BS Rookie Review Round 4

Written by Big Sexy on April 24 2012

My Top Five Rookie’s (<$200k) of the week:
1)    J McDonald (Mid 106k) Old McDonald had a cash cow, ei, ei-o.  After a two week hiatus due to a round 1 indiscretion, the experienced former Melbourne Captain will get plenty of games this year but also sure to get a rest like every other rookie.  However, his bigger body and experience in a small-bodied, inexperienced team is sure to see him stand out.  His first two games have reinforced his ability to score with 100 and 78 in his first two. 

Side note:  I wonder if Melb now wished they hadn’t forced McDonald to retire, and treated Cameron Bruce with some respect, and perhaps given Brad Miller a hug.  All three are better that most of the rubbish they are putting out on the paddock now.

2)    A Treloar (Mid/Fwd 113k) The GWS rookie factory just keeps pumping them out, and Treloar from the Dandenong Stingrays may be one of the best.  Treloar has picked up 17 and 18 disposals in his first two games and his dual position capability makes him hard to resist.  Treloar has scored back-to-back 76’s which is as good as any of the kids we have seen this year.

3)    S Shaw (Def 113k) Shaw has only played the one game, and Shaw/sure it was only against GWS but he picked up 13 disposals and layed 3 tackles.  Shaw scored 71 in his first hit-out and with not many other cheap rookie defenders up for grabs Shaw is a good option if you need a defender and he is a 193cm and plays a key defensive role.  He has been dogged by injury in his first few years in the system and finally makes his debut.  I wouldn’t rush out and trade him in unless you are desperate, so lets see how he goes next week.  

4)    A Miles (Mid 113k) I had Miles in my pre-season team, but his non-selection forced a change, but now he has one game under his belt and picked up 15 disposals and layed an incredible 6 tackles resulting in a first up score of 74.  Let’s see how he goes this week.

5)    D Pfeiffer (Mid/Fwd 126k) I broke one of my personal rules at the start of the season by naming Pfeiffer I was that confident he would get a game early.  The one way I could force him to get a game was to trade him out which I did a week ago.  Pfeiffer is a mature age rookie playing in a very average team.  He picked up 20 disposals with 3 tackles and a goal in his first game scoring him 64 points.  Let’s see how he rolls this week (Oh, and his mum did a great job playing cat-woman in the Batman movie)
Here is the rookie data:

R4 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price Team
78 89 2 J McDonald Mid $106k GWS
83 80 4 T Bugg Def $239k GWS
66 79 4 J Magner Mid $228k MELB
74 74 1 A Miles Mid $113k GWS
73 73 2 A Treloar Mid/Fwd $113k GWS
88 73 4 J Hombsch Def $228k GWS
40 71 4 A Kennedy Mid/Fwd $219k GWS
71 71 1 S Shaw Def $113k ADEL
61 67 4 T Milera Fwd $215k STK
74 65 4 T Mohr Def $204k GWS
64 64 1 D Pfeiffer Mid/Fwd $126k PORT
53 62 2 T Gillies Def $176k GEEL
80 62 4 S Morris Def $211k RICH
69 61 4 D Shiel Mid $210k GWS
55 60 4 D Smith Mid/Fwd $213k GWS
26 58 4 I Folau Fwd $123k GWS
58 58 1 J Crisp Mid $94k BRIS
67 58 2 B Martin Def $199k ADEL
83 58 4 B Ellis Def $198k RICH
56 53 4 A Hall Mid/Fwd $177k GC
46 50 3 A Tomlinson Def/Fwd $180k GWS
42 44 2 B Smedts Fwd/Def $113k GEEL
17 42 4 C Wingard Mid $185k PORT
33 42 3 J Newnes Mid $134k STK
64 40 4 C Hampton Mid/Fwd $142k GWS
39 39 1 J Stringer Mid $113k GEEL
24 37 3 J Paine Fwd/Def $127k COLL
25 37 2 A Cordy Ruck $180k WBD
25 35 4 J Townsend Def $141k GWS
33 33 1 S Edwards Def $113k GWS
32 32 1 C Dell’Olio Fwd $94k ESS
34 32 4 J Cripps Fwd $155k STK
14 30 2 G Horin-Smith Fwd $113k GEEL
27 27 1 L Neale Mid $106k FREO
41 26 3 P Seedsman Mid $117k COLL
35 25 2 S Day Fwd $185k GC
7 7 1 B Hill Mid $106k HAW
DNP 5 1 S Kerridge Fwd/Mid $106k ADEL
DNP 85 1 B Longer Ruck $161k BRIS
DNP 6 1 P Yagmoor Def $106k COLL
DNP 40 3 J Mellington Fwd  $178k FREO
DNP 35 1 D Gorringe Ruck $192k GC
DNP 58 3 S Coniglio Mid $217k GWS
DNP 38 3 J Cameron Fwd $133k GWS
DNP 52 2 W Hoskin-Elliott Mid $181k GWS
DNP 18 2 N Wilson Fwd $113k GWS
DNP 17 2 D Tyson Mid $186k GWS
DNP 17 1 J Boumann Def $113k HAW
DNP 43 1 J Tynan Def $106k MELB
DNP 79 1 C Delaney Def $113k NM
DNP 67 3 J Redden Ruck $171k PORT
DNP 17 1 T Ledger Mid $113k STK
DNP 5 1 H Cunningham Mid $94k SYD
DNP 53 3 C Smith Mid $155k WBD
DNP 34 2 T Dickson Fwd $106k WBD
DNP 81 1 K Stevens Mid $135k WCE
DPN 48 2 O Stephenson Ruck $106k GEEL



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46 thoughts on “BS Rookie Review Round 4”

  1. Sorry for the re-post, thought this was better placed in the rookie section

    Operation ‘Get Pendles’ has begun

    Figure he’ll drop to $610k next week, I have $135k in the bank, so $475k + a rookie to go

    If they all play I think my rookies will be worth:-
    Magner $255k, Shiel $240k, Greene $235k, Conig $239k
    Kenn $235k, D Smith $235k, Milera $225k, Smedts $135k

    Even if I traded my 2 highest rookies I’d still be about $80k short

    Thumbs up – Start cashing in your rookies this week for J McD / Treloar
    Thumbs down – Grab Pendles a week later (he’ll stay in the low $600 and your rookies will have gone into the $270-$280s


  2. What is the general view on downgrading Ablett to Treloar this week?

    Fair enough you are using two trades but IF Ablett misses 2-3 weeks you will be milking Treloar and you can then bring Gaz back in for someone like Magner/Shiel in 2-3 weeks time who both should have increased in value a tidy sum.

    If you havent used many trades so far I think its something worth considering.


  3. Get Trelor now before price rise TU
    Wait , see what shakes out with Miles TD
    Comment – Old Mac better option than both ?


  4. guys dont panic. by now you should be settled on your premiums and rookies.

    dont go chasing shadows. keep the rookies until the average points per game is lower than their break even score. then they are nearing their peak $$ amount.

    i still think ablett is keen to get back after just 1 week. his preparation and recovery skills are second to no-one. if it is at possible to get back in a week, then gary can.


  5. Interesting dilemma we’re faced with this week….

    Old Mac and Treloar ready for a price rise yet no real cows are ready to be fully cashed yet….

    Miss the boat on the above two or just make sideways trades on dead wood on your pine or little money on some active rookies?????

    Ive got 24 trades left….

    Thumbs up – trade Old Mac for Coniglio/C Smith and Treloar for Dickson

    Thumbs down – Hold off


  6. I have got 23 trades Paine,Smedts,Darley reluctant to trade any of them yet!!
    With the likes of Miles,(whome was in gws reserves best two weeks running prior to selection) Shaw,Neal the cash cows are sure to keep coming,
    So unless donuts are imminent think I will hold off although Treloar and JMac look very tempting.
    Didn’t Neal look the goods even though you could mistake him for an u/16


  7. I have 20 trades left, making 1 and 1 only this week, i feel the need to get old mac, however….
    Thumbs Up- Old Mac for Coniglio/Clay Smith or Neale
    Thumbs Down- Dusty Martin for Dahlhaus
    or should i sit tight, i have lots of money in the bank 470k


  8. saw this rumour on twitter…any truth to it?

    aarontmeadowsaarontmeadows: @jock_reynolds @DTTALK Rumour has it @heathshaw39 is set to play vs @Essendon_FC in tomorrows #AnzacDay Match #aflpiesdons


  9. I’ve got to move Gray and Carrots on. Thinking of down grading to grab Treloar/Old Mac. This will leave me with pots O money for upgrades in the next week or two. I will however effectively be tanking in my league match this week. My opponent looks like they have me covered even if I did one sideways trade and I’m not willing to do two sideways after last weeks effort.( shaw to carrots and mummy to 211. Really dumb with hindsight, I know).
    My side will be weak for a week or two but I can see the upside of that money in the bank.
    Thumbs up. Take the hit this week, bank the money. Trade gray/carrots to Mac/Treloar.
    Thumbs down. Trade one sideways to keep a balanced team. Eg Gray/carrots to lewis/Mac.
    Either way I reckon I’ll lose this week


  10. Only used 2 trades. I like Caddy, but he isn’t serving me well! His break even this week is 42, 11 less than his average of 53. I know that as soon as I trade him out, he will score a big score… And if Dickson is named, I might not get rid of him.

    Thinking of going:

    Caddy —> Mcdonald
    Dickson —> Treloar

    Thoughts on these trades?


  11. There’s no harm in using a few early trades to get yourself a shed full of cash cows.

    Through the season, you only need to get another 7 premium players to “fill your 22”. You’ll hopefully end up with lines full of premiums to compete in finals. In the end, you’ll be happy with (6D, 6M, 2R, 6F) premiums with a couple of high performing rookie/mid pricer (“Keepers”) to fill the last on-field positions in either line – D7, M6, F7).

    Let’s say those 7 Premiums cost you 2 trades each (one downgrade cow to make $, one upgrade cow > premium). That’s a total of 14 trades. Choose carefully and you can slaughter two cows at around $300-350K, achieve your upgrade target and still have a bench rookie who’ll play games and give you emergency cover (who knows, one might even become a Keeper).

    From your starting 24 trades that leaves you with 10 in the bag to use on occasions such as:

    1. Early rookie reshuffle – to ensure your sheds are full of quality fresh meat, playing games, making money, low break even (4 trades – Rds 1-5).

    2. LTI injuries (3 trades – any more and you can consider your SC year over. If you don’t absolutely have to use them to avoid working for the rest of your life in a doughnut factory, save them, forever!).

    3. Sideways, shadow-chasing, stupidity (2 trades – sometimes you just can’t avoid that brain fade moment… again.

    4. Grandfinal trade (1 trade – pull out a little piece of trading magic on Grandfinal eve!)

    If you’re smart, patient and extremely lucky, you’ll have 6 trades left for the finals.

    Happy Trading.


  12. I’ve used more trades than I wanted to but feel I can’t miss the Treloar/Old Mac boat. Only want to use 1 trade this week to snare one of these guys.
    Is Treloar over Old Mac worth it for the FWD/MID link which I do not currently have?

    Trading out Ledger-> Old Mac/Treloar

    Thumbs up – Ledger to McDonald (older mature body/no FWD/MID link)
    Thumbs down – Ledger to Treloar (creating FWD/MID link)



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