a real gauge on his ability, but the numbers don’t lie.  Milera has had 17 and 15 disposals in his first two runs which resulted in very solid scores of 85 and 86 means his price is set to rise.  So whilst I’m not particularly convinced he’s the next big thing, I am toying with bringing him in for Pfeiffer who’s giving me doughnuts on the pine depending on who’s named this week.

5)    T Mohr (Def 124k) or Bugg (Def 113k)  After a little internal debating as to which one of these GWS defenders to give a mention on the honor board, I’ve decided to split the difference and put them both up.  Mohr has had 16 and 10 disposals in the first two weeks respectively, followed by scores of 86 and 49.  Where as Bugg has had 27 and 18 disposals in the first two weeks respectively which resulted in scores of 88 and 57.  My advice to you:  If you are looking for defender and don’t have one of these, then get the other one.

 Here is the rookie data:

R2 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price Team
90 96 2 J Magner Mid $94k MELB
100 94 2 J Giles Ruck $126k GWS
101 90 2 R Stanley Fwd $176k STK
67 85 2 A Kennedy Mid/Fwd $113k GWS
86 85 2 T Milera Fwd $124k STK
81 83 2 T Greene Mid $146k GWS
79 79 1 C Delaney Def $113k NM
93 77 2 P Bower Def $157k CARL
57 72 2 T Bugg Def $113k GWS
93 71 2 M Clarke Def $170k COLL
49 67 2 T Mohr Def $124k GWS
61 66 2 J Redden Ruck $113k PORT
52 65 2 C Gutherie Def $184k GEEL
27 64 2 C Smith Mid $116k WBD
67 64 2 J Hombsch Def $113k GWS
56 57 2 S Coniglio Mid $191k GWS
41 56 2 C Wingard Mid $171k PORT
53 54 2 D Smith Mid/Fwd $131k GWS
24 52 2 W Hoskin-Elliott Mid $181k GWS
75 52 2 S Morris Def $113k RICH
53 51 2 B Ellis Def $126k RICH
58 49 2 J Cameron Fwd $113k GWS
63 48 2 D Shiel Mid $113k GWS
42 44 2 B Smedts Fwd/Def $113k GEEL
43 43 2 J Paine Fwd/Def $106k COLL
19 42 2 J Mellington Fwd  $170k FREO
30 42 2 A Hall Mid/Fwd $106k GC
44 42 2 J Townsend Def $113k GWS
41 41 1 J Newnes Mid $106k STK
29 39 2 C Hampton Mid/Fwd $113k GWS
28 37 2 J Cripps Fwd $162k STK
38 34 2 T Dickson Fwd $106k WBD
22 25 2 I Folau Fwd $124k GWS
13 18 2 N Wilson Fwd $113k GWS
26 18 2 P Seedsman Mid $113k COLL
17 17 1 T Ledger Mid $113k STK
18 17 2 D Tyson Mid $186k GWS
DNP 100 1 J McDonald Mid $106k GWS
DNP 44 1 A Tomlinson Def/Fwd $156k GWS
DNP 43 1 J Tynan Def $106k MELB
DNP 35 1 D Gorringe Ruck $192k GC
DNP 17 1 J Boumann Def $113k HAW
DNP 16 1 O Stephenson Ruck $106k GEEL
DNP 6 1 P Yagmoor Def $106k COLL
DNP 5 1 H Cunningham Mid $94k SYD



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146 thoughts on “BS Rookie Review Round 2”

  1. got all exept for mohr and i’ve had them since the start.
    what do people think of mcdonald, dickson and paine? i have all. is that bad?


  2. Also, I did want to through it out there that I saw Smedts live on Monday and he has genuine pace, and showed som real dash. He has a great kicking style and i think will be a really good player. He was caught unaware a couple of times, but for a second game rook, that will happen and he will learn from it. His scores haven’t set the world on fire, and I don’t have him in my team but I think he is the real-deal and if he stays fit and will play plenty of games this year.


  3. I have 11 rookies on my team; 4 are on field; majority are in the top 1/3 of that list, I dont have Adam Kennedy, is he a ‘must have’ to start on field, I reckon his average wont drop below 70 by the time finals come…
    like or dislike


  4. I know this is the rookie review – maybe we need a midpricer review, any takers? – but Chris Masten is averaging over 100 and plays GWS this week.


  5. Just after advice if I should trade in Magner, this is my current mids

    ABLETT, Gary, SWALLOW, Andrew, THOMPSON, Scott, GOODES, Adam[FWD], SCOTLAND,Heath[DEF], CONIGLIO, Stephen, SMITH, Devon[FWD]
    SHIEL, Dylan

    also have MARTIN, Dustin[MID], DANGERFIELD,Patrick[MID],KENNEDY,Adam[MID] that are mids in my forward line

    don’t really want to trade but don’t want to miss out on Magner either?

    Thoughts, thanks guys?


  6. What a great review big sexy. One of the best summaries of rookies I have seen. Leaves heraldsun to shame.

    Top notch.

    Coachkicker, great the load up on the rookies but you still need the premiums. In the end, when you boil it now, it is all about the points.


  7. Thumbs up for:
    Luke Brown (Adel) out
    Tomas Bugg (GWS) in

    Thumbs down for:
    Adam Tomlinson (GWS) out
    Tomas Bugg (GWS) in


  8. Hey everybody 😀
    Long time reader, first time posting. Just like to thank all of you for your tips through pre-season.
    I’m a bit stuck at the moment. I picked up Hall (GCS) and he has been a bit of a let down (55, 30)
    So I want to trade him for a more promising rookie forward before the prices change this round.
    At the moment I’m thinking of bringing in either A Kennedy (GWS) or T Milera (STK). Also note that I also have D Smith in my forward line up,
    Thumbs up: Milera > Hall
    Thumbs down: D Smith > Hall


  9. Also guys, is it okay to trade Pfeiffer to A.Kennedy, or does anyone think that Pfeiffer will play. I just want to make one trade this round, and I made another poll for another trade scenario for my backline. Thanks.


  10. Hey guys.

    Looking to lock down my side for the next 4 weeks barring injury.

    1 trade left and only $400 in the skyrocket.

    Any obvious gaps or problems?

    D – Goddard deledio Dempsey Scotland Shaw bugg Morris (Ellis LBrown)
    M – ablett (Capt aways) Thompson cotchin priddis magnet Hodge (CSmith J mac)
    F – franklin, fyfe sidebottom Kennedy milera dusty smedts (Dickson TWalsh)
    Ruck – leunberger Giles (redden big o)

    Any advise greatly appreciated


  11. I did the 1 trade this week out Tomilson still don’t know what I picked him into Milera

    Broughton keeps his spot, want to bring in Old McDonald R5 maybe for Ledger if he doesn’t perform a little better this week

    Down at Rye enjoying a break , Thumbs up make the trek to the G to watch the Blus v Pies clash on Friday or thumbs down stay at Rye and watch it on the box

    Keep in mind I’m a full member with a reserved seat on the wing


  12. whos better coniglio or greene

    so far ave clay smith, Coniglio, Magner and windgard in my team is it worth to trade in greene for one of those?

    any advice would be great guys


  13. I know it not rookie related but what is the deal with Mummy?
    Keep (thumbs up)
    Trade (thumbs down)
    Any answers are greatly apprieciated


  14. Just traded Dickson for Greene. That’s locked. Would like to get either Milera or Stanley in, however i’m not sure which of the two is best, who to get rid of, if I would rather Golby to Dempsey, save the trade……aaargh pulling my hair out!


  15. okay well i dont know how but i still have p.davis in my team.
    I’ve used both trades this week by putting giles in team off bench giving me $ to buy pendelbury which im happy with.
    Can i wait another week to trade out davis or shuld ii push the reverse button?


  16. Guys another good supercoach site is Jock Reynolds. Jock’s mantra is…to trade sideways is to burn a trade.

    Worth keeping in mind.

    Its hard to win a race if you keep changing drivers.


  17. A bit off topic and bias as yes, I am a Geelong supporter… But come on, when you watch Joel Selwood attack the ball, Head first, over the ball… He’s a man possessed and he’s a little gem and sure he’ll lift your arms to get some head high contact, but fuck if the kids willing to take some hits to the head for a kick of the football, he’s got some determination and balls… I love the way he goes about the field and his attack at the ball, and shit just give him a brownlow ’cause he deserves it more than some tattoo covered drug addict #MANCRUSH


  18. Great review onece again BS
    Ive got Magnet,Mohr,Bugg,and Giles lookin to bring in Kennedy and Milera this week. But not sure which 2 to give the flick Dickson, Hall, Wilson 0r ledger some help would be great guys.


  19. Thumbs up for Dickson out – Stanley in
    Thumbs down for wingard/Coniglio out – ebert in
    Comment for neither

    Thanks for the help guys and keep up the food work


  20. Off topic guys im lookin to open a tab account online any ideas which one is the best to sign up with cheers……….


  21. Sort of related to this, but really need some help. This is my supercoach rookie year and I am far from being an expert on all this. I would like some help on this so i don’t make a mistake now and ruin my rookie season. Lots of people say trades are ‘Gold’ and don’t burn them all up but this is what my strategy was.

    Rounds 1 to 3:
    Trade hard and aggressive, use up 5 or so trades, swap rookies and the odd premium (ie Broughton) to make my team perfect for the rest of the season.

    Rounds 4 to 8:
    Rest and watch my cash cows grow and premiums be premiums.

    Rounds 9 to 13:
    Trade hard and aggressive, make 12 or so trades during these 5 rounds, cash in on a lot of cash cows for premiums

    Rounds 14 to Seasons end:
    Keep a few trades handy, hopefully have about 6-7 left, for the odd injury and and upgrade a few remaining rookies traded in during rounds 9-14 that hopefully by chance become cash cows.

    thumbs up- Good trade strategy to have
    thumbs down- Bad strategy, trades are gold!

    Cheers for the help guys


  22. someone told me this was a good trade..what do you think guys?

    I used 2 trades this week:

    -Had hale in ruck and giles on bench.
    -trade hale for redden and put redden on bench and giles in.
    -gave me enough $ to turn cooney into pendlebury with $ left over.
    what do u think ppl?


  23. Is it worth burning a trade to get Milera in, trading say Devon Smith, Tory Dickson or Aaron Hall. I don’t think it is but I will leave it up to you:

    Worth it – Thumbs Up
    Not worth it – Thumbs Down


  24. Decided that Milera isn’t worth a trade, Hall and Dickson can earn me there 150 K then I can give them the flick.
    With 1 trade already done, is it worth trading Yagmoor out, say for Mohr?

    Thumbs up – Definitely ! he is king potato, what made you select him?

    Thumbs down – No way, a trade isn’t worth a player who will make you 150 K.


  25. Trades this week:

    Option 1:

    G.Broughton —> G.Birchall
    D.Smith —–> T.Milera

    Option 2:

    G.Broughton —-> P.Bower
    D.Smith —-> T.Milera
    + $350,000

    Thumbs Up – Option 1

    Thumbs Down – Option 2


  26. Is it just a coincidence or are all the teams doing well in these first 2 rounds just have the 1 premium and 3 rookies in their rucks? Seems to be paying off for them which is annoying as I went the set and forget strategy and it is backfiring, as Giles is scoring as well as any other ruckman.


  27. Nice write up BS, always helpful.

    I do not have Milera and traded him in tonight for the out-of-favour Ledger. How do you rate his JS? Can he keep his spot for the next month or so?



    Pro’s – app version for mobiles, quick n’ easy to deposit/withdrawal funds via an online account, covers all sports, saves rushing to the TAB, has stats on head to heads

    Con’s – can’t place a multi on same game, ie. total points over/under plus winning +/- line margin for one game, being cheated when losing by 0.5 of a point on margins, possible bankruptcy

    Gamble responsibly & if it’s no longer fun, run! ; )


  29. Couldnt help it , A. wanted to grab some cash, B.Feel that Scotland is distracted , and Dusty is having his second year blues.
    Traded out Scotland from DEF, and took Burgoyne from my MID to DEF.
    Traded out Dusty (MID)
    Then traded in Mastern into MID and Stanton into MID.
    Hopefully Lyon will make Barlow a sub again this week and his price will drop and I will replace him with Luke Parker next week.Will put my cue i the rack after that and trade only when necessary.
    WC playing GWS and ESS playing GC so both new recruits should score well.
    Click like if you like the move or dislike if you dont


  30. I require your thoughts please guys

    I currently have Cunningham and Couch as my rookies. I have no money to change them. Should I try and change one of them by downgrading Broughton?


  31. Anyone know the injury news on:

    *mummy is he playing round three?

    *robbie gray is he playing?

    *ryan hargarve is he playing for the dogs?

    any latest news would be great, regards hamo


  32. i`ve got yagmoor and boumann on the bench in def. are they likely to get any game time soon? considering trading to rookies that will make cash like mohr/hombsh/paine, or bring smedts to def and trade in milera. best option out of those?


  33. I’m definately getting Milera this week but at who’s expense?

    Tomlinson Thumbs UP
    Sam Kerridge Thumbs DOWN


  34. L. Brown out for A. Kennedy.

    I’m tempted to get Milera at Dickson’s expense. But I have cripps and he’s starting on the field whereas Milera is named on bench, so I’m not really sold on Milera cos I’m guessing the St. Kilda rates Cripps ahead of Milera, and his 1st two opponents weren’t hard for him to play on.

    Good call – thumb up
    Bad call – thumb down


  35. Loving the reverse trade button.
    Latest trade is Dickson and Golby for Greene and Milera – Smedts to defence.
    Still not sold on Milera’s JS…we’ll see



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