BS Rookie Review Round 21

Written by Big Sexy on August 21 2012

Again, no write up as there aren’t many looking for Rookie downgrades…….

But, here are my Top 5 Rookies of 2012:

1. D Zorko – Damn you to hell Zorko for playing right before the the bye rounds and having the bye the same week as GWS  so couldn’t come into my team, only to go on and average 96, and peak at $502k with Mid/Fwd capabilities means he’s the number 1 rookie of 2012.

2. J Giles – When No Ruckman has held their own this season (Cox excluded), and the likes of Mummy, Sandibum, L-burger… etc etc have all missed a lot of games, a $126k Rookie Ruckman to only miss 2 games and ave 93 and max out at $501k…. and smash out a 142 and a 177 in the last three weeks is very impressive.

3. T Greene – Played 17 games and an average of 94 and maxed out at $498k, means Greene is my number 3 man.

4. A Treloar – He still sits on my bench and has served me well all year, and now provides fantastic bench cover (assuming he returns this week) as a Mid/Fwd who’s played 16 games at an average of 81.

5. S Shaw – I’m overlooking some other close competitors such as Gibson, Smith, Adams, Elliott, Dickson and Shiel in favor of some defensive love as Shaw has been exceptional since coming in playing 10 games at an ave of 76.

How did you do with your rookies this year?  Who would you like to throw some love to?

If you are still look for a rookie, here is this week’s data:

R21 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price Team
90 76 2 B Lee Mid $94k ESS
73 68 4 A Browne Def $222k ESS
81 67 5 J Murdoch Fwd $226k GEEL
101 63 5 L Casboult Fwd $232k CARL
68 62 2 L Jong Mid $114k WBD
66 60 3 J Johannisen Mid $160k WBD
98 51 8 A Phillips Ruck $223k GWS
47 50 6 T Hine Def $201k GC
20 48 4 S Clifton Mid $183k GWS
47 48 4 M Buntine Def $217k GWS
27 45 3 T Couch Mid/Fwd $127k MELB
32 42 6 J Walker Fwd $169k GEEL
49 38 2 N Blee Def $106k PORT
28 37 3 J Simpkin Mid $130k GEEL
32 36 2 L Brown  Mid/Def $106k ADEL
62 36 10 A Young Fwd $162k PORT
19 35 11 I Folau Fwd $172k GWS
28 34 5 Z Skinner Fwd $157k WBD
46 34 2 F Roberts Fwd $106k WBD
67 33 3 A Magin Fwd $147k GC
31 31 6 B O’Hanlon Fwd $160k RICH
16 28 6 N Haynes Mid/Fwd $148k GWS
25 27 2 T Golds Mid/Def $113k GWS
20 20 1 P Flanagan Mid $113k GC
3 16 4 C Mooney Mid $94k COLL
DNP 44 1 L Johnston Fwd $189k ADEL
DNP 41 2 A Riley Mid $132k ADEL
DNP 55 1 T Mcintyre Mid/Fwd $94k ADEL
DNP 5 1 S Kerridge Fwd/Mid $106k ADEL
DNP 31 3 J Lyons Fwd $124k ADEL
DNP 54 3 S Wrigley Def $139k BRIS
DNP 18 1 R O’Keeffe Def $135k CARL
DNP 17 2 F Dale Mid $94k CARL
DNP 42 5 J Bootsma Def $197k CARL
DNP 46 5 J Paine Fwd/Def $178k COLL
DNP 17 2 P Yagmoor Def $106k COLL
DNP 24 3 K Ugle Fwd $114k COLL
DNP 41 7 C Dell’Olio Fwd $197k ESS
DNP 26 1 E Kavanagh Mid $106k ESS
DNP 43 4 C Sutcliffe Mid $151k FREO
DNP 40 3 J Mellington Fwd  $178k FREO
DNP 41 3 H Crozier Mid/Fwd $131k FREO
DNP 86 1 J Allen Mid/Def $106k GC
DNP 26 2 J Hall Ruck $94k GC
DNP 32 5 A Sexton Mid/Fwd $156k GC
DNP 35 1 D Gorringe Ruck $192k GC
DNP 44 5 J Sheringham Mid $186k GEEL
DNP 37 3 G Horin-Smith Fwd $137k GEEL
DNP 12 1 L McCarthy Fwd $106k GEEL
DNP 27 1 J Schroder Mid $113k GEEL
DNP 50 7 A Tomlinson Def/Fwd $222k GWS
DNP 74 3 S Frost Def $192k GWS
DNP 37 11 J Townsend Def $156k GWS
DNP 57 3 J Bruce Fwd $156k GWS
DNP 34 8 N Wilson Fwd $173k GWS
DNP 32 3 M Whiley Def $124k GWS
DNP 23 1 G Ugle Def $113k GWS
DNP 14 1 K Aylett Mid/Fwd $113k GWS
DNP 35 1 S Schultz Mid $113k GWS
DNP 58 2 L Sumner Mid $151k GWS
DNP 28 5 B Hill Mid $130k HAW
DNP 24 2 J Boumann Def $113k HAW
DNP 43 1 J Tynan Def $106k MELB
DNP 46 1 J Fitzpatrick Ruck $177k MELB
DNP 9 2 B McKenzie Mid $111k NM
DNP 49 3 A Black Fwd $196k NM
DNP 62 1 B Warren Fwd $159k NM
DNP 27 6 A Maric Fwd $178k RICH
DNP 20 1 J Webberley Def $114k RICH
DNP 48 2 T Derickx Ruck $113k RICH
DNP 36 1 T Elton Fwd $106k RICH
DNP 37 5 S Dunell Mid $144k STK
DNP 34 2 T Ledger Mid $113k STK
DNP 5 1 H Cunningham Mid $94k SYD
DNP 44 2 T Walsh Fwd $113k SYD
DNP 52 5 T Campbell Ruck $184k WBD
DNP 48 2 M Talia Def $106k WBD
DNP 34 5 D Pearce Mid $136k WBD
DNP 29 4 M Newman Mid $122k WCE
DNP 33 4 K Stevens Mid $132k WCE
DNP 18 1 R Neates Mid $113k WCE



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19 thoughts on “BS Rookie Review Round 21”

  1. Top 3 for me:

    1. Zorko, though i didn’t own him on sc (………..) i owned him on dt ripping ym oponents up to score 1st in the league.

    2. Giles, his price was dirt cheap and averaging 80 or so for 10 games was beast, especially with all the rucks getting injured.

    3. Gibson, gibson is a beast! providing cover for swan for these crutial 2 weeks raking up high score, he has made alot of $$$ and will make a nice trade for a great fwd.

    4.Bugg, bugg has been a good deffender all year scoring 70-80 regullary great for a d7.

    5.Treloar, treloar was a nice pickup for fyth when he got inujred scoring very well, i offloaded him when he scored 7 can’t belive i traded him for the spud known as cloke.., since then treloar has gone beserk raking scores above 100.


  2. BS your rookie calls have been first class all year, and much appreciated. However your best call by far was on july 13 when, after spying him at some footy clinic, u had this to say about buddy…
    ” I’d be surprised if he’s back within 4 based on his limp and obvious pain when walking. If you’re thinking/hoping he’ll be back early – forget it!”

    Gold star for that mate!


  3. Who would you get for your last upgrade?

    T/U – Dangerfield (Melbourne, Gold Coast)
    T/D – Swan (West Coast, Essendon)

    Thanks 🙂


  4. Will be a very close match coming up. We both have GAJ and my opponent will probably use him as captain. Should i take a punt and put Stevie J (he doesn’t have him at all which is a bonus) as captain. They play the dogs at Skilled and GAJ will be heavily tagged by Carazzo. Could still win if we both have GAJ captain not sure what to do?


  5. Great Rookie Review BS. I had all 5 of the above either at the start of the season or when they were on the bubble, but only have 2 left (Zorko & Shaw). Greene & Treloar may have been shipped out a bit prematurely, however from memory they allowed geniune prem’s to come in at the time. I think my logic was that the GWS kids would be capped at 14 games & could cost me in the SC finals.


  6. i had 4/5 of those BS only one i didnt have was treloar and i still have Giles as my 2nd ruck Shaw on the ground Zorko on the ground and Gibson as bench cover


  7. Think I would give Marty Clarke a bit of a Thumbs up. He was averaging about 83 till round 9 and moved to nearly 400,000 giving you a great Spend to up grade. The Defenders been tough this year, he was an ideal early trade to shape your team. Ideal early picks where their to help you trade, the other boys E.G. Zorko Gibson came in late but have been great coverage.



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