BS Rookie Review Round 3

Written by Big Sexy on April 17 2012

Just a reminder that I keep players on the list for the week they jump over $200k and will take them off the list the following week.  Also, I must mention that big Isi Folau so reminds me of K last season as Isi started at $124k, and has actually gone down to $116k after 3 rounds, so condolences to 37000 teams who have him, and a big shout out to Bob who I tried to warn…..
My Top Five Rookie’s (<$200k) of the week:
1)    J Magner (Mid 180k) Last call for anyone looking for cash…. Probably has another 200+k to go up if you haven’t already got the ball magnet(r).  One reporter joking wrote he may win the Demons B&F…… now it’s not that funny.

2)    A Treloar (Mid/Fwd 113k) Another shining light in another shellacking for GWS was the form of former Dandenong Stingray Adam Treloar.  Treloar played a solid game picking up 8 kicks, 9 handballs kicked 1.1 and layed a couple of tackles scoring a very respectable 73.  He’s only played the one game, so if you don’t need to trade, hold out another week to see how he goes.

3)    K Stevens (Mid 135k) Stevens has played seven games in the previous two years and has had good form with East Fremantle.  Stevens had 19 disposals in his first game of 2012, albeit against GWS, he was solid getting 10 kicks and 9 handballs and laying 3 tackles.  I understand Stevens might get a little more opportunity with Embley out for a while and has the added bonus of being in the system for a couple of years already.  Koby scored a very respectable 81 in his first hit out of 2012, though like Treloar he has only played one game, so hold out another week if you can.

4)    O Stephenson (Ruck 106k) I was at this game and can say I wasn’t particularly impressed, but the numbers don’t lie and his score of 81 was impressive.  Though I would still rate him behind Redden and Giles.  That said, the ruck stocks at the Cattery are very low and if West went down, there aren’t many (any) other options.  Anyway, if you need a cheap rookie ruck option for a reason I couldn’t even imagine, then big O is your man.

5)    S Morris (Def 157k) I was looking to give you a defensive option and was struggling to find someone that was really good value and will deliver a good return.  It seems Morris at 157k and with a solid score on the weekend of 64 is probably your best bet.  Morris seems to be improving with each game, and seems to have found a spot in the team at Tigger-land. 
Here is the rookie data:

R3 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price Team
88 89 3 R Stanley Fwd $247k STK
81 89 3 J Giles Ruck $211k GWS
85 85 1 B Longer Ruck $161k BRIS
61 84 3 J Magner Mid $180k MELB
81 81 1 K Stevens Mid $135k WCE
74 81 3 A Kennedy Mid/Fwd $190k GWS
92 79 3 T Bugg Def $187k GWS
85 76 3 M Clarke Def $224k COLL
59 75 3 T Greene Mid $206k GWS
73 73 1 A Treloar Mid/Fwd $113k GWS
71 71 1 T Gillies Def $176k GEEL
37 69 3 T Milera Fwd $182k STK
75 68 3 J Hombsch Def $172k GWS
51 68 3 P Bower Def $205k CARL
69 67 3 J Redden Ruck $171k PORT
79 62 3 D Smith Mid/Fwd $178k GWS
52 62 3 T Mohr Def $173k GWS
79 58 3 D Shiel Mid $160k GWS
61 58 3 S Coniglio Mid $217k GWS
64 56 3 S Morris Def $157k RICH
32 54 3 C Gutherie Def $206k GEEL
30 53 3 C Smith Mid $155k WBD
72 52 3 A Hall Mid/Fwd $147k GC
60 52 2 A Tomlinson Def/Fwd $156k GWS
42 51 3 C Wingard Mid $193k PORT
50 50 1 A Cordy Ruck $180k WBD
49 50 3 B Ellis Def $159k RICH
49 49 1 B Martin Def $199k ADEL
81 48 2 O Stephenson Ruck $106k GEEL
54 47 2 J Newnes Mid $106k STK
46 46 1 G Horin-Smith Fwd $113k GEEL
42 44 2 B Smedts Fwd/Def $113k GEEL
43 43 2 J Paine Fwd/Def $106k COLL
38 40 3 J Mellington Fwd  $178k FREO
31 38 3 J Townsend Def $133k GWS
18 38 3 J Cameron Fwd $133k GWS
21 33 3 C Hampton Mid/Fwd $126k GWS
22 32 3 J Cripps Fwd $161k STK
8 19 3 I Folau Fwd $116k GWS
26 18 2 P Seedsman Mid $113k COLL
16 16 1 S Day Fwd $185k GC
5 5 1 S Kerridge Fwd/Mid $106k ADEL
DNP 6 1 P Yagmoor Def $106k COLL
DNP 35 1 D Gorringe Ruck $192k GC
DNP 52 2 W Hoskin-Elliott Mid $181k GWS
DNP 18 2 N Wilson Fwd $113k GWS
DNP 17 2 D Tyson Mid $186k GWS
DNP 100 1 J McDonald Mid $106k GWS
DNP 17 1 J Boumann Def $113k HAW
DNP 43 1 J Tynan Def $106k MELB
DNP 79 1 C Delaney Def $113k NM
DNP 17 1 T Ledger Mid $113k STK
DNP 5 1 H Cunningham Mid $94k SYD
DNP 34 2 T Dickson Fwd $106k WBD



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106 thoughts on “BS Rookie Review Round 3”

  1. do i have good rookies?
    i’ve got:
    m.clarke, b smedts, magner, shiel, giles, kennedy and hall in team.
    paine, conigli,mcdonald, redden, stevenson, milera and dickson on bench.
    is it worth a trade to change any?


  2. Dickson might after the shocker bully’s put in.

    I would draw a line through Paine and yagmoor also collingwood have to many seniors to come back


  3. i just think that the majority of people cant be wrong! say 5 people agree with a decision, then it must be the one to make.


  4. He has asked like 20 questions the last 2 days… if not more. I know there is no ‘limit’ but I think it is helpful for the people on here to also advise that he needs to make ‘some’ decisions himself, or at least shoot out some thoughts he’s having for us to comment on and not just ask ‘What do I do?’

    This site is for assistance, not team management 😆


  5. i’ve been viewing this site for weeks and this is the first time i’ve left a comment sock. im going okay and havent asked ANY questions. just viewed.


  6. the only reason i speak up now is b’coz i have a question (first 1 sock),
    With cash cows, when is it time to trade them in?


  7. so a guy in my leagues thinks he’s smart for trading in his cash cows now. he says players like giles and magner are “no good” and hehas to rid of them. is he making a mistake? will i beat him? i thought the plan was to let them rise until i could almost trade say, giles-sanderlands. Have i got it wrong?


  8. Slow day above it seems boys…..:)

    What are we doing if Avatar is playing????

    Thumbs up – Keeping him he is a prem

    Thumbs down – Too risky he is going


  9. You remind me of my worst girlfriend Superman/ Sockpuppet. No matter how many times you say ‘I’m done posting on the site’ I can guarantee 5 minutes later there will be something else.

    On more important footy issues I heard Lyon mention Fyfe is likely to play this week but if he had another shoulder pop they’d do him for surgery. Think the old traitor is playing mind games for the weekend. Wouldn’t surprise me if he misses this week.
    Trade block for me.


  10. Wait 1 more week with clay smith and if treloar plays well trade smith down to treloar. would give me a quick 100k and also i dont have a mid/fwd in my mids but have plenty in fwds so that will help come byes.


  11. I’m just gona though it out there that I could have deletes comments, I could have have tried to calm the waters…. but hey, i reckon it’s all pretty funny. Some ripping one-liners in amongst that lot.


  12. Longer had a ripper first game goin up against 211
    i already got redden stephenson and giles wish he waited a couple of weeks to make debut
    also drummond looks a good as a midpricer


  13. From a Kangas fan point of view, i hope Goodes appeal is ruled out, but from a SC point of view, i hope his appeal is upheld..


  14. I really hope Fyfe is out this week, so we can see if Treloar is playing, and wait till the week before his price goes up! Then upgrade Caddy to Pendles!!!


  15. 2nd year doing supercoach and already spending more time on it than with wife and kids. Could someone tell me the highest averages needed towards end of the season? Also what was the highest rnd score last year? Thanks


  16. My mate’s decided to trade Enright and Grundy to Delidio and Geary…
    I’ve been telling him he’s nuts for the last two days for putting Geary in. There’s no way his 90 average even counts against the teams he’s played !
    Delidio wasn’t a bad move i’ll give him that..
    I just can’t justify spending 280 K on him, especially after downgrading 2 premiums ! (very generous in classifying Grundy as a premium…)

    Thoughts anyone?


  17. any further news on fyfe…..besides the comment that he made saying that he is optimistic.

    when does he get the all important 2nd opinion.

    sounds like we need a thread just for fyfe…….’fyfe watch’!


  18. the afl website still has last weeks injuries on it for fremantle. cmon….the people have a right to know!


  19. well i’ve decided that I am going to keep fyfe this week.

    after all the back and forth and trade suggestions that pretty much covered every single forward that has and hasn’t scored a sc point., i’m keeping the mophead.

    i figure seeing as though everyone seems to be jumping off him, by keeping him I may wind up with a unique pick.

    unless of course he re-injures it this week!

    I will be looking back in a couple of weeks to see if anyone burns a trade getting him out and then burns another in 3 weeks getting him back in 😉

    he’s still a lock unless surgery is the diagnosis.

    Not doubt I will be made to look foolish by 9pm friday night when he snaps in arm in two but I am willing to run the gauntlet on this one. Mainly cause there is no clear replacement.


  20. With a backline including Lake, Hargrave and Clarke, can anyone see dumping Mummy (with Giles, Redden, McCauley and Hale (fwd line – if needed) as ruck options) being worthwhile to get a quick upgrade of these guys in 3 weeks to premium defenders?

    I don’t think the premium rucks are gonna hold value with average scores coming out at present, yet I could run two decent rucks from my list (Hale and Giles) and get not much less than Mummy now yet have dosh to pimp my backline considerably.

    Good idea or not?
    Comment on thoughts please 😉



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