BS Rookie Review Round 6

Written by Big Sexy on May 3 2011

My Top Five Rookie’s (<$200k) of the week:
1) L Thompson (Def 184k) Thompson took it to another level in his third game, and I know a of Supercoachers picked up Thomo last week before his first price hike. Well Thomo was stand out rookie of round six dominating the Crows half-back line…. He’s taller than he looks at 196cm, and his job security took a leap forward during the game when Phil Davis went down with a dislocated shoulder and ‘may’ be out for the season. Thompson has taken a step forward each week with 9, 19 and 20 possessions in each of his first 3 games… and most importantly scored 126 SC points on the weekend.
2) M Writght (Mid 103k) Wright had his second game and is still a bargain at 103k. He played very well in the midfield complimenting the likes of Scott Thompson and Dangerfield picking up 14 possessions, laying 4 tackles and kicking a goal. He snagged a lazy 83 SC points in a very solid performance, and the fact the Crows had a win only increases his chances of getting another run.
3) M Wallis (Mid 103k) Wallis was touted by many at the start of the season as a starter for the Doggies and believed he was well ahead of Lil-Libba. Well Libba has been a superstar amongst rookies, and whilst I wouldn’t normally have Wallis in the top 5 with scores of 22 and 54. He was a Sub in his first game accounting for the low score, and bounced back well. I’m hoping he doesn’t get dropped when Higgins and Gia return, but I’m keen to get him into my team…… again, if you’re considering him, wait till the teams out.
4) B McCauley (Ruck 138k) If you’re looking for a rookie Ruck for either bench coverage or a ruck downgrade, options have been few and far between, but you can’t go past MacCauley. He looks pretty good, forcing Clark to play half/full forward and Leuennberger to alternate in the ruck and Big Johnno Brown had massive wraps on him on the footy show. McCauley scored 61 in his third game and averages 61 and is still very cheap at 138k.
5) M Hibberd (Mid/Def 103k) Hibberd was in my team until the eve of round 1 when he wasn’t named, he’s now had his first run and has a little more opportunity with two permanent spots opened up by Dempsey and Winderlich’s ACL’s should create a little opportunity. I’m still not 100% sure about his job security, and I highly recommend waiting until next week if you can to ensure he gets named. Hibberd scored a very solid first-up 68 and even more importantly (in my mind) he a DPP that you can swap with BJ, Lids and Gibbs.

Here is the rookie data for you to analyse in your spare time, and form your own opinions:

R6 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price Team
126 92 3 L Thompson Def 184k ADEL
83 56 2 M Wright Mid 103k ADEL
76 68 5 D Stanley Def 227k GC
72 60 4 J Toy Def 187k GC
72 72 1 B Spleight Mid 161k NM
71 65 5 T McKenzie Mid 219k GC
68 68 1 M Hibberd Def/Mid 103k ESS
68 68 1 J MacMillan Mid 198k NM
68 55 5 L Markovic Def/Fwd 184k WBD
67 64 5 S McKernan Def/Fwd 199k ADEL
67 60 2 S Iles Mid 121k GC
64 44 3 M Weller Mid 133k GC
61 61 3 B McCauley Ruck 138k BRIS
61 39 2 J Hutchins Def 110k GC
60 60 1 S May Fwd 110k GC
58 51 5 S Atley Mid 187k NM
57 57 1 K Harper Fwd 103k NM
54 38 2 M Wallis Mid 103k WBD
49 58 3 M Pettigrew Def 207k PORT
49 53 4 D Grimes Def 168k RICH
47 34 4 C Beams Mid 117k BRIS
41 41 1 J Cripps Def 103k STK
38 64 5 B Matera Fwd 224k GC
37 46 5 S Tape Def 182k GC
36 43 3 L Russell Mid 131k GC
36 40 3 A Smith Mid 127k STK
35 36 2 M Shaw Def 110k GC
34 52 3 S Buckley Def/Mid 141k COLL
34 53 6 C O’Shea Def 202k PORT
23 48 5 J Batchelor Def 178k RICH
18 50 3 J Polec Mid 182k BRIS
18 18 1 L Patrick Fwd 110k GC
16 28 5 K Hunt Def 120k GC
14 14 1 W Johnson Def 110k STK
11 39 5 C Dixon Fwd 159k GC
  38 4 R Bewick Mid 138k BRIS
  51 3 R Lester Def 137k BRIS
  64 2 M Watson Def 103k CARL
  51 4 J Pitt Fwd 165k FREO
  37 3 D Gorringe Ruck 149k GC
  82 2 M Coad Def 123k GC
  57 3 D Prestia Mid/Fwd 176k GC
  26 3 A Magin Def 107k GC
  24 1 M Lock Mid 110k GC
  39 3 A Christensen Mid 127k GEEL
  34 2 C Gutherie Def 103k GEEL
  44 4 C Richardson Fwd 149k NM
  114 1 C Pedesen Def 109k NM
  43 3 J Irons Mid 118k PORT
  28 4 B Helbig Mid 124k RICH
  41 3 R Gamble Fwd 184k STK
  52 1 D Archer Fwd 103k STK
  46 2 A Johnson Def/Fwd 103k SYD
  44 1 B Sumner Fwd 110k SYD
  40 2 N Djerrkura Mid 184k WBD

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52 thoughts on “BS Rookie Review Round 6”

  1. Have finally finished trading until finals time. Here is my current team.
    14 Trades Left. Team Value: $11,533,000

    Def: Goddard, Deledio, Heppell, Grimes, Lower, McKernan, L.Thompson
    Bench: Duigan, Jackson Trengove, Greg Broughton.

    Mid: Fyfe, Cotchin, S.Thompson, Gibbs, Harris, Ellard
    Bench : Pendlebury, Liberatore, Bewick

    Fwd: Franklin, Rioli, Goodes, S. Johnson, Higgins, Tapscott, Yarran
    Bench: Krakouer, Matera, Richardson

    Rucks: Cox, Ryder, Smith, Mcauley

    No more injuries please supercoach Gods!!


  2. You’ve wasted 10 trades and only have 15 premiums, u should have 18+ by now, just my opinion.


  3. Hey Motts
    Do you know any news on whether Chrisy Yarran will come up for this monday nights game have been thinking about trading him but not sure


  4. A lot of JS issues with these. If they get a game I’ll jump on Wright, Wallis and Hibberd, but I’m not convinced


  5. I’m thinking Duigan to Hibberd looks good this week, though that means I’ll have to trade Heppell out from by Backs in a few weeks, as opposed to my mids.


  6. Depending on selection on Friday
    Duigan > Hibberd
    Swallow > Wallis

    Thumbs up if good move
    Thumbs down hold fire

    Reasons are: Duigan isn’t going to get much higher value, and I need DPP so I can finally get Heppell into backline. And I want Wallis because he is going to only get better and I know Swallow can get some more cash but not that much compared to Wallis’ potential.

    Then next week going to get Chapman in for either Petrie or Tapscott
    Then week after Harris/Libba > Hodge depending on BE score of Hodge


  7. Hey BS, reckon you could highlight the players on the bubble and what their b/e is going to be for their next round. I think this will come in handy for all of us and will be great information for the newbies. Thanks PA.


  8. is it too early to start gunning up my side?

    thinking of cashing in on duigan and bringing in Fyfe for one of my mid-range forwards?


  9. I need some advise on my team
    Bench:H,Shaw A,Otten,P,Puopolo
    Trades left:18 Bank:$43,900 overall ranking:11,199
    thisweek I was thinkin of gettin rid of duigan and bringin in L,thompson and dumpin rioli and bringin in Fyfe any advise would be much appreciated cheers……….


  10. Got no-one to trade Duigan to. I’ve already got L Thompson, Stanley and Toy. Don’t have enough cash for Johncock, got $83.7 in the bank, so Duigan would get me to $354.3. Thoughts?

    Any word on Broughton, will he play this week? If not, I could do 2 trades in Defence


  11. the dockers website is indicating Tendai is 4-5 weeks away, any update on how he is progressing with his injury?


  12. Lads, it’s my first year at this so thanks for all the tips.

    Have $113k in the bank after trading Duigan for Thomson. Thinking of trading S Hurn for R Murphy… Thoughts?

    Also, have seen you refer to “Premium” players… What constitutes a premium?




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